23 January 2009 @ 07:22 am
[Japan Travel]: Kokura Day 1 (last day)  
Hello f-list!

Yepp, it's finally time! The last day of my summer (!) vacation in photos.
Yamaguchi -> Nagasaki -> Kumamoto -> Kagoshima -> Kokura -> Yamaguchi
Kokura is in North Kyushu and not soooo far away from Yamaguchi Prefecture, so I decided to stop by there, because there's Animate and Mandarake ;P
So my last day was full of shopping, but also of sightseeing once again.
Kokura has a castle, too, as you'll see in a few seconds.

Enough talking, I let the photos do the main talking from now on ;P

Kokura - Day 1 (August 17th, 2008):

No lockers, but monkeys?! )

miniatures, kame, dances, and then ... )


treasure hunting )

And here my summer vacation ends.
As you all know I just came back from my winter vacation a while ago, so please look forward to those photos.
I still haven't gotten the photos of the first half of my vacation, so maybe I'll just start with the second half first or we'll have to wait some time longer (^^')>

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