01 November 2010 @ 12:26 am
[Japan Travel]: Shimonoseki  

As you know I'm super busy and will be extremely busy in November, so before this gets outdated, I thought I better post it NOW!!!
So, here's the last travel entry of my summer vacation 2010!~

This trip my brother and me did when I was already back at work. My brother stayed for a few days while travelling alone. Then, when I finally had a day off, we went on yet another trip together.
This time to a spot that connects Honshu (the main island) with Kyushu: Shimonoseki

Shimonoseki (August 19th, 2010):

Let the journey begin!~ )

Where Honshu meets Kyushu! )

Be aware: Blowfish invasion!!! )

After that we went back home.
My brother had to leave the next day. I think he really enjoyed Japan but did regret that he came during summer. Next time he'd love to come in spring which is a good idea, I think XDDD
Probably he won't have enough money to come again, though ;o;

And that's the end of my travel entries .... no, of course NOT!!! Just of the ones about my summer vacation 2010!!!
There's a small surprise awaiting you! Not sure when I'll be able to post about it, though.
Stay tuned.

Am off to bed now (x____x)/~
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