03 March 2011 @ 03:21 pm
[Japan Travel]: Nagano (Snow monkeys!!)  

We're slowly approaching the end of my winter vacation. Only 2 more days including today's entry. *sob*
However, those 2 days include my personal highlights, so I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I did.
As especially today's day was a highlight there are WAY TOO MANY PHOTOS. According to this poll the majority of my readers prefers not splitted up entries and ave ONE day in ONE entry.
WARNING: Extremely image heavy entry ahead!!~ You might need some time to scroll and read through all of it!

Nagano (January 6th 2011):

Zenkoji Temple )

Snow Monkeys here I cooooooooooome!!! ~~~~~~ )

+ 23094820398420394 more XD )

AND FINALLY WE'RE FINISHED!!! I think that was the longest travel entry EVER!!!!
Hope you enjoyed it although you probably had to scroll like crazy!
Coming up next: Matsumoto and Suwa (aka 2 castles!!)
Thanks for reading!
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