05 November 2007 @ 04:32 pm
[JFood]: Bento #11+12, Accessories and Links/Resources!☆ミ  
Hey there!

New week, new bentos ^____^
My last package with bento accessories arrived last week as well. Then I wanted to show you some photos of other people´s bentos, just so you know what is possible. There are GREAT ARTISTS XD out there :)
And finally as promised, I´ll provide links to bento ressources (recipes, where to buy bento stuff etc. pp.) ^-^

Hope you´ll enjoy this post and WARNING OF COURSE IT´S HELLA IMAGE HEAVY! XD

Here we gooohoo~♪

Bento accessories, bento #11+12 )

Other people´s bentos )

More pics and LINKS LINKS LINKS! XD )

Uhh~ that was long
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29 October 2007 @ 12:49 pm
[JFood]: Bentos #9+10 + Accessories!~♪  
Hey ho~

Finally some of my bento stuff (boxes and accessories) arrived last week ^-^
So cute! I especially love the blue usagi bento box, but see for yourself

Okay, so let´s start with the accessories I got

Bento Accessories and Boxes )

Even more bento accs! XD )

Yeah, now I´m almost broke, but who cares? XD .... There´s still one package missing, so look forward to the contents of this one ;)
But now I wanna show you the bentos I made with the help of these accessories ^-^;
Here we go~

Bento #9:

As you can see, I used my bunny bentobox right away ^^
Top tier: soy sauce container, koala chocolate thingies, apple slices, food divider paper, smoked salmon (with Mexican dressing) rolls
Lower tier: more apple slices, rice seasoned with sushi vinegar, sugar and salt, furikake and nori (cutouts: hearts and stars)
Plus: Strawberry-yoghurt chocolate

more photos of bento#9 )

Bento #10 )

Okay, that´s all. Hope you enjoyed it and are not TOO hungry now?!? (^^;) .....
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03 October 2007 @ 09:56 pm
My bento box, first bento, sushi and package from Japan!♪  
Hey there!!

Yesterday I received my last package from Japan. I was totally surprised, because I told Yumi-chan´s mom that I don´t need it right now and they can send it by ship. This way it´s also cheaper, but NOOOO they send it to me last week and now it´s HERE!!!
It was a really nice surprise and I was TOTALLY happy!

The content of this package was:

THIS!!!!! )

3 different Furikake, onigiri molds and sensha which I bought in Ameyoko, Ueno, Tokyo directly (^-^)V
(I should have bought more x___X ....)

more stuff I bought and sushi + bento etc. XDDDD )

my very first bento!!! o____O;;; )

J-dramas + movies: currently watching!~ )

One last thing I found by chance an hour ago:
J stars are only looking good thanks to the cosmetic surgeons!!!! XD

Errrm. Guess that´s it for today ^-^ *runs away*
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