26 September 2010 @ 09:24 pm
[Japan]: Poll results and WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?? ;__;  

I'm crawling out of what I call my "study bubble". Although I don't really want to. I really have to force me to have some breaks! (Have a break, have a kit-kat XD - just that I don't have any weird-flavored kit-kats at home right now ... I think I'm blabbering strange stuff, just ignore! XD)
I shouldn't use the break to update my LJ, but to do some sport and/or go outside, BUT .... I need to and want to keep you guys updated and I really NEED YOU today (you'll see what I mean later on).
Anyways my studies are progressing smoothly (^-^')b

First of all, I want to thank everybody who took part in the poll about my journal.
Over 100 awesome people took part in it!!! Thank you soooo~ much!!! It was really interesting for me :D
I won't close it, but I'm pretty sure that the overall results won't change anymore. They're pretty clear:

Why do you read my journal? What are you interested in? (Note: you can pick more than one)

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The poll gave me a general overview, now I want to hear from you guys more details! Please don't hold back. Just write away what EXACTLY you'd be interested in!!! Anything is fine, of course :)
To help you guys out a bit, I copied a few 30 days memes that are going around right now. One of them is a Japan meme that [ profile] hinoai created together with her f-list. If you know about any other memes, feel free to post them here or use some of the questions here as proposal :D
Using these memes as a basis, I thought I could create something similar with YOUR help so that in the end we have something that you'd love to read about (and I'd love to write about).
I might have to split it up because some things I might not be able to post in a public entry, so I have to divide the too private topics/questions from the more general ones.
Anyways, just post away, k?~ (You can pick questions that you'd like me to answer out of the following memes or just create your own questions - also you can describe them in detail~)

Here are the different memes:

Meme terror~ )

That's pretty much my life lately and I enjoy studying again!
I can't understand what I did the last few months. I wasted too much time with ... WHAT???!!!!
Well, there were work issues, right, then I was sick for a long time, then the laptop issues etc. .... there WERE reasons, but still :/
Breaks like that really kill my progress!! I could take N1 by now if I didn't take any breaks!!! But then again, you just need breaks at times anyways - and sometimes breaks are a good thing!

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Not so good news are that something is wrong with me lately and I have no idea WHAT!!!
It's difficult to actually write about it because I'm not sure if I can describe it so that you can understand it (I'm not sure if I even understand it myself ... *sigh*).
Today I'm perfectly fine for some reason ..... which means that it's probably not the best idea to write about it NOW because it will be even more difficult to describe the situation.

I wouldn't really say that I'm depressed or emo, but something is going on and it's just sooooooo not like me!!!!
I'm never depressed or emo!! NEVER!!!!
Lately I've been feeling kind of unhappy or rather dissatisfied. I'm not sure if those are the correct words, but maybe you get it.
I keep asking myself WHY and how to get OUT of it. I can't figure it out.

Longer rant, but ... uhm ... yah~ )

And for your amusement (I already posted it a while ago on Twitter):
English Teachers - Season 1 - Episode 1: "First Days suck"

(*click to watch the episode)
Yeah, that's my job! XD
No, .. not really. And it's again the perspective of a man :(

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Alright, that's all for today. Quite a long entry. Sorry about that. Thanks for sticking around and reading my journal!! You're awesome!! :3

P.S.: I still haven't finished answering to your comments in the "poll entry". I also won't answer to screened comments, hope you understand :D It's too much of a hassle to screen them again and I'm not sure how safe it is after commenting to them etc. ....
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30 July 2010 @ 05:34 pm
[Japan]: I think Japan wants me to hate it!?  

Actually I wanted to write about my new laptop which I use right now to write this entry, but again something happened that kept me from doing so today *sigh*
Luckily I'm really calm by now and can write about it in a non-"HOMG"!!!!! style.

Things seemed to slowly get better after I had so much bad luck (please refer to the last 1341256 entries about my whining).
I watched "Nihonjin no shiranai nihongo" epi 2 when suddenly I saw this:

This time I'm nice and use a cut to not shock you right away! )

As for the doctor story of my last entry.
First of all thanks a lot for your comments! I'm going to answer soon!! :)
I told my coworkers about it. Right now there's only one other foreigner at my workplace and he's never sick, so there are no foreigners I could ask about a doc they'd recommend....
My Japanese coworkers told me, though, that they don't like the docs in the hospital I went to anyways and suggested to try another hospital and they also offered to go with me and explain the doctor about my symptoms and everything.
Right now I feel better (apart from the lack of sleep), so I don't know yet if I'll got next week or not.

I also finally finished preparing for my summer vacation trip which will start in pretty much 1 week. Can't believe it! I hope I'll be fit enough for that!!!

AND NOW PLEASE send some POSITIVE vibes to me!!!
Honestly I can't stand more shit than that!!!!! Just too much crap at once lately, don't you think???

Love ya all!!! (^-^)/
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27 July 2010 @ 01:48 pm
[Japan]: The doc ignored me!!!!!  
I'm sooooo busy!!!
So this will be very short. Have to go to work in a few seconds.

My laptop finally arrived yesterday, but I didn't have time to touch it yet at all!!!!
Will have to wait for a day off or so.

I finally went to the hospital today which was more or less my last hope!!!
I wanted to tell the doctor what happened. That I've been sick for so long. That I can't take the heat anymore. That I have no clue what's going on anymore and that I've almost reached the point to leave this country!

The doc didn't even listen to me more than a minute. He just checked my throat (only for a sec, not sure if he actually even looked at it) and took my blodd pressure. That's all!!!
He then didn't listen to me anymore and just insisted on giving me the same medicine as before!!!!!
For that I had to pay OVER 40$!!!!!!!!

This really was my last hope. I was so disappointed and depressed after it. I almost cried!!
I'm not sure if it was a bad doctor or if it's because I'm a foreigner or both.
I have some serious problems and I'm worried and instead of listening to me at all and checking my body carefully, I got THAT CRAP!!!!!

Don't know what to do anymore.
Won't take the crappy medicine either. That's just too stupid!!

Okay, gotta run to work now.
Will update in a better way once I have more time!
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25 July 2010 @ 06:32 pm
[Japan]: Horrible summer and horrible school system!  

Okay, I'm trying to stay calm while writing this entry.
I just had a nervous breakdown, so forgive my maybe sloppy writing, k? (-____-'')

I HATE summer in Japan. That's not new.
It's my 4th summer here in Japan and it's never been so bad!!! Even last year when I didn't have running water for about a week it was still OKAY!!!
I never was a big fan of summer in Japan, but I could bear with it somehow!
I have no clue what's going on! I'm not sure what's different from the other 3 summers!
One would suppose that your body gets used to the extreme temperatures after 3-4 years, but ... uhm, no?!

Note: This and the following photos have been taken today from my balcony with my Pentax :3

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Let's completely change the topic to something much more interesting!!!!
I was talking about the Japanese school system a little bit when introducing my job.
As most of you know Japan's school system is very strict. Kids need to go to a good kindergarten in order to enter a good elementary school. Then they need to go to "cram schools" after normal school is over in order to prepare for the entrance exams for a good middle school, then high school, then university etc.
They're drilled from a very young age on!!!
There's this saying in Japan that a "nail that sticks out needs to be hammered in" (or at least something to that degree). Character building is not important at all. "Special" people, especially artists or eccentric people have a hard time and often leave Japan to live in more "open-minded" places such as America or Europe.
Maybe that's the main reason why there is so much bullying in Japan. Most of you have already seen in it anime or drama anyways. It's really extreme and a lot of students also commit suicide because of it.
I know that this is a problem not only in Japan, though.

Here's a documentation about bullying in Japan: School Bullies in Japan (@youtube)
Side Note:
Here you could hear very well the level of Japanese "English teachers" - and his English was still pretty good compared to some other teachers I've met so far! Other people on my f-llist working with JTEs can probably confirm this.
Also, they say that only "weak" students or students that "are not as smart as others" are being bullied. I know from experience that this is not necessarily true! One of my students, she's SUCH a nice girl, was bullied in her school, too!!! And that's because she was the best in class!!!! It's so sad, really :/

Now, and that was the original reason for this entry today, there are some exceptions even in Japan!!!!
When I found this today, I was really moved after watching it!!!
Please definitely watch it!!!!! I wish we all had such a teacher when we were young!!! I wish Japan had more teachers like that!!!

So, how do you feel after watching it?
Please tell me your thoughts! Please also tell me about your country's school system and if there's bullying and what you think about the whole thing.

Last but not least: Seen at Poupéegirl

I'm Japanese, so I only understand Japanese, sorry! <-- WTF??!! )

And that's enough of my ranting for today.
I hope you have a better time than me!!!
Let's hope for better and COOLER days!!!
Luv ya ALL!!~
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29 June 2010 @ 01:30 pm
[Japan]: Monster insects nightmare! ;o;  

When I came back from work yesterday night, this is what was greeting me in the staircase of my apartment building:

*click* )

This is the larger one. Definitely as big as an adult's hand, maybe even a little bit bigger ;o;

I told you I hate summer in Japan mainly for the monster insects, right?
I came across one of those huge spiders last year. It was INSIDE at my workplace. So horrible!!!

I hope they're not poisonous, but what really freaks me out is that the bigger one seems to protect her eggs. EGGS!!!! = 2342523123 more monster spiders to come!!!!
If they're still here when I leave for work in a few minutes, maybe I should ask the apartment management to do something about it??
It can't be my job to get rid of them. Furthermore I'm too scared! It was hard enough for me to get close enough to take those photos!!!
I don't hate spiders and I'm not afraid of them, but if they're THAT big??!! Jesus!!! ;o;

I thought I wouldn't be able to sleep last night, knowing that they're only a few meters away!!!
Definitely not going to open any windows or doors in the next few weeks!!! ;o;

Okay, off to work!
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07 October 2009 @ 05:20 pm
WTF!!! It's just TOO much, you know???!!!!  
It's past midnight now.
I'm so exhausted and yet I'm not sure if I'll be able to sleep.

Apart from all the crap that's going on at work right now .... plus all the busy times ... there's a typhoon coming now!
I barely managed to ride my bike home.

I had my balcony door open because I didn't know there would be a typhoon.
I was worried the whole time.

When I finally came home and turned on the light.....

... I saw a cockroach quickly disappearing behind some boxes.


It's the first roach I've ever seen in my life.
They are quite rare in Germany.
And it wasn't too long ago that THAT HAPPENED!!!

After coming home from work at around 22:15pm, it took me until 22:45pm until I finally managed to "get" it.
I had no idea they were so fast!!

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WHAT SHALL I DOOOOO??????????????????????????????????????? HELP!!!!

I still had roach traps luckily. I never used them, because I thought they might just attract them (if you don't have them).
But now I've spread them throughout my room. I hope they're not dangerous for me, but I think they have to eat it in order to be killed, so as long as I don't eat the traps I should be safe??!!

That's what I'm using right now. Do you have any better ideas?

I also tried to kill the monster with an insect spray, but it didn't work!! Only on me, I don't feel well now, but luckily I only used a little bit and turned on the air conditioner afterwards.

What about their eggs? Is there any way to find them???

So, I know quite a lot of you who live in Japan already had problems with those little monsters here. Any tips?
Anybody else who can help me??????

I'm trying to reasearch in the internet as well, but seriously I am sooooooo tired, I really should go to bed and try to sleep for now.

Seriously what's going on lately?? Gimme a break!!!!
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16 September 2009 @ 06:26 am
[Japan]: They got me!!! ;___;  

quick update because something really weird and embarrassing happened just now!
I went to the shopping arcade to get some food (was looking for dark bread, brown rice, fresh cheese and some other healthy things) when a local TV team stopped me and asked me a few questions.
I've seen people with microphones and cameras quite often in that shopping arcade. I guess they often do public-opinion polls about various things.

And WHY, oh WHY out of ALL possible poll subjects does it have to be POLITICS?? WHY?????

So, they asked me about Hatoyama, of course. I hope everybody knows what I'm talking about??

I told them so much garbage! And this time not because of a lack of language but because of a lack of political knowledge (-____-'')
I just brabbeld about that it's a huge change, that I was surprised and that I think that it's a good thing. I was almost as surprised when Germany got a woman to be Prime Minister and after Obama as well.
When they asked me about more details ... like what I expect now and stuff ... I really talked rubbish -___-;

I hope it's bad enough so that they just throw my interview away and that they won't show it on local TV!!!
I don't wanna imagine my students or their parents seeing me talking that rubbish ;o; .....


After the interview I got some nice ideas what I could have told them.

Well, now it's too late.

Gotta go to work now.
Bye~bu (^-^;)/~
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12 July 2009 @ 09:25 am
[Japan]: Cocktails, swine flu, giant spiders, frustration and toilet meals!  
Hello (=゜▽゜)/♪

Like promised another entry.
Actually there's nothing much to tell you guys, though.
Lately it has been raining a lot (again), so I wasn't really able to run all my errands.

My week was busy, but still quite normal.

The new teacher finally arrived this week. Read more... )

One of the local elementary schools here has been closed do to a new type of the swine flu virus.
Our school had to act as well and that's why students from that school weren't allowed to come to our school until the elementary school opens again next week.
And now guess how many students in that school actually caught the virus???????????

*ding dilila ... dong dululu* [insert quizshow music here]

Correct answer under the cut )

Yesterday night I went out with a few of my female coworkers. I was the only non-Japanese.
It was the birthday of one of my coworkers. We went to a few different bars/cafés, ate food, drank cocktails and had fun.
Of course they mainly talked in Japanese although their English is good enough to say whatever they want to.

Read more... )

Last but not least: Toilet meal anyone?

(*click on the picture to read the wiki article, sorry Japanese only)

Apparently there are some Japanese people who don't wanna be seen while eating their meals ALONE, so they just hide in the toilet and eat their bentos and stuff there!
EWWWW!! How sad (and gross!) is that?????

Okay, that's all for today.
Thanks for reading
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03 July 2009 @ 08:49 am
[Japan]: Eaten by my garbage? (-_-'')  
Hey everybody,

God, I'm completely exhausted. I didn't get much sleep last night and today was a whole bunch of work *sigh*
Wanna hear the whole story?
Warning: contains an old man and evil garbage and ranting about Japan in a not really positive way (-___-) ムカツク!( ´_ゝ`)

Can garbage eat you? )

Read more... )

After that I couldn't sleep very well of course.
On the one hand I thought about all kind of things concerning the garbage crap .... on the other hand I was freaked out because how the hell did he know it was me?????????????????
He must have been following me yesterday night!!!! That really freaked me out. I heard all kinds of noises and thus couldn't sleep.

Today is a little bit better, but because of the lack of sleep I don't feel so well.
I spent hours sorting my garbage again, washing everything again .... etc.

I have a headache. Why can't they just have containers for bottles and PET bottles, so you can go whenever you have time? Why are there special times (often only once or twice a month) and you have to go at that specific time?? That's so stupid!!!

Read more... )

Okay, let's not talk about that anymore!

On a lighter note, there's a new pretty cute (but also quite useless XD) internet site: イケメンホイホイ (<~ was happy that she could read/understand almost all of it XD)

It's still nice if you're bored and want to get some ikemen flowing over your pc screen and "you gotta get 'em all" XD ... No, joking.
But it's free, it's cute, it's fun (for a while), so if you want to sign up, do it! (^-^)/ I have an account there already, username is the same as here.
Have fun (^-^)/
(P.S.: It seems that right now the site is going through some maintenance work)

Okay, that's all.
I'm exhausted.
Time for a break before I go on posting, asking people for help. ←バカ外人(ノ_-;)ハア…

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24 April 2009 @ 08:44 am
[Japan]: Too many applications wipe out Japanese toilets!  
Hey there,

I've been super busy the last few days and still am. So much going on right now.
First of all I'm going to wipe out (aka reformat) my notbeook. It's time. It has been so slow lately and there's so much stuff on it that I don't need anymore anyway.
Of course I'm a little bit afraid of doing so As I'm here in Japan and if I forgot only ONE CD-Rom at home I'm doomed, but ..... I THINK I have everything I need
Let's hope everything works out! If not then at least you know why I won't be online for a while ;o;
The thing I'm worried about the most is Photoshop. I do have a CD-Rom, but if I can't get it to work again, I'll kill somebody. Can't do without PS, right? ;o;

Next I finally made a HUGE UPDATE in my sales entry.
This is the 3rd or 4th huge update now. Usually I don't mention it at all, but people on my f-list were surprised when I told them that I've updated that entry quite often and they were sad that they missed the updates and with that the chance to purchase items they wanted.
So, now I told you, right?

Then at work I'm now in charge of hiring a new teacher (o_o') ...
My boss told me it's top secret and I am not allowed to tell anyone which is completely stupid, everybody knows anyway. What I don't understand is why he CHOSE ME to do that job.
I posted quite a few job ads and am now reading through all the applications. There's a lot of crap, some people are too old or too young (have not even finished university yet), but some seem to be qualified enough.
Then I have to decide which applications look good enough, show my boss and then I'm the one who has to reply to them, ask them questions etc.
That's quite a responsibility and I would rather NOT have it! Furthermore I'm not a native speaker and am now about to hire somebody who should be a native speaker. Feels awkward XD

Probably the biggest news (although no surprise): The Vietnamese finally is GONE!!!! YAY!~ (ahem ...)
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Japanese toilets are NOT love at ALL! )

What else? It's going down with the Japanese society:
SMAP member arrested for stripping naked in a park in Tokyo

Other than that I finally managed to hang Toushiro-chan ... ah ... I mean .... argh, see for yourself:

(* found in K-Books, Ikebukuro, Tokyo and I just couldn't resist although it was not sooo cheap ^^; ...)

Last, but not least some "snack" photos (haven't done that in a while ^^):

Read more... )

Okay, that's it. Random, random, I know.
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17 June 2008 @ 08:54 pm
[Japan]: Breakdown  
It's around 4am now.

I can barely see what I'm writing here. I feel dizzy and horrible.
The BIATCH is at it again and it's louder and more horrible than ever before! I really tried to sleep, I tried. I tried to cover my already plugged ears with whatever I could find - in vain.
Their volume level is just beyond everything you can think of.

And now I'm sure she/they is/are doing it ON PURPOSE!!!
Right now there are at least 5 people over there (girls and boys) ..... and when I was banging against the wall I realized they were laughing at it/me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is soooooooo horrible! I feel like crying!
I wanna leave this horrible apartment RIGHT NOW!!!

I mailed the daughter of my boss, that I can't take it any longer and that they either find a way to make her move out or I'll move out (which would be unfair, because why should I have to suffer?!) ...........

Anyway I feel horrible, tired, angry, sick, helpless.
Why is that happening to me? Why are you COMPLETELY ruining my Japan experience, bitch?

I sooooooooooooooooooooo want to sleep, but there is just no freaking way in hell for me to do so right now!
If I were iin Germany, I just would stop by a friends' place and sleep there for the night.

*big sigh* (.________________________.)
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30 May 2008 @ 07:37 pm
Sleepless in Japan  
Hi everybody,

a public entry for a change and all I'm gonna do is complain now .... which (if you know me) I don't really do often, so you might skip this as well.

What can I say? I really love my life in Japan so far. I love (most of) my students and being a teacher is a lot of fun as well.
Today I don't want to write about my work though.
Read more... )

*sigh* Bitch, you're ruining my life in Japan! Go to hell!

Sorry, that had to be said!!

I wish you all a nice weekend. Hopefully a quiet one with a lot of sleep.

Meanwhile I try to figure out how to get some sleep or I will be half-dead soon.

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