03 December 2012 @ 07:39 pm
[Japan Life]: Busy life and future plans  

I think some of you have already guessed it, but it doesn't look like I'll leave Japan in just a few months (February / March) as planned.
Well, of course it also depends on whether I'll get my visa renewed or not, but if I do, I guess I'm here for another year or so.

It's really hard to describe.
My life since I moved in March has gotten extremely busy. It's not bad, because I travel so much, it's almost insane!
Just looking at the list of places I've been to in the past year makes me realize just how busy I must have been!

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It's like ... the longer I stay here in Japan, the less I feel comfortable with going back to Germany.
I just can't see myself leading a happy life in Germany. Of course, I could be totally wrong ... and of course, I miss my home country and I wish I could go back and spend a few months there!
There are many things that are better in Germany and that will become more and more important the older I get (like the social support system, the health system etc.).

On the other hand, I wouldn't be able to keep my current lifestyle at all! I would have to live with the bare minimum of money.
That is because in Germany you'll only get back about half of your salary after taxes. HALF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I doubt I could live comfortably like that.

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It's like .... sense is missing in what I'm doing right now.
I enjoy my trips ... I enjoy posting about them ... I enjoy sorting my photos .... but doing JUST THAT doesn't seem to fulfill me (yes, it keeps me busy and I enjoy doing it, but that's just not the same, right?). On the other hand I don't have the time to put anything new into my life.

And in reality .. Read more... )

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15 July 2012 @ 12:29 am
[Japan Life]: Post Japan?!?  
Hi everyone!

You've probably seen this entry coming, huh?
And yes, we've had posts like that a few times already a la "once every year"?!

It is a difficult topic.
And the more time passes, the more difficult it actually becomes.
You'd think that it gets easier, that I would come up with some awesome ideas or future plans, right?

I still have no freaking idea what to do once I leave Japan.

1. Leaving Japan:

I mean, that's for sure. I already wanted to leave 2 years ago after 3 years of being in Japan, but couldn't bring myself to.
And then, last year, I thought I maybe should try and move to a different city to see how life would be there and hopefully get some new inspiration, ideas and whatnot.
It's been quite obvious for a while now that I need to leave Japan.

I'm done. I can feel it. I can't really describe it well.
At least I need a "Japan hiatus".

About feeling lonley, going back to Germany and possible alternatives and more... )

5. And what do you want to do back home?
I will never be able to answer you this question.
I think it would be perfect if I could do some freelancing stuff that lets me live on the countryside (I'd die in a big city for sure!) and gives me enough money to live comfortably.
I have no idea what this freelance work could be.
And my father keeps asking me if I already found a "real job". I would have to listen to that every single day once back home ... probably until he kicks me out ^-^; ...

Recently so many people told me that my graphic design skills are so awesome. Yet, I've never learned anything about it.
I just started out years ago playing around with icons and Photoshop and stuff ..... I love doing that. I love pretty things and I love creating graphics and designs.
I was wondering if "graphic designer" would be an option. But then again .. I'm over 30 and would have to start from zero ... and I also want to keep using my knowledge about Japan and Japanese somehow.

I guess my dream would be to find a job that lets me live in a small apartment in the countryside with 2 cats (or so), enough money to live comfortably, not too much stress, enough free time and a job that lets me put my experience of living abroad in Japan to use somehow.

There are so many inspiring people, too!
Jenya, Jamie, Ashley, Koichi, Ciaela and so many more!
I know that I need to find my own way .... but I have no idea where I wanna go ... and I'm also not sure if I'll ever make it.
For example, despite having no time I applied for Tofugu's internship this year. I also made it into the second round, but that was that.
I guess my writing skills are just not good enough.
Yes, people do send me e-mails asking for collaboration or online newspapers ask me to write for them (of course without getting any money from them) ... and I once even earned a bit of money with some advertisement, but that's going nowhere I think.
My talent is that I have no specific talent at all that I could utilize, but that I can do a little in many different fields .... unfortunately that doesn't seem to be very useful.


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P.S.: Ok, now I'm going back into "lazy mode" and watch some Asian movies and stuff ... not like I have a million other things to do ... *ignore*

Thanks for reading!!
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27 March 2012 @ 09:49 pm
[Japan Life]: Internetless Lifestyle Update  
Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? I hope you're all fine!!
Thank you so much for all your nice comments and tweets.

Unfortunately I'm still without internet, almost 1 month after moving!! I never expected it to take THAT long, but it's reality.
To be honest I don't miss the internet so much, but in less than a week I'm going on a short 5-days spring vacation trip and without internet it was almost impossible to plan it out or book hotels!
It won't be a great vacation, but I try to make the best out of it.
Oh, and I'm expecting to get internet in the 2nd week of April - at least I hope so!!

I thought it was time to write an update in case people were worried about me.

Luckily things didn't get any worse since my last entry.
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I try to focus on the good things. With the new job I have more holidays!
Just a while ago I had a 3 days "weekend" and took the chance to go to Kobe!!
Kobe is so close now! I literally can leave my apartment and exactly one hour later am already at Sannomiya Station! (^_____^)v

I stayed in a hotel for 2 nights there (although it wasn't necessary as Kobe is really super close). The reason I stayed there was for the internet. I stayed up at night to at least partly plan my spring vacation.
As I've been to Kobe and surroundings many times before already, there wasn't that much for me to do other than shopping. Sightseeingwise I've seen and done almost everything already.

Here are some photos nevertheless:

quite a few photos ...!~ )

At Kobe Harbor with the Kobe Tower in the background. I just love it there, it's really beautiful in its own way. I've been there a couple of times now, but mostly at nighttime so far.

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Plum blossoms are already out. Let's see how late the cherry blossoms will be this year!
I hope I won't miss them again! (x__X'') ... ^-^;

The coolest Starbucks ever and more!~ )

I also went to a Takarazuka show!
I'm not sure if you're familiar with it at all. I was aware of it but never really looked into it at all.
The reasons why I watched it was:
a) one of the people I know in Kobe is a huge fan and could easily get me a ticket for the day
b) It was on my way back from a sightseeing spot anyways
c) It's part of Japanese culture and I wanted to at least check it out once!!

I have to admit that it's not really MY world, but the costumes, songs and dances were awesome!!
Living so close to Takarazuka City and knowing somebody who's totally into it might actually get me to go again, though! :)

some photos )

Although I live in a super small city (even smaller than before) I'm so close to bigger cities, it's really NICE!!!

I need to figure out VERY SOON where to go for Golden Week (it will be the first time in FIVE YEARS that I'll have those days off actually).
I'm thinking of going to Tohoku (Fukushima, Aomori etc.).
In summer I have 2 weeks, so I'm thinking of doing 1 week of Okinawa and 1 of Hokkaido.
If I really manage to do that, then by that time I will have been to almost everywhere in Japan!! O_O
That's one of my ultimate goals anyways! :D
Of course there are still smaller towns and stuff left, but I will have done all the areas, almost all prefectures and all major tourist spots!!

For Kansai area I can just do day trips on weekends (not so many things left here anyways, seen almost everything already XD).

Ok, that was a rather long entry, but I think you can clearly see that I'm (almost) back to my normal self now that things are slowly improving!
Expect more once I have a proper internet connection!

Hope to read you again soon! :3333
Thanks for staying tuned! :)
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02 December 2011 @ 01:06 am
[Japan Life]: Afraid of change, anyone?!  

It's past midnight and I should probably go to bed rather than write this entry now, but whatever.
I'm still really worried and think way too much - despite being ridiculously busy.
Why is it that December is always the most stressful and busiest month ever since I came to Japan?

I've been packing up quite some things today and sorted out what I want to keep (and send back home) and what I want to get rid of (and sale).
This might seem quite sudden, but if you think about it, I have less than 3 months if I really do it!
And sending home things + selling stuff I don't need is not wrong no matter what I decide to do in the end.

Thus and first of all, please check out the SALES ENTRIES!!!

As I'll be moving soon I need money like WOAH and I also need to get rid of all these things (although it breaks my heart having to sell them for so cheap), so definitely have a look at all of it and buy something if you like it!!!
You'll help me a lot and yourself, too! I doubt you'll find things for so cheap any time soon!!!

Back to the actual topic.
I had a really long talk with one of my coworkers after work this week.
Pros and Cons of staying / leaving ... )

Writing applications from tomorrow on.
Time's working against me already.
And if I finish my job, I'll also lose my apartment as it belongs to the company.
Worst case scenario I'll be without a job and a place to stay. Uh ...

On top of that I'm so stressed.
Selling things, writing applications, busiest time at work, planning my winter vacation, blogging ETC. ... just TOO MUCH!!!!

Qué sera ... or so -_-;
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11 February 2011 @ 05:43 pm
[Japan Work]: Teaching English past 30 = loser?!  
Hello everybody!

As most of you know I'm an English teacher in Japan.
Most (Western) foreigners who live in Japan are English teachers as this is basically the only job you can get if your Japanese is not perfect - and even WITH perfect Japanese it might be difficult to set foot in any other business.
If you think about it, it's only logical. Why should they pay a foreigner to do something a native Japanese person can do just as well!?! Unless there's a reason they need a foreigner for that position (travel agency, hotel, international company etc.) they won't hire a foreigner!!!
Furthermore Japan is NOT an immigration country. It's very difficult to get a work visa here and it's (almost) impossible to get Japanese citizenship.
I only can compare this to my own country (Germany) which is an immigration country. I'm not sure how difficult it is to get a work visa, but I think it's pretty easy for at least EU members! It's not that difficult to obtain German citizenship either.

Anyways, I don't want to talk about immigration today, so let's go back to the "teaching English" part.
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To me personally it IS a real job. I mean HOW the hell do you define what a real job is and what not????!!!!
I work 8h every day, I get paid properly. Why is this not a real job? And when I say I WORK, I mean it!!!
I know that it absolutely depends on where you are working. I know some ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers) are complaining about being nothing more than a human tape recorder and that they have no responsibility at all, sitting around the whole day with nothing to do!
People working in the big Eikaiwa (English conversation schools) chains complain about being worked to death and having to sell stuff to people above all.
In my case, I work in a very small family run school with only a few employees! I'm not only a teacher but also a manager (not on the paper though)! There are so many things I'm in charge of and I feel like I learned quite a lot in the past few years!
I don't feel that I'm worked too hard, but I have to admit that it gets kind of repetitive after all this time (BUT that can happen in ANY other job as well!) So, now please explain me why this is NOT a real job????!!!!!
The sad thing about it is, though, that if you apply for any other job they most likely won't accept your "English teaching" time as valuable job experience at all! Not here in Japan, not in America and from what I heard so far also NOT in Germany!!
So even if I can argue that it's a real job after all, it doesn't help if my future employers don't agree to it. In their eyes I've probably just been waisting my time! :(

I think another reason why being an "English teacher" is often looked down is that .... )
Thanks for reading this little rant.
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10 October 2010 @ 10:57 pm
[Japan]: If you were in Japan, what would you want to do??  
Good evening!~ (or whatever time it is where you live)

I feel kind of good today. You might remember one of my last entries where I ranted about feeling down and not knowing what's wrong with me.
I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do from here on. Nothing is set yet at all.
Thinking too much about my future, especially jobwise, makes my head spin around. Thinking too much is not good either, I guess.

Read more... )

Anyways, back to the main topic.
While thinking about too many things lately, I realized that I can't really figure out anymore what I came here for. Or rather, what the things are I still want to do (because I think things changed since I first came here, my interests and priorities DEFINITELY changes since back then!!!!)
When you first come to Japan, you're so hyper and excited about everything and you do all the things you always wanted to do, but after some time things calm down and I think .... you partly forget WHY you came here and even stop doing the things you came here for originally. I'm no exception. I recently read through old entries. I posted so often and took photos of each and every tiny things. And the things I was crazy about back then, aren't really things I'm interested in (that much) anymore now!
I did quite a lot of things since coming here. Hey, I even climbed Mt. Fuji!!!! ;P
But I still feel like I'm missing out on many things and sometims it's difficult to find "the way back". I don't wanna have any regrets. I don't want to forget anything and then realize back home I didn't do this and that and now have no chance to do it or whatever.

That's why I thought it might be interesting to ask YOU what the things are you would like to do/see/experience if you came to Japan!!!!
Anything is fine, no matter how unimportant or ridiculous you think it might be!!! :D I'd really appreciate it!! :333

more blahs!~ )

Something completely else that I thought might be interesting for some of you who think about coming to Japan (and working as a teacher)

It seems that some female ALT teachers have problems with students harassing them (sexual harassment). It's not the first time I read about this.
Here's one forum thread on gaijinpot to give you an idea about it. ALTs are "Assistant Language Teachers" and work mainly in public schools (elementary, jr. high or high schools).
Thus, they have huge classes with all sorts of students. Of course, there are also those students who couldn't care less about studying. And as you know bullying in Japanese schools is quite harsh, too.
There seem to be a lot of problems in Japanese schools (not limited to Japanese (public) schools, of course!).

In my kind of job (eikaiwa - conversation school), it's different, though.
At least I've never heard that anybody had problems with sexual harassment (at least not from students XD).
In my school, I can't imagine it at all! Luckily!!~
But that's the big difference between a normal school where just everybody HAS to go and conversation schools where you can CHOOSE whether to go or not. They even pay money to come and study, so the majority of the students is somewhat willing to study. Classes are very small and the majority of the students comes from richer families (it doesn't mean that their manners are better, but I think you get what I'm trying to say).

Warning: not worksafe pic ahead!~ )

I'm totally in love with that dress. I love everything about it, especially the colors (although they don't match my Poupée's dark tan XD) .... I wish I had a dress like that in real life, although I think it wouldn't suit me, but who cares?! XD

I'm currently watching ......... (no, no jdramas!!) LOST!! - the last season!
It's so exciting and confusing, I can't stop watching and I'm pretty sure once I'm done I have to go back and rewatch everything from the start (season 1). Wow!!! I won't really have time for that, but who cares? XD
That's all. Over and out.
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15 July 2010 @ 03:16 pm
[Japan]: My job and question time?!  

I really feel bad for not updating at all lately (unless it's laptop-whining-related *sigh*).
Actually people kept asking me about my job a lot lately. I realized that some of you still have no idea what I'm actually doing here in Japan?? And even if I tell you, you might not know what it is at first!
So, I want to use this chance to tell you rather quickly about it (it's really not a big deal!).

I work as teacher in Japan.
Some people already knew but were surprised when they heard I come home after 10pm. That's because I work in an "eikaiwa". Now, you might not know what an "eikaiwa" is, then let me tell you it's kind of a "juku".
You also don't know what that means?
Okay, then how about this.
Read more... )

I hope that helped you to get a better idea of what I'm up to (almost) every day.
As you might have guessed right, today is my day off which is why I have time to type this.

I'd like to give you the chance to ask questions now. Anything is fine with me, really. That people didn't even know what kind of job I'm doing, made me a bit sad *g* If you want to know more about my life in Japan, ask away!
But as this is a public entry, I might not be able to answer your question in a comment. In that case I'll send you a private LJ message :3

That's all.
My laptop issue is still not solved. I'm also busy with other things.
Guess I have to keep updating, there ARE some things to report after all.

Much love friends!!
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23 December 2009 @ 03:03 am
[Japan]: December was once my fav month ...  
It's raining, it's cold.

I'm so busy lately. I told you this would happen. I've been working every day since ... I don't know when. Even Sundays. I'm tired and exhausted. I wish I had some time for myself. It doesn't feels like Christmas at all (yet again).

With 2 teachers leaving at the end of this month, another teacher being fired and yet another one in the hospital things are EXTREMELY busy! The few hours I'm home I have to do things I couldn't do on Sunday or days off as I have no days off lately (laundry, dishes etc.).
And January will be just as horrible. We're supposed to look for a new teacher again, but this time we really don't have any free time at work, so nobody can do it. It's a vicious circle.

Dear Santa, please give me more time!!!! And also time that I actually can enjoy!
Thank you.

I'll try to post one more time before I FINALLY can leave for my short winter vacation, but with things as they are right now, I never know when I'll be able to post again.
Also, it seems that lately people aren't really interested in my rare entries so much anymore. I might neglect my English LJ eventually and only post in my Japanese one.
Or neglect both if I continue to be "time-less".

I hope at least you guys will have Happy Holidays and a nice CHRISTMAS!
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20 November 2009 @ 08:37 am
[Japan]: No Life? No Christmas! Future?! C= (-。- )  

I still think that 24hrs are not enough per day (probably even 48hrs wouldn't be), but I have some time to post right now, so here we go!
I have 2 days off right now (yeah, those weeks again) and yesterday I managed to do quite a lot, although I couldn't finish everything yet again.
I did all of my laundry, studied, saved quite a lot of my data (am still doing so, burning 24252629348203948 photos and stuff takes a ... while). I also updated my sales entry (*___*) .... took me 6hrs (x___X) SIX HOURS!!!! Ahem.
And after that it was midnight and I noticed I still had to wash my dishes .... which I actually really DID!! While watching the uber-boring Bleach filler epis (ep 227+) *yawn*

Today nothing much is going on either. I'm trying to finish some LJ and lang-8 entries, finish the rest of my laundry, keep track of my sales entry and HOPEFULLY will be able to study a little bit as well.
That reminds me of a short conversation between me and my coworker(s)
Coworker A (Jap.): What are you going to do on your days off?

Me: You know WHAT!! So why're you asking anyway?

Coworker A (Jap.): Because I just wanna hear it! I think it's great!

Me: I'll study, of course. As always.

Coworker B (American): Yeah, we all know you don't have a life!

I know they just were joking around, but I think many people think like THAT!!
Read more... )

Yesterday, late afternoon. View from my balcony. It was grey the whole day, but finally it got quite nice :) (Just still very cold.)

As you all know I might stay a 3rd year in Japan. My 2nd anniversary is soon (°_°'')>
Read more... )

But one REAL problem is: PENSION!
It's getting tough now that I stay a third year. If I've had been enrolled into Japanese pension from the beginning, then those years would "count" for German pension once I'm back.
I am not enrolled, though. I was told there's no need when I came without knowing better. If I enroll now, I would have to pay 2 years backwards without having the advantage of those 2 years counting for my homecountry!!! Pretty bad deal, huh?
So, right now that doesn't seem to be a good option.
I was thinking about looking into private pension back in Germany. Maybe there's a way I can pay into that while still living in Japan.
Anybody knows any details? (-___-') For Americans it seems to be completely different which is why they told me in the beginning that I wouldn't need pension at all C= (-。- ) フゥー

Winter vacation???!!!! ... and no Christmas AGAIN this year? ;o; .... )

That's it!
Now it's study time!!! ....φ(・ω・` )カキカキ

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25 October 2009 @ 09:59 am
[Japan]: Studying Japanese is sucking your ..??!!Σ('◇'*)  
Wow .......... it really has been quite a while, huh?

Sorry about that, but like I said I was very busy and then I didn't really feel like writing anything. I still don't really feel like typing right now, .... for no special reason!!
Anyway I'll try (^-^)>

Quite a lot of pleasant and not so pleasant things happened at work. There will be some huge changes it seems.
I don't wanna talk about that today, though, and will write about it some other time instead :)

Last week we had the "tea party" I was talking about in one of my previous entries.
In short: 1 "native" English teacher + 1 Japanese teacher + #xxx mothers of students + a lot of cake, tea, cookies etc.
It was the first time we did that. It was in the morning before working time (~ 2pm), so it was a little bit tiresome to work from 11am-10pm 2 days in a row. I was the only one who (had to) join(ed) both days!!!
On the other hand it was a really nice experience. It was free for the mothers. They were invited to come and talk to us teachers and ask any questions they might have or even just have a random conversation with us. We didn't know how that would end, but in the end it was really nice ^-^

rant ..... meeeh~ )

In other news I have to start planning my long awaited winter vacation !!!! Yay!!! (^______^)v
I haven't been travelling in Japan since APRIL!!! (O_________O)> ..... It's about time, huh????
As much as I'd love to go to Tokyo again, this time I wanna spent my winter at a warmer place! I yet need to decide where to go, though.
One of my coworkers is sooooo sweet!! When she heard that I'm gonna spent "omisoka" (31st) and "shougatsu") (1st) alone she invited me to join her and her family!! I'm very tempted to accept her kind offer :)
Although that means I'll lose a few days of my winter vacation which is probably from December 29th to January 6th, I think it might be nice and interesting ^-^
Her family lives in Fukuoka, so wherever I go it'll be from Fukuoka to ...?
Actually I only have 2 things on my list right now: Okinawa and Kyuushuu!
I've already been to a few cities in Kyuushuu, though: Kokura, Kagoshima, Nagasaki and Kumamoto.
Anything you could recommend that might also be INTERESTING IN WINTER??????? And for only 5-6 days????? Is it stupid to go to Okinawa in winter??? AAAHHHH!!! *headdesk*

And because I haven't done it in a while some snack photos ^-^

ヾ(@⌒¬⌒@)ノ ウマヒィ  )

Today's outfit. It actually helped as it didn't rain today XD .... if I knew that I could have done my laundry ( ´_ゝ`) .......
That umbrella was quite expensive (x_X) ....

Okay, that's all folks!
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29 April 2009 @ 02:05 pm
[Japan]: Dragonball Kai, Evolution, rainbows and other stuff  
Hey again,

I still haven't had time to format my laptop, so ...... uhm, yes.
Still quite busy, but it's slowly getting better :)

The next photo post will come soon, I promise. Today will be another random entry. Sorry 'bout that

Today is a national holiday in Japan. I had to work, though (as always). Next week is finally Golden Week, but I'm one of the few people in Japan (?! XD) that has to work nevertheless. I think it's not too bad, though. I had my spring vacation. I prefer travelling when I have more than a few days off and travelling during Golden Week might be horrible, so it's okay. I probably don't have to work 8 hours during Golden Week either :)
Looking for a new teacher is still going on, although it's fun, it's difficult as hell. We'll see what happens in the end.

That photo was taken a few days ago. My first time seeing a rainbow here in Japan. I was close to believe they wouldn't exist here XD
At home I saw them quite often :)

Teaching today was fun for the most part. Horrible Japanese parents and sexual harassment? )

That's that. On a more random note: I finally watched DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION a few weeks ago. Read more... )

On a happier note: Dragonball Kai is out!

WOAH!!! WHAT? A NEW DRAGONBALL SERIES??? Yay!!! .... Read more... )

And these are caps from the new ending.

things to do or .. rather to buy?! x_X )

Nice :)
Although that's only for being able to write those kanji, knowing their meaning and the on-yomi (that list doesn't contain any kun-yomi yet) x___X *headdesk*
*still unsure if she should take 2kyuu in December or not*

Alright, enough randomness for today.

Bye~buu (^-^)/
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29 January 2009 @ 10:32 am
[Japan]: Rainy day off, job change?, NHK monsters and more~  
Hey everybody,

hope you're doing all fine?

Well, as you might have guessed it's my day off today, thus the entry (^^')
It's raining like crazy right now, but a few days ago we had quite a lot of snow (although I live ALMOST in Kyushu!) *sigh* Seems like the snow is REALLY following me ;____;
It looked beautiful, but it was REALLY difficult to ride a bycicle in that kind of snow. Luckily it's gone now.

Some photos:

Read more... )

When I came home from work yesterday, I had a "nice" note from NHK in my mailbox, saying THAT THEY WILL COME AGAAAAAAIN~ *sigh*
Usually I'm not home when they come anyway, but they're really persistent! The first NHK guy came 2 days right after I moved in! HELOOOHOOOO???!!! .....
I didn't know that stupid fee collecting exists in Japan, too, until then. We do have it in Germany, it's called GEZ and just as stupid.
Basically NHK wants you to pay monthly fees for having a TV or radio - even if you never use the TV or never watch NHK, that doesn't matter.
I just always tell them in English (pretending not to understand Japanese at all) - that I don't have a tv. Usually they leave after a while, but they're REALLY persistent!!!
And just an hour ago or so they were here again!!! Thanks to the note they left I knew they were coming one of these days, so I'm using headphones right now XDDD They can't hear any noise coming out of my apartment this way.
But they were REALLY crazy!!! Usually it's one person only, but today's person was ringing my bell AGAIN AND AGAIN and knocking heavily on my door!! It was really scary!!! I don't know what's up with that, that's SO not-Japanese, right?
Why would they do that? They have to conclude that I'm not at home DURING THE WEEK in the afternoon anyway, why knocking on my door and ringing my bell so often???? I'm pretty sure they'll be back later again.
Maybe I should just open the door and tell them AGAIN that I don't have a TV (well, I do, but ...). ARGH!!!!!! This is driving me crazy.
Leave me alone ;o;

Other than that I want to post a few photos of the food we (my coworkers and me) had a while ago. It was kind of a New Year's party. Only my Japanese coworkers came, though.
It was really nice. We mainly spoke in Japanese :)

Warning: please only have a look at those photos if you just ate or are eating at the moment!! XD )

I'm thinking about quitting my current job and find a better one.
The economy in Japan is not the best right now, like almost everywhere else, too.
My work conditions suck, I'm tired, I need more time off / free time in order to stay healthy (body and mind) and in order to have more time to do what I came here for = learn more about Japan, travel, study Japanese.
I don't know if I can really do it, it will be VERY difficult, because I will have to break my contract and stuff, but now is not the time to talk about this anyway.
At the moment I still don't even know if I get my work visa or not. If not, then everything is over anyway
Approximately 2-3 more weeks and I'll know x___X

that's all for today. Time for dinner ^^

Bye~buh!!! <3
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