03 June 2011 @ 01:03 am
[Japan Travel]: Takamatsu and Yashima  

Finally another travel entry. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.

Takamatsu and Yashima (April 1st 2011):

Let's start with Takamatsu Castle!~ )

Next: Ritsurin Garden!~ )

Bamboo forest!!!! :3333
And you also could walk inside some of those houses as they're all small museums. It's the year of the rabbit and it's truly the cutest year out there, ne?! ^-^

Off to Yashima! )

Next up: Kurashiki
Stay tuned and thanks for being patient readers!
See you next time!~
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04 February 2011 @ 05:28 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kawaguchiko - Day 3  

I need to keep my travel entries coming, because in less than 2 months I will be travelling through Japan again as it's spring vacation!!! I should start planning soon! That also means that by then I should have finished posting all my winter vacation photos, right?!
Also, I'm working on something else right now which I will hopefully finish in a few days so that I can show it to you guys.
Anyways, here we go!~

Kawaguchiko - Day 3 (December 31st 2010):

I wanted to leave quite early for Tokyo on the 31st! I also wanted to meet [ profile] calpis37 and [ profile] shelketuesti there! After that I had to leave for Saitama. Quite a busy schedule.

What will the weather be like today?! )

Mt. Fuji photogasm!~ )

Goodbye, Adieu, Auf Wiedersehen!~ )

Yesterday was setsubun! One of my favorite special days in Japan, but it's not a national holiday! It was the first time I didn't "celebrate" it, though, as I was all alone in my apartment the whole time

Alright, that's all for today.
Thanks for reading
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21 January 2011 @ 04:27 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kawaguchiko - Day 1  

It's finally time to start with my winter vacation picture spam. All photos are sorted and most of them are uploaded by now. I promise that I try to update regularly - at least my travel entries. Please be patient.
Before we start with day 1, I've thought of something special for this time. I decided to make a small travel map (maybe I'll do that for all of my trips from now on). You feel even more like you've done something and been somewhere with that :D

If I wanna display all my travels so far, I'd need a more detailed and a bigger map. Couldn't find one so far (not online at least). Anybody can help out?
There's one tiny mistake, though. I didn't go to Takayama (#4) directly from Saitama, but went back to Tokyo and went from there. But that's just a tiny detail anyways.
As you can see I pretty much went around in a circle (apart from my trip to Tokyo area).
P.S.: Yeah, I know that Hokkaido is missing on this map, but it's not important for my trip this time and it would have taken up too much space (sorry Hokkaido! XD)

Kawaguchiko - Day 1 (December 29th 2010):

So, my first destination was Kawaguchiko. Kawaguchiko literally means "Lake Mouth" and just refers to the area around lake Kawaguchi which is one of the 5 Mt. Fuji lakes in Yamanashi Prefecture.
Mt. Fuji is so big that it actually is part of two different prefectures. One is Yamanashi (where I went) and the other one is Shizuoka (on the exact opposite side viewed from Lake Kawaguchi).
In summer I climbed Mt. Fuji (as you might remember) and we originally planned to start our journey from Lake Kawaguchi (because the view there with the lake is so beautiful ), but due to a typhoon our plans got cancelled and changed and we ended up climbing it from the opposite side from Shizuoka Prefecture. That was one of the reasons why THIS time I wanted to go to Kawaguchiko ^-^;

Read more... )

Mt. Fuji, I love you after all!! ^-^ )

Thanks for reading and stay tuned (^-^)/
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16 December 2010 @ 05:14 pm
[Japan Travel]: Miyajima - Autumn 2010 (part 2)  
It's been crazy busy days. Today as well, but I finished what I needed to do a while ago and now I have a little bit of time before I get busy again later today.
So here's part 2 of the autumn leaves in Miyajima!

Miyajima (November 21st, 2010):

Ready? Set?! Go!!!!!! )

So beautiful!!!

Read more... )

Oi, no sleeping here!!

Read more... )

And that's it already. Well, I shouldn't say that. I guess for one day that's more than enough photos
I hope you enjoyed it. That's all for travel photos for the moment, but winter vacation and thus new travel photos is just around the corner, so there ya go!
Thanks for reading! Comments are love
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09 December 2010 @ 08:14 pm
[Japan Travel]: Miyajima - Autumn 2010 (part 1)  
Hello again
It's time to post about all the things that I couldn't write about in the past few weeks as I was too busy.

About 2 weeks ago I took a study break and went to Miyajima because I didn't want to miss the awesomness that is autumn colors in Japan and the weather that day was so beautiful, too!!!
I shouldn't have gone on a Sunday, though, as it was crowded like WOAH!!! Even during my last visit during spring break (with beautiful cherry blossoms everywhere) there were not as many people! Kind of scary!
Anyways, I do not regret going! Although I don't have many photos without people in it they all turned out to be awesome (at least I think they are!!!).

Finally I have some time to share them with you!
Altough I sorted them out and it was only one day, I ended up with around 1000 photos! I'll just post the best of the best here. Still I decided to split it up into two entries. So here's part 1, please enjoy!

This is better than any drugs! XD )

Not enough colors yet? )

Read more... )

I hope you enjoyed it and will be looking forward to part 2 - the second half of the day until after sunset
Not sure when I'll be able to put up the next part, hopefully soon. Still very busy (am I ever not busy? :( ...)
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01 November 2010 @ 12:26 am
[Japan Travel]: Shimonoseki  

As you know I'm super busy and will be extremely busy in November, so before this gets outdated, I thought I better post it NOW!!!
So, here's the last travel entry of my summer vacation 2010!~

This trip my brother and me did when I was already back at work. My brother stayed for a few days while travelling alone. Then, when I finally had a day off, we went on yet another trip together.
This time to a spot that connects Honshu (the main island) with Kyushu: Shimonoseki

Shimonoseki (August 19th, 2010):

Let the journey begin!~ )

Where Honshu meets Kyushu! )

Be aware: Blowfish invasion!!! )

After that we went back home.
My brother had to leave the next day. I think he really enjoyed Japan but did regret that he came during summer. Next time he'd love to come in spring which is a good idea, I think XDDD
Probably he won't have enough money to come again, though ;o;

And that's the end of my travel entries .... no, of course NOT!!! Just of the ones about my summer vacation 2010!!!
There's a small surprise awaiting you! Not sure when I'll be able to post about it, though.
Stay tuned.

Am off to bed now (x____x)/~
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03 October 2010 @ 05:08 pm
[Japan Travel]: Inuyama and Gifu  
Finally it's time for the next travel entry!!
Sorry for the long wait (~_~)

Because of the Mt. Fuji dilemma we had to change our plans completely as you might remeber. We wanted to go to Inuyama the day before this, but as it was raining cats and dogs we had to stay in Nagoya.
Instead we did Inuyama and Gifu in ONE DAY! Nothing I'd recommend, but I wanted to visit both cities and we didn't have any more days left over, so no choice!
Luckily the weather was great and so I took my DSLR with me again :D (=> better quality)
It was a busy day, so expect tons of photos.

Here we go~

Inuyama and Gifu (August 13th, 2010):

We started out in Inuyama (犬山) which literally means "dog mountain".
Inuyama is probably most famous for its castle (which you also can see in this first photo).
"The only privately owned castle in Japan and one of the nicest original examples of feudal Japanese fortifications. Originally built in 1537 by Oda Nobuyasu, grandfather of Oda Nobunaga, the warlord who helped end the long civil war that preceded the Tokugawa Shogunate, Inuyama is one of a handful of castles designated a Japanese national treasure." (WikiTravel)

There's also an open-air museum called "Meiji Mura Museum". It's huge and you'd spend at least two hours there. I sooo wanted to go but as we also had to go to Gifu, there was just not enough time! :(

Read more... )

Actually we wanted to see 2 more castles, but ... )

That's all.
Next up: Our trip to Mt. Fuji. Soon you'll know if we were able to climb it, got to the top and could see the sunrise or not. Stay tuned!~
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09 May 2010 @ 12:19 pm
[Japan Travel]: Fukuyama and Onomichi  
It's time for antoher "travel entry" - I won't be able to post anything the upcoming week, so I figured it's better to throw one in now ^-^; That has to be enough for a while!!! 

After leaving Hiroshima in the early morning I went by Shinkansen to Fukuyama which is already the next stop anyway.
Afterwards I also went to Onomichi (wich is so awesome and I definitely have to go again one day!!) just to leave early to go to Kyoto to meet up with my friends and start our Kyoto adventure ;P

Fukuyama and Onomichi (April 4th, 2010):

Fukuyama Castle )

Onomichi's beautiful views! )

View from the top of the Mt. <33 )

CU all again soon!
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07 May 2010 @ 12:29 pm
[Japan Travel]: Miyajima - Part 2  
Ah, finally!!! Here's part 2 of the Miyajima travel entry.
This is probably the entry with the most beautiful photos ever - at least that's what I think, but judge for yourself. Tastes are different, ne?

Miyajima Day 1 (part 2) (April 3rd, 2010):

Let's go to paradise again! ^-^ )

And let's stay there until sunset! <3 )

Byebye sun!! (´∀`*)ノシ❤

Read more... )

And that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed Miyajima as much as I did (^-^)v
The next day was quite busy. I left early in the morning, went to Fukuyama, Onomichi and then to Kyoto where I finally met my friends from Germany.
Stay tuned for more.

Thanks for reading. Comments are love! 

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02 May 2010 @ 10:25 am
[Japan Travel]: Miyajima - Part 1  
It's time for the next travel entry.
Again, I had to split it into two. This time it's really no wonder, though.
I mean we're talking about MIYAJIMA - one of Japan's top 3 views! And that in SPRING!!! I couldn't resist and took too many photos XD

Miyajima Day 1 (part 1) (April 3rd, 2010):

Welcome to Miyajima!❤ )

Be careful, there are wild animals such as deer and monkeys XD )

Oh, Miyajima, why are thou so beautiful? ;o; )

Thanks for reading! (^-^)/
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18 February 2010 @ 03:04 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kobe - Day 2  
Now, here's finally Day 2 of my Kobe trip (^-^)
It was a very busy day. I went to a lot of different places which involved a LOT OF train rides. I wasn't very lucky later on - it was quite horrible ... but the day ended with a Happy End nevertheless ... I guess ;P

Wada Shrine and the white snake! )

Byebye, Wada Shrine, there's still a lot more to see, so I had to hurry up XD

Did you know that there is a castle in Kobe? )

No cheese for me? Frozen body? But still a Happy End??? Huh??!!!! And what's the deal with the rainbow? )

Thanks for reading.
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14 February 2010 @ 12:35 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kobe - Day 1 (part 2)  
Hello and

As promised here's part 2 of my first day in Kobe.

Kobe - Day 1 - part 2 (January 2nd, 2010):

So .... did I find the German House or what??!! And what about the Kobe beef?????????!! )

Kobe Tower - a symbol of Kobe.

.... but ... yet again .... ARGH!! )

Hope you enjoyed it♪
Kobe day 2 will follow soon (*__*)v (with a lot of shrine and temple visits (Ikuta!!!! shrine), a lot of walking and awesome night shots)

See you again ですぅぅ!☆彡ヾ(=・ω・=)o♪
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18 July 2009 @ 07:07 am
[Japan Travel]: Naruto Day 2 (*last day)  
The time has finally come.
Today I'm posting photos of the last day of my spring vacation 2009.
I don't know yet if there will be photos of my summer vacation 2009 this year as I'm going back to Germany for that (~ 2 weeks).
There won't be any JAPAN summer vacation photos this year, though. It's a shame as I really enjoyed my summer vacation last year, but I'm also looking forward to going back to Germany although it's only for a short time.

Anyway, enough of my blabbering:

Naruto - Day 2 (April 9th, 2009):

Temple #1 and #2 of the 88 temple pilgrimage in Shikoku )

Bando - Former German detention center PLUS The German House (as well as the monkey attack and stuff ;o; ...) )

Wait?! A CASTLE IN NARUTO???!!!! Huh??? o_O .... )

And that was it, my spring vacation 2009 :)
It was awesome and is definitely among the best vacations I had so far here in Japan. Position 1 is still the summer vacation 2008, though (^^')> ......

Thanks for looking/reading!

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11 July 2009 @ 09:19 am
[Japan Travel]: Naruto - Day 1  

It's been a while again. Maybe I have time to post some more tomorrow, but today I wanna continue with the photos of my spring trip.
Today it'll be Naruto. And yes, that's where the anime series got its name from.
I'm so glad that I went. It was awesome and I didn't have enough time to see everything ;o; ...... I hope I can go some other time again :)

Naruto - Day 1 (April 8th, 2009):

Naruto and the whirlpools )

And I stayed until after sunset <3 )

Read more... )

And that was my first day in Naruto, with basically only one sightseeing spot, but an AWESOME one!
The next day I had to leave in the early afternoon to go back home, but I used the last few hours to see as much as possible.
You'll see soon :)
Hope you're looking forward to my last day of spring vacation 2009 (^-^)/

☆⌒(*^-゜)ノ~♪see you again♪~ヾ(゜-^*)⌒☆
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05 July 2009 @ 07:05 am
[Japan Travel]: Kôchi - Day 2  
Hey~ho (*゜ο゜)ゞ

It's photo time again ^-^
On my second day in Kôchi I had quite a strict schedule, but I was able to see so many awesome things that day.
Please enjoy the photos together with me (*__*)/~

Godaisan: famous pilgrimage temple and Dr. MAKINO's (!) botanical garden )

Katsurahama: shrine on a cliff, small aquarium and no food??!! )

Time for dinner: raw tuna <33 )

The next day I got up really early, because I had to catch my bus. Yeah, that's right! I went not by train, but by bus this time!!!
Next stop: Naruto and the awesome whirlpools! (*__*)/

Hope I'll be able to post soon again *g*
Only 2 more days left anyway ;o; I wanna try to post them before I leave for Germany in a few weeks.

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31 May 2009 @ 08:19 am
[Japan Travel]: Matsuyama - Day 1  
Hi everybody,

Sorry it's been a while. Like I told you before I had to work 6 days this week, so today is my only day off and so much stuff to do.
I'll be less busy in the next two weeks, so hopefully I can update more often.

Anyway, I'm posting today to finally continue with the photos of my spring vacation 2009.
After I left Okayama, I went straight to Shikoku, one of the huge islands in Japan.
There are several ways to get there (e.g. by ship, ferry, train or car). Everything leads over or through the ocean, though.
I travelled by train and it was awesome!! Honshu is connected to Shikoku via a huuuuuuuge bridge over the sea. Beautiful view, I tell you ^-^

Shikoku (四国?, "four provinces") is the smallest (225 km long and between 50 and 150 km wide) and least populous (4,141,955 as of 2005) of the four main islands of Japan, located south of Honshū and east of Kyūshū island. Its ancient names include Iyo-no-futana-shima (伊予之二名島), Iyo-shima (伊予島), and Futana-shima (二名島). The current name refers to the four former provinces which made up the island: Awa, Tosa, Sanuki, and Iyo.

Anyway, I arrived in Matsuyama at noon on April 3rd 2009. Here's my day.

Matsuyama - Day 1 (April 3rd, 2009):

Arrival in Matsuyama and Matsuyama Castle )

Matsuyama Central Park )

Dogo Onsen )

And that was my pretty busy, but awesome first day in Matsuyama which I'd like to call "pink flower day" XDDDD
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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06 May 2009 @ 07:56 am
[Japan Travel]: Sendai (winter 2009)  

it's time for another vacation photo post - the last of my winter vacation. After that I can finally start presenting my cherry-blossom-full spring vacation photos XD
Anyway the last few days of our winter vacation [ profile] bf_nightingale and me spent in Sendai (with a short daytrip to Matsushima).

Rinnou-ji 輪王寺 )

Sendai's Aoba Castle 青葉城 )

Fitness shrine?! Loneyl Japanese gardens! How to wash your hands correctly feat. by McDumb! And why is Mr. Fuji always so shy? ;___; .... )

Alright, that's all. Hope you enjoyed it ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ
Next will be the photos of my spring vacation, starting with my first day in Okayama city on April 1st, 2009. Hope you're looking forward to it.

Ciaoッス (´∀`*)ノシ 
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01 May 2009 @ 08:40 am
[Japan Travel]: Matsushima (winter 2009)  

My stupid lame laptop is driving me crazy!!! (As you might have guessed I still need to reformat it, GAH!!! ). And why has my fav. otome game a virus, so that I can't install it? And why am I too stupid for port forwarding now that I don't have a router anymore?! GAH!!!!

Uhm, .... anyway XD Today I finally want to continue with photos of my winter vacation 2008/09. After Aizu-Wakamatsu we went to Sendai (photos will follow in the next photo entry) and we also went to Matsushima (松島), because it's really close to Sendai.
It is said to be very beautiful there and it's one of the Three Views of Japan
Of course it wasn't as breathtaking as it could have been, because we went there in winter. Not the most beautiful season.
Matsushima means pine island. All its small ilands are covered with tons of pine trees :)

Anyway we ([ profile] bf_nightingale and me) managed to take quite a few nice photos.
Please enjoy! ^^

Matsushima here we come!~ )

Our race against the sunset! )

Read more... )

And those were our Matsushima photos. Hope you enjoyed it
One more winter vacation post will follow: Sendai
And then on to my spring vacation photos ^-^

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16 January 2009 @ 10:23 am
[Japan Travel]: Kagoshima - Day 3  
Uhhh ......

I feel kind of ashamed. I still haven't finished posting my photos of my SUMMER vacation!!!!! Meanwhile my winter vacation is over, too, and tons of photos are waiting to be posted.
Oh well ... after this entry there will be only one more and then we're finally done.
Furthermore I'm still missing a few photos of my winter vacation (remember the "camera incident"?) *sigh* .....

Anyway here we go:

Kagoshima - Day 3 (August 16th, 2008):

Quicky in the tourist bus *lol* )

The volcano is always watching you o__O )

Paradise! )

The next morning I left Kagoshima early to go to Kokura and after that in the evening to return home. Kokura's not too far away from where I live and they have Mandarake, that's why I wanted to make a stop there XDDDD
So please look forward to my last entry of summer vacation photos which were taken in Kokura (castle!! yay!).

Bye~buu ^-^/
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14 November 2008 @ 07:39 am
[Japan Travel]: Kagoshima - Day 2  
Yay, finally some time to post again ^-^;

This time I'll show you my second day in Kagoshima and I just realized that it's been almost exactly 3 months already. Time sure is running fast *sigh*

Kagoshima - Day 2 (August 15th, 2008):

This was actually the day I decided to take it easy meaning no real plans for that day as my body hurt and I was really tired, so I really wanted to take a little break. That day was pretty interesting (and random) nevertheless ^^

Department stores and just walking around randomly can be fun, too XD )

I love this picture (*___*) ... (Narnia anyone? XD)

Meiji Restoration Museum and Dolphin Port )

Animate, shopping, Dolphin Port again XD )

That was not my last time at Dolphin Port, though. On Day 3 (which will hopefully come soon XD) I also went there at night XDDD
Only 2 more days left (Kagoshima Day 3 and Kokura Day 1) and that's it.

Thanks for looking ^-^/
Anybody fell in love with Kagoshima? Well, I did *nods*

Now it's time for cappu and strawberry shortcake <3

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