10 September 2010 @ 04:37 pm
[Japan Travel]: Nagoya - Day 2  

I'm quite busy lately.  Work is almost killing me and on my days off I study Japanese like crazy (might do an entry about it - if I find some time). I try to keep up with the travel entries, but I can't promise to update every week. We'll see.

Anyways, for now let's continue.
As my brother joined me from the night of the 10th, we were finally together on the 11th. We decided to explore Nagoya together. I spared some good sightseeing spots for when he's with me (like the castle).
The weather was actually quite good compared to most other days during our vacation.
Here we go~
WARNING: This entry contains a shi...load of photos!! I once did a poll, asking whether my f-list prefers long days to be splitted up or not and the majority wanted entries seperated by days even if they get extremely long. Just expect this entry to be twice as long as usually (o_o'') ....

Nagoya Day 2 (August 11th, 2010):

What a looooong day! )

Yes, Hello Kitty stone statues. Hello Kitty rules Japan!! And she wants to rule the whole world! XD

2 castles in one day ^-^ )

Then it was time for some shaved ice (*__*)v (strawberry for my brother and melon for me, of course WITH milk! :D)

Awesome taiko performance (videos!!) )

And then it was time to leave.
It was an awesome, long and eventful day. Plus, we also were lucky with the weather.
At that point we didn't know yet what would await us back at our hotel .....

We went back early enough because we knew we would have to get up early the next day!
Why? Because that's the day when we planned to climb Mt. Fuji! The day I've been preparing for so long! The day I've been reserving the mountain hut and expensive bus tickets for.
Back in the hotel, I was really extremely tired. All that was left, was taking a shower and packing stuff for tomorrow. I kicked my brother out of the room and was already on my way to take a shower when I saw that somebody had called my cellphone.
It was the mountain hut. I immediately called them back. I already had a bad feeling about this.
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That's all for today.
Sorry it got so long.
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23 May 2010 @ 09:22 am
[Japan]: Travel videos, bitchy laptops and too much rain!  

It's a very EXTREMELY rainy Sunday afternoon and I wanted to use that chance to finally catch up with my Japanese studies, especially after I finally got rid of almost ALL points on my (far too long) to-do-list and all.
BUT .... my laptop hates me!!!
Some of you might remember that I was ranting about how slow it is and all a while ago already. I'm pretty sure it's not a hardware, but a software problem. As several programs such as CCleaner, Spybot etc. can't do anything and there also seems to be no virus, I don't know what to do anymore. The only option left is to perform a formatting although I HATE DOING IT so so much! ;o;
It costs a looooo~t of time to sort and save all the data first and once the formatting is done it takes forever to reinstall all programs and stuff ... FOREVER!!! GRAH!!!!
Well, my laptop is not the youngest anymore anyways, and it would be a good idea to get a new one (I bougt mine in 2005), but I really don't have the moneyZ at the moment.
If all fails, I don't have a choice, of course :/
Seems like I'll be busy the upcoming week with burning data and stuff *le sigh*

Anyways, I wanted to post a few nice things today.
First of all, the promised photos of the souvenirs I bought during my 2-day trip to Osaka and Iga-Ueno

Well, the only "souvenir" ;P I bought in Osaka was this:

View the rest of my souvenirs ;P )

And now that I've started uploading videos of my journeys, I thought I could continue.
I still had old videos of my previous trips. The quality is by far not as good as of the ninja vids as I still took those with my old digital cam. The audio is not very good either, but now that I've created a youtube account (well, I had it for a long time, but just forgot about it XD ...) I thought I could share more.
Nothing much, really, but I hope you enjoy them nevertheless.
Here we go:

Let's start with videos from my spring vacation in 2009.

I was able to watch this awesome Taiko performance after I took a hot bath in the famous Dogo Onsen in Matsuyama, Shikoku.
If you want to read my report with a lot of photos of this special day, go here.
I really love Taiko and I sooo would love to be able to train/learn it somewhere (^-^)>

+7 more videos )

P.S.: It's really raining too much. I'm a little bit scared that the same as last year might happen. God, please NOOOOO!!! ;____;

Thanks for reading! (^-^)/
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21 May 2010 @ 12:53 pm
[Japan Travel]: Iga-Ueno and the Iga Ninja  

Here's already the next "travel entry", the second day of my spontaneous trip.
I always wanted to visit "Iga Ueno". It's easily accessible from Kyoto, Osaka or Nara, so I tried to go there during my winter vacation (when I was in Kobe, Nara, Osaka) and also during my spring vacation when I was in Kyoto, but failed both times!!! ....
Good thing I "had to" go to Osaka again and THIS TIME I finally managed to go there.
Now, what's so great about Iga Ueno, you ask?
There's a castle!!! That's already enough for me (^-^')>
Boo, ya say? Iga Ueno is most famous for ninja. The Iga school of ninjutsu (art of stealth), based in Ueno City (Mie Prefecture), used to be one of Japan's two leading ninja schools during the feudal era (the Koga school in Shiga Prefecture was the other).
Maybe you've already heard about in some Japanese dramas or movies (e.g. "Shinobi").

Anyway, let's get started.
There are around 100 photos this time, I'm sorry, but I don't wanna split up this entry and today FOR THE FIRST TIME videos as well!!! :D


Although I think the photos turned out quite nice, it's a bit boring to just look at "action" photos, right?
How about watching the fight "live"???

Videos and the Ninja Castle! <3 )

And here you can see that it was raining earlier that day :)

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Thanks for reading!
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