29 May 2007 @ 02:16 pm
Tiger & Dragon, Byakkotai, Bijii-san XD  
Hey, hey friends ... *sing*
AAAH~ I want that song!! (T-T) .. *note to herself: must request it in a community* XD

First of all: TEH weather!!!! YAHOOOOOOO~ it´s not hot anymore!!!!!! .... There were even parts in Germany where it snowed yesterday!!! XDDDD But not here XDDDD But it´s COLD again! I LOVE IT!!!
I wish that it would be like this for some months now ^-^; ... *coughs*

Okay, so I finally finished Nodame Cantabile.
It was indeed a hilarious, funny and cute series. I enjoyed it very much!!! *nods*
It´s a shame that there weren´t more episodes, I was like: "Whuut? It´s over? WAAIT! NOOOO DDX" XDDD

So .... now I´m already watching a new drama ^-^
Tiger & Dragon !!!~
... yeah, because I wanted to watch a drama with Nagase Tomoya in it again (^^;) ........
There are a LOT ... really a LOOOOT of familiar faces (wait .... somehow I end up saying that about every new drama I watch lately? XDDD) .... half of the Kisarazu Cat´s Eye cast ... and my beloved Itou Misaki ^______________________^b

(* click on the pictures to see a larger version)

Ore no hanashiiii wo kikeeee~ *sing* )

And finally:
I thought this was cute, so I wanted to share it with you! XDDDD Bijii-san no baka! XDDDD

ビジーさんのぼうけん )

Something funny:
I´m currently refreshing my kanji knowledge and learning some new kanji with the book "kana and kanji" (Hadamitzky).
There are all 1945 Jouyou Kanji and some "name Kanji" ... if you learn them in the order of the book the last one will be #2284 .... the funny thing now is:
If I would learn the Kanji in the order of this book #2284 would be the last Kanji I learn ..... but THIS Kanji is actually the FIRST Kanji I EVER "learned"!!! XDDDDD
Dragonball fans, attention please, it´s:

You ALL have seen this Kanji a million times, right? So did I! And of course I did figure out that it has to be "turtle" back then (= over 10 years ago XD) .... and a while after that I knew that turtle = kame .... so ... you could say that this is the first Kanji I got to know ^^;;
Ehehehehe~ .... okay, so .... perhaps I´m the only one to think it´s funny (T-T) ..... (.__.)> ..... XDDDD

P.S.: That Kanji was listed in the "name Kanji" section. It appears in a lot of names. For example: 梨和也 (Kamenashi Kazuya) ;) *squee* XDDDD
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20 May 2007 @ 03:25 pm
[Sharing]: Japanese fairy tales!~  
Hello, Guten Tag and こんにちは!☆彡

This is a very random entry! XD
Like I already told you a while ago, I´ve copied stuff from VARIOUS Japanese books at university and I wanted to scan from time to time.
I´ve scanned 3 storys of a Japanese book for kids (fairy tales). You can save them and use them as you like :)
I haven´t translated them yet, but it´s for kids so a beginner with basic knowledge should be able to translate it. It´s a good practise I guess :) I have more stories like this and if you want I can upload them from time to time. I´ve got also more difficult stuff with more Kanji, but still not over intermediate level I guess ;)

The scans can be found under the cut.

So something else: I´m mainly using "Japanese for busy people" (German edition: Japanisch im Sauseschritt) to learn Japanese.
I TOTALLY love the pictures in there and regularly have to laugh XD ... For those of you who don´t use or know this textbokk, I´ve scanned 2 sites:

XD *loves the face expression* XD

B: But it might be crowded.
A: If it´s crowded, then let´s not go. (literally: let´s stop)

cut kamoshiremasen XD )
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28 December 2006 @ 03:41 pm
[Project]: Japanese Language: Tools, sites, help, etc. !!  
Hi everyone !

I´ve decided to work on an overview over materials, internet sites and programs/tools for the Japanese language.
I hope it´s helpful in some way !
First of all: I myself am a beginner. I´m NOT good at Japanese at all ! That´s why I have to depend on all these programs and stuff.
But most of the programs I want to review here are also a help for people that are already pretty good at Japanese.
And another thing: I´m German, so my English isn´t perfect ! Some of the screenshots show only German words, not English, but almost ALL of the programs are for a lot of European languages, not only English or German ! (there are also French-Japanese, Spanish-Japanese dictionaries and with them the programs work just fine !!)

(Warning: Image heavy !!) -> Read more... )

<~ that´s just an example ! :) (konnichiha means "Good day / Hello")

Japanese Programs )

Useful Links:

Translation help:
(Note: these are not very accurate !)

Jim Breen´s WWWJDIC Server
Reading tutorial toolbox

Japanese emoticons:
(like these: )
Coporo Kaomoji
Facemark animation gallery
Facemark Animation World
かおあに♪(* ̄ー ̄)v
顔文字アニメ☆データベース1 (linklist to a lot of kaomoji/ani sites !)

more links ... )

tbc ... ^^
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