08 February 2017 @ 10:35 pm
[Anime]: Recommendation - Tokyo Magnitude 8.0  

If not for [livejournal.com profile] asahifirsa, I would have never ever come across this anime.
She recommended it to me and I’m thankful for that, so now it’s my turn to spread the word.

The title is already pretty self-explanatory.
In “Tokyo Magnitude 8.0” a very strong earthquake hits Japan’s capital.

What immediately caught my attention was that the anime was released two years BEFORE the actual big quake hit Japan in 2011!
This is quite scary and I thought it might be interesting to see how they imagined it to be vs. the real thing ……

This is a series where you want to stay away from spoilers!
So, I try to keep this short.
There will be spoilers towards the end of this entry, but I’ll mark them accordingly, so you don’t have to be afraid to be spoiled at all.

The story focuses on two young siblings, Mirai (1st year of jr. high) and her little brother Yuuki (an elementary school kid).
Both of their parents are always busy at work and Mirai is in a teenage, rebellious stage anyways.
So, she often fights with her mother while her younger brother tries to keep the harmony within the family.

Summer vacation has begun, all of Mirai’s classmates seem to have awesome plans.
But as both of her parents are working, the family is not going anywhere.

Her little brother wants to see a robot show in Odaiba no matter what, so Mirai is asked by her mother to accompany him.

While the two kids are in Odaiba, a magnitude 8 quake hits Tokyo ………………

As you might know Odaiba is connected to the “main land” by a bridge….

Now that we know what a real big quake can or cannot do to Tokyo / Japan, it’s very interesting to compare it to what happens in the anime.
You also get goose bumps seeing familiar spots in Tokyo being completely devastated.

What I found very interesting is that the destruction of buildings was absolutely horrible. Nowadays we all know that the buildings in Tokyo can withstand such a strong quake.
On the other hand, within the anime, a possible tsunami was (I think) mentioned on TV, but never an issue. That shows that Japan wasn’t prepared for a tsunami at all (and the cruel reality in 2011 also proved that…).
And OF COURSE they didn’t think about a nuclear disaster for a second. As we all know, that didn’t even seem to be on the mind of most people.
So, the series mainly just displays how buildings and bridges fall apart, how cellphones stop working (that really happened), how public transportation completely stopped (that also happened) … and how people within Tokyo then decide to walk back home (that also really happened).

I’d say because of that alone it’s a series worth watching.

On top of that, it’s also very interesting to see how the characters react in such an extreme emergency situation, how crowds react, how people treat each other.
I thought that was captured quite well apart from a few exceptions maybe.

While the animation is certainly nothing special, the character design fits the tone of the entire series well – and isn’t distracting from the main plot.

And as you can probably imagine, it’s a heart-warming and also sad and exciting series.
I’m quite sure that you’ll cry at least ONCE!
That’s as much as I’m going to tell you.
Like I said, I won’t give you any spoilers, it would ruin the whole experience of watching this series.

If you’ve already watched it, then here are my thoughts about it: SPOILERS!! (*text in very light color, so mark the text below in order to read it)

Overall I really liked the series.
What shocked me the most was the thing about Yuuki, of course.
But I tricked myself with this one …. I accidentally peeked into the very last episode and it was exactly that scene where Yuuki and Mirai are back home in their room.
I just thought: “Shoot, now I know they’ll both survive … no, fun! I suppose, then it’s their parents who didn’t survive…”

That’s why I was like: “You can’t fool me! I know Yuuki’s gonna survive!” during that hospital scene …

Ohhh, how wrong I was….

I guess that’s also why I didn’t notice Yuuki’s death until their conversation in the classroom of Yuuki’s elementary school ….

What I DID notice was that Mari picked up the black backpack of Yuuki after Mirai had left to go back home alone.
But then Yuuki also had his backpack while sitting with Mirai in that military truck …
I thought I spotted an animation error … but it wasn’t.
Why didn’t I notice what was really going on?

Did you notice right away? ….

But I did think that it was too much of a happy end when I noticed that Mari’s daughter and mother were still alive …. Ohh, how wrong I was.
I really thought that if anybody didn’t make it, it would be their parents and that the kids then maybe might live with Mari and her family.
At first, I also thought that probably Mari’s family and the kids’ parents would be dead and that towards the end, Mari would live with the kids and they would become a new family …
Oh well ….

Other thoughts I had:
[spoiler]Mirai’s rebellious teenage self was extremely annoying, especially in the beginning …. So it’s kind of nice to see how this changes throughout the series.
I thought Yuuki was awesome, especially towards the end. I loved how positive he was, always smiling and encouraging his sister and others …
He was way too positive and energetic for a small kid in a situation like that... but now I know why ....

Mari was awesome, of course. There should be more people like her.
I’m glad they also showed how ugly and selfish people can turn in such extreme situations, though.

It was also sad to see how many people had lost their lives in that disaster ….. especially considering that just two years after the series an even greater REAL disaster happened to Japan …

You probably shouldn’t watch this series if you have lost someone in the 2011 quake …..

I kind of wish there were more series like this out there, but I suppose a realistic anime about quakes in Japan is a bit of a taboo as a lot of people are afraid of the next big one ….. and especially after what happened in 2011….
After all, anime should entertain and not scare the hell out of you or trigger a trauma ….

The series had so many options in the beginning, but decided to focus on the siblings.
I bet it could have also been interesting to show different chapters of how various people lived through that disaster.

If you're now curious, here's the trailer:

That’s it.
Just wanted to spread the word as I’m glad I was introduced to this.

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[identity profile] asahifirsa.livejournal.com on February 18th, 2017 06:43 pm (UTC)
See, no one really knows it :)
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[identity profile] chochajin.livejournal.com on February 18th, 2017 06:44 pm (UTC)
Haha, can't really blame them. If you had not told me about it, I wouldn't know it either. ;)
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[identity profile] angelbott.livejournal.com on March 11th, 2017 07:00 am (UTC)
I think I did told you about this anime before.. /forgetful memory oh well. xD

this anime still fucked me up. TwT orz /feels
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[identity profile] chochajin.livejournal.com on March 11th, 2017 11:16 am (UTC)
Re ... really??? OMG!!!
I suppose I totally forgot about that then. Sorry! Glad I got to see it nevertheless. ^___^

And yay, I'm happy to see you knew about this series. :3
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