19 August 2011 @ 11:27 pm
[Japan]: I'm back, it's hot, jetlags are evil!~  

Thanks a lot for all your comments to my last entry.
I really enjoyed my time in Germany. I wonder why some of you thought that I would leave Japan for good already. That would have been quite sudden, no?! XD
I'm still a bit jetlagged and am already back at work where everything is just as usual.

Being back in Germany was great.
Japan and Germany are really two different worlds and I wish I could keep the good points of both countries.
For example, I want to be able to beam to work in Japan and then back home to Germany to enjoy the landscape there and meet with friends.
Too bad it's not possible.

It's really difficult to describe what was on my mind lately. And as I'm still jetlagged I'm not sure if I even should try to explain.
I'm still convinced that I will leave Japan in the near future, probably sometime next year.
It's absolutely not an easy decision, but I always said (and mentioned several times here as well) that I don't intend to stay in Japan for the rest of my life.
I didn't regret coming here at all. There are still many things to discover and so many places I want to travel to, but I just feel it's time to leave for now.
This doesn't mean that I give up on Japan completely. It's possible that I miss it so much after a few years that I try to come back XD ... but right now I want a change.

It's kind of ... I've grown a bit tired of Japan and I want to leave with good memories as long as it's still possible. If I stay too long I might get really annoyed and my memories of Japan might end up not being good ones.

One reason why I haven't move onwards so far is that I was (and still am..) too scared of the next step: finding a new job.
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Germany, I'll miss you. Baby cats, how are you doing?! )

When it was finally morning, I opened the window and saw those beautiful mountains.
However, the Japanese man next to me who wasn't very considerate earlier told me to shut the window again as he wanted to sleep. *shakes head*
After almost 24h in cars and planes I finally arrived in Osaka ... the problem was that I was quite stupid (because I was just too tired) and so it took me 6h to get back to my apartment (using trains and taxies and having to transfer trains several times with almost 45kg of luggage ...).
You have no idea how exhausted I was when I finally arrived in my apartment!
And I had to work the next day .....

Luckily I could sleep well and long and so I was fit for work then.

So, here I am back in Japan.
It's so hot and humid it literally hits you in the face when you leave the plane. I surely didn't miss that!!
My Japan clock is ticking and I have so many things that still need to be done or that I want to do!!!
There are also a lot of things I need to catch up with.
People who are waiting for replies and stuff, please be patient!
So many things to do.

Thanks for reading and staying with me!~
Everybody, how was your summer vacation and what did you do?
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