26 May 2011 @ 12:41 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kotohira  

I'm really sorry that my updates aren't as regular anymore as they used to be. I'm trying to update once a week, but it's tough!
I want to thank everybody who took part in the poll of my last entry. I was really surprised to see that most of you are perfectly fine with the amount of photos I post or even requested MORE (o___O'') ... are you guys crazy??!! *ggg*
Anyways, thanks a lot. Your feedback was really highly appreciated and thus welcome to another entry full of photos!

We're still in my first day of spring vacation. After leaving Marugame, I went to Kotohira which is only a short train ride away from it (~20min. for 350yen).
So now let's check out whether it's worth to visit Kotohira!

Kotohira (March 31st 2011):

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Stairs, stairs and even more stairs!!! )

While we're at it, let's even take more steps to the inner shrine! Muhahaha!~ )

And that has been part 2 of my first day of spring vacation. As you can see I was already doing quite a lot of stuff (Marugame + Kotohira) in only one day. Expect more to come soon.
Next up is: Takamatsu (Kagawa)

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Stay tuned for more (even if it might take some time until I post again .. )
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