21 January 2010 @ 11:39 am
[Japan Travel]: Beppu Day 2  

Thank you all so much for the nice comments to my first day in Beppu. I'm glad you seem to enjoy my travel reports and photos.
Here's now finally day 2 in Beppu which was already my last day (in Beppu!) :(

Beppu - Day 2 (December 30th, 2009):

I should call that day "animal day" as I visited an aquarium and then a monkey park. The second half of the day was quite unpleasant, though.

Umitamago - the ocean egg aquarium XD )

There are monkeys ..... EVERYWHERE!!!! O__O'' )

I love this photo. I took it in order to show everybody that the monkeys were indeed not kept in a cage or anything, but were able to move freely.
Since before World War II, the monkeys have raided nearby famrs and damaged the crops. To prevent this, the late Mr. Ueda, former mayor of Oita City, succeeded in gathering the monkeys at the base of Mt. Takasaki by scattering bait and blowing a conch (a kind of shell horn) in 1952.
The monkeys are Japanese Macaque Macaca Fuscata monkeys by the way.

And now the reasonS why the second half of my day was NOT so great -__- .... )

And that's it. I really enjoyed Beppu although there were some unpleasant things as well.
I definitely wanna go again and try the sand and mud onsen and maybe the safari there and if the weather allows finally have a great view from that high mountain GAH!

Bye~chuu (´∀`*)ノシ ❤
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17 January 2010 @ 11:16 am
[Japan Travel]: Beppu - Day 1 (part 2)  
Hi again!

Thanks so much for your nice comments to my last entry. It makes me really happy that you seem to enjoy my travel entries and that keeps me going although I don't really have the time to do so (x__X)
Anyway, here's part 2 of my first day - in a seperate entry like I already said because this is all about my visit at the sex museum in Beppu.
I think the photos are not too bad, but if you're easily offended by things like that, you might wanna skip this entry ;)

So, here we go again :)

Let's start with a rather harmless photo. This is what's awaiting you in front of the entrance.
When I went there (close to closing time 4:30pm, there were not many people in there which made it easier for me, but it still felt a little bit awkward, especially when I was standing beside a young couple (prolly younger than me) and the girl was petting a huge wooden penis ... GAAAH!!! *headdesk* XDDDD)

Wait, what are the seven dwarfs doing with snow white there? o__O; .... )

Btw. not a SINGLE manga- or anime-themed sex related exhibition there!! I was surprised! And a little bit disappointed XDDDD
And also no "yaoi-ish" stuff XDDDD *sigh*

Anyway, when I got out of the museum it was already getting dark and so no more photos of that day.

I hope you enjoyed this entry although it was a quite awkward one.
Please look forward to my 2nd day in Beppu (which is not R-18, I swear!! XD)

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15 January 2010 @ 05:42 am
[Japan Travel]: Beppu Day 1 (part 1)  

as I spent my day yesterday with sorting photos and then just doing RANDOM stuff (no studying, no travel planning, NOTHING!!) like playing trials of various otome and yaoi games (*_*) (<- report will follow), I gotta get back to work today.
Starting with this first entry about my winter vacation. After that I'll have to get information for my spring trip as quite a bunch of my friends are coming over to Japan at the same time, so planning ahead is important. Although I don't feel like already planning, but this time it's necessary (^-^)>
Studying Japanese? What's that? (x__X) ... Well, one thing at a time, I guess. I'll eventually get back to studying.

Enough of my blabbering, let's start with reports and TONS of photos of my winter vacation (^-^)

This entry about my first day will be splitted into 2 for a very special reason. At the end of the day I also visited a sex museum and as some of you might be offended by the erotic photos taken there, I'll handle that in a seperate entry.
So don't worry, this entry is sex-free! XDDDD

Beppu - Day 1 (December 29th, 2009):

Welcome to the hells of Beppu! )

Wait, we're not finished yet! XD )

There's blood everywhere (O^O) )

I hope you enjoyed this first entry of photos (after a long pause, haven't travelled since April/June last year).
More to come soon.

Thanks for reading.
Bye-bu ヾ(=・ω・=)o☆バイバイ☆ヾ(=・ω・=)o
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