11 June 2011 @ 09:52 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kurashiki (Okayama)  

It's finally time for another travel entry!! Yay!~
So, after visiting Kagawa Prefecture on Shikoku for only 2 days, I was back on the main island (Honshu) in Okayama.
Because I've already been to the main attractions in Okayama city years ago, I went for some other sites this time.
First destination was: Kurashiki

Kurashiki is especially well-known for its various museums, but is also worth a visit because of the canal area and all the nice and old buildings around it!!
Welcome to the Venice of Japan?!

Kurashiki (Okayama) (April 2nd 2011):

Read more... )

ZOOOOM! And sooo adorable, too!! I've rarely seen such a cute monkey!! (^-^)b

Off to Canal City! XD )

Somehow you just can't get enough of this awesome atmosphere!

Swan eggs, insects in hospitals and cherry blossom trees in side streets!! )

Next up is: Bitchu Takashashi (with Matsuyama Castle) and Kojima

As this is related to today's travel entry, let me have a short poll because I'm just curious: Chinese Zodiac

[Poll #1751263]

That's all for today.
Thanks so much for reading!

P.S.: If anybody ever wondered, it took me over 2.5h to write this entry!!!!!! (x___X)
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21 April 2011 @ 10:25 pm
[Japan Photos]: Goodbye Cherry blossoms!~  
Hello again!

I have to admit that lately I'm extremely unmotivated when it comes to LJ. I'm really sorry!
Don't worry, I won't stop posting, but maybe the gaps between entries might become bigger. I really have no idea at the moment.

Anyways, instead of starting with my travel photos, I wanna post some photos from last week. When I finally was kind of fit again (after getting sick ) I took my camera and tried to get at least a FEW cherry blossom shots this year.
Unfortunately the full bloom was over already and the petals kept falling/snowing down like WOAH!
It's part of my life this year that I missed the full bloom, so I wanna post these photos. I hope you enjoy them!

5, 3, 1, blizzard! )

Read more... )

Let's say goodbye!~ )

So, goodbye cherry blossoms! It was an extremely short time for me this year! Hope to see you (again) next year!!
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03 June 2010 @ 05:30 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kyoto - Day 3 (Imperial Palace, Ryoanji, Ninnaji)  
It's time for another travel entry!

Still in Kyoto my friends and me decided to split up for that day as our plans were just so different.
I wanted to see as much as possible and they wanted to sleep as long as possible XD
Furthermore they wanted to go to a few sightseeing spots that I've already been to (Golden Temple etc.), so it was a good idea to split up for one day

Kyoto Day 3 (April 7th, 2010):

Destination #1: The Imperial Palace (open for the public!!) )

Destination #2+3: Ryoanji and Ninnaji )

Destination #4: Kitano Tenmangu Shrine )

After eating there we went back home to our hotel and went to bed XD
The next day we went to Gion. Thus the next travel entry will be all about Gion

Thanks for reading!
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30 May 2010 @ 04:15 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kyoto - Day 2 (Ginkakuji, Kiyomizudera, Heian)  
For some reason I don't really feel like posting, but I promised, so here we go! (^-^)>
Maybe one of the most beautiful cherry blossom entries ever!!!
What do you think?

This time we decided to go to the famous "Philosopher's Path" near "Ginkakuji" (The Silver Temple), but we also stopped by at Heian Shrine and finally Kiyomizudera at night!

Kyoto Day 2 (April 6th, 2010):

Welcome to the cherry blossom path!~ )

And there's so much more!!! ^-^ )

Ginkakuji, Heian Shrine and Kiyomizudera )

And that's it.
Quite a long and image-heavy entry, I know.
Usually I would have split such an entry into 2 entries like I've done before several times.
I don't mind either way, but what about you? Some of you might have a slower internet connection, so this entry would kill your mind, ne? (^-^)'>

Please let me know what you think is better:

[Poll #1571761]

Thanks for reading.
Comments are love.
Taking part in the poll is very appreciated!

バイ(* ̄◇ ̄*)ラ(* ̄・ ̄*)ブ(* ̄〓 ̄*)チュッ♪
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27 May 2010 @ 07:56 am
[Japan Travel]: Kyoto - Day 1 (Arashiyama)  

It's been a while, but let's finally continue with my spring trip.
After leaving Onomichi and Fukuyama, I finally arrived in Kyoto where I met my friends from Germany and where I spent most of my spring vacation.
I've been to Kyoto before, so I've seen the main attractions already. But Kyoto has to offer so much that I guess even after going there for the 100th, there'll still be things you haven't seen/discovered yet!

Kyoto Day 1 (April 5th, 2010):

Welcome to the flower and monkey paradise!!!~ )

One of these days I have to buy my own Tanuki! (*____*)v

Give me money, so I can ride a rickshaw, too!!! :/ )

Read more... )

And that was my first (not very busy) day in Kyoto.
Please stay tuned for day 2 when we went to the Philosopher's Path (with millions of cherry blossom trees ) and Ginkakuji, Kyomizudera (<- at night when it was illuminated!!)
Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments! They're appreciated!
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07 May 2010 @ 12:29 pm
[Japan Travel]: Miyajima - Part 2  
Ah, finally!!! Here's part 2 of the Miyajima travel entry.
This is probably the entry with the most beautiful photos ever - at least that's what I think, but judge for yourself. Tastes are different, ne?

Miyajima Day 1 (part 2) (April 3rd, 2010):

Let's go to paradise again! ^-^ )

And let's stay there until sunset! <3 )

Byebye sun!! (´∀`*)ノシ❤

Read more... )

And that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed Miyajima as much as I did (^-^)v
The next day was quite busy. I left early in the morning, went to Fukuyama, Onomichi and then to Kyoto where I finally met my friends from Germany.
Stay tuned for more.

Thanks for reading. Comments are love! 

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02 May 2010 @ 10:25 am
[Japan Travel]: Miyajima - Part 1  
It's time for the next travel entry.
Again, I had to split it into two. This time it's really no wonder, though.
I mean we're talking about MIYAJIMA - one of Japan's top 3 views! And that in SPRING!!! I couldn't resist and took too many photos XD

Miyajima Day 1 (part 1) (April 3rd, 2010):

Welcome to Miyajima!❤ )

Be careful, there are wild animals such as deer and monkeys XD )

Oh, Miyajima, why are thou so beautiful? ;o; )

Thanks for reading! (^-^)/
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29 April 2010 @ 10:25 am
[Japan Travel]: Hiroshima - Day 2 (part 2)  

Sorry for the long wait. Here's finally part 2 of day 2 (^-^'') in Hiroshima.

Hiroshima Day 2 (part 2) (April 2nd, 2010):

Let's take a walk! )

I wish I had a Japanese garden with a lot of differen cherry blossom trees and stuff XD )

Back at the Memorial Peace Park )

The next day, I checked out and took the Shinkansen, just to get off at the next station already XD which was Fukuyama with its nice castle and a lot of cherry blossoms.
Coming up next: Fukuyama and Onomichi

Thanks for reading
Comments, constructive criticism, cookes, cake (everything "c" is welcome! XDDDDDD) ~

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24 April 2010 @ 03:36 pm
[Japan Travel]: Hiroshima Day 2 (part 1 °-°'')  
After finally posting the grand camera comparison entry I have enough time to continue posting my actual travel entries.

We're still in Hiroshima. This will already be the last day. Well, officially I stayed one more day in Hiroshima, but spent the whole day on Miyajima, so that doesn't really count, I guess?
But don't worry, this is not the last Hiroshima entry as I had to split it into 2 parts (and you should get used to it, that'll happen with most other days as well ... took way too many photos this time! Spring is evil I tell ya!!!) (°-°'') .....
Without further ado, let's start :D

Hiroshima Day 2 (part 1 -.-'') (April 2nd, 2010):

Read more... )

Next stop was already Hiroshima Castle (*__*)v

You know, it's really difficult to pick preview pics when there are so many different flower pics to choose from XD ... )

Okay, let's finish this! )

Up next: I went all the way up to the Peace Pagoda and stopped by at various temples and shrines on my way.
Please look forward to "Hiroshima Day 2 - part 2" (^-^''') ..... tbc

Thanks for reading.
Comments are love (○゜ε^○)v ♪
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15 April 2010 @ 11:06 am
[Japan Travel]: Spring Vacation 2010 - Quick Review  
Wow, hello everybody!!!
It sure has been a while, huh?

Actually I came back from my spring vacation Friday night last week, fell into my bed and had to work from early morning on Saturday.
Sunday I was busy with my laundry, unpacking my luggage/souvenirs etc. The next few days I had to do something about my 5000+ (!!!!!!!!!!) photos (over 10GB!!!) .... I had to sort them out TWICE. Now I'm finally down to 3800 (^-^') .....
And that for only 9 days!!! Maybe I should mention that I took 2 cameras for the first time and thus took most scenes twice - just in case. I wasn't sure how the photos would come out of my new camera, so I also always used my old camera as well.
I think this was the best way for me to learn more about my new camera and in which situations I can use it and when it might be more difficult (or even better to use my old one).
I wanna also post some similar photos taken with both cameras to show you the differences when I have some time :)

Anyway, enough of my blabbering. Let's move on to my actual vacation. Although I already forgot most about it. I really should write down details as soon as they happen. My head is like a sieve.

Welcome to spring paradise!! <3 )

Read more... )

You don't really wanna see all the souvenirs I bought, do you??? XD )

Okay, I'm glad I finally managed to post! *drinking Starbucks Espresso Truffle from 7Eleven right now*
I hope I can organize and upload all of my vacation photos soon. There's stilll quite a bunch of other things that need to be posted as well.
So many other things to do as well. Lately I've been thinking about giving up on taking N2 in summer and wait until December (x___x)
Yah, I'm a loser XD

Thanks a lot for reading and stay tuned for more. ミ★(*^▽゜)v Thanks!!★彡
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30 March 2010 @ 04:49 pm
[Camera / Japan / Vacation]: Sakura have black dots and bursting tires!! (x_X)  

Thank you all so much for your comments to my last few entries although some of you might think: Stop complaining so much biatch!
I know I might have overreacted, BUT the thing is that that's not the only "bad" or "unlucky" thing that has happened lately. It's just piling up somehow *sigh*
Like for example yesterday when I was wondering what to do with my camera on my way to work my bicycle tire suddenly bursted!!!!
Yeah, AGAIN!!!!!!

News about my camera and stuff ... )

Read more... )

In other news, I spent my time after work again with camera issues, packing stuff and printing out maps and the likes.
I realized that my smaller suitcase is TOO SMALL yet again.
This is so troublesome! I have one really really REALLY HUGE suitcase - like the biggest format that's allowed on planes and then a small hand luggage thingie.
The hand luggage thingie is too small unless it's summer vacation and the HUGE ONE is just TOO HUGE, but I always end hp taking THE MONSTER ONE with me :/
I should buy a middle-sized suitcase, but they're so expensive here in Japan and I have sooo many middle-sized suitcases(?) back home in Germany that it seems to be stupid to buy one now. Besides, I won't be able to take that one home with me unless I send it.


This was supposed to be a somewhat positive entry, just in case you didn't notice *fails*

Have to crawl to bed now. Have to get up early for my last day of work tomorrow.
Am not yet sure if I should get up early on my first day of vacation or not as it will be raining the whole day anyways .......
Most of my vacation seems to be rainy. I feel so sorry for my friends who came from Germany just for sakura and stuff :/
But let's just hope the best! Weather forecasts are not always accurate (the ones on yahoo not at all anyways) XD

Good night!!! お(ノ ̄0 ̄)ノや(o ̄・ ̄)oす(。_ _)。みzzz..
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27 March 2010 @ 02:31 pm
[Japan]: ❀ Sakura time ✿  

Here are some photos that I took yesterday.
Actually it was SNOWING yesterday!!!! Sunshine, sakura and snow - 3 "S" that you probably almost never see together at the same time. So weird!!
But that just shows how crappy the weather lately is *sigh*

Anyway, yesterday (in order to calm down and not think about my new camera too much) I played around with Photoshop.
I used to be a PS whore and I guess I still am. I enjoyed it too much yesterday. Usually I just don't have enough time for this. Since I stopped making graphics, I guess I forgot about many techniques and stuff :/

I'm posting thumbnails of most of the photos, so you can compare them better to each other. Just click on the photos to see a larger version :)

sakura love ahead )

I can't decide which version I like better. What about you?

1) This is the original photo.
2) Just made the photo a bit brighter and added some red to it.
3) Did quite a bit more to the photo (that was a bit more complicated) to get vivid colors (this is my favorite out of the 4)
4) Played around with color balance in order to get vivid pink cherry blossoms :)

Read more... )

That's it. I really enjoyed playing around with PS again. I wish I had more time to do it more often. Lately I feel like making a new batch of icons as well (*___*)> .......
I hope you enjoyed the photos at least a bit?!

In other news, I FINALLY got my Pentax DSLR camera today!!! YAY!!! (○゜ε^○)v ♪
But that was when I came back from work today, I'm too tired to really write much about it.
Just a short note: The pink is darker/stronger than I thought. Not too bad, but still I'm a LITTLE bit disappointed. Anyway, I already took some photos inside my room and am so far not really impressed. But that's probably because I have yet to learn how to use a DSLR properly. It's so much more complicated than my beloved point and shoot compact camera (;o;) ... (I still have to read the 300+ pages manual anyway ...) ... I hope it was worth the money and I'll be able to get some awesome photos out of it. I better learn FAST how to use it. Only a few more days until spring vacation (A゜∇゜)
I'll try to post a few sample photos (and also photos of my new cam of course) soonish (^-^)>

For now I'm just super exhausted. Something happened at work today and blah ... might rant about that another time.

Now, I guess it's time for some "Dragonzakura", candy (from coworkers, students etc. XDDD) and RELAXING!!!!!!!!!! The latter, I really need.
I felt a strong inner uneasiness today and now my body reacts (x__X)/

I'm half asleep while typing, so excuse my random ranting and stuff.

シェェェェェェェェェェェェェェェェェェェェェェーーーーーーーーヽ( ̄▽ ̄*丿ユー
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25 March 2010 @ 03:11 pm
[Japan]: First sakura and no camera “(*`ε´*) 凸  

as I have no travel photos to post anymore, it's been a while since my last post. 
I finally went back to study, only 3 months left until the test (x___X)/ Not sure if I really should take it (yah, I know I say that EVERY YEAR!! XD ... :(;゙゚'ω゚'): ....)

Anyway between Saturday and Monday the first cherry blossoms started blooming here:

I hope the cherry blossoms in Hiroshima and Kyoto will wait for my arrival in about a week o(´^`)o

My new shiny camera!!!!! (^-^) ........................... WHERE THE HELL IS IT?????? ( ̄へ  ̄ 凸 )

More stuff is in preparation. I don't know when and if I'll have time to post more before my spring vacation next week.

So or so, read you again soon! (´∀`*)ノシ バイバイ ❤
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18 July 2009 @ 07:07 am
[Japan Travel]: Naruto Day 2 (*last day)  
The time has finally come.
Today I'm posting photos of the last day of my spring vacation 2009.
I don't know yet if there will be photos of my summer vacation 2009 this year as I'm going back to Germany for that (~ 2 weeks).
There won't be any JAPAN summer vacation photos this year, though. It's a shame as I really enjoyed my summer vacation last year, but I'm also looking forward to going back to Germany although it's only for a short time.

Anyway, enough of my blabbering:

Naruto - Day 2 (April 9th, 2009):

Temple #1 and #2 of the 88 temple pilgrimage in Shikoku )

Bando - Former German detention center PLUS The German House (as well as the monkey attack and stuff ;o; ...) )

Wait?! A CASTLE IN NARUTO???!!!! Huh??? o_O .... )

And that was it, my spring vacation 2009 :)
It was awesome and is definitely among the best vacations I had so far here in Japan. Position 1 is still the summer vacation 2008, though (^^')> ......

Thanks for looking/reading!

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11 June 2009 @ 09:45 am
[Japan Travel]: Matsuyama - Day 3  

It's finally time for the photos of day 3 in Matsuyama which was also my last day there. After that I went to Kochi and then to Naruto to see the famous whirlpools, but that's not the topic of this entry today XD

Matsuyama - Day 3 (April 5th, 2009):

Day 3 was mainly spent in the Dogo Onsen area and it was a long and very interesting day :) Enjoy~

Be aware: too many photos today! XD )

Approached by a middle-aged female guide!! Read the whole story! *lol* XD )

Dogo Onsen and the very awesome Ishite Temple )

And that was my last day in Matsuyama. I'm sorry that it were so many photos this time! I already selected just a few (originally there were WAY more).
Ishite is an awesome temple! If you ever have the chance to go there, DO IT!! (*_*)
Next will be Kochi! XD

バイ(* ̄◇ ̄*)ラ(* ̄・ ̄*)ブ(* ̄〓 ̄*)チュッ♪~
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31 May 2009 @ 08:19 am
[Japan Travel]: Matsuyama - Day 1  
Hi everybody,

Sorry it's been a while. Like I told you before I had to work 6 days this week, so today is my only day off and so much stuff to do.
I'll be less busy in the next two weeks, so hopefully I can update more often.

Anyway, I'm posting today to finally continue with the photos of my spring vacation 2009.
After I left Okayama, I went straight to Shikoku, one of the huge islands in Japan.
There are several ways to get there (e.g. by ship, ferry, train or car). Everything leads over or through the ocean, though.
I travelled by train and it was awesome!! Honshu is connected to Shikoku via a huuuuuuuge bridge over the sea. Beautiful view, I tell you ^-^

Shikoku (四国?, "four provinces") is the smallest (225 km long and between 50 and 150 km wide) and least populous (4,141,955 as of 2005) of the four main islands of Japan, located south of Honshū and east of Kyūshū island. Its ancient names include Iyo-no-futana-shima (伊予之二名島), Iyo-shima (伊予島), and Futana-shima (二名島). The current name refers to the four former provinces which made up the island: Awa, Tosa, Sanuki, and Iyo.

Anyway, I arrived in Matsuyama at noon on April 3rd 2009. Here's my day.

Matsuyama - Day 1 (April 3rd, 2009):

Arrival in Matsuyama and Matsuyama Castle )

Matsuyama Central Park )

Dogo Onsen )

And that was my pretty busy, but awesome first day in Matsuyama which I'd like to call "pink flower day" XDDDD
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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10 May 2009 @ 12:20 pm
[Japan Travel]: Okayama - Day 1  
Yay v(≧∇≦)v イェェ~イ♪

Finally it's time for the photos of my great srping vacation 2009 (so far my second favorite vacation after my summer vacation 2008 in Kyushu).
As I have so many photos, I'll go by days. I hope you enjoy it (beware of all the sakura love! ψ(○ `∇´ ○)ψイヒヒヒ)

Okayama - Day 1 (April 1st, 2009):

Saidaiji Temple and Okayama Castle )

The awesome Korakuen Garden )

Cherry blossom festival at the Asahi River .... and .... Alice in Wonderland??!! )

And that was my day 1 in Okayama. I hope you enjoyed it!!!
Okayama Day 2 wil follow soon, I promise!
Thanks for reading (〃⌒ー⌒)/どもっ♪

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31 March 2009 @ 01:43 pm
[Japan]: Sakura deluxe (and more)  
Oops, I did it again ;P

Today after work (yes, I was able to leave early as it was the last day before spring vacation anyway) I went to a nearby river which is famous for its sakura here.
After that I went to a 5-store-pagoda. Actually one of the 3 most famous in Japan (and it's only about 15 minutes by bike from my apartment). With this I did the first step towards my resolution that I'd discover and travel to attractions nearby.
I'm sorry to spam you with so many photos in such a short time, but sometimes the "do it right now" stragedy is definitely better (⌒^⌒)b (I still haven't posted my photos of my winter vacation ;o; ........... ).

Enjoy! ^-^/

And here we go again XD )

Read more... )

And if you now think Japan is covered by sakura only and has no other flowers or plants, then I have to tell you: NO!! ;P But everything seems to be pink nevertheless XDDDDD

Too many photos and not really any comments from me again. Sorry, I'm busy with packing etc. I have to get up early tomorrow as my spring vacation finally begins.
I wonder why I wanted to take photos of sakura so badly (yesterday and today). Probably because everybody else (Japanese people, too) did/do so as well XDDD
And I'm pretty sure I already missed the sakura in Shikoku , so I won't be able to take any sakura photos there ;o;

Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments! ^-^ I always appreciate them a lot and love reading them
I' probably won't have time to answer to all of them before I leave, sorry 'bout that.

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30 March 2009 @ 02:17 pm
[Japan]: Sakura pure  
Hey again! (^-^)/

Today before going to work or rather on my way to work I finally got a chance to take some nice photos of some sakura trees. Finally the weather was nice, too (still a little bit chilly, though).
I just wanna share some of the photos so that you can enjoy the sakura love a little bit, too.

That's it with words let the photos explain the rest ;P

You should like pink, I guess ;P )

Read more... )

Read more... )

I hope you enjoyed this short, but picturesque entry.

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11 April 2008 @ 06:25 pm
[Japan]: 春休み (haru yasumi) - Osaka and Tokyo  
Oh, oh

I know it’s been a long time once again, but whatever. It can’t be helped. I’m sorry and I hope I can be around a little bit more often from now on!

I just came back from Tokyo on Monday night and had a great “haru yasumi” (spring break).
This might sound strange, but as soon as I arrived in Tokyo I had the feeling that I was finally home!
Yumi-chan’s family gave me a warm welcoming and I was soooooooooo happy to finally see them again!
The next day I met with my German friends who were traveling through the whole world. Their last stop was Tokyo and that just at the right time, so we just had to meet of course! I showed them around and we had a lot of fun. It felt so great to finally speak German once again!!

Sakura love ahead~ )

Hanami <3


Hahh~ how I miss Tokyo!
The next day my friends went to Hakone and I went shopping. (I already went to Hakone last September)
I had a strict “shopping plan” that looked like: Harajuku, Akihabara, Ikebukuro, Harajuku, Akihabara, Akihabara, Harajuku, Harajuku, Harajuku …
No comment ;P
Harajuku, more Hanami and stuff + Nikko )

More Nikko, return and I bought TOO MUCH STUFF!!!!! )

And even more stuff I bought (o__o'') ... )

I'm still in a pretty good mood because of Tokyo, but I already miss my friends and Tokyo as well *sigh* My next job gotta be in Tokyo!

What's more is that Read more... )

I THINK that was all! I'm sorry that it's gotten so long, but that's what I get for not updating for so long.
For people who are interested in my life in Japan, it would be good to read it all, for other people: just enjoy the photos .. I guess! XDDDD

Hopefully read you soon again and thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo~ much for all your nice comments last time! (;____;)
They really helped me!!! <33333

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