20 February 2008 @ 11:37 pm
[JFood]: Bento #25 + Sushi (forced once again! XD)  
Hey ho~

I'm not feeling that good today, but putting that aside I just found out that I still haven't posted my last bento ............ which I made LAST YEAR .... some time in December
Uh, I suck!
Nothing special, but I thought I should post it anyway before I go to Japan and totally forget about it (^-^')>

Bento #25 + sushi and some onigiri~ )

I really prefer more fish though XD ... but some of my friends don't (want to) eat fish, so I had no choice ;P

今すしが食べたいよ!ε=ε=ε= 。・゜(゜ノT-T)ノ )

Okay, that's all for today!
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09 December 2007 @ 08:12 pm
[JFood]: Bento 23-24 + sushi again!~  
Good evening or whatever time it is where you live (^^')

Although I just posted tons of food pics not too long ago, I dare to post another food entry right now ;P

Remember? I said I made sushi for that Christmas party. I send the photos to my friends as well and they were like:

Me: Hey there! How are you?
Friends: Sushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ ~~~~~((((((ノ゜⊿゜)ノ
Me: Uhm ..... yeah ... well, ... you know .... (-___-') .... anyway I´m doing fine, how are you?
Friends: SUSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! Us wants SUSHIiiii~!!!! (°____________________°)
Me. Hai, hai ... wakatta! (-______-'')
Friends: YATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!~ \((( ̄( ̄( ̄▽ ̄) ̄) ̄)))/ヤッター!!
Me: (((((¬_¬)

Do you love sushi as well??! )

Bento #24 )

Totally random, but:
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06 December 2007 @ 07:02 pm
[JFood]: Sushi, Bento #21-22 + Japan Blabbering!☆ミ  

First of all sorry that I haven´t been around that much lately. It´s a pretty busy week. I try to catch up with my f-list later!

Yesterday I made sushi, because we had a Christmas party @ my university. It was also like a goodbye party, because we won´t see each other very often now that we all graduated. (In Germany there´s usually not a graduation ceremony, although it depends @ which uni you´re studying and WHAT you´re studying)
Anyway everyone brought yummie to eat - and because I just came back from Japan, of course I made sushi (^^'')

My prof. wanted me to tell about Japan, so I did. She was actually in Japan 2 times as well (for work) and she totally fell in love with Japan + the Japanese food - just like me.
So we really talked a LOT about Japan while a lot of the others were listening to us ^^; .... aaahhh~ yappari ... I really love that country and I wanna go back (~____~) .....
Just some things we talked about:
In Japan you won´t see THAT many disabled people. Of course there must be a lot (at least not less than in other countries, esp. if you consider what happened during WWII, nee?). But Japan is a land of ignorance when it comes to this.
They seem to hide the disabled people and when they see some, they tend to ignore them.
This I find very interesting, esp. if you consider that the jdrama "1 Litre of tears" was pretty popular, no?
Another thing is that the contraception method #1 in Japan is not the birth control pill, but abortions!!! It seems that it´s pretty normal for a Japanese woman to have one abortion after another. (that´s why there are so many stone statues with bibs and stuff everywhere - remember I posted photos of them - their kind of mourning work, I guess)
And the rate of divorces is very high after retirement - perhaps because the man who was ALWAYS working till late ... is now suddenly at home all day .... perhaps some couples recognize that they don´t have much in common anymore etc. bla bla.
I thought this was very interesting. (Of course my prof. did some research - that´s why she knew - in case you´re wondering what nonsense I´m blabbering about ;P)

Ahhhhm~ ... anyway here are photos of the sushi I made ^^;

sushi photos ahead! ~only look if you´re not hungry right now ;P~ )

Question (just because I´m curious): Do you prefer to eat your sushi "fresh" (when the rice is still warm and the sushi was just made) or cooled (when it was left in the refrigerator for a while)? ^____^

Bento 21+22 )

My first tamagoyaki. Well ... it´s not perfect yet (plus I don´t have a rectangular pan, but ... oh well~ ^^ .. it was yummie!)

煎茶 が 大好き! ♪♪ )

Request - to my German f-list:
Hat jemand von euch gestern Heroes angeschaut und kann mir grob erzählen, was passiert ist? (;o;) ... ich bin erst kurz vor 1Uhr heimgekommen und dachte die Wiederholung würde wie JEDE WOCHE um 1Uhr kommen, aber AUSGERECHNET gestern/heute haben sie es auf 0Uhr verlegt (und zukünftig bleibt das wohl auch so) .... ;______; ..... 
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26 November 2007 @ 01:00 pm
[JFood]: Bentos #16-20  
Hey ho, f-list, jfood lovers, bento lovers and people who are NOT hungry right now!

Ready for bentos #16-19?! XD )

Bento #20:

This is yesterday´s bento ^^; I have still no sushi rice, but prolly will go and buy one again. I miss onigiri!!! ;___; .... XD

Top Tier: Wiener slices, whole-grain bread with ham and another one with strawberry marmalade
Lower Tier: Apple slices, cucumber slices, 3 tomato-emmentaler sticks (they were totally yummie! ^-^)

Well, you see you can also make bentos without rice or Japanese ingredients at all. (^^;)
That´s all and I´m longing for sushi rice now ;P

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12 November 2007 @ 11:44 am
[JFood]: Bento #13-15 + random photos ^-^  

Another week has ended and here are the bentos of last week. 3 this time, because I had to go to university as well and thus packed a bento box for that as well (^-^)V
(I don´t have to tell you that looking at these pictures might cause major damage to your stomach if you´re hungry right now? XD)

Bento love ahead!~ )

More Bento Love! XD )


Japanese Onsen bath! <3 )
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05 November 2007 @ 04:32 pm
[JFood]: Bento #11+12, Accessories and Links/Resources!☆ミ  
Hey there!

New week, new bentos ^____^
My last package with bento accessories arrived last week as well. Then I wanted to show you some photos of other people´s bentos, just so you know what is possible. There are GREAT ARTISTS XD out there :)
And finally as promised, I´ll provide links to bento ressources (recipes, where to buy bento stuff etc. pp.) ^-^

Hope you´ll enjoy this post and WARNING OF COURSE IT´S HELLA IMAGE HEAVY! XD

Here we gooohoo~♪

Bento accessories, bento #11+12 )

Other people´s bentos )

More pics and LINKS LINKS LINKS! XD )

Uhh~ that was long
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29 October 2007 @ 12:49 pm
[JFood]: Bentos #9+10 + Accessories!~♪  
Hey ho~

Finally some of my bento stuff (boxes and accessories) arrived last week ^-^
So cute! I especially love the blue usagi bento box, but see for yourself

Okay, so let´s start with the accessories I got

Bento Accessories and Boxes )

Even more bento accs! XD )

Yeah, now I´m almost broke, but who cares? XD .... There´s still one package missing, so look forward to the contents of this one ;)
But now I wanna show you the bentos I made with the help of these accessories ^-^;
Here we go~

Bento #9:

As you can see, I used my bunny bentobox right away ^^
Top tier: soy sauce container, koala chocolate thingies, apple slices, food divider paper, smoked salmon (with Mexican dressing) rolls
Lower tier: more apple slices, rice seasoned with sushi vinegar, sugar and salt, furikake and nori (cutouts: hearts and stars)
Plus: Strawberry-yoghurt chocolate

more photos of bento#9 )

Bento #10 )

Okay, that´s all. Hope you enjoyed it and are not TOO hungry now?!? (^^;) .....
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22 October 2007 @ 02:07 pm
[JFood]: Bentos #6-8 ^^;  
Hey there,

boring food porn ahead again, sorry! ;P

#6: dinner after university
#7+8: dinner for part-time job

Here we go~

Bento #6:

More photos of bento #6, 7 and 8 here!~ ^^ )

That´s all! ^-^/
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16 October 2007 @ 04:09 pm
[J Food]: Bento #4+5!~♪  

At the weekend for my part-time job I´ve made 2 bentos again :)
Because I didn´t have much time before leaving, it´s nothing special though.

Bento #4:

more yummie pics + Bento #5 )

Oh and I´ve started a small Bento Gallery (^-^;)

That´s all for today.
Bye buuu~
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11 October 2007 @ 08:54 pm
[Photos]: Bento #2+3 + Questions!~  

I bring you photos of 2 new bentos I made. Nothing special though~

more yummie (?) photos under the cut )

And I have some questions, especially to all of the Germans on my f-list, but also to people living in Europe ([ profile] amvn might be able to help me here as well ^^;;;; ..):

I think I want to order some bento-related things. Now DON´T STOP READING if you´re not interested in bento, please! XDDD .. Especially all the Germans on my f-list!!! *puppy eyes*
The thing is: The last time I ordered stuff from OUTSIDE of Germany (via ebay and the likes) was 7 years (!!!!) ago and I can still remember clearly that I really had problems with the customs and had to pay TONS of moneyZ!
Ever since then I´m afraid of ordering stuff @ ebay and the likes outside of Germany.
So my question is for all Germans (& other EU people, cuz I guess it´s all the same?!): What EXACTLY are the rules? Stuff for how much money am I allowed to order without having to pay to the customs? Do ALL packages automatically land @ the customs or only the packages from USA??? I just want to avoid trouble and save money, so I´m really grateful for tips of any kind (and yes I´m a dork when it comes to these things ^^;;; ............... *sigh* *feels like an obaaaa-chan who does not know anything about the internets XDDDDD)
Is it better to order from a "private person" or an actual shop? I know that the customs allows 45€ from private to private ....

Also: (and this can now be ignored by people who are not interested in bento stuff): Although I´ve already checked out various FAQs, I still don´t know where I should buy my stuff. Any personal recs?
I think I´ll try out JBOX. I still am a bit afraid of ebay, although I have an account ever since errr ... it existed, I guess? XD .... And as far as I know you usually need a PayPal account, cuz most of them only accept this kind of payment, right???

Nya~ am thankful for tips! ^-^/

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03 October 2007 @ 09:56 pm
My bento box, first bento, sushi and package from Japan!♪  
Hey there!!

Yesterday I received my last package from Japan. I was totally surprised, because I told Yumi-chan´s mom that I don´t need it right now and they can send it by ship. This way it´s also cheaper, but NOOOO they send it to me last week and now it´s HERE!!!
It was a really nice surprise and I was TOTALLY happy!

The content of this package was:

THIS!!!!! )

3 different Furikake, onigiri molds and sensha which I bought in Ameyoko, Ueno, Tokyo directly (^-^)V
(I should have bought more x___X ....)

more stuff I bought and sushi + bento etc. XDDDD )

my very first bento!!! o____O;;; )

J-dramas + movies: currently watching!~ )

One last thing I found by chance an hour ago:
J stars are only looking good thanks to the cosmetic surgeons!!!! XD

Errrm. Guess that´s it for today ^-^ *runs away*
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