18 December 2013 @ 11:30 pm
[Life]: Permanent Pain is Ruining My Days  
I'm in permanent pain and it sucks so much!

I already mentioned it in my previous entry, but in the past few days it has become worse and worse.
AND I have no freaking idea what is going on!!

My neck and shoulders are stiff and hurt.
Well, that happens sometimes, right? I had that many times before and usually it gets better again after some time without me doing anything.

This time however it's not just my neck and my shoulders, it's also my back, my hip AND the inner side of my left thigh!!!! o_____O'''
The latter one really doesn't make any sense.

At first I thought I maybe had sore muscles, but it just didn't get better at all. In fact, it has gotten worse. And it's only the upper left thigh!!!

I researched a little and there actually seems to be a connection between pain in the thigh(s) and back pain.
However, if you have pain in only one of thighs on the inner side, then it usually comes from playing soccer. WTF????

I swear I haven't done ANYTHING recently that could have caused it!!
Maybe I'm sleepwalking?

"Luckily" my thigh only hurts when I walk or when I touch the muscle(s) there. It's ok when I sit.
However, the rest of my upper body hurts all the time, especially my shoulders and my back. I can't even tell if it's the bones or the muscles, but I guess it's all the muscles.

The issue is that I CAN'T go to a doctor / clinic anymore before I leave for Germany.
I have 3 more days at work and am also busy before work. Then, I have Sunday off and I'm flying on Monday.

I'm just worried how I can manage to survive in Germany with all that pain. It's not a strong pain, but I'm exhausted, cuz it's a permanent pain, no matter what I'm doing, it's always there.
Even if I could go to a doctor before I have to leave, I'm not sure if they could help me right away. And in the worst case I would be told to stay here and not to go to Germany.

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I wonder why this has to happen NOW ....... I haven't been back home in 2.5 years, you know? :( .......
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