26 July 2009 @ 07:43 am
[Japan Travel]: Tokuyama and Iwakuni  
Hello again,

before I start posting photos from Thursday (which was the only day in ages when it was NOT raining!), I wanna talk about the "rain" and everything it causes here lately once again.
First of all, the water is still not back in my apartment. It has been FOUR DAYS now without water! FOUR DAYS!!!!
I found on a Japanese news site that they plan on giving everybody their water back at the latest on Tuesday next week. That means 2 more days without water.
rain rant .... )

Thursday was a SUNNY day -> Tokuyama )

Because there's nothing much to see in Tokuyama and it was such a nice day, I decided to go to Iwakuni which is like 3 hours away by local train from where I live, but you have to pass Tokuyama anyway, so I almost was half way there then ;)

Iwakuni (岩国) is a city located in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
It's especially famous for "Kintaikyou" (錦帯橋) (the bridge you can see in the photo above). There's also a castle and some other interesting things :)
It's a popular sightseeing spot for people who're in Hiroshima, because it's close and thus worth a day trip :)
The bridge is famous because of its shape and because it's wooden.

More photos of the bridge, the Kikko park, the white snakes and Iwakuni castle~ )

As it was really hot outside and my head started to hurt (a long time ago already), I decided to take a break and eat something cold.
イチゴかき氷 (shaved ice with strawberry syrup and condensed milk) => SUPER YUMMIE!!! (*_*)v

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