25 September 2011 @ 11:55 pm
[Japan Life]: The Zombie is BaCk!~~  
Huuulooooooooooooo~~~~~ *crawls around* ...........

If I sound a bit scary or like a ghost or zombie, then that's exactly what I am recently, I guess.
Thus the lack of posts or being present on LJ at all!! I'm very sorry, but it can't be helped.

I'm back into zombie mode, worse than ever before, I guess.

I've been working on my blog desperately for the past 3.5 months ....... and I'm still not done!
I should have done it like most people do, just start out somehow and work on layout, plugins, javascript and stuff LATER!!??!!! (-___-'') ....

Well, I think I should be done in 1-2 weeks, at least I really, really, REALLY hope so! At first (back in June!!) I thought it would take me 1-2 weeks until I'm done with the layouting and before I can start my actual blog.
After a month or so, I figured how naive I was.
I hate being a perfectionist, this is really annoying!

I hope I have the strength and energy to see this through until the end. Honestly, I'm close to burning out at the moment!
As much fun as it can be to learn new things about Javascript and CSS - I don't really care about these things and just wanna get started.

I've been wanting to quit several times wondering if it's really worth all this work, time, effort and MONEY!!!! ...

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Okonomiyaki bread! Absolutely awesome and yummie!!!

Yummie!!!~ )

Alright, that's all for now. No travel photos, no travel entries, nothing. Just confusing zombie mumbling!!!

Sore deha, shitsurei shimasuuuuu~~~~ ヘ(ΘΘ)ヘ
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28 May 2011 @ 12:22 am
[Fitness]: Conclusion after 1 month  

See? I'm really trying hard here!! I'm posting only one day after my last entry! Although I have to disappoint everybody who was expecting a Japan related entry. If you're only here for that you might wanna skip this entry! (^-^;)
So, as some of you know I've been talking about working out and stuff a lot lately and Twitter followers probably already know half of what I'm writing here.
It's been a bit over a month since I started working out seriously and I haven't skipped a single workout yet. Yay!~

I'm quite slim, always was. I've been feeling very good. No sudden health problems. No sudden cellulitis. No sudden weight gain. NOTHING!!!
So why would I suddenly wanna start working out?
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Also 1 month ago I stumbled across a website called "". It's actually quite popular and well-known in the fitness (online) world.

The website is completely free and is run by a married couple. The guy is behind the camera and she's doing the workouts in front of the camera.
Her body is amazing (apart from her silicone boobs *coughs* and maybe a bit too many muscles for my taste) and so I guess a lot of people are motivated.
They put up videos on Youtube of her working out and also explain each workout on their website. If you want to know more about it, just check out there website.

More about useful websites and can anybody help me out with some yoga advice??!! )


Nyattou!!!! Awwww!!! I love natto (explanation: fermented soy beans are called "natto" / cats don't say "meow" but "nyan" in Japan, thus "nyatto" *lol*).

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Alright, that's all.
Wow, that was long, but that's what I get for not updating in such a long time. And there's more to come!! The question is just WHEN [insert crazy laughter here]!!
Thanks for reading and now post away!!~
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18 February 2011 @ 07:53 pm
[Random]: Hanamizuki, Ikuta Toma, Doctor's Diary  

HOMG!! Another entry yet again??
Yeah ... I guess I feel kind of guilty for not posting much in the last few months .....
It's just a short and random entry, though.

Hanamizuki novel )

I finally watched the DVD of Arashi's tour 2010/11 (Kokuritsu concert). And it's sooooo great!!!!!
I really wish I could have gone somehow :( .....

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Doctor's Diary is over????!!!! After season 3 it seems they're finished! NOOOOO!!!????
Probably only people in German speaking countries might know about this series, but let me fangirl a bit (which I rarely do lately, huh?!)
When I went back for a short vacation to Germany in 2009 one of my friends recommended this series to me. We watched the first two episodes together and I really came to like it.
Back in Japan I continued watching it and became a HUGE fan!!!
This week the last episode was aired ;____; (no spoilers!) )

Random fandom moment!!! I wouldn't even say he's my type, but for some reason he really got me :D
And FINALLY (after too many Johnnys ) it's somebody who's NOT younger than me?! [insert grandmother laughter here ]

I'm not sure if I already mentioned this before or not, but Ikuta Toma has 2 butais (stage plays) right now. And of course I'm going to watch both, live! As I was lazy and busy I didn't care to get tickets until it was almost too late, so yet again I have seats in almost the last row. Seems to be my destiny *sigh* Both stage plays were written by Yukio Mishima which is why they're called "Mishima Double".

The two stage plays are ... )

Okay, a really random entry, but at least I managed to update on a few random things
Read you soon again!~
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11 November 2010 @ 11:35 pm
[Japan]: Autumn leaves and yummie drinks!~  

As you know I'm super extremely hyper busy this month , so sorry for the lack of entries :/
Monday before work, I went to the hospital, shopping and also walked around a bit to take some photos of the autumn leaves around here. It was a busy day, but I also enjoyed it a lot
Unfortunately I only took my digital camera with me, which is why the quality of the photos is not sooooo good.
This is just a foretaste. I intend to go to some "interesting" place this month to take some (hopefully) nice autumn photos (still have no autumn photos of Japan in my collection apart from those I'm posting now).
Anyways here we go (but don't expect too much)~

Autumn photos ahead~ )

It was so much fun walking through so many bright colors (*__*)v I could have spent hours there!

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Yummie drinks for winter!~ )

P.S.: Remember that I posted about having problems with my userpics on LJ? It seems that I'm not the only person with that problem. The LJ support center was flooded with the same screams for help. The userpics suddenly lost their keywords.
LJ support still hasn't reacted at all it seems. I still have the same problem and just no time to repair it myself, aka type new keywords for ALL my icons. So annoying!

Alright, that's all. Time for bed!
Stay tuned for more - hopefully soon!~
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05 November 2010 @ 12:30 am
[Japan Food]: My month in food!~  
Hey there!
I'm extremely busy this month as you all know.

So this will be a quite random and short entry.
I took photos of what I ate last month (of course not every day) to give you an idea about my unbalanced diet XD

Not so yummie food?!? ahead!~ )

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And now two things that piss me off:

  • #1: What the fuck is suddenly wrong with the userpics here on LJ??? I only have these stupid numbers, I can't recognize which icon I'm gonna use. THIS SUCKS!!!! Do I have to type new keywords for all my icons now?? WHYYYY???!!!! Big fail! Or am I the only one having these problems?? :(

  • #2: The sale of my stuff is pissing me off. It's always been busy and I shouldn't have restarted it during such busy times, BUT this time it's like 90% of all people who "want" to buy something from me seem to make fun of me. Asking one thousand questions, asking for so many different options and in the end, they're not buying anything. Most of them are just saying that they don't have any money. Well, if you don't have any money what the fuck are you doing in a sales entry anyways??? STOP STEALING MY PRECIOUS TIME WILL YA???? I don't care if they read it, what they do is just ridiculous. I mean I can understand that there are some circumstances that might prevent you from buying something that you want sometimes, and that's not a big deal, but 90% of all possible buyers??? ARE YOU KIDDING MEEE???!!!! *sigh* :/ This sucks.

busy~ )

Anyways, that's all.
Gotta go back to my studies (or rather to bed soon).
Byeboo ヽ(〃^・^〃)ノ チュッ♪
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26 September 2010 @ 09:24 pm
[Japan]: Poll results and WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?? ;__;  

I'm crawling out of what I call my "study bubble". Although I don't really want to. I really have to force me to have some breaks! (Have a break, have a kit-kat XD - just that I don't have any weird-flavored kit-kats at home right now ... I think I'm blabbering strange stuff, just ignore! XD)
I shouldn't use the break to update my LJ, but to do some sport and/or go outside, BUT .... I need to and want to keep you guys updated and I really NEED YOU today (you'll see what I mean later on).
Anyways my studies are progressing smoothly (^-^')b

First of all, I want to thank everybody who took part in the poll about my journal.
Over 100 awesome people took part in it!!! Thank you soooo~ much!!! It was really interesting for me :D
I won't close it, but I'm pretty sure that the overall results won't change anymore. They're pretty clear:

Why do you read my journal? What are you interested in? (Note: you can pick more than one)

Read more... )

The poll gave me a general overview, now I want to hear from you guys more details! Please don't hold back. Just write away what EXACTLY you'd be interested in!!! Anything is fine, of course :)
To help you guys out a bit, I copied a few 30 days memes that are going around right now. One of them is a Japan meme that [ profile] hinoai created together with her f-list. If you know about any other memes, feel free to post them here or use some of the questions here as proposal :D
Using these memes as a basis, I thought I could create something similar with YOUR help so that in the end we have something that you'd love to read about (and I'd love to write about).
I might have to split it up because some things I might not be able to post in a public entry, so I have to divide the too private topics/questions from the more general ones.
Anyways, just post away, k?~ (You can pick questions that you'd like me to answer out of the following memes or just create your own questions - also you can describe them in detail~)

Here are the different memes:

Meme terror~ )

That's pretty much my life lately and I enjoy studying again!
I can't understand what I did the last few months. I wasted too much time with ... WHAT???!!!!
Well, there were work issues, right, then I was sick for a long time, then the laptop issues etc. .... there WERE reasons, but still :/
Breaks like that really kill my progress!! I could take N1 by now if I didn't take any breaks!!! But then again, you just need breaks at times anyways - and sometimes breaks are a good thing!

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Not so good news are that something is wrong with me lately and I have no idea WHAT!!!
It's difficult to actually write about it because I'm not sure if I can describe it so that you can understand it (I'm not sure if I even understand it myself ... *sigh*).
Today I'm perfectly fine for some reason ..... which means that it's probably not the best idea to write about it NOW because it will be even more difficult to describe the situation.

I wouldn't really say that I'm depressed or emo, but something is going on and it's just sooooooo not like me!!!!
I'm never depressed or emo!! NEVER!!!!
Lately I've been feeling kind of unhappy or rather dissatisfied. I'm not sure if those are the correct words, but maybe you get it.
I keep asking myself WHY and how to get OUT of it. I can't figure it out.

Longer rant, but ... uhm ... yah~ )

And for your amusement (I already posted it a while ago on Twitter):
English Teachers - Season 1 - Episode 1: "First Days suck"

(*click to watch the episode)
Yeah, that's my job! XD
No, .. not really. And it's again the perspective of a man :(

Read more... )

Alright, that's all for today. Quite a long entry. Sorry about that. Thanks for sticking around and reading my journal!! You're awesome!! :3

P.S.: I still haven't finished answering to your comments in the "poll entry". I also won't answer to screened comments, hope you understand :D It's too much of a hassle to screen them again and I'm not sure how safe it is after commenting to them etc. ....
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22 April 2010 @ 08:51 am
Yummie things and red hair?!  

I caught a cold and feel like crap :(
I hate it when I can't breathe through my nose (>_>) Makes me aggressive! XD
I wonder why I caught a cold, though. It's finally getting warmer and nobody around me is sick, so from where/why did I get it? I already took some of that yuckie Japanese powder medicine that makes you super sleepy and knocks you out quite fast. I don't like it, but it helps you recover faster. If I write crap, it's due to the meds! [/excuse]
It's raining again today. They say it's the coldest April since 30 years or so. What's wrong with the weather?
Also, did you hear about the volcanic eruption in Iceland? Are you affected by it?
Since Sunday (early!) morning people keep driving around in their cars and screaming through a megaphone: "My name is XY! Please vote for me!". That woke me up on Sunday.
For me as German Sunday's are supposed to be quiet, even supermarkets and stuff are closed on Sundays. And I'm pretty sure that in some countries "propaganda" like that is not allowed. Either way it's REALLY annoying! :/ - It will go on until next Sunday when the elections are (x__X)/

Anyway, today is my day off and I try to relax to get healthy again and I also use the time to update LJ :)

Let's start with a photo I took exactly 2 month ago:

Read more... )


I stumbled across this video the other day. It's really interesting and funny, though, not all the information might be accurate and misleading and it might be a bit cruel/rude, but it's still interesting, so if you have time, go and watch it :)
Takes about 11min. and is in Japanese only (the English version was taken down for some reason).

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After my spring vacation, I decided to quit "MeroMeroPark" and only concentrate on Poupéegirl from now on.
As I was so busy (with my new camera and stuff) before I left for my spring vacation, I didn't post anything Poupée at all lately, so now there's a BUNCH of pictures, sorry! (^-^')

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In other news, I changed my Poupée's hairstyle and color:

What do you think?
The only problem with the "reddish" color is that some things just don't match with that color (^-^')> .....

Comparison❤ )

And that's it for today.
The "old vs. new camera comparison entry" (*rofl*) is coming up soon as well as the next "travel entry" (day 2 in Hiroshima).
Hope you're all doing well.
I need to get back to my Japanese studies ASAP - too much of a break (since before spring vacation) = not good :(

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11 March 2010 @ 06:09 am
[Japan]: Ningen Shikaku, DSLR obsession HELP and snow?!?!  

it's been a while since my last post. Actually there's a reason for it, bascially only ONE, but I'll explain that later. Indecisive me might also need YOUR help!
But first things first. I'm sorry that it took me so long and I should have posted this RIGHT AFTER I came out of the cinema *hits herself*

Yepp, I FINALLY went to watch "Ningen Shikaku (人間失格)" starring Ikuta Toma (生田斗真)
My No.1 Japanese actor and Johnny (*_*)v

Of course I couldn't resist and bought the movie pamphlet as well (and as you can see I also already grabbed the "Liar Game" one, too XDDD).

So, how was the movie?
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Enough about movies, but what kept me from posting? Actually I'm super tired right now, I feel like a zombie and it's my fault! I'm completely OBSESSED and I really hope by posting that, I can get rid of my obsession and finally DECIDE!!!
I'm talking about SLR. As I already mentioned in one of my previous entries I was thinking about getting a SLR. Why? I think it's time. I've been in Japan for 2 years now, only using a normal compact digicam. Although you always praise my photos, they could be so much better, sharper, more colorful etc. Especially when you have awesome motives such as castles, shrines, temples or CHERRY BLOSSOMS, right? I hope that's the right thing to do.
Well, the problem is not whether to get one or not, but WHICH ONE!!! After reading tons of tests, reviews, forums and watched thousands of youtube videos about the latest first-time user DSLR I was able to narrow it down to these 4

Please, please help me decide!!! x__X )

Side note: Pentax color variations (small selection out of the 100!):

Snow, and I mean a lot of snow!! And that in JAPAN and in MARCH!!! Where's spring???!! Where are the cherry blossoms?! ;o; ... XD )

☆~~ヾ・ェ・)o尸~ マタネ~
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26 December 2009 @ 01:23 pm
[Japan]: No-Christmas, but yummie food and presents~❤  

Thank you very much for all of your lovely comments to my last entry.
I'll try to keep my English LJ alive somehow, but can't promise anything. Probably I'll still be posting rarely.
Today is my first DAY OFF in .... years!!! At least that is how it feels!
And was I able to relax?
At first, not really.
When I came back home yesterday night after work, my internet suddenly didn't work anymore! Of course I was worried, because I needed internet in order to finish planning my trip and print out all necessary documents and stuff.
Plus why is my internet working when I don't have any time and am at work 24/7 anyway, but decides to disappear as soon as I have a day off???? (-_____-)
I decided to stay calm and go to bed, hoping that the internet would be back in the morning.
But ... of course it wasn't. So I spent half the day making phone calls in Japanese to my internet company and the landlord. It took forever, but as you can see it's working again!
A cable was plugged out over there, so they had to plug it in on their side. *shakes head* MY NERVES!!!!!!!(-.-)

At least I managed to do almost all of the housework (laundry, dishes etc.) while I was internet-less (^-^)>
After that I used the chance to get all documents I need for my trip before my internet decides to go on vacation without me again.
And the rest of the day I decided to RELAX !!!! I finally was able to modify photos and stuff and upload a bunch of them (^-^)v
As a result here is the first entry out of a few (hopefully) <333
(I still don't really feel relaxed, guess that's impossible after only half a day...)

Late, but as you know I had to work on Christmas (which is on the 24th in Germany btw.).
I hope you all had a great Christmas!!!
I didn't really have any Christmas ... yet again! It's kind of sad :(

Presents and yummie food (*-*)v )

Talking about food! I wanted to post this for a while now. I stumbled upon this a while ago.
It really looks cute and yummie, what do you think? Hehe~

Tweets = Japanese + study + time ?! )

Random students' talk at work:
Students: Sensei, sensei, today is Aiba's birthday!! (not talking to me, but a coworker)
Sensei: I know. Happy Birthday, Aiba-kun!! *claps*
Students: Sensei, do you like Aiba-kun?
Sensei: Yes, he's my favorite!
Student A: Uso! He's my favorite, too!!
Sensei: Guess who's her favorite in Arashi? *points at me*
Student B: I know!!! Ikuta Toma!!!
Me: That's right! Hehe .... ((apart from the fact that he's not a member of Arashi XDDDD))
Sensei: Wow, they are well-informed about your likings.
Me: Well, last time in class we were bored so we talked about Johnnys and ... uhm .. yeah XD
Somehow the conversation sounded even funnier in Japanese XD

And that's it for this entry.
Again, thanks so much for your warming and nice comments last time. Sorry, that I couldn't find the time to answer to them yet.

(´∀`*)ノシ バイバイ
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15 November 2009 @ 03:42 pm
[Japan]: Swine flu, food and handwriting  

Oh, you can't remember who I am? And yes, I'm still alive (-___-'')
For some reason my day doesn't seem to have 24hrs. I never have enough time for ANYTHING!!!
Actually it's almost midnight and I should go to bed soon, but I HAVE TO WRITE an entry NOW otherwise I'll never write it .... I guess (^-^)>

The latest "news":

Germany's most famous goalkeeper commits suicide:
He suffered from depressions and stuff and now everybody in Germany seems to talk about this mental disease.

20th anniversary: East and West Germany and the fall of the wall XD
Even here in Japan it was all over on TV! It was kind of funny when I sat in the waiting room of my hospital and suddenly saw Angela Merkel speaking GERMAN on Japanese TV! XDDDD

Japan is a scary place:
The young man who obviously killed the young British English teacher 2 (?) years ago has finally been caught. Scary what he did to her. Scary that the police couldn't catch him until NOW!
When I was out shopping the other day I saw a really cute kid with a teddybear cap and while smiling I stared at him and his mother(?) from behind. Suddenly the mother started kicking the kid and screamed at him. I'm not sure what the kid did, but WTF there's no reason to KICK a kid or be violent to a kid, right?
A few minutes later I was in a bookstore browsing through some magazines when I noticed a really strange smell. An old woman, obviously completely drunk was browsing through magazines as well.
And here Japanese people think their country is so much better and safer than other places. I doubt it, really.

Swine flu spreading like WOAH here in Japan especially among young kids / teenagers:
Probably still the biggest topic - not only here in Japan.
And it's really extreme. The last two weeks we've had almost NO students at all! I had quite a few classes with only ONE student ... or two. That was last week's average (-_-')
Either they're sick, someone in their family is or their class OR school is closed due to the flu which means they're also not allowed to come to our school then. Scary!!!
Very empty classrooms, at times more teachers than students in a class and the students who come wear masks and cough, sneeze etc.

Read more... )


My typical rice (mixed with raw egg (*_*) .. well, actually not raw, but onsen tamago) and "tofu burgers". Unfortunately not selfmade, but they sold them at my local supermarket and they were fresh and still warm and tasted AWESOME!!
I hope they'll sell it again soon, because I'm sure I'm tooooooo stupid to make them by myself (never have cooked anything with tofu although I LOVE tofu ....)
Btw. anybody knows any EASY and yummie tofu recipes??? (*_*)> .....

Read more... )


Lately I haven't really made any progress that would be worth mentioning here. As always I could write a long rant about many things regarding my studies and about how I never have enough time and stuff, but .... let's skip that for today.
I was ranting a lot about my HORRIBLE handwriting skills over at Twitter and people asked me to show some photos and stuff.
I really don't wanna do it because it's soooooooooooo~ embarrassing!!! (/・ω・\) ハズカシイ

見ないで!!!! )

Teddybear day ❤

Read more... )

Oh, well .... to be fair, you guys should get a chance to get fat as well, so here you are: + + +
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25 October 2009 @ 09:59 am
[Japan]: Studying Japanese is sucking your ..??!!Σ('◇'*)  
Wow .......... it really has been quite a while, huh?

Sorry about that, but like I said I was very busy and then I didn't really feel like writing anything. I still don't really feel like typing right now, .... for no special reason!!
Anyway I'll try (^-^)>

Quite a lot of pleasant and not so pleasant things happened at work. There will be some huge changes it seems.
I don't wanna talk about that today, though, and will write about it some other time instead :)

Last week we had the "tea party" I was talking about in one of my previous entries.
In short: 1 "native" English teacher + 1 Japanese teacher + #xxx mothers of students + a lot of cake, tea, cookies etc.
It was the first time we did that. It was in the morning before working time (~ 2pm), so it was a little bit tiresome to work from 11am-10pm 2 days in a row. I was the only one who (had to) join(ed) both days!!!
On the other hand it was a really nice experience. It was free for the mothers. They were invited to come and talk to us teachers and ask any questions they might have or even just have a random conversation with us. We didn't know how that would end, but in the end it was really nice ^-^

rant ..... meeeh~ )

In other news I have to start planning my long awaited winter vacation !!!! Yay!!! (^______^)v
I haven't been travelling in Japan since APRIL!!! (O_________O)> ..... It's about time, huh????
As much as I'd love to go to Tokyo again, this time I wanna spent my winter at a warmer place! I yet need to decide where to go, though.
One of my coworkers is sooooo sweet!! When she heard that I'm gonna spent "omisoka" (31st) and "shougatsu") (1st) alone she invited me to join her and her family!! I'm very tempted to accept her kind offer :)
Although that means I'll lose a few days of my winter vacation which is probably from December 29th to January 6th, I think it might be nice and interesting ^-^
Her family lives in Fukuoka, so wherever I go it'll be from Fukuoka to ...?
Actually I only have 2 things on my list right now: Okinawa and Kyuushuu!
I've already been to a few cities in Kyuushuu, though: Kokura, Kagoshima, Nagasaki and Kumamoto.
Anything you could recommend that might also be INTERESTING IN WINTER??????? And for only 5-6 days????? Is it stupid to go to Okinawa in winter??? AAAHHHH!!! *headdesk*

And because I haven't done it in a while some snack photos ^-^

ヾ(@⌒¬⌒@)ノ ウマヒィ  )

Today's outfit. It actually helped as it didn't rain today XD .... if I knew that I could have done my laundry ( ´_ゝ`) .......
That umbrella was quite expensive (x_X) ....

Okay, that's all folks!
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20 September 2009 @ 08:06 am
[Japan]: No time, translating, cooking, green tea? SMILE! :D ... (o_O)>?!  
Hello everybody,

First of all thank you very much for your comments to my last entry
I've been so freaking busy this whole week. I guess I'm still not used to work that lasts from Mo-Fr without a break C= (-。- ) フゥー
I know I shouldn't complain, that's your normal work schedule plus it's only every other week anyway, but I feel that I don't really have enough time for ANYTHING!
Yesterday I finally managed to finish another step in my Japanese studies, doing almost (see later) nothing but studying.
Today I won't have so much time to study as I have to clean my apartment, wash my laundry, answer e-mails, write entries etc.
It's amazing how fast time runs and you never have enough, huh? (And here it's September again! )
I was invited for lunch today by one of my Japanese coworkers, but I had to turn her down as I was way too busy. Such a shame :/

My usual day looks roughly like this: (~ means until in this case)
  • ~8:00am: getting up (I usually set my alarm clock around 7.50am, but in the end I can't get out of my bed before 8am, sometimes I even sleep until 9am *sigh*)

  • ~10:00/10:30am: after finally getting up I get ready for the day (brushing my teeth etc.), prepare my breakfast, eat my breakfast while browsing the internet (lj, news, japanese sites, e-mail etc.)

  • ~12:30pm: what happens now depends on what I need to do (laundry, shopping, cleaning, run errands of some other kind etc. and/OR study Japanese)

  • ~13.30pm: prepare and eat lunch while usually watching something on my laptop

  • ~14pm: getting ready for work which starts at 2pm

  • ~22:00pm: I come home from work, but I often can't leave at 22:00 and have to stay a little bit longer

  • ~0:30/1:00am: I browse the internet one more time (sometimes I have to wash my dishes at night, so I watch something on my laptop while doing so) / I watch a drama/anime and around 0:00am I go to bed to read some Japanese material (just started another novel last night)

Rant about not having enough time, work, translating and students who're being bullied )

Friday night I wanted to go to bed early so that I could get up early on Saturday to study, but then I got caught by the last few episodes of "Smile". I never write about the jdramas I watch anymore, huh?
Smile was horrible to watch and I almost wanted to stop watching it at some point, because it was so hard to watch and bear it. At least "1 litre of tears" warns you with its title, but you don't expect THAT from a drama with the title "Smile", right?
I'm not going to give you any major spoilers, so don't worry. I think the drama has at least ONE good thing, though. It's very self-critical about the Japanese society in general, but prejudices (against foreigners) in particular. I also hate the fact that Japan still has the death penalty!! I'm completely against it! And I heard prisoners often won't know their execution date until the morning of the actual day!!! (SPOILER FOR SMILE LAST EPISODE: and it was the same in Smile .... SPOILER END)

What about your country? Do you have death penalty and what do you think about it?
Jesus, I really should update my "watched jdramas" page (x_X) ....... *headdesk*

Regarding my last entry: I was not very lucky!
It seems it was on TV after all! On Thursday one of my Jr. high students told me. She didn't say much about it, just that she saw me, so I'm not sure if it was horrible or not. Good thing I didn't see it.
Ever since then I haven't heard anything about it anymore, so I just hope that the people who saw it will forget about it soon again.

Regarding the curtains I bought a while ago, I managed to send them back successfully.
Now it's time to look for another set of curtains. They should be thin and white or lightpink(?) to match the curtains I already have. The most important thing is that they are almost transparent so that I still can see what's going on outside.
Something like this, just cheaper. I'll let you know once I've decided what to buy in the end :D I hope this time I get the right ones ┐(-。ー;)┌ヤレヤレ

I cooked!! Yah, for REAL!!!! You don't believe me? ;__; ... )

Japanese green tea ← question! )

Jesus, what a long entry. Sorry! And so random, too!

Pikachu? Raichu? No, it's a bye☆⌒ヽ(*'、^*)chu (((((¬_¬) ....... ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘
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12 September 2009 @ 03:37 pm
[Japan]: Japanese food is NOT healthy!!??  

just a random and quick update today.
It has been a busy week and next week will be even busier , so there's not much time for LJ as I still have a life, too ヽ(°▽、°)ノエヘヘヘヘ ...... (((((¬_¬)

Today was the first day that it actually cooled down quite a bit! It's still summer here in Japan and until yesterday we had temperatures like 30° or something .... today for the first time I could open my window and a fresh cool breeze was enough to keep my room cool enough :) I didn't have to use the air conditioner at all (○゜ε^○)v ィェィ♪
On the other hand I used the rainy day today to catch up with my Japanese studies which have suffered quite a lot lately. After studying kanji and vocab ONLY! for over a year now, I'm finally into grammar ONLY! And .... it's really making me feel dizzy at times.
Of course studying grammar is not always fun (and I enjoyed kanji more!), but there's so much BASIC stuff I didn't know yet (although most of the stuff I figured out before ever learning it - that's the advantage of actually living in the country of your target language).
Anyway ... if my writing is a little bit crappy today, please forgive me ... my brain needs a break now ;)

Swine flu, tuberculosis epidemic and Japanese people freaking out )

Why I originally wanted to write an entry today is because of an interesting post I read over at gaijinpot: Weight gain automatic in Japan, loss automatic in Europe

Her article really catched my attention because as most of you know I'm in a similar situation. Well, I "only" gained like 3kg, but still!
I think not everything she's writing is accurate, but there are some really interesting points I've never thought about so far!!!
I hope you're gonna read her first post, because I'm not going to repeat everything in here.

It's true that there's sugar in almost everything. I remember writing about it when I first came here ... that everything tastes way too sweet!
Now .. after over 1,5 years I don't recognize it anymore .. which is not good, I think.
It's true that all the packed lunches and stuff you can buy at combinis have lots of shit and chemicals in them. Eating that every day is definitely not healthy.
On the other hand I understand why people still do it. It's cheap, doesn't taste too bad and it's FAST!!! Most teenagers, university students and singles either are too lazy or just have no time to cook and cooking for only one person is always a little bit difficult anyway.

Now ... why is everybody saying that the Japanese food is so damn healthy then? The healthiest food in the world?
Well, that might be true if we have a look at the TRADITIONAL Japanese cuisine! Fish, sashimi, rice, seaweed, tofu, soybeans (nattou), green tea etc.

If you cook every day using those ingredients, then yes, I think you live a healthy life, but most people don't, I think. Me neither.
I just don't have time and I'm not a fan of cooking (too lazy). Nevertheless I try to eat healthy.
I think my breakfast is healthy enough (cereals imported from Switzerland / Germany with no sugar - Japanese cereals are too sweet and god knows what kind of crap they put in there) with milk (or soy milk) or yoghurt and fruit (bananas, kiwi, apples, and whatever else is available at the moment).
During lunch time I'm usually still home, so I cook rice and eat it with nattou and tamago onsen / namatamago (生卵 = raw egg) or I just make spaghetti using mostly imported sauces (Italy).
For dinner (as I'm at work then and can't leave the school) I usually buy packed lunch from the supermarket (I THINK that's healthier than combini food).
Combini food is good for 2-4 days, so they DEFINITELY put crap in it. In supermarkets (I think) they prepare the food freshly in the morning and you have to eat it within the day: I try to buy different things depending on what I had for lunch (so I can avoid having rice, fish, meat etc. tiwce a day). I'm not sure if that's healthy, though.
If I can get German whole grain bread online somewhere (but expensive! ;o;) I think I can make my dinner at home and take it with me to work (-> German whole grain bread, Italian olive magarine, some kind of ham, cucumber and carrots raw <- me loves) ... I think that would be quite healthy as well.
I still haven't found any bread I can consider as "healthy" here in Japan:

Genmaicha bread (玄米食パン) is what I recently discovered. It's way darker than normal white bread and tastes quite good and not sweet at all. It seems there's no sugar in it (or they just don't put it on the ingredients list - maybe in Japan they don't have to list everything?!), but I still have to investigate XD if it's really healthy or not.
Oh, and on the right side, new ~> Azuki Maccha (have yet to try it though :3)

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Bye~bu (´∀`*)ノシ バイバイ
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23 August 2009 @ 11:46 am
[Japan]: Health-friendly ~☆彡  
Hello again (^-^)/

Homesickness is almost gone by now, but still there.

Since I came back or rather since I left for Germany I stopped studying at all, so that I'm falling more and more behind my Japanese studies, BUT I really didn't have any time yet.
Hopefully I'll find back to my old pace somewhere next week (-___-'')>

Yesterday I FINALLY DID IT!!!!!!!!

Yes, I finally bought a PROPER mattress for my stupid tatami floor bed!!!!!
It was delivered today in the morning so I couldn't test it yet (well, I did in the shop, but I mean actually sleep on it for a whole night).
Bye bye futons! Bye bye back pains (hopefully :/ ...)
Although I have to admit that my back only hurt the first 2 nights after my return and then I was already used to my hard bed again, but I decided to finally buy a mattress nevertheless :D
And it wasn't as expensive as I thought :D (~ 140$ )

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Yeah ... and that's all XD
I'm in a hurry and just wanted to show my new shiny mattress!

Bye~buh <3333 (=⌒ー⌒=)ノ~☆
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27 July 2009 @ 05:02 pm
[Japan]: Waterless, doctor visits and stuff~  

Thursday -> no water
Friday -> no water
Saturday -> no water (information came out that everybody would get back their water AT THE LATEST BY TUESDAY NEXT WEEK)
Sunday -> no water
Monday (today) -> no water (information came out that they won't be able to give us back our water by Tuesday and that it's more something like Wednesday or at the end of the month!!!!)

WTF!!!!! I'm really pissed by now!!! Not even an apology so far to all the people they cause trouble!!!!!

no water -lifestyle and gyno appointment (Turtle drug stores are polite!) )

Best thing that happened today ^-^ )

I'm sorry. I can't answer to all the new comments right now. It's late at night and usually I don't write entries so late or during a working day, but I was just so pissed, so I had to do a little rant (yet again).
Sorry about that (x___X)

Good night, good fight!
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28 June 2009 @ 06:11 am
[Random]: Karaoke, rubik cube, scary fangirls, earthquakes, garigarki-kun ♬  
Hey everybody (=⌒ー⌒=)ノ~☆・゜:*:゜

It's been a while, huh?
Sorry I've been kind of busy lately.

Friday night after work we (= all my coworkers and me) went to Karaoke. There was a special campaign so we could stay as long as we wanted and drink as much as we could XD
It was a lot of fun and almost everybody came :)
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Something else distracted me from my studies yesterday, though.
Remember that I was talking about the "rubik cube" in one of my last entries? One of my coworkers brought it to work and had a Japanese book with tips which she got from a student.
The last week some students finished that cube in front of us within only a few minutes. That's when I said that I wanted to borrow that cube over the weekend and try it myself.
I spent a few hours trying it yesterday and that's the result:

(= ̄▽ ̄=)V やったね♪ Once you figure it out it's not THAT difficult actually.
I'm just too lazy to remember all the steps by heart. So I still have to stare at my notes from time to time while doing it, so it doesn't look as cool as it would if you'd memorized everything, but that's enough for me XDDDD

Japanese auctions and fangirls are MORE THAN JUST SCARY!!!! O___O )

New Starbucks flavor: Quandi-Caramel. Sounds really nice, haven't tried it yet, though.
The Peach Collagen drink is new and AWESOME!! (*_*)
There's also a new Coke out: with green tea flavor! I tried it, but it doesn't taste any different from normal diet coke :/ (well, I don't really want to imagine coke AND green tea in one anyway XDDDD)

Random, but interesting. There was a poll what drama Japanese people would like to see again and guess what's NUMBER ONE????

Top10 )

The other day there was a light earthquake at night!!!
It was really very weak, but as I was at home and not at work and thus all alone, I was scared a LITTLE bit. I actually have no idea how to behave when there's the real thing. In Germany there are no earthquakes (at least not where I live), so I have no clue about things like that.
The next day I asked my coworkers about it.
Well, luckily that was only the third earthquake so far (in 1,5 years) and all of them were short and light (aka about 1-2 minutes and not higher than 2).

In July I need to get my re-entry permit before I can leave for Germany in August. I plan to go to Iwakuni on the same day, but as the weather forecast tells me it'll rain almost every day next week, I might have to wait a few more weeks (x___X)

I think that's all for today :)
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16 May 2009 @ 05:21 pm
[Japanese]: Study progress, manga love and jfood (*-*)V  
(=゜▽゜)/ ウィッス!! ♪

UWOAh~ it has been an interesting week (though nothing much happened).
WARNING: extremely RANDOM entry ahead~

The last 2 weeks were the first weeks where my new "schedule" began which meant for me THREE AWESOME DAYS OFF peer week.
Last week was not so special because due to Golden Week somehow everybody had a few days off here and there, but THIS week was quite awesome.
Having one more day off per week definitely makes a HUGE difference ^-^

I used that time to study Japanese and finally completed one HUGE stage:

\((( ̄( ̄( ̄▽ ̄) ̄) ̄)))/ヤッター!!ねぇぇ~♪

Well, this only contains:
  • the meaning of the kanji in my language (not in Japanese)

  • how to write the kanji from scratch (correct stroke order and everything although my kanji always turn out to be especially ugly ;o; ..)

  • the common on-yomi of all the kanji that HAVE on-yomi

  • 2000+ kanji (I wonder what the one JLPT kanji is that's missing XDDDD gotta figure that out, I guess XDDD GAH ONE STUPID KANJI WHERE ARE YOU??!! XD) *lol*

Next step's kun-yomi which should be easier. I want to focus on kanji and vocab for a while longer although I REALLY should get into grammar soon as I still suck the most there ``r(^^;)ポリポリ

Anyway, I wanna use this opportunity to share my (so far) favorite kanji with you (*'ー'*)ふふっ♪

  • butterfly

  • it's a very logical and beautiful kanji (an instect that spend one generation on a tree)

  • well, butterfly itself is actually: 蝶々(chouchou), but I'm doing SINGLE kanji here and not kanji compounds ;)

More kanji and the story behind it: Sex talk at WORK???!!! o___O; .... )

I love 桜餅 (sakura mochi)!!! (*_*)

Manga Recommendation: そんな声だしちゃイヤ!Voice of Love )

Alright, this entry took me longer that I intended.

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24 April 2009 @ 08:44 am
[Japan]: Too many applications wipe out Japanese toilets!  
Hey there,

I've been super busy the last few days and still am. So much going on right now.
First of all I'm going to wipe out (aka reformat) my notbeook. It's time. It has been so slow lately and there's so much stuff on it that I don't need anymore anyway.
Of course I'm a little bit afraid of doing so As I'm here in Japan and if I forgot only ONE CD-Rom at home I'm doomed, but ..... I THINK I have everything I need
Let's hope everything works out! If not then at least you know why I won't be online for a while ;o;
The thing I'm worried about the most is Photoshop. I do have a CD-Rom, but if I can't get it to work again, I'll kill somebody. Can't do without PS, right? ;o;

Next I finally made a HUGE UPDATE in my sales entry.
This is the 3rd or 4th huge update now. Usually I don't mention it at all, but people on my f-list were surprised when I told them that I've updated that entry quite often and they were sad that they missed the updates and with that the chance to purchase items they wanted.
So, now I told you, right?

Then at work I'm now in charge of hiring a new teacher (o_o') ...
My boss told me it's top secret and I am not allowed to tell anyone which is completely stupid, everybody knows anyway. What I don't understand is why he CHOSE ME to do that job.
I posted quite a few job ads and am now reading through all the applications. There's a lot of crap, some people are too old or too young (have not even finished university yet), but some seem to be qualified enough.
Then I have to decide which applications look good enough, show my boss and then I'm the one who has to reply to them, ask them questions etc.
That's quite a responsibility and I would rather NOT have it! Furthermore I'm not a native speaker and am now about to hire somebody who should be a native speaker. Feels awkward XD

Probably the biggest news (although no surprise): The Vietnamese finally is GONE!!!! YAY!~ (ahem ...)
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Japanese toilets are NOT love at ALL! )

What else? It's going down with the Japanese society:
SMAP member arrested for stripping naked in a park in Tokyo

Other than that I finally managed to hang Toushiro-chan ... ah ... I mean .... argh, see for yourself:

(* found in K-Books, Ikebukuro, Tokyo and I just couldn't resist although it was not sooo cheap ^^; ...)

Last, but not least some "snack" photos (haven't done that in a while ^^):

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Okay, that's it. Random, random, I know.
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15 March 2009 @ 01:57 pm
[Japan]: Medicine, donuts, cats and garbage-laundry!  

wow what a long week

On Thursday I went to 2 doctors.
First of all I went to the gyno because he wanted me to come back to get the pill then. I had a 1 year supply of the pill which I brought from Germany, but it's almost gone by now, so I need to get a Japanese version of my pill.
It was not easy to find a fitting one, but I hope I got the right one now.
What surprised me was that he only TALKED to me and then gave me the prescription!!! In Germany that would never ever be possible! NEVER EVER!!!
If you want the pill in Germany you need to go through a check-up / an examination. And seriously I feel safer if the doctor does that a few times a year, but it seems to be completely different here in Japan!
Of course Japanese women don't get cancer that often compared to women of other nationalities, but still. Never heard of provision or anything like that, Japan??? Huh?
I guess next time I have to TELL him that I want him to examine me. Jesus *shakes head*
At least I didn't have to wait that long this time.

Medicine and doctor rant )

What I got for White Day ^-^ )

What I bought today <3 )

Okay, one last random thing.
I'm currently reading "Chi" on my ipod touch:

It's REALLY cute and so easy to read ^-^ (even if you don't know much Japanese at all). Perfect for short breaks ^^

Chi - a short insight )

It's almost 10pm now. I'm tired (partly because of the medicine, but also because it has been a long day).
I wanna watch a movie before I go to bed, though. Haven't decided which one yet (300 might be too long XD).

P.S.: I might not post another entry before I leave for Tokyo, so SEE YOU SOON ^-^/

Good night, good fight
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05 February 2009 @ 03:07 am
Setsubun (節分), Risshun (立春), bean throwing day: February 3rd  

Hello f-list,

let's not talk about the latest horror stories that are going on in my life now.
In this entry I just want to talk about the "bean throwing day" in Japan which was 2 days ago on February 3rd.

First of all that day is not a national holiday. But what exactly happens on that day?
You'll see Japanese people throwing beans out of their doors and windows or at somebody wearing a demon's mask while shouting some Japanese words.
Weird? Well ... maybe, but it's also a lot of fun.

We did it at my school, too. We didn't have anybody to perform as demon, so we just went to every single window and door, opened it and threw out a bunch of roasted soybeans (irimame: 炒り豆) while shouting "oni ha soto!" (鬼は外! Demons out!). Then you also throw a bunch of beans inside the room and shout "fuku ha uchi!" (福は内!: Luck in!). It was really a LOT of fun (and a good distraction for me).
After that you eat some roasted beans. The number is fixed, though. You have to eat the exact number of your current age (in my case 28 beans). While I started counting, it became kind of frustrating with "15+" .... if you really have to count until 28 you realize how old you actually are ;____________; .......

Also, on this day you eat makizushi (usually as dinner), but don't cut it. You have to eat the whole thing while facing a specific direction. This year it was north-east, I think. My coworker brought a compass and a small makizushi roll for me. She told me to eat it while facing the direction. You're not allowed to speak while doing so. This will bring you luck. I hope it's true. I really need luck right now.

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Bye~bu (^-^)/
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