04 October 2007 @ 10:22 pm
Icon thieves etc.  

if this continues I´m really thinking of stopping making icons. (okay I think this was grammatically wrong, but who cares XD)
I´m not especially angry at the person, but at the fact that you now have to JUSTIFY that you´re acutally the maker of an icon, because other people obviously claim YOUR icon as one THEY made!!!
HELLO WORLD????!!!!!! ..... Oh, geez!!!!
Why are some people so stupid and evil, I don´t get it.
We icon makers really put our heart into making icons. Why is it that there are so many stupid people stealing and claiming stuff as their own??? GRAH!!!!

--> What I´m talking about <--

And here´s a direct copy of the comment:
"I'm sorry to see you feel that your icon has been wrongfully taken,however since I cannot verify you as the creator of this Icon, Icannot, in good consciousness give you credit for this work. I have hadmultiple people try to claim creator credit on this Icon so I will begiving credit to no one for this image. All I can do is state that Idid not make it myself."

You know how insulting that is for an icon maker, no????
I know this is nothing new, but it hurts everytime I see it. SOME PEOPLE ARE SOOOOOO STUPID! (T___T)
(Again this is not against the person who wrote this, but the persons who lead that person to this statement!!!)

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30 September 2007 @ 01:50 pm
[Random]: Toma, Icon Thieves etc.  
Hey ho~

I´m sorry that I don´t update often lately. I´m also sorry that I don´t comment much on your entries lately ;____; There´s still so much to do for me, but I´ll be back to my normal pace very soon, so please ... don´t kill me?!? (T___T)

Furthermore I´m still trying to catch up with the dramas of the last season like First Kiss, Sushi Oji, Yamada Taro and of course Hanakimi.
I´ll watch Hanakimi when I´ve finished the rest and NOT BEFORE THAT, so please stop writing down spoilers in my journal ;o; ....
Of course I´ve also watched dramas while I was in Japan. I watched episode 11 of Hanakimi for example and for some reason I understood almost everything, sooo cool ;___; ... and I loved that episode.
I also watched the first 10 minutes of ep12 in Japan, but then stopped, because I still haven´t watched ep9 and 10. So when I´ve finished all the other dramas I´ll watch Hanakimi 9-12 ;____; ... *sigh*
So concerning the uploads of Hanakimi ep9-12. I´ll upload it as soon as I´ve watched it. Right now I´m busy with uploading other stuff anyway, sorry!!!! I´m only human, too (.___.)>

But something else: in one of my previous entries I wrote that I was in Akihabara and prolly found a drama location of "Akihabara@Deep" by chance, it was really NOT PLANNED AT ALL. Now I´ve confirmed it: It was REALLY a drama location. I STOOD AT THE EXACTLY SAME PLACE THAN TOMA DID!!!!!!!! *faints multiple times* ... KYAAAH ;___; .... <~ *happy fangirl* *more than happy fangirl* THAT´S SO COOL!!! (*____*) .... and it was really not planned (;o;) ..... lucky!!!!!!!~
What exactly it was, you´ll see in my entry about "drama locations" :P .. (am I mean? XDDDD)

More blabbering and Toma hotness in there XD )

Okay else:
Something that really pisses me off: Icon thieves. Yah, it´s nothing new, but now they even steal stuff where I stated that it is NOT ALLOWED to take.

I´m talking about [ profile] haniko44. I will add him/her directly to the blacklist. Usually I always give a warning and people can add the credit or delete the icon, but this time I´m really pissed off.
What I mean is the follwoing:

Is what I stated here. You really must be blind to NOT see it, right?

And that´s what [ profile] haniko44 has done:

You should have a look at her/his user pics here. Perhaps she/he has stolen your work as well!!!!!

I´ve also discovered [ profile] genlethu here and [ profile] xelisendax here stealing my icons. I will talk to them and if they don´t credit, they will also be added to the blacklist. Usually I don´t offend people like that, but this time I´m really pissed, sorry. (T___T)
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29 July 2006 @ 12:06 pm
Icon thieves and their (?) reactions  
As some of you might know, I´ve started a blacklist for thieves of icons, screencaps, bases and stuff.
As I said I won´t put down people right away, but give them a hint (that they should credit) beforehand.

Yesterday I found someone that didn´t give credit to ANY of the icons she was using (again). So I said she should give credit or if she doesn´t want to, then she should delete the icons.
I admit it was wrong of me to post that in a non-topic-related community. I should have said her that in her own journal.
But what I got for reminding her that she should give credit, was that ....

Well: see for yourself !!

the whole story + your opinion ? )

Well, please don´t post there !!! Because this community is NOT about icons plus it wouldn´t change a thing.
But please let me hear your opinion about the whole thing.
Thank you very much in advance *bows*

sorry for my English - I´m German and thus not a native speaker - but I think you still get the point :)
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11 July 2006 @ 08:13 pm
I´ve decided to make a blacklist for people stealing other people´s graphics (icons, screencaps, fanart etc.)
I´ve seen so many people that just DON´T give credit. Especially not where they got their bases / scans / caps for their icons from !! THIS is also stealing ! I don´t understand why they do this, is it too much work ? NO !!
Thieves are people that do NOT credit or claim stuff as their own work.
I´m against writing down people without their knowledge. I give them a chance to delete their posts or to edit their entries and GIVE credit.

Well, this list is not only for people who steal my stuff, but for ALL thieves.
Unfortunately there are not many active comms that deal with this anymore :/
When I´ve gathered some people, I´m going to report them to [ profile] _b_u_s_t_e_d_ + [ profile] _anti_theft_ (found thanks to [ profile] novemberbeetle)

You can report thieves here, if you want to.

Wanna become a BLACKLIST hunter ? )
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