19 December 2016 @ 08:11 pm
[Photos]: My Tiny Apartment Tour  
Hey there!~

As promised here are finally a few photos of my tiny apartment.
I moved there in August. It's only 1 room, a total space of 35qm for 620 € per month (utilities included). Yeah, that's insane..
It's in the basement, so there's not much light.
So, I'm sorry if the photos are kind of crappy.

Welcome to my tiny apartment and cat paradise ...  )

On the left you can see my cup collection (at least a part of it, e.g. my beloved sakura Starbucks cup is still back home ...).
Some of them are still from my time in Japan. ^_^

On the right you can see my printer (although it's the kitchen area).
Below the printer are some doujinshi I finished reading that I still need to scan / take photos of. ^^;

And as I still love Jamie's ([ profile] hinoai) drawing so much, I put it up again.
As well as this cute cat scroll I once purchased in Kyoto.
I had both of them up in my Japanese apartment as well.

There's still more! )

On the left photo you can see a cat wallscroll that I also used to have up in my previous Japanese apartment.
Unfortunately the ugly orange curtains (that already were in the apartment) don't match with my personal style and color theme, but ... that's alright. ;)

On the right photo you can see my "cat family" that I brought back from Japan this and also last year.
And it seems to be constantly growing! ^^;;;

Ok, last round! ^^ )

And that's it.
I hope you enjoyed the tour through my tiny apartment.

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14 July 2014 @ 08:25 pm
I'm sure all non-soccer fans are already super annoyed by now, but excuse me I just CANNOT resist!!
Feel free to ignore this post! ;)

After all, I had to get up at 5 a.m. to watch the historical game against Brazil and I stayed up until 8 a.m. today to watch the game today from 4 a.m. (Japanese time) to 6:30a.m.-ish.
I feel kind of sorry for my neighbors. I just HAD to squeal a bit!
I wish I could have celebrated with someone. I saw that Germans and German fans celebrated in Tokyo.

Oh well, so what? WE WON!!!! And what an exciting game??!!!!! No sleep, lots of stress in the past few weeks and then such a nerve-wrecking game!!! It was not good for my hear, I tell you!
But I'm so happy that I was FINALLY able to see Germany win!
Ever since the WSC was hosted in Germany in 2006 I've been following it. I wasn't too interested back in 2002.
And in 2006 as well as in 2010 Germany lost shortly before the finals landing on the "sad" third place. 2002 they were even second! So, FINALLY!!!! ^_________^

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Ok, back to my to-do-list .... but with a big smile! ^____________________^
Thanks to everyone who cheered for Germany. :33333
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12 January 2014 @ 06:49 pm
[Life]: I'm back from Germany!~  
Hey everyone!

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!~
I hope you were all able to spend a few relaxing days, eating delicious food.

I'm back from Germany since Tuesday, but have been busy ever since and am also still fighting my jetlag, so I haven't been very active online lately.
My blog also seems to die a silent death, but I'll soon work on that, I promise.

Today I just want so show you a few photos - although I didn't take many photos. I didn't even take my camera with me this time. All the photos were taken with my Samsung S3 smartphone.


I came back last Tuesday and had to work on that day. Upon my arrival in Japan in the morning I had to work and drive a car and that after being awake for almost 36h, but I wanted to stay in Germany for as long as possible.
I flew with Finnair for the first time (via Helsinki), simply because they offered the cheapest ticket and because an extra checked bag (23kg) was only 50€ (I knew I'd need it).

The food. )

Airport Helsinki:

A huge airport! On top of that, Helsinki is so expensive! I was shocked! I know that airport prices are always high, but even then I can't believe it! I had to pay 9€ for 2l of water!!! WTF???!!! O___O'''

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Christmas cookies! Haven't eaten any in a long time (6+ years), so yay!

more food+++ )

It was great to finally go shopping for shoes and clothes in MY SIZE!!!! (*____*)b
I went shopping on 4 or 5 days, so I was quite busy and in the end I had 2 suitcases a 20-22kg full with shoes, clothes and omiyage. *g*

I'm still fighting my jetlag. I can't fall asleep before 4 a.m. and on days when I can, I won't wake up before 11:30 a.m.
I hope I can fix this soon! T___T

In another entry I'll tell you how I felt being back in Germany after 2,5 years. I haven't been home in winter (and thus for x-mas and New Years) in 6 years!!!
I know a lot of you want to ask me if I was able to make a decision after my visit in Germany - which was originally the main purpose of this visit back home anyways.
I'll also let you know in another entry.

Stay tuned.
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19 August 2011 @ 11:27 pm
[Japan]: I'm back, it's hot, jetlags are evil!~  

Thanks a lot for all your comments to my last entry.
I really enjoyed my time in Germany. I wonder why some of you thought that I would leave Japan for good already. That would have been quite sudden, no?! XD
I'm still a bit jetlagged and am already back at work where everything is just as usual.

Being back in Germany was great.
Japan and Germany are really two different worlds and I wish I could keep the good points of both countries.
For example, I want to be able to beam to work in Japan and then back home to Germany to enjoy the landscape there and meet with friends.
Too bad it's not possible.

It's really difficult to describe what was on my mind lately. And as I'm still jetlagged I'm not sure if I even should try to explain.
I'm still convinced that I will leave Japan in the near future, probably sometime next year.
It's absolutely not an easy decision, but I always said (and mentioned several times here as well) that I don't intend to stay in Japan for the rest of my life.
I didn't regret coming here at all. There are still many things to discover and so many places I want to travel to, but I just feel it's time to leave for now.
This doesn't mean that I give up on Japan completely. It's possible that I miss it so much after a few years that I try to come back XD ... but right now I want a change.

It's kind of ... I've grown a bit tired of Japan and I want to leave with good memories as long as it's still possible. If I stay too long I might get really annoyed and my memories of Japan might end up not being good ones.

One reason why I haven't move onwards so far is that I was (and still am..) too scared of the next step: finding a new job.
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Germany, I'll miss you. Baby cats, how are you doing?! )

When it was finally morning, I opened the window and saw those beautiful mountains.
However, the Japanese man next to me who wasn't very considerate earlier told me to shut the window again as he wanted to sleep. *shakes head*
After almost 24h in cars and planes I finally arrived in Osaka ... the problem was that I was quite stupid (because I was just too tired) and so it took me 6h to get back to my apartment (using trains and taxies and having to transfer trains several times with almost 45kg of luggage ...).
You have no idea how exhausted I was when I finally arrived in my apartment!
And I had to work the next day .....

Luckily I could sleep well and long and so I was fit for work then.

So, here I am back in Japan.
It's so hot and humid it literally hits you in the face when you leave the plane. I surely didn't miss that!!
My Japan clock is ticking and I have so many things that still need to be done or that I want to do!!!
There are also a lot of things I need to catch up with.
People who are waiting for replies and stuff, please be patient!
So many things to do.

Thanks for reading and staying with me!~
Everybody, how was your summer vacation and what did you do?
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08 August 2011 @ 01:12 pm
[Germany]: Home, sweet home??!!  
Hello everybody!!

I hope you're all fine? Enjoying your summer vacation?
For those who don't read my Twitter I thought I throw in a short update (though I have to admit that I didn't update my Twitter often since I arrived back home ).
Anyways, so I'm back home in Germany for more than a week now.
Only 1 more week to go and I already go back to Japan.

From Japan to Germany!~ )

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I think I'm in love! )

Apart from what you see in the photos, I've been shopping, meeting friends, family, eating yummie food etc.
It's strange to be back home.
The first time in a shopping mall was weird. Surrounded by people who don't stare at you at all and don't give a shit!!! Oh, how much I missed that!!!!
I was really suprised at how nice German people are! For some reason my memory was different.
Second impression: lots of foreigners (not tourists!) everywhere, speaking a language I don't understand, so I don't really feel like I'm back home. Do I make any sense?! XD
There are many things I missed (especially the food!! I think I already gained a few kg because there's just so much I wanna eat!!!! XD).
On the other hand, there are also things that are super annoying.
It might be hard once I go back for good, especially jobwise. I also have the feeling that I will lose my Japanese skills if I'm not careful

Enough of my blabbering. I don't have much time anyways.
I'm gonna get a rental car later today! I haven't driven in FOUR YEARS!!!!!! Wish me luck (x__X) ....
Actually I wanna refresh my traffic rules knowlede a little before I drive for real, so if you guys in Germany have any good websites for German traffic rules for me, then go ahead!! ^-^;

A more detailed report will follow once I'm back in Japan.

Thanks for reading!~
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20 August 2009 @ 06:11 am
Big .... uh, no, wait: Back in Japan!~  
Hello everybody,

I'm finally(?) back in Japan. Well, actually I came back Saturday night, but didn't feel like posting anything and what's more is that I just didn't have any time as you can imagine.
My way back was not really nice and relaxing at all, though.
Usually it takes about 3 hours to get from my home to the airport and we always leave way ahead of time in case something happens.
Well ... "something" happened. There were traffic jams EVERYWHERE!!!!!! We were in at least 8 different traffic jams and I kid you NOT!!!!!!
After 5 hours have passed and the check-in time for my flight was already over and we were still not even CLOSE to the airport I had a little nervous breakdown and had a hard time not to cry *sigh*
IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!! I was sure I would miss my flight!!!!!


After 6 long hours (aka twice the time it should have taken!) we finally arrived at the airport! That was 20 minutes prior to take-off!!!! I was running into the terminal hall, looking for somebody who might be able to help me.
I found a woman that was still at the Korean Air check-in place and ran over to her. I tried to tell her what happened although I was out of breath running so much and my body was shaking as well (x___X) ....
She said she's not sure if it's still okay for me to go on board, so she called the cockpit or somewhere else x____X ......

In the end it was okay, but I had to run all the way and they also told me that I might not get my luggage right away in Japan, because they cannot guarantee that my luggage will make it to the plane on time.
Running when you need to go to the toilet (because you've been in a car for over 6 hours) isn't really funny at all!!! (x____x)

WARNING: ~ 80 photos ahead! XD )

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Flowers, cows, awesome panoramas, yummie food ^-^ )


At first I didn't feel like going back home and I thought I would miss Japan.
Well, I already went through that anyway. End of 2007 I spent 3 weeks in Japan for the first time, came back home to Germany and missed Japan so much that I decided to go back ASAP.
This time it was completely different, though!

Once I arrived in Germany it felt great. While sitting in the car on my way home, seeing the landscape around me and all, I thought: Wow, was Germany THAT beautiful??
It might sound stupid but for me I suddenly saw things I didn't before and the colors looked brighter as well. I started to cherish and appreciate things I didn't before!
And I didn't miss Japan AT ALL!!!
That's probably because I knew I was going back soon again anyway.
I know it will be completely different once I return home forever. I know it!

Then, I saw on the news that there were some typhoons, earthquakes and whatnot in Japan and I was like: I don't wanna go back!
They also mentioned that people don't have water and elictricity in some parts anymore and I was like: WHAT??? AGAAAAIN???? -____-; ......
I didn't feel like going back at all.

Germany was great.
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Okay, this entry has been long enough.
I'm sorry about it, hope you enjoyed the entry nevertheless.
Now I have to hurry to work (ignore all the mistakes, I don't have time to re-read and correct my entry)

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07 August 2009 @ 09:33 am
[Germany]: Back home and super busy <3  
Hello everybody (^-^)/

I arrived safely, but super tired in Germany on Sunday.
Ever since then I've been super busy (meeting friends, family, shopping, sightseeing etc.)
I just wanted to let you guys know everything is alright, but I won't have much time posting anything until I'm back in Japan.

home sweet home )

Impressions so far:
Germany is really beautiful!!!
Oh, how I missed German food (;o;)
Shopping for super long trousers was already successful (*-*)v

That photo is from yesterday.
I have tons of photos (not as much as I have during my vacations in Japan, but it's still a lot). I don't have a card reader here, so you'll have to wait until I'm back in Japan for more photos (^^'')>

I finally feel refreshed! Yesterday was the first day when I had a few hours for myself!! I went to visit a friend in Switzerland. Don't ask me how often we crossed the borders between Austria, Switzerland and Germany yesterday! XD
Only one more week and I have to leave again ;o;

Okay, gotta go~

Current Location: Germany (^-^)v
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