13 March 2010 @ 01:53 pm
[Japan Travel]: Nara - Day 3  

Because of my camera obsession I neglected my travel entries. Sorry about that (^-^)>
Here's already my last day in Nara. In the evening I left for Osaka, where I spent the next day shopping and then I had to go back home for work. Vacation was over ;o;
But one thing after another, ne?

Nara - Day 3 (January 7th, 2010):

Horyuji Temple )

Although I didn't love the crappy weather, I DO love the colors in this picture (*__*)v

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Byebye Nara! ❤ )

Hope you enjoyed the entry although there were not so many photos this time.

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28 February 2010 @ 08:49 am
[Japan Travel]: Nara - Day 2  
And here's already my second day in Nara.

Nara - Day 2 (January 5th, 2010):

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Finally I reached my actual destination of that day: Heijō Palace (平城宮, Heijō-kyū)
It's really awesome, but it took forever to WALK from one thing to the other, so my time management went byebye ;o; ...... anyway, you'll soon understand why I was unlucky this time ..

Hurry up! You don't have enough time! )

Wanna see many tame , crazy and hungry deer??? Click!!! But you were WARNED! XD )

And that was my second day in Nara. Again way too short as I couldn't do everything I had planned. The next day was already reserved for a day trip to Hikone and Nagahama, both castle cities (where I had quite some unlucky events awaiting me yet again *sigh*).
The next post will be mainly about castles. Hope you're looking forward to it.
Thanks for reading and comments.

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27 February 2010 @ 03:31 pm
[Japan Travel]: Nara - Day 1  
Finally Nara!!
Although I spent the first half of the day in Kobe, I still had enough time to explore part of Nara park.
As this is only half a day (even less than that considering that after 5pm everything is closed) there are only a few photos this time.
I hope you enjoy this entry nevertheless. ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

Nara - Day 1 (January 4th, 2010):

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If you come from the Kintetsu St., then Koufukuji (興福寺) is usually your first stop (I passed by there at least 5 other times after that on other days XDDDDDD).
That first day there were a LOT of FOREIGN tourists!!! I think I've never seen so many foreign TOURISTS anywhere else! Maybe I'll get a real shock when I go to Kyoto in SPRING this year XD
I went into Tōkondo (East Golden Hall) (東金堂) which you can see on the left on this photo. The entrance fee was quite high, but the inside was full of statues and artefacts, so it was very interesting. I also bought a book with illustrations of the statues and explanations (well, actually 2 books, one in Japanese and one in English ^^; .....) - because it was interesting, but you weren't allowed to take photos of the inside.
In general, I had the feeling that Nara was kind of touristy and thus expensive (entrance fees etc.)

Be aware of the deer! XD )

No Shikaotoko?? :/ )

Wow, that was ... kind of short (^-^')> I could have posted photos of day 2 as well, but I kind of want to keep the days separate, hope you understand.
Hope you're looking forward to a longer Nara entry with more photos.

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