07 May 2009 @ 05:16 am
[Download Filter]: Reset / Cut  

I just want to inform you that I've cleaned the Download Filter which means I've removed EVERYBODY from it.
I apologize to the people who have just joined, but the last cleaning was in February 2008, so it was time for another one.

Please note: If you've only been on my download filter, then you've been removed COMPLETELY from my f-list. This is nothing personal, I just threw out everyone from the filter

Of course you can re-apply HERE, but please note that I haven't added any new download entries in almost 1,5 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There won't be any new download entries any time soon, either.
That being said, it only makes sense to join again if you were in the middle of downloading something you couldn't finish yet.

Sorry about that and thanks for understanding (^-^)/
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18 February 2008 @ 03:51 pm
[Download Filter]: Reset / Cut  
Hey everyone,

some of you might have wondered what stupid [ profile] chochajin is up to - removing so many people from her f-list.
But it wasn't a friends' cut, I just cleaned the Download Filter!
It was really, really time and I wanted to do it before I go to Japan, of course!

So what I've done is: Removed EVERYBODY from the Download Filter!

If you were still in the middle of downloading something or if there's still something you want to download from me, then please just apply here again!
I should add that there won't be many downloads in the near future - of course I can't promise, but right now it looks like I won't have time to share as much as I used to!
So if you want to remove me from you f-list, please feel free to do so!
My journal will be mainly about my time in Japan from now on .... I guess (^^'')

I'm sorry to trouble you all, but there was no other way! There were so many people that finished downloading stuff a long time ago, but I still had them on my f-list, so I just had to do this. I hope you understand!!

That's all. Sorry again m(_ _)m

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10 July 2007 @ 11:32 pm
[Application Entry]: Apply for the DOWNLOAD FILTER!!~  
Hi everyone!

You are probably here because you want to be able to see all of my downloads, but you can´t yet?
Then you´re absolutely right here! This is the place to apply for the "download filter".
Before applying and // or asking questions please read the rest of this entry!!!

Download Filter - what exactly is that?

You are probably here, because you want to download, but you don´t have access to the entry. I do lock all of my download entries after a while.
It´s a special filter for which you can apply here. If I add you to this filter you´re still not on my f-list, that means I don´t look at your entries via my f-list and you won´t be able to see my friends-only entries. You will only be able to see the locked download entries, but that´s what you´re prolly here for anyway ;P

So, what do I have to do now?

You want to be able to see the download entries?
So please just drop me a line that you want to be added to the download filter and I´ll add you.
Exception: I won´t add people who have (almost) "dead journals" with only a few entries and // or only a few comments, because chances are high that these people tend to NOT comment often // at all and are therefore only "stalking leechers"! We don´t want people like that XD Ahem~ ... if you´re journal is very new, then please just wait for 2-3 weeks before you apply ^^
For the people that are already on my f-list: You also have to apply or you won´t be able to see the download entries for it´s a special filter ^^;

Do I have to add you?

No, you don´t. It works if only I add you, but if you want to feel free to add me. This way you won´t miss download updates AND I´m going to clean the download filter from time to time (meaning I´m throwing out everyone after some time and start anew, because there are a lot of people who only want access for ONE download entry .. after that they disappear, but are still on my f-list => after some time my f-list will be overfilled - that´s why I´m cleaning the filter from time to time). So if you add me you´ll see the notice where I drop you a line that I´m cleaning it and you can re-apply immedialtey :)

I want to be added as your friend! :D

This is NOT the right place to ask for this! Go to this entry if you want to be friends with me.
But remember that all of my entries (99%) are public anyway and if it´s just for the downloads, then it´s enough to ask to be added to the download filter.

What kind of downloads are locked?

jdramas (after the series is FULLY uploaded)
jmovies (after 1-2 weeks)
jspecials (after 1-2 weeks)
animes (after 1-2 weeks)
Japanese Learning Material (after 1 month)
Doujinshis (not locked)

★ I will "clean" the filter from time to time.
    Why? Because a lot of people want to be added for only ONE entry and after they´ve finished downloading
    they never come again.
    Normally people won´t come and say: I´m done, you can remove me from the filter again, now do they?
    That´s why I wil clean the filter from time to time when it gets too crowded.
★ Usually you don´t have to fear anything, but here are 2 criteria that might get you
    kicked out forever:
    1) Although you are obviously interested in my stuff, you NEVER EVER commented even once.
    2) You are a stalking leecher! XD
★ Do NOT steal my links and claim them as yours! I will kick you out of the filter immediately! XD

=> Last "cleaning": 07.May.2009
If you were removed, but want to be added again, just apply here once again!

That´s all! Thanks for reading