20 September 2009 @ 08:06 am
[Japan]: No time, translating, cooking, green tea? SMILE! :D ... (o_O)>?!  
Hello everybody,

First of all thank you very much for your comments to my last entry
I've been so freaking busy this whole week. I guess I'm still not used to work that lasts from Mo-Fr without a break C= (-。- ) フゥー
I know I shouldn't complain, that's your normal work schedule plus it's only every other week anyway, but I feel that I don't really have enough time for ANYTHING!
Yesterday I finally managed to finish another step in my Japanese studies, doing almost (see later) nothing but studying.
Today I won't have so much time to study as I have to clean my apartment, wash my laundry, answer e-mails, write entries etc.
It's amazing how fast time runs and you never have enough, huh? (And here it's September again! )
I was invited for lunch today by one of my Japanese coworkers, but I had to turn her down as I was way too busy. Such a shame :/

My usual day looks roughly like this: (~ means until in this case)
  • ~8:00am: getting up (I usually set my alarm clock around 7.50am, but in the end I can't get out of my bed before 8am, sometimes I even sleep until 9am *sigh*)

  • ~10:00/10:30am: after finally getting up I get ready for the day (brushing my teeth etc.), prepare my breakfast, eat my breakfast while browsing the internet (lj, news, japanese sites, e-mail etc.)

  • ~12:30pm: what happens now depends on what I need to do (laundry, shopping, cleaning, run errands of some other kind etc. and/OR study Japanese)

  • ~13.30pm: prepare and eat lunch while usually watching something on my laptop

  • ~14pm: getting ready for work which starts at 2pm

  • ~22:00pm: I come home from work, but I often can't leave at 22:00 and have to stay a little bit longer

  • ~0:30/1:00am: I browse the internet one more time (sometimes I have to wash my dishes at night, so I watch something on my laptop while doing so) / I watch a drama/anime and around 0:00am I go to bed to read some Japanese material (just started another novel last night)

Rant about not having enough time, work, translating and students who're being bullied )

Friday night I wanted to go to bed early so that I could get up early on Saturday to study, but then I got caught by the last few episodes of "Smile". I never write about the jdramas I watch anymore, huh?
Smile was horrible to watch and I almost wanted to stop watching it at some point, because it was so hard to watch and bear it. At least "1 litre of tears" warns you with its title, but you don't expect THAT from a drama with the title "Smile", right?
I'm not going to give you any major spoilers, so don't worry. I think the drama has at least ONE good thing, though. It's very self-critical about the Japanese society in general, but prejudices (against foreigners) in particular. I also hate the fact that Japan still has the death penalty!! I'm completely against it! And I heard prisoners often won't know their execution date until the morning of the actual day!!! (SPOILER FOR SMILE LAST EPISODE: and it was the same in Smile .... SPOILER END)

What about your country? Do you have death penalty and what do you think about it?
Jesus, I really should update my "watched jdramas" page (x_X) ....... *headdesk*

Regarding my last entry: I was not very lucky!
It seems it was on TV after all! On Thursday one of my Jr. high students told me. She didn't say much about it, just that she saw me, so I'm not sure if it was horrible or not. Good thing I didn't see it.
Ever since then I haven't heard anything about it anymore, so I just hope that the people who saw it will forget about it soon again.

Regarding the curtains I bought a while ago, I managed to send them back successfully.
Now it's time to look for another set of curtains. They should be thin and white or lightpink(?) to match the curtains I already have. The most important thing is that they are almost transparent so that I still can see what's going on outside.
Something like this, just cheaper. I'll let you know once I've decided what to buy in the end :D I hope this time I get the right ones ┐(-。ー;)┌ヤレヤレ

I cooked!! Yah, for REAL!!!! You don't believe me? ;__; ... )

Japanese green tea ← question! )

Jesus, what a long entry. Sorry! And so random, too!

Pikachu? Raichu? No, it's a bye☆⌒ヽ(*'、^*)chu (((((¬_¬) ....... ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘
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13 December 2007 @ 10:22 pm
[JFood]: Ochazuke ♥, Genmaicha and random stuff  
Sorry this entry will be pretty random, but I just felt like ... being random, I guess XD~

First of all: Some of you might remember me totally crazy about a Japanese dish called "ochazuke" (お茶漬け), right?
"My" beloved Japanese host family served it to me. It looked like that )

And today I finally "made" ochazuke by myself for dinner!

Recipe )

ahem ... which brings me to the next "topic":

I killed Santa Claus!!!!~ )

Last, but not least: Ahhm, ... I was stupid enough to post at the JE STALKER MEME without knowing what it´s about XD ...
but it seems I have to post the link to my comment there in my own journal, so that other people can write down there?! XD *looool* ... don´t mind me! XD ... 本当にバカだよね!( ̄▽ ̄)うへへへぇ~

.... (no, this is NOT a worm .... I think (@_@) ...)

*wants to eat another bowl of ochazuke ;o;*
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06 December 2007 @ 07:02 pm
[JFood]: Sushi, Bento #21-22 + Japan Blabbering!☆ミ  

First of all sorry that I haven´t been around that much lately. It´s a pretty busy week. I try to catch up with my f-list later!

Yesterday I made sushi, because we had a Christmas party @ my university. It was also like a goodbye party, because we won´t see each other very often now that we all graduated. (In Germany there´s usually not a graduation ceremony, although it depends @ which uni you´re studying and WHAT you´re studying)
Anyway everyone brought yummie to eat - and because I just came back from Japan, of course I made sushi (^^'')

My prof. wanted me to tell about Japan, so I did. She was actually in Japan 2 times as well (for work) and she totally fell in love with Japan + the Japanese food - just like me.
So we really talked a LOT about Japan while a lot of the others were listening to us ^^; .... aaahhh~ yappari ... I really love that country and I wanna go back (~____~) .....
Just some things we talked about:
In Japan you won´t see THAT many disabled people. Of course there must be a lot (at least not less than in other countries, esp. if you consider what happened during WWII, nee?). But Japan is a land of ignorance when it comes to this.
They seem to hide the disabled people and when they see some, they tend to ignore them.
This I find very interesting, esp. if you consider that the jdrama "1 Litre of tears" was pretty popular, no?
Another thing is that the contraception method #1 in Japan is not the birth control pill, but abortions!!! It seems that it´s pretty normal for a Japanese woman to have one abortion after another. (that´s why there are so many stone statues with bibs and stuff everywhere - remember I posted photos of them - their kind of mourning work, I guess)
And the rate of divorces is very high after retirement - perhaps because the man who was ALWAYS working till late ... is now suddenly at home all day .... perhaps some couples recognize that they don´t have much in common anymore etc. bla bla.
I thought this was very interesting. (Of course my prof. did some research - that´s why she knew - in case you´re wondering what nonsense I´m blabbering about ;P)

Ahhhhm~ ... anyway here are photos of the sushi I made ^^;

sushi photos ahead! ~only look if you´re not hungry right now ;P~ )

Question (just because I´m curious): Do you prefer to eat your sushi "fresh" (when the rice is still warm and the sushi was just made) or cooled (when it was left in the refrigerator for a while)? ^____^

Bento 21+22 )

My first tamagoyaki. Well ... it´s not perfect yet (plus I don´t have a rectangular pan, but ... oh well~ ^^ .. it was yummie!)

煎茶 が 大好き! ♪♪ )

Request - to my German f-list:
Hat jemand von euch gestern Heroes angeschaut und kann mir grob erzählen, was passiert ist? (;o;) ... ich bin erst kurz vor 1Uhr heimgekommen und dachte die Wiederholung würde wie JEDE WOCHE um 1Uhr kommen, aber AUSGERECHNET gestern/heute haben sie es auf 0Uhr verlegt (und zukünftig bleibt das wohl auch so) .... ;______; ..... 
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06 November 2007 @ 04:24 pm
[Icons]: 134 Bento, Tea, Sushi and Cat Icons!~  
Hey there!

It´s been a long time since I´ve last made an icon post, right? (^^;) Gomen, gomen!
By now I have tons of icons lying around, so there will be some entries again
So here is now part 1.
As most of you might have noticed by now, I´m pretty bento-obsessed lately, so there are a lot of bento icons ^3^

For the bento pictures, if you see a bento that was made by you and you want me to write down your site, blog or lj user name, please let me know. If you don´t want others to use your bento as an icon, please let me know and I´ll take it off my site immediately!

That said, I hope you´ll like them.


Icons in this post: [134]

[113] x Bento
[015] x Tea
[003] x Sushi
[003] x Cats

お弁当大好き!♪ )
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19 May 2007 @ 08:30 pm
[Photos]: New green teas ! ^-^  
Hey there! ^-^/

I´ve ordered some new green teas online.
I´ve never tried out these, so I was curious! :)

I´ve ordered 3 different Kabuse teas: Bancha, Hojicha, Kukicha. I´ve only tried Bancha up till now. I love it a lot, so I´ve ordered it again this time. And I´ve ordered one Sencha (second flush).
Here they are:

Read more... )

I´m curious: If there are any (Japanese) green tea freaks fans out there could you tell me YOUR way of making green tea?
What is the best way in your opinion?
Some Japanese people seem to do it this way:
Put the leaves in a teapot, pour water on it, brew it and then LET THE LEAVES IN THE WATER IN THE TEAPOT! ... Use a filter while pouring the tea into your cup.
It´s not very good if you try this with high quality Japanese tea, because it becomes bitter very FAST!!!!
So my way is this:
I use a filter for the leaves right away. I put the filter into the teapot and pour water in it. I brew it, then I remove the filter with the leaves and that´s it!!!
I usually don´t make a second or third extraction(?), do you??

I´m looking forward to hearing your opinions and experiences about this!
Thanks a lot in advance *bows* XD
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05 November 2006 @ 06:30 pm
[Icons]: 71 Icons of FMA, HxH, Basara, DB etc. !!~ ^^  
Hi everyone Finally there is a new batch of icons !! ^______^
I hope you´ll like them :] - Here we gooo~


Icons in this post: [71]

[19] x random (tea, sushi, japan...)
[19] x Fullmetal Alchemist / Bluebird´s Illusion
[10] x Legend of Basara
[10] x Hunter x Hunter
[08] x Dragonball
[05] x Haru wo daiteita

Dakaraaa~ haruka kanata ! )
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14 April 2006 @ 06:30 pm
Matcha ~ my first try !  
So, ....I´ve finally bought matcha/macha !!! Oh man, I spent about 55€ on tea and accessories x___X;; (Ha ! This time I´ve looked it up: 1$ = 0,82€ right now XD ~ so I spent 66$ !)
The most expensive was the matcha stuff x___X But I don´t regret buying it ^-^;;
The 茶せん / chasen (bamboo whisk) cost 16€/19$, the clay cup 20€/24$ and the matcha itself 10€/12$ x___X;; (yeah and of course I bought some other green tea, too ^^;;;)


my green tea collection )

mEh trying to make matcha x_X )

Jaa, that´s all. Has anyone tips or so for mEh ? .___.
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18 March 2006 @ 06:42 pm
Green Tea Time~  
Hn~ I´ve just bought a proper tea set ^-^
It was not so cheap, but well .... (all in all about 40€, must be a little more than 40 $ I think O___o;; ....)


more about it here +~ )
My favourites are:
[x] Shogun (green tea from Ceylon and Indonesia flavoured with raspberry, rhubarb and vanilla ~ with apple pieces in it ^^)
[x] Natsu Kaori [it´s Japanese and means: summer aroma] ~ (it´s really mild, green tea from India, Japan and Ceylon flavoured with strawberry and vanilla ~ with strawberry pieces in it)
[x] China Wuyuan Jasmin (from China, province Jiangxi)
[x] Japanese Sencha (I like this tea especially when eating sushi <3)

I would like to try Japanese Gyokuro soon, but that´s pretty expensive. Anyone tried it out already ?
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