20 August 2009 @ 06:11 am
Big .... uh, no, wait: Back in Japan!~  
Hello everybody,

I'm finally(?) back in Japan. Well, actually I came back Saturday night, but didn't feel like posting anything and what's more is that I just didn't have any time as you can imagine.
My way back was not really nice and relaxing at all, though.
Usually it takes about 3 hours to get from my home to the airport and we always leave way ahead of time in case something happens.
Well ... "something" happened. There were traffic jams EVERYWHERE!!!!!! We were in at least 8 different traffic jams and I kid you NOT!!!!!!
After 5 hours have passed and the check-in time for my flight was already over and we were still not even CLOSE to the airport I had a little nervous breakdown and had a hard time not to cry *sigh*
IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!! I was sure I would miss my flight!!!!!


After 6 long hours (aka twice the time it should have taken!) we finally arrived at the airport! That was 20 minutes prior to take-off!!!! I was running into the terminal hall, looking for somebody who might be able to help me.
I found a woman that was still at the Korean Air check-in place and ran over to her. I tried to tell her what happened although I was out of breath running so much and my body was shaking as well (x___X) ....
She said she's not sure if it's still okay for me to go on board, so she called the cockpit or somewhere else x____X ......

In the end it was okay, but I had to run all the way and they also told me that I might not get my luggage right away in Japan, because they cannot guarantee that my luggage will make it to the plane on time.
Running when you need to go to the toilet (because you've been in a car for over 6 hours) isn't really funny at all!!! (x____x)

WARNING: ~ 80 photos ahead! XD )

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At first I didn't feel like going back home and I thought I would miss Japan.
Well, I already went through that anyway. End of 2007 I spent 3 weeks in Japan for the first time, came back home to Germany and missed Japan so much that I decided to go back ASAP.
This time it was completely different, though!

Once I arrived in Germany it felt great. While sitting in the car on my way home, seeing the landscape around me and all, I thought: Wow, was Germany THAT beautiful??
It might sound stupid but for me I suddenly saw things I didn't before and the colors looked brighter as well. I started to cherish and appreciate things I didn't before!
And I didn't miss Japan AT ALL!!!
That's probably because I knew I was going back soon again anyway.
I know it will be completely different once I return home forever. I know it!

Then, I saw on the news that there were some typhoons, earthquakes and whatnot in Japan and I was like: I don't wanna go back!
They also mentioned that people don't have water and elictricity in some parts anymore and I was like: WHAT??? AGAAAAIN???? -____-; ......
I didn't feel like going back at all.

Germany was great.
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Okay, this entry has been long enough.
I'm sorry about it, hope you enjoyed the entry nevertheless.
Now I have to hurry to work (ignore all the mistakes, I don't have time to re-read and correct my entry)

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