14 February 2008 @ 12:48 am
[Japan Photos]: Enoshima + Kamakura  

by now I think I won't manage to upload ALL of my Japan photos before I go there again XD~ *coughs*

Uhmm~ .... yes I haven't been around much lately. I'm sorry!!! I didn't have time for anything ;o; ...... I'll try and write some more updates in the next few days, okay?? :3
Hope you're all okay, f-list?! And I hope I haven't missed anything REALLY important (^^'') .....

Anyway I recognized that there were a lot of friends cuts lately and I think I missed some deadlines. This will happen in the near future as well, because I'm sure that I won't be around THAT often anymore. So if that's how it is and I miss your "friends cut deadline" or whatever, then feel free to delete me. It can't be helped I guess (^^'')

Soooo~ this time I have really gorgeous photos. I LOVED it there!~ Felt like Italy somehow XD

Enoshima Island )

Guess WHO was there again? XD )

... )

Kamakura )

Hase? XD )

Okay, that's it.

Hope you liked it and I'm really sorry that I don't update that often lately! m(_ _;)m ゴメン!!
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