08 October 2010 @ 09:35 pm
[Japan Travel]: (Trying to?) Climb Mt. Fuji  
Hello again!~

Actually I wanted to post this entry on Sunday, but right now I have some time (wow, did I actually write that?), need a study break, or whatever, so I rather post it now and I know that a lot of you have been waiting for this very entry.
I hope you won't be disappointed! :(
As you know the original trip was canceled due to a typhoon warning and so we went on the last 2 days of our vacation, just hoping that there would be no typhoon and good weather, but ......

Climbing Mt. Fuji (August 14th + 15th, 2010):

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When we finally arrived up at the 5th station, my brother already wanted to give up and wanted me to check when the next bus would go back down.
As it was super cold, windy and rainy, we went into the hut/souvenir shop on the 5th station where it was warm, dry and there were a lot of things to see. At that time I thought I'd at least buy tons of souvenirs after coming so far, but after warming up, I told my brother that we at least SHOULD TRY to get to the 6th station. Then we can tell if it's impossible / too difficult to go all the way up or not and then we still can take a bus back and all.

And so, we were all wrapped up with rain clothes, warm clothes etc. and on our way. We were stopped by a lady from the mountain security who told us to be careful and that my brother should wear long trousers and stuff because just a few days ago 2 people died because of improper clothing and the huge temperature difference. Quite shocking O___O; .... but we tried nevertheless!!!
All the people that came back down looked horrible!! Tired, wet, dirty. I asked a group of young men who still looked somewhat okay if they made it to the top and if it's even possible and they told me that they don't think it's quite possible at the moment.
Not very good news, yet again. I was still super pissed because of our bad luck, but for now we just moved on. (- that's pretty much how I looked wrapped up in my blue rain wear and all XD)

Everybody can climb Mt. Fuji when the weather is nice, you know?! )

Wait, don't tell me it suddenly has nice weather??!!! )

I hope you enjoyed this entry despite the crappy quality photos ;o;
This was basically the end of my trip, because I had to go back to work the next day, but my brother was still with me for almost another week, so expect some more photos coming

Thanks for reading!~
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16 January 2009 @ 10:23 am
[Japan Travel]: Kagoshima - Day 3  
Uhhh ......

I feel kind of ashamed. I still haven't finished posting my photos of my SUMMER vacation!!!!! Meanwhile my winter vacation is over, too, and tons of photos are waiting to be posted.
Oh well ... after this entry there will be only one more and then we're finally done.
Furthermore I'm still missing a few photos of my winter vacation (remember the "camera incident"?) *sigh* .....

Anyway here we go:

Kagoshima - Day 3 (August 16th, 2008):

Quicky in the tourist bus *lol* )

The volcano is always watching you o__O )

Paradise! )

The next morning I left Kagoshima early to go to Kokura and after that in the evening to return home. Kokura's not too far away from where I live and they have Mandarake, that's why I wanted to make a stop there XDDDD
So please look forward to my last entry of summer vacation photos which were taken in Kokura (castle!! yay!).

Bye~buu ^-^/
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26 October 2008 @ 10:21 am
[Japan Travel]: Kagoshima - Day 1  
And here is already the next travel entry (^^')> .....

So after Nagasaki and Kumamoto I went further down to Southern Kyuushuu this time. I visited Kagoshima (鹿児島) and stayed there for 3 whole days.

Kagoshima - Day 1 (August 14th, 2008):

A looot of photos ahead, but it's paradise, so what? XD )

The heat hell and aquarium. )

And finally: Sakurajima - here I come (part 1 XD) )

I hope you'll be looking forward to more Kagoshima, Sakurajima pics XDDD

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24 October 2008 @ 07:16 am
[Japan Travel]: Kumamoto - Day 2  
finally I have time to continue my travel entries. Sorry for the long wait and here we go.

My second day in Kumamoto I didn't really spend in Kumamoto itself. I went to Aso-san, an active volcano which you can reach with a short train ride from Kumamoto.

Kumamoto - Day 2 (August 13th, 2008):

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Mount Aso: To see the crater or not to see the crater .... )

ANA and Hana Yori Dango meets Starbucks love XD )

I hope you're looking forward to the next post (Kagoshima - Day 1).

Bye-chu~ (^-^)/ ~
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