17 February 2011 @ 02:55 pm
[Japan Travel]: Takayama - Day 2 // Shirakawago  

The weather's been crazy lately. Snowstorm and all. Today it's dark and rainy.
And that's pretty much how my second day in Takayama started as well.

Takayama - Day 2 + Shirakawago (January 3rd 2011):

Takayama )

Goodbye Takayama! )

Shirakawago )

I arrived in Kanazawa around 6pm, had a nice dinner and went to bed early.
The next day was rainy yet again (I told you I didn't have much luck with the weather this time ) - nevertheless I hope you're looking forward to my next travel entry.

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10 February 2011 @ 03:24 pm
[Japan Travel]: Takayama - Day 1  

Let's straight go to the next travel entry!
I left Tokyo via highway bus. It took almost 6h to get to Takayama. Once we entered Nagano Prefecture there was suddenly quite some snow. Something I couldn't imagine coming from Tokyo where it was quite nice with sunshine and no snow at all.
The further we went, the colder it got. Once we arrived in Hida Takayama everything was covered in snow like WOAH!!! Not just a little bit but some meters of snow on the streets, the trees and everywhere!
It's not like I've never seen so much snow (actually we tend to have even more back home at times), but it was the first time in Japan, so I was really surprised!
It was already night when I arrived at my hotel. I barely made it, because the snow on the streets made it impossible for me to drag my luggage. At least my hotel there had an onsen (*__*) Paradise!~
And in places where it snows that much and where it gets quite cold they seem to have better insulation and they do have central heating it seems!! Thus far I thought they only have that in Hokkaido
During my long bus drive I found out that at that time [ profile] keikazama was also in Takayama and I really wanted to meet her , but yet again we didn't manage in the end ;____; Too bad!

Although I arrived on the 1st of January I just dropped dead into my bed and so let's start with the next morning:

Takayama - Day 1 (January 2nd 2011):

Sa ru bo boooooooo!~ )

Welcome to Chubu! The snow country! )

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