28 May 2011 @ 12:22 am
[Fitness]: Conclusion after 1 month  

See? I'm really trying hard here!! I'm posting only one day after my last entry! Although I have to disappoint everybody who was expecting a Japan related entry. If you're only here for that you might wanna skip this entry! (^-^;)
So, as some of you know I've been talking about working out and stuff a lot lately and Twitter followers probably already know half of what I'm writing here.
It's been a bit over a month since I started working out seriously and I haven't skipped a single workout yet. Yay!~

I'm quite slim, always was. I've been feeling very good. No sudden health problems. No sudden cellulitis. No sudden weight gain. NOTHING!!!
So why would I suddenly wanna start working out?
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Also 1 month ago I stumbled across a website called "". It's actually quite popular and well-known in the fitness (online) world.

The website is completely free and is run by a married couple. The guy is behind the camera and she's doing the workouts in front of the camera.
Her body is amazing (apart from her silicone boobs *coughs* and maybe a bit too many muscles for my taste) and so I guess a lot of people are motivated.
They put up videos on Youtube of her working out and also explain each workout on their website. If you want to know more about it, just check out there website.

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Nyattou!!!! Awwww!!! I love natto (explanation: fermented soy beans are called "natto" / cats don't say "meow" but "nyan" in Japan, thus "nyatto" *lol*).

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Alright, that's all.
Wow, that was long, but that's what I get for not updating in such a long time. And there's more to come!! The question is just WHEN [insert crazy laughter here]!!
Thanks for reading and now post away!!~
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