22 January 2010 @ 04:32 am
[Information]: Friends Cut  

I just want to let you know that I - FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! - performed a "friends cut".
Well, mainly I just threw out a whole bunch of communities and some journals that haven't been updated since 2007 or 2008! (yeah ... I should have done a friends cut earlier, I guess ^-^; ....)
I also threw people out that have been on my dl filter ONLY or people that have never commented even once (hence I think they're not interested in my journal anyway).

A friends cut is not a big deal for most of you who have me on their f-lists because the majority of my entries is public anyway, so it doesn't matter if you are on MY f-list or not. You can read my entries anyway.
The main reason for this cut is to get myself more time. I've been ranting about this again and again. I don't have enough time for myself, for my Japanese studies.
Instead of completely leaving LJ I have to think about how I can get myself more free time instead.
Throwing out 123123123 of communities and journals I don't really read anyway is just one step.
Please note that even if you ARE on MY f-list I might not READ your journal at all. I have a special filter for journals I WANT to read (most of you know if I read your journal or not, because I comment then from time to time XDDD).
I'm sorry if I don't read YOUR journal, but I have to be VERY selective - so please, please understand! (;o;)

This is NOT the place to ask me to keep you nor the place to ask me to add you as friend (I won't - sorry ;o;)!!!!

Also, if you have any USEFUL tips how I could improve my time management and get some more time, please let me know.
Anything will be fine (^-^')

I probably will continue to throw out some more communities from now on, although it hurts to do so.

Thank you for your attention.

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20 March 2007 @ 04:34 pm
[Friends Cut]  
*lol* I didn´t think that I would do something like that ever XD

To tell the truth there wasn´t even a particular reason for this *coughs*. I just started to clean my f-list up a bit and ended up deleting some people from there.
I´m sorry if you were thrown out, I don´t have anything against you, no way in hell !
I just threw people out that never talked much to me or I never talked much to them.

I´ll modify some things with lj soon and when I´m done I can re-add people if they want to. But like you might have noticed my fo-entries are not THAT exciting anyway ^^

So I´m sorry if you´re in shock now (I doubt it) XDDDD

I just wanted to let you know that :)

*runs away*