11 June 2011 @ 09:52 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kurashiki (Okayama)  

It's finally time for another travel entry!! Yay!~
So, after visiting Kagawa Prefecture on Shikoku for only 2 days, I was back on the main island (Honshu) in Okayama.
Because I've already been to the main attractions in Okayama city years ago, I went for some other sites this time.
First destination was: Kurashiki

Kurashiki is especially well-known for its various museums, but is also worth a visit because of the canal area and all the nice and old buildings around it!!
Welcome to the Venice of Japan?!

Kurashiki (Okayama) (April 2nd 2011):

Read more... )

ZOOOOM! And sooo adorable, too!! I've rarely seen such a cute monkey!! (^-^)b

Off to Canal City! XD )

Somehow you just can't get enough of this awesome atmosphere!

Swan eggs, insects in hospitals and cherry blossom trees in side streets!! )

Next up is: Bitchu Takashashi (with Matsuyama Castle) and Kojima

As this is related to today's travel entry, let me have a short poll because I'm just curious: Chinese Zodiac

[Poll #1751263]

That's all for today.
Thanks so much for reading!

P.S.: If anybody ever wondered, it took me over 2.5h to write this entry!!!!!! (x___X)
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20 March 2011 @ 09:35 pm
[Japan Travel]: Osaka and Uji (Kyoto)  

I hope everybody is alright.
I'm back from my short Osaka trip and it was SO REFRESHING AND RELAXING!!! The best thing I could have done! I'm so glad I went!
I enjoyed 2 stage plays with Ikuta Toma (I'll write in detail about those in a separate entry soon!). I met [ profile] kanefunnn and we had a lot of fun, eating yummie food and talking a lot!
In those two days I was completely cut off of any news and I almost completely forgot what happened. Life in Osaka as well, went on as normal, it was great!

I left early in the morning on Thursday and arrived in Osaka around noon time. I had a quick lunch sitting in front of Osakajou Hall and then I went off to watch the stage play which took over 3 hours! Then I spent the rest of the day with [ profile] kanefunnn
In my hotel (super tired) I quickly checked out options for the next day because the other stage play wouldn't start before 7pm, enough time for some sightseeing. The "problem" was that I've already been to pretty much everything in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe. I wanted to go to Amanohashidate (again!), but as I only had half a day, that would have been too short. In the end I decided to go to Uji in Kyoto (famous for its green tea ) and it was great!!
I took some photos in Osaka as well as in Uji to show you how normal life in the rest of Japan is! I hope that calms a few people down, though, things seem to have calmed down anyways?!

Osaka (March 17th 2011) + Uji (March 18th 2011):

Osaka! Long time no see!! )

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Uji City in Kyoto!~ )

Well, as you can see I've completely calmed down for now.
This trip was great! Things seem to have calmed down in general. I think and I hope they'll get the other reactors under control soon. They even found some people alive in the disaster zone. That's so great! ;o;
I think it's too early to say things are safe, but I stopped worrying for now and it feels good!
So many people I know left the country in the last few days, some were forced to by their companies or Embassies, it seems. (though you always can reject! )
I won't leave this country unless it's really necessary. I would have left Tokyo if I lived there and moved further to the Southwest of Japan as some people did. That's still cheaper and less drastic than buying an expensive plane ticket.
Funny thing is that some people who told me that I'm panicking to much have left the country already while I'm still here! XD
Anyways, hope everybody is doing fine and thanks so much for caring so much!!! ^_____^ You guys are GREAT!!!!
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04 February 2011 @ 05:28 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kawaguchiko - Day 3  

I need to keep my travel entries coming, because in less than 2 months I will be travelling through Japan again as it's spring vacation!!! I should start planning soon! That also means that by then I should have finished posting all my winter vacation photos, right?!
Also, I'm working on something else right now which I will hopefully finish in a few days so that I can show it to you guys.
Anyways, here we go!~

Kawaguchiko - Day 3 (December 31st 2010):

I wanted to leave quite early for Tokyo on the 31st! I also wanted to meet [ profile] calpis37 and [ profile] shelketuesti there! After that I had to leave for Saitama. Quite a busy schedule.

What will the weather be like today?! )

Mt. Fuji photogasm!~ )

Goodbye, Adieu, Auf Wiedersehen!~ )

Yesterday was setsubun! One of my favorite special days in Japan, but it's not a national holiday! It was the first time I didn't "celebrate" it, though, as I was all alone in my apartment the whole time

Alright, that's all for today.
Thanks for reading
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12 December 2010 @ 01:59 pm
[Japan Travel]: Winter 2008/2009: Mt. Fuji and more!  

Here's now finally the surprise I kept talking about! Some of you might remember that during my winter vacation a few years ago my memory card was broken and I lost tons of photos especially the great ones I was able to take of Mt. Fuji out of the Shinkansen back then.
After my summer vacation while trying to restore something else I was able to restore those OLD photos!!! I couldn't believe my luck! :D
Now finally ... almost 2 years later I present you the lost photos!!! These are quite random and are mostly of my days in Tokyo and the first day in Aizu-Wakamatsu (previous photos that didn't get lost can be found here).

Probably most of you don't remember what happened during my winter vacation 2 years ago XD So ... uhm ... I'll try to keep the explanations short anyways XD

I spend a few days in and around Tokyo before the New Year.

Read more... )

more Mt. Fuji awesomeness )

And that's it. I hope you are not too disappointed that the surprise was something like this?!

Alright. There are still some entries that need to be posted in the next few days.
See you again then
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24 September 2010 @ 10:41 pm
[Japan Travel]: Nagoya Day - 3  
Hello again!

I'm completely immersed in my Japanese studies and ridiculously busy with work as well, so sorry for the lack of entries and comments.
Thanks so much to everyone who took part in the poll. If you haven't yet, please definitely do so!!
I'll write an extra entry about it and the (possible) consequences some other time.

Today I just drop by to FINALLY post another travel entry! Yay!~
Like I wrote in my last travel entry this was actually the day when my brother and me planned to climb Mt. Fuji but due to a typhoon the trip had to be cancelled.
We wanted to go Gifu or Inuyama instead (because that also was on our list and we wouldn't have any other days left to do it if we postponed our Mt. Fuji trip), but then it was raining cats and dogs, so we had to cancel that also :( :( :(

Instead we just walked around in Nagoya, mainly for shopping.
But before that - and after a short night of replanning our Mt. Fuji trip we had to get up so that we could be at the bus center by 6:30am to cancel our tickets before the actual bus leaves.
We were sooo lucky that they accepted our cancelation because of the typhoon and we only had to pay a 200yen (~2$) cancelation fee! :D

Nagoya Day 3 (August 12th, 2010):

Eventless day, here we go!~ )

Finally it stopped raining (but as you can see the weather was still quite horrible ... *sigh*)
We decided to go to the second best castle in Nagoya: Kiyosu Castle (清洲城)!~
It's really only a short ride from the center of Nagoya and it's definitely worth visiting! Highly recommended!!! :3

Read more... )

I finally bought a yukata! ^^ )

Back at the hotel I called some mountain huts again but they said that the weather was still not good and it was still dangerous because of the typhoon.
So we decided to try our luck and go to Inuyama and Gifu the next day (which we now had to manage in ONE day - almost impossible!!!!!!) and then try Mt. Fuji on our last 2 days. Very risky, but we didn't have any other choice anyways .....

Next up: Gifu and Inuyama (2 awesome cities with 2 awesome castles) - and finally good weather!!

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!~

P.S.: Lately I have problems uploading to Youtube (which is why I used Dailymotion in my last post) and now Photobucket is also starting to be bitchy :( No idea what's wrong. I stopped uploading to my LJ scrapbook, because I didn't have a software under Windows 7 (it worked superfast under XP back in the days) ... after wasting lots of time I finally found a solution! [/random]
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28 February 2010 @ 08:49 am
[Japan Travel]: Nara - Day 2  
And here's already my second day in Nara.

Nara - Day 2 (January 5th, 2010):

Read more... )

Finally I reached my actual destination of that day: Heijō Palace (平城宮, Heijō-kyū)
It's really awesome, but it took forever to WALK from one thing to the other, so my time management went byebye ;o; ...... anyway, you'll soon understand why I was unlucky this time ..

Hurry up! You don't have enough time! )

Wanna see many tame , crazy and hungry deer??? Click!!! But you were WARNED! XD )

And that was my second day in Nara. Again way too short as I couldn't do everything I had planned. The next day was already reserved for a day trip to Hikone and Nagahama, both castle cities (where I had quite some unlucky events awaiting me yet again *sigh*).
The next post will be mainly about castles. Hope you're looking forward to it.
Thanks for reading and comments.

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14 February 2010 @ 12:35 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kobe - Day 1 (part 2)  
Hello and

As promised here's part 2 of my first day in Kobe.

Kobe - Day 1 - part 2 (January 2nd, 2010):

So .... did I find the German House or what??!! And what about the Kobe beef?????????!! )

Kobe Tower - a symbol of Kobe.

.... but ... yet again .... ARGH!! )

Hope you enjoyed it♪
Kobe day 2 will follow soon (*__*)v (with a lot of shrine and temple visits (Ikuta!!!! shrine), a lot of walking and awesome night shots)

See you again ですぅぅ!☆彡ヾ(=・ω・=)o♪
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31 January 2010 @ 05:10 am
[Japan Travel]: Fukuoka Day 1 + 2  
Hallou~ (;・∀・)/~

This might be one of the shortest "travel entries" I've ever made and it's even TWO days!!! (^-^')>
I left Beppu on the 31st (December) in the morning to go to Fukuoka where I met with one of my Japanese coworkers. She invited me to come over and celebrate "omisoka" (Japanese New Year's Eve) with her and her family as she thought it's too sad and lonely if I'm all by myself.
In Japan, the 31st is a very calm day that you're supposed to spend with your family (more like our Western Christmas).

We met at Hakata Station (please remember that you have to look for "Hakata Station" when going to Fukuoka by Shinkansen etc.) - there is no "Fukuoka" or "Shin-Fukuoka" station XDDDD
We decided to walk around in Fukuoka a little bit, go shopping etc.

Fukuoka - Day 1+2 (December 31st, 2009 + January 1st, 2010):

A lot of yummie food this time (*_*)v )

Read more... )

Toma-kuuuu~uun!!!! *lol* XD )

After that they brought me to Hakata Station and I left for Kobe where I arrived at night.
Thus, next will be Kobe already. Hope you're looking forward to it (*_*)

(´∀`*)ノシ バイバイ☆⌒ヽ(*'、^*)chu
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15 January 2010 @ 05:42 am
[Japan Travel]: Beppu Day 1 (part 1)  

as I spent my day yesterday with sorting photos and then just doing RANDOM stuff (no studying, no travel planning, NOTHING!!) like playing trials of various otome and yaoi games (*_*) (<- report will follow), I gotta get back to work today.
Starting with this first entry about my winter vacation. After that I'll have to get information for my spring trip as quite a bunch of my friends are coming over to Japan at the same time, so planning ahead is important. Although I don't feel like already planning, but this time it's necessary (^-^)>
Studying Japanese? What's that? (x__X) ... Well, one thing at a time, I guess. I'll eventually get back to studying.

Enough of my blabbering, let's start with reports and TONS of photos of my winter vacation (^-^)

This entry about my first day will be splitted into 2 for a very special reason. At the end of the day I also visited a sex museum and as some of you might be offended by the erotic photos taken there, I'll handle that in a seperate entry.
So don't worry, this entry is sex-free! XDDDD

Beppu - Day 1 (December 29th, 2009):

Welcome to the hells of Beppu! )

Wait, we're not finished yet! XD )

There's blood everywhere (O^O) )

I hope you enjoyed this first entry of photos (after a long pause, haven't travelled since April/June last year).
More to come soon.

Thanks for reading.
Bye-bu ヾ(=・ω・=)o☆バイバイ☆ヾ(=・ω・=)o
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26 December 2009 @ 01:23 pm
[Japan]: No-Christmas, but yummie food and presents~❤  

Thank you very much for all of your lovely comments to my last entry.
I'll try to keep my English LJ alive somehow, but can't promise anything. Probably I'll still be posting rarely.
Today is my first DAY OFF in .... years!!! At least that is how it feels!
And was I able to relax?
At first, not really.
When I came back home yesterday night after work, my internet suddenly didn't work anymore! Of course I was worried, because I needed internet in order to finish planning my trip and print out all necessary documents and stuff.
Plus why is my internet working when I don't have any time and am at work 24/7 anyway, but decides to disappear as soon as I have a day off???? (-_____-)
I decided to stay calm and go to bed, hoping that the internet would be back in the morning.
But ... of course it wasn't. So I spent half the day making phone calls in Japanese to my internet company and the landlord. It took forever, but as you can see it's working again!
A cable was plugged out over there, so they had to plug it in on their side. *shakes head* MY NERVES!!!!!!!(-.-)

At least I managed to do almost all of the housework (laundry, dishes etc.) while I was internet-less (^-^)>
After that I used the chance to get all documents I need for my trip before my internet decides to go on vacation without me again.
And the rest of the day I decided to RELAX !!!! I finally was able to modify photos and stuff and upload a bunch of them (^-^)v
As a result here is the first entry out of a few (hopefully) <333
(I still don't really feel relaxed, guess that's impossible after only half a day...)

Late, but as you know I had to work on Christmas (which is on the 24th in Germany btw.).
I hope you all had a great Christmas!!!
I didn't really have any Christmas ... yet again! It's kind of sad :(

Presents and yummie food (*-*)v )

Talking about food! I wanted to post this for a while now. I stumbled upon this a while ago.
It really looks cute and yummie, what do you think? Hehe~

Tweets = Japanese + study + time ?! )

Random students' talk at work:
Students: Sensei, sensei, today is Aiba's birthday!! (not talking to me, but a coworker)
Sensei: I know. Happy Birthday, Aiba-kun!! *claps*
Students: Sensei, do you like Aiba-kun?
Sensei: Yes, he's my favorite!
Student A: Uso! He's my favorite, too!!
Sensei: Guess who's her favorite in Arashi? *points at me*
Student B: I know!!! Ikuta Toma!!!
Me: That's right! Hehe .... ((apart from the fact that he's not a member of Arashi XDDDD))
Sensei: Wow, they are well-informed about your likings.
Me: Well, last time in class we were bored so we talked about Johnnys and ... uhm .. yeah XD
Somehow the conversation sounded even funnier in Japanese XD

And that's it for this entry.
Again, thanks so much for your warming and nice comments last time. Sorry, that I couldn't find the time to answer to them yet.

(´∀`*)ノシ バイバイ
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26 July 2009 @ 07:43 am
[Japan Travel]: Tokuyama and Iwakuni  
Hello again,

before I start posting photos from Thursday (which was the only day in ages when it was NOT raining!), I wanna talk about the "rain" and everything it causes here lately once again.
First of all, the water is still not back in my apartment. It has been FOUR DAYS now without water! FOUR DAYS!!!!
I found on a Japanese news site that they plan on giving everybody their water back at the latest on Tuesday next week. That means 2 more days without water.
rain rant .... )

Thursday was a SUNNY day -> Tokuyama )

Because there's nothing much to see in Tokuyama and it was such a nice day, I decided to go to Iwakuni which is like 3 hours away by local train from where I live, but you have to pass Tokuyama anyway, so I almost was half way there then ;)

Iwakuni (岩国) is a city located in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
It's especially famous for "Kintaikyou" (錦帯橋) (the bridge you can see in the photo above). There's also a castle and some other interesting things :)
It's a popular sightseeing spot for people who're in Hiroshima, because it's close and thus worth a day trip :)
The bridge is famous because of its shape and because it's wooden.

More photos of the bridge, the Kikko park, the white snakes and Iwakuni castle~ )

As it was really hot outside and my head started to hurt (a long time ago already), I decided to take a break and eat something cold.
イチゴかき氷 (shaved ice with strawberry syrup and condensed milk) => SUPER YUMMIE!!! (*_*)v

Read more... )

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05 July 2009 @ 07:05 am
[Japan Travel]: Kôchi - Day 2  
Hey~ho (*゜ο゜)ゞ

It's photo time again ^-^
On my second day in Kôchi I had quite a strict schedule, but I was able to see so many awesome things that day.
Please enjoy the photos together with me (*__*)/~

Godaisan: famous pilgrimage temple and Dr. MAKINO's (!) botanical garden )

Katsurahama: shrine on a cliff, small aquarium and no food??!! )

Time for dinner: raw tuna <33 )

The next day I got up really early, because I had to catch my bus. Yeah, that's right! I went not by train, but by bus this time!!!
Next stop: Naruto and the awesome whirlpools! (*__*)/

Hope I'll be able to post soon again *g*
Only 2 more days left anyway ;o; I wanna try to post them before I leave for Germany in a few weeks.

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31 May 2009 @ 08:19 am
[Japan Travel]: Matsuyama - Day 1  
Hi everybody,

Sorry it's been a while. Like I told you before I had to work 6 days this week, so today is my only day off and so much stuff to do.
I'll be less busy in the next two weeks, so hopefully I can update more often.

Anyway, I'm posting today to finally continue with the photos of my spring vacation 2009.
After I left Okayama, I went straight to Shikoku, one of the huge islands in Japan.
There are several ways to get there (e.g. by ship, ferry, train or car). Everything leads over or through the ocean, though.
I travelled by train and it was awesome!! Honshu is connected to Shikoku via a huuuuuuuge bridge over the sea. Beautiful view, I tell you ^-^

Shikoku (四国?, "four provinces") is the smallest (225 km long and between 50 and 150 km wide) and least populous (4,141,955 as of 2005) of the four main islands of Japan, located south of Honshū and east of Kyūshū island. Its ancient names include Iyo-no-futana-shima (伊予之二名島), Iyo-shima (伊予島), and Futana-shima (二名島). The current name refers to the four former provinces which made up the island: Awa, Tosa, Sanuki, and Iyo.

Anyway, I arrived in Matsuyama at noon on April 3rd 2009. Here's my day.

Matsuyama - Day 1 (April 3rd, 2009):

Arrival in Matsuyama and Matsuyama Castle )

Matsuyama Central Park )

Dogo Onsen )

And that was my pretty busy, but awesome first day in Matsuyama which I'd like to call "pink flower day" XDDDD
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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14 May 2009 @ 09:39 am
[Japan Travel]: Okayama - Day 2  
オッス\(o ̄∇ ̄o)/ ーーー♪
Hello again,

here's already the next photo post featuring my spring vacation 2009.
I'll show you my day 2 in Okayama.

Sougenji and the Kibi District (tracing the Momotaro fable) )

Read more... )

And that was my time in Okayama. I wish I had one more day for the Kibi district in Okayama ... but that was my crappy planning and thus my own fault.
Next photos will be from Matsuyama in Shikoku

バイ(*^ヽ^) ンー……ヽ(*^・゜)ノ~チュッ♪
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06 May 2009 @ 07:56 am
[Japan Travel]: Sendai (winter 2009)  

it's time for another vacation photo post - the last of my winter vacation. After that I can finally start presenting my cherry-blossom-full spring vacation photos XD
Anyway the last few days of our winter vacation [ profile] bf_nightingale and me spent in Sendai (with a short daytrip to Matsushima).

Rinnou-ji 輪王寺 )

Sendai's Aoba Castle 青葉城 )

Fitness shrine?! Loneyl Japanese gardens! How to wash your hands correctly feat. by McDumb! And why is Mr. Fuji always so shy? ;___; .... )

Alright, that's all. Hope you enjoyed it ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ
Next will be the photos of my spring vacation, starting with my first day in Okayama city on April 1st, 2009. Hope you're looking forward to it.

Ciaoッス (´∀`*)ノシ 
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03 October 2008 @ 09:13 am
[Japan Travel]: Kumamoto - Day 1  

now that I have my internet back, I guess it's time to continue with my photo posts of my August vacation. I'm sorry for the long wait. Hope you enjoy.
So after Nagasaki I went straight to Kumamoto (熊本) which is also in Kyushu.
Compared to Nagasaki it was still nice, but kind of boring (I said COMPARED, okay? ;P )

Kumamoto - Day 1 (August 12th, 2008):

Kumamoto Castle )

Former residence of Hosokawa Gyobu and Suzenji Park )

Read more... )

And that's it. Hope you enjoyed the photos :)
Day 2 in Kumamoto was not .... really spent in Kumamoto as I went to see Aso-san, an active volcano. I hope you're looking forward to the next post (day 2).

Time for a coffee/sweet pan (I loves Japanese pan with its fillings <333) break :D

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09 October 2007 @ 06:02 pm
[Japan Photos]: TeH fOoD!!!~  

it´s time for the BEST thing about Japan: Right, I´m talking about THE FOOD and everything food-related.
Before we start, let me warn you, you will DEFINITELY get VERY hungry after this entry. If you´re okay with that, then please enjoy the pics (^^;;)

And a second warning: IMAGE HEAVY LIKE ALWAYS!!! (^^;)
(meaning about 140 photos *coughs*)

Sweets and Snacks )

Drinks )

Bento )

Vitrine Food )

Vending machines )

Random )

Various dishes )

Read more... )

Café stuff )

Speaking of maid cafés. We went to one in Akihabara of course (photos will follow another time). This is what I ordered there ^^

WOAH HELL! This was soooooo much work and now I´m hella hungry! I´m going to use my new rice cooker and make me delicious now ^^;
Bye~ ^-^/ Hope you enjoyed it with me! :)
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