05 February 2009 @ 03:07 am
Setsubun (節分), Risshun (立春), bean throwing day: February 3rd  

Hello f-list,

let's not talk about the latest horror stories that are going on in my life now.
In this entry I just want to talk about the "bean throwing day" in Japan which was 2 days ago on February 3rd.

First of all that day is not a national holiday. But what exactly happens on that day?
You'll see Japanese people throwing beans out of their doors and windows or at somebody wearing a demon's mask while shouting some Japanese words.
Weird? Well ... maybe, but it's also a lot of fun.

We did it at my school, too. We didn't have anybody to perform as demon, so we just went to every single window and door, opened it and threw out a bunch of roasted soybeans (irimame: 炒り豆) while shouting "oni ha soto!" (鬼は外! Demons out!). Then you also throw a bunch of beans inside the room and shout "fuku ha uchi!" (福は内!: Luck in!). It was really a LOT of fun (and a good distraction for me).
After that you eat some roasted beans. The number is fixed, though. You have to eat the exact number of your current age (in my case 28 beans). While I started counting, it became kind of frustrating with "15+" .... if you really have to count until 28 you realize how old you actually are ;____________; .......

Also, on this day you eat makizushi (usually as dinner), but don't cut it. You have to eat the whole thing while facing a specific direction. This year it was north-east, I think. My coworker brought a compass and a small makizushi roll for me. She told me to eat it while facing the direction. You're not allowed to speak while doing so. This will bring you luck. I hope it's true. I really need luck right now.

Read more... )

Bye~bu (^-^)/
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25 July 2008 @ 08:53 am
[Japan]: Hiroshima, BBQ, Matsuri, Food  
Hey everybody,

how are you?
It's been a while and a lot of things were going on lately.
First of all I want to let you know that one of my photobucket accounts' bandwidth has expired. I don't have the time to reupload ALL of the pics, but they will be automatically back after some days (maybe 2 weeks), so please be patient.
I'm sorry for this, but it seems quite a lot of people were staring at my pictures, far more than commenting here , so I was kind of surprised that the bandwidth broke down XDDD

Anyway last Friday I went to Hiroshima for the first time (!) together with [ profile] leviosa8. I didn't check out any sightseeing spots, because she has seen all that stuff already and I can go another time alone to do so, so we spent a lot of time SHOPPING for fandom stuff. It was a great day. Actually I wanted to do another "Day of my Life"-entry for this day, but I was so busy that day that I forgot to take photos after a while (^^'')> .... sorry!
We went there by local train which took quite a while (~ 3 hours), but was ABSOLUTELY worth it! The landscape and the ocean, the nature, mountains, all the green, it's so beautiful. I tried to take some photos out of the train:

Hiroshima, the sea, random discoveries )

On Saturday was a normal working day. Nothing special to report.

On Sunday though we had a BBQ. We, that is our boss, his family and all (?!) of my coworkers.
Well .... all is not true. Actually I was the ONLY non-Japanese person there! All the other foreign teachers didn't come for various reasons XDDDD .... But for me it was great! Surrounded by Japanese people only, I got to practice my Japanese quite a lot and it was REALLY on of the best days here so far (well all days off when I can leave this small city are great! XD) .....

The SEA!!!! HOMG!!! And yummie food and and and ... kyah! <3 )

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So as you can see I've been quite busy lately. During work days I don't have time for anything and when I do stuff like THAT *points above* on my days off, then I really don't have time for anything else.
I still have to plan my vacation which will start soon, but I didn't have time yet.
Any recs for me? I wanna go to Beppu and Nagasaki. Anything else that you can recommend to me and that is not tooooo far away from .. let's say Hiroshima/Fukuoka????
I'd really appreciate it!

I will be quite busy in the next few weeks as well. Just wanted to let you know, so please don't expect me to write or comment much :/
Sorry ;__; .....

And finally as always: FOOD PHOTOS :D )

Hungry? Well, I am! )

Okay that's all for now!
Going to take a break now and eat the ogurapan :D

See ya! (^-^)/
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29 June 2008 @ 01:10 pm
[Japan]: Oh, rainy Sundays <3  
Good evening (or whatever time it is where you live)!

I just realized that it's already the end of JUNE!! J.U.N.E.!!! I mean .... I just came here, right? No! Already 4 months passed since then and I know I repeat myself by saying that time definitely runs too fast! *sigh*
Rainy season is still at its best here and so it's another rainy Sunday, but that's okay! I enjoy being lazy today, which basically means I use me free time to study as much Japanese as I can and watch a little bit of German stuff as well as Japanese stuff.
Not to mention that I had to clean up my apartment and all, too XDDD That's why rainy days are good :D - from time to time that is!

It's still very strange for me that even though it's raining so much, it's still soooo damn humid! Usually I'm a person who doesn't sweat at all, but the Japanese climate is really something I tell you! At least for me as someone who usually lives in Germany. Our summers and warm days are limited and when it gets too humid, we have a nice, heavy thunder and lightning spectacle with tons of rain and after that, nice FRESH air!!! Not so here in Japan *melts*
I'm not complaining, I'm just telling you that this kind of weather is new to me and I think it's interesting. I might suffer in August, though XD ... I don't want to imagine how it is when it's REALLY hot here ;)

Of course "thanks" to the heat there are tons of mosquitos here and everywhere (T_____T) ...... most of the time I manage to keep them out of my apartment, but as soon as you got somewhere outside, they'll eat you alive (T___T)
Now .... I come from a very rural area of Germany and am .... at least I thought so ... used to various kinds of mosquitos .... but what's going on .... or rather crawling and flying around here is really .... AMAZING!! Just ewww!!!
They do have quite a lot of mosquitos that seem to be dangerous, too! To mention only one: スズメバチ (>____>'') ......

"It can't always rain."

Hana Yori Dango love ^-^ )

new drama season )

Read more... )

As for TEH loud bitch: Has a long story finally come to an end?
After my last entry my boss once again phoned the apartment management. They just laughed it off, so my boss stayed firm and tried to convince them, that it's not funny anymore.
They finally took action after that. It seems that up until then they didn't even inform her parents!!! So no wonder she didn't react at all! I think it was mainly a communication problem, but I'm not sure.
Anyway the thing is that one of her friends who is always joining her parties lives exactly one floor above, so of course she wouldn't complain about the noise as she herself is part of it! All the more both of them said that they turned down the volume after 12am that night, HAHA! As if!!!
And now the best of all!!!!! They talked to TEH bitch directly, too, and she started to cry and said she was afraid when I was banging against the wall. UHHHM ... yes, ..... of COURSE!! Then why the hell was she never reacting to my banging and why the hell were all of them laughing when they heard me banging against the wall?
I guess she wanted to play the innocent Japanese girl that's dissed by TEH EVIL FOREIGNER that has nothing better to do than banging against her wall in the middle of the night *headshakes* .... HOW BITCHY CAN A BITCH BE???? Seriously, there is something wrong with that girl.
Anyway .... thing is that the apartment next to her (the one on the other side) is empty (so no wonder nobody was complaining!) .... and they asked her to move there! It's only next door, but 1 apartment farther away from me! With 1 more wall and 1 apartment in between us she can't her my banging anymore (*giga-rofl*) and I shouldn't be able to hear her shit anymore.
Now .... ever since then she has been super-quiet and I thought if it's going to be like that, she can stay! It seems she finally got it! ...... but then she moved out and next door this weekend! Of course I'm happy about that, BUT at the same time totally afraid of who will move in next door after her. Of course it won't be right away, but what if it's another university student? This appartment complex seems to be full of university students! What if it's one of her friends? What if that person is even louder than her (if that's even possible ....)?
I think a second time the apartment management won't help me anymore and I'll be the one who has to move out then. *sigh* .... So for the time being the problem is solved, but I live in .... fear of who might move in next (T__________T) ..... maaah, doesn't help if I worry now anyway ...

holiday planning and about Japan's TRUE religion )

Very delicious cake I bought 2 days ago. It even has Azuki beans! It was really yummie (*___*)v

more yummie photos )

Okay, that's it for today! *hugs all*
(Please ignore typos and other mistakes, I'm too lazy to re-read this today XD ...)

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15 June 2008 @ 11:20 am
[Japan]: I loves jfood! <3  
Hey everybody,

yes the unfaithful tomato XD is showing somehow a sign of life again! I'm sorry it seems I just can't manage to update on a regular basis anymore even though I want to.
I've noticed that a loooooooooooooooooooot of people have defriended me lately (about 3-4 people per day!). Guess there's nothing interesting I can offer anymore XD I understand that completely, so it's okay :)

Anyway I'll try to update at least a little bit now.

2 days ago I went to Kokura together with [ profile] leviosa8. They have Mandarake and Animate, Starbucks and THE OCEAN! <3 Me loves!! (*__*)v
Anyway it was a nice and relaxing trip after a lot of busy days at work :)

Kokura + TEH loud bitch! and a firefly festival with lots of staring?! )

On another note: Right now I try to study as much Japanese as I can in every free minute! I really want to become fluent and ever since I came here I'm more motivated than ever.
Of course I hear Japanese every day wherever I go and I read some Japanese every day (mostly doujinshi though) although I don't understand much of it.
I bought quite a lot (too much -___- ...) of study material and am currently preparing for the 3kyu although the preparations are almost done. I think the only weak point right now is my non-existant grammar knowledge. After that I'll start to prepare for the 2kyu, but I'm not going to take it THIS December of course! That's impossible XD .... I still wonder if I should take the 3kyu in December though.
Apart from studying for the tests, I still wonder how to study Japanese. What would be a good method? Well for now I'm going to work through all the books I've already bought, that will keep me busy for quite a while, but if there is anyone on my f-list who wants to tell me in detail how they're studying Japanese (esp. those who are already intermediate or advanced level) that would be nice *offers cookies*
By this I don't mean "oh I study Japanese at university ..", but more detailed information. How exactly do you study grammar, kanji, vocab, etc. pp. (^^;)

See? I really have too much stuff by now! (T__T) ...

Random food moments )

Sometimes you just need Starbucks ... and if there is no Starbucks near, then you need to bring Starbucks near ... or so ... XD

I loves natto~ )

It's cheap, easy and fast to make and tasty! What else do you want? :D

Raw egg AND natto?! Are you kidding me?? Random fandom + oddity moments )

Hmm, I guess that's it for now.
I have to get ready because I'm meeting [ profile] leviosa8 in 1 hour, we're going to watch Indiana Jones :D

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13 December 2007 @ 10:22 pm
[JFood]: Ochazuke ♥, Genmaicha and random stuff  
Sorry this entry will be pretty random, but I just felt like ... being random, I guess XD~

First of all: Some of you might remember me totally crazy about a Japanese dish called "ochazuke" (お茶漬け), right?
"My" beloved Japanese host family served it to me. It looked like that )

And today I finally "made" ochazuke by myself for dinner!

Recipe )

ahem ... which brings me to the next "topic":

I killed Santa Claus!!!!~ )

Last, but not least: Ahhm, ... I was stupid enough to post at the JE STALKER MEME without knowing what it´s about XD ...
but it seems I have to post the link to my comment there in my own journal, so that other people can write down there?! XD *looool* ... don´t mind me! XD ... 本当にバカだよね!( ̄▽ ̄)うへへへぇ~

.... (no, this is NOT a worm .... I think (@_@) ...)

*wants to eat another bowl of ochazuke ;o;*
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09 December 2007 @ 08:12 pm
[JFood]: Bento 23-24 + sushi again!~  
Good evening or whatever time it is where you live (^^')

Although I just posted tons of food pics not too long ago, I dare to post another food entry right now ;P

Remember? I said I made sushi for that Christmas party. I send the photos to my friends as well and they were like:

Me: Hey there! How are you?
Friends: Sushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ ~~~~~((((((ノ゜⊿゜)ノ
Me: Uhm ..... yeah ... well, ... you know .... (-___-') .... anyway I´m doing fine, how are you?
Friends: SUSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!! Us wants SUSHIiiii~!!!! (°____________________°)
Me. Hai, hai ... wakatta! (-______-'')
Friends: YATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!~ \((( ̄( ̄( ̄▽ ̄) ̄) ̄)))/ヤッター!!
Me: (((((¬_¬)

Do you love sushi as well??! )

Bento #24 )

Totally random, but:
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06 December 2007 @ 07:02 pm
[JFood]: Sushi, Bento #21-22 + Japan Blabbering!☆ミ  

First of all sorry that I haven´t been around that much lately. It´s a pretty busy week. I try to catch up with my f-list later!

Yesterday I made sushi, because we had a Christmas party @ my university. It was also like a goodbye party, because we won´t see each other very often now that we all graduated. (In Germany there´s usually not a graduation ceremony, although it depends @ which uni you´re studying and WHAT you´re studying)
Anyway everyone brought yummie to eat - and because I just came back from Japan, of course I made sushi (^^'')

My prof. wanted me to tell about Japan, so I did. She was actually in Japan 2 times as well (for work) and she totally fell in love with Japan + the Japanese food - just like me.
So we really talked a LOT about Japan while a lot of the others were listening to us ^^; .... aaahhh~ yappari ... I really love that country and I wanna go back (~____~) .....
Just some things we talked about:
In Japan you won´t see THAT many disabled people. Of course there must be a lot (at least not less than in other countries, esp. if you consider what happened during WWII, nee?). But Japan is a land of ignorance when it comes to this.
They seem to hide the disabled people and when they see some, they tend to ignore them.
This I find very interesting, esp. if you consider that the jdrama "1 Litre of tears" was pretty popular, no?
Another thing is that the contraception method #1 in Japan is not the birth control pill, but abortions!!! It seems that it´s pretty normal for a Japanese woman to have one abortion after another. (that´s why there are so many stone statues with bibs and stuff everywhere - remember I posted photos of them - their kind of mourning work, I guess)
And the rate of divorces is very high after retirement - perhaps because the man who was ALWAYS working till late ... is now suddenly at home all day .... perhaps some couples recognize that they don´t have much in common anymore etc. bla bla.
I thought this was very interesting. (Of course my prof. did some research - that´s why she knew - in case you´re wondering what nonsense I´m blabbering about ;P)

Ahhhhm~ ... anyway here are photos of the sushi I made ^^;

sushi photos ahead! ~only look if you´re not hungry right now ;P~ )

Question (just because I´m curious): Do you prefer to eat your sushi "fresh" (when the rice is still warm and the sushi was just made) or cooled (when it was left in the refrigerator for a while)? ^____^

Bento 21+22 )

My first tamagoyaki. Well ... it´s not perfect yet (plus I don´t have a rectangular pan, but ... oh well~ ^^ .. it was yummie!)

煎茶 が 大好き! ♪♪ )

Request - to my German f-list:
Hat jemand von euch gestern Heroes angeschaut und kann mir grob erzählen, was passiert ist? (;o;) ... ich bin erst kurz vor 1Uhr heimgekommen und dachte die Wiederholung würde wie JEDE WOCHE um 1Uhr kommen, aber AUSGERECHNET gestern/heute haben sie es auf 0Uhr verlegt (und zukünftig bleibt das wohl auch so) .... ;______; ..... 
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26 November 2007 @ 01:00 pm
[JFood]: Bentos #16-20  
Hey ho, f-list, jfood lovers, bento lovers and people who are NOT hungry right now!

Ready for bentos #16-19?! XD )

Bento #20:

This is yesterday´s bento ^^; I have still no sushi rice, but prolly will go and buy one again. I miss onigiri!!! ;___; .... XD

Top Tier: Wiener slices, whole-grain bread with ham and another one with strawberry marmalade
Lower Tier: Apple slices, cucumber slices, 3 tomato-emmentaler sticks (they were totally yummie! ^-^)

Well, you see you can also make bentos without rice or Japanese ingredients at all. (^^;)
That´s all and I´m longing for sushi rice now ;P

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12 November 2007 @ 11:44 am
[JFood]: Bento #13-15 + random photos ^-^  

Another week has ended and here are the bentos of last week. 3 this time, because I had to go to university as well and thus packed a bento box for that as well (^-^)V
(I don´t have to tell you that looking at these pictures might cause major damage to your stomach if you´re hungry right now? XD)

Bento love ahead!~ )

More Bento Love! XD )


Japanese Onsen bath! <3 )
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05 November 2007 @ 04:32 pm
[JFood]: Bento #11+12, Accessories and Links/Resources!☆ミ  
Hey there!

New week, new bentos ^____^
My last package with bento accessories arrived last week as well. Then I wanted to show you some photos of other people´s bentos, just so you know what is possible. There are GREAT ARTISTS XD out there :)
And finally as promised, I´ll provide links to bento ressources (recipes, where to buy bento stuff etc. pp.) ^-^

Hope you´ll enjoy this post and WARNING OF COURSE IT´S HELLA IMAGE HEAVY! XD

Here we gooohoo~♪

Bento accessories, bento #11+12 )

Other people´s bentos )

More pics and LINKS LINKS LINKS! XD )

Uhh~ that was long
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29 October 2007 @ 12:49 pm
[JFood]: Bentos #9+10 + Accessories!~♪  
Hey ho~

Finally some of my bento stuff (boxes and accessories) arrived last week ^-^
So cute! I especially love the blue usagi bento box, but see for yourself

Okay, so let´s start with the accessories I got

Bento Accessories and Boxes )

Even more bento accs! XD )

Yeah, now I´m almost broke, but who cares? XD .... There´s still one package missing, so look forward to the contents of this one ;)
But now I wanna show you the bentos I made with the help of these accessories ^-^;
Here we go~

Bento #9:

As you can see, I used my bunny bentobox right away ^^
Top tier: soy sauce container, koala chocolate thingies, apple slices, food divider paper, smoked salmon (with Mexican dressing) rolls
Lower tier: more apple slices, rice seasoned with sushi vinegar, sugar and salt, furikake and nori (cutouts: hearts and stars)
Plus: Strawberry-yoghurt chocolate

more photos of bento#9 )

Bento #10 )

Okay, that´s all. Hope you enjoyed it and are not TOO hungry now?!? (^^;) .....
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22 October 2007 @ 02:07 pm
[JFood]: Bentos #6-8 ^^;  
Hey there,

boring food porn ahead again, sorry! ;P

#6: dinner after university
#7+8: dinner for part-time job

Here we go~

Bento #6:

More photos of bento #6, 7 and 8 here!~ ^^ )

That´s all! ^-^/
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16 October 2007 @ 04:09 pm
[J Food]: Bento #4+5!~♪  

At the weekend for my part-time job I´ve made 2 bentos again :)
Because I didn´t have much time before leaving, it´s nothing special though.

Bento #4:

more yummie pics + Bento #5 )

Oh and I´ve started a small Bento Gallery (^-^;)

That´s all for today.
Bye buuu~
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11 October 2007 @ 08:54 pm
[Photos]: Bento #2+3 + Questions!~  

I bring you photos of 2 new bentos I made. Nothing special though~

more yummie (?) photos under the cut )

And I have some questions, especially to all of the Germans on my f-list, but also to people living in Europe ([ profile] amvn might be able to help me here as well ^^;;;; ..):

I think I want to order some bento-related things. Now DON´T STOP READING if you´re not interested in bento, please! XDDD .. Especially all the Germans on my f-list!!! *puppy eyes*
The thing is: The last time I ordered stuff from OUTSIDE of Germany (via ebay and the likes) was 7 years (!!!!) ago and I can still remember clearly that I really had problems with the customs and had to pay TONS of moneyZ!
Ever since then I´m afraid of ordering stuff @ ebay and the likes outside of Germany.
So my question is for all Germans (& other EU people, cuz I guess it´s all the same?!): What EXACTLY are the rules? Stuff for how much money am I allowed to order without having to pay to the customs? Do ALL packages automatically land @ the customs or only the packages from USA??? I just want to avoid trouble and save money, so I´m really grateful for tips of any kind (and yes I´m a dork when it comes to these things ^^;;; ............... *sigh* *feels like an obaaaa-chan who does not know anything about the internets XDDDDD)
Is it better to order from a "private person" or an actual shop? I know that the customs allows 45€ from private to private ....

Also: (and this can now be ignored by people who are not interested in bento stuff): Although I´ve already checked out various FAQs, I still don´t know where I should buy my stuff. Any personal recs?
I think I´ll try out JBOX. I still am a bit afraid of ebay, although I have an account ever since errr ... it existed, I guess? XD .... And as far as I know you usually need a PayPal account, cuz most of them only accept this kind of payment, right???

Nya~ am thankful for tips! ^-^/

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09 October 2007 @ 06:02 pm
[Japan Photos]: TeH fOoD!!!~  

it´s time for the BEST thing about Japan: Right, I´m talking about THE FOOD and everything food-related.
Before we start, let me warn you, you will DEFINITELY get VERY hungry after this entry. If you´re okay with that, then please enjoy the pics (^^;;)

And a second warning: IMAGE HEAVY LIKE ALWAYS!!! (^^;)
(meaning about 140 photos *coughs*)

Sweets and Snacks )

Drinks )

Bento )

Vitrine Food )

Vending machines )

Random )

Various dishes )

Read more... )

Café stuff )

Speaking of maid cafés. We went to one in Akihabara of course (photos will follow another time). This is what I ordered there ^^

WOAH HELL! This was soooooo much work and now I´m hella hungry! I´m going to use my new rice cooker and make me delicious now ^^;
Bye~ ^-^/ Hope you enjoyed it with me! :)
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03 October 2007 @ 09:56 pm
My bento box, first bento, sushi and package from Japan!♪  
Hey there!!

Yesterday I received my last package from Japan. I was totally surprised, because I told Yumi-chan´s mom that I don´t need it right now and they can send it by ship. This way it´s also cheaper, but NOOOO they send it to me last week and now it´s HERE!!!
It was a really nice surprise and I was TOTALLY happy!

The content of this package was:

THIS!!!!! )

3 different Furikake, onigiri molds and sensha which I bought in Ameyoko, Ueno, Tokyo directly (^-^)V
(I should have bought more x___X ....)

more stuff I bought and sushi + bento etc. XDDDD )

my very first bento!!! o____O;;; )

J-dramas + movies: currently watching!~ )

One last thing I found by chance an hour ago:
J stars are only looking good thanks to the cosmetic surgeons!!!! XD

Errrm. Guess that´s it for today ^-^ *runs away*
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19 May 2007 @ 08:30 pm
[Photos]: New green teas ! ^-^  
Hey there! ^-^/

I´ve ordered some new green teas online.
I´ve never tried out these, so I was curious! :)

I´ve ordered 3 different Kabuse teas: Bancha, Hojicha, Kukicha. I´ve only tried Bancha up till now. I love it a lot, so I´ve ordered it again this time. And I´ve ordered one Sencha (second flush).
Here they are:

Read more... )

I´m curious: If there are any (Japanese) green tea freaks fans out there could you tell me YOUR way of making green tea?
What is the best way in your opinion?
Some Japanese people seem to do it this way:
Put the leaves in a teapot, pour water on it, brew it and then LET THE LEAVES IN THE WATER IN THE TEAPOT! ... Use a filter while pouring the tea into your cup.
It´s not very good if you try this with high quality Japanese tea, because it becomes bitter very FAST!!!!
So my way is this:
I use a filter for the leaves right away. I put the filter into the teapot and pour water in it. I brew it, then I remove the filter with the leaves and that´s it!!!
I usually don´t make a second or third extraction(?), do you??

I´m looking forward to hearing your opinions and experiences about this!
Thanks a lot in advance *bows* XD
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23 February 2007 @ 02:23 pm
[Photos]: How to make sushi (!?)  
Hey everyone

I was invited to a Japanese family where we made sushi together.
I just want to show you what and how we made it ^^ It´s not VERY detailed though, gomen ne ! :/

Anyway I learned a lot of usefull stuff this time and I want to try it out soon ^___^

So here we go:

First of all I was shown how to make the tamago (egg) for the tamago maki.

Read more... )

I was also told that it´s best to cut the sushi like this: always cut it into halves !!!
(I still need a good and sharp knife ;__; ... we don´t have any sharp knives ! .___. ...)
That means you cut the whole roll into half, then you take one of the halves and cut it into half again and so on :)

and here´s the outcome ! Yummie !! )

P.S.: If you want to see other sushi I made some time ago:
Go here and / or look here.

That´s all.
Can´t wait to try it out myself ^__^
If anyone has more useful tipps, don´t hesitate and tell me ;)
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06 July 2006 @ 09:08 pm
Second try ~ Sushi and Onigiri ♥  
Hehe~ some time ago I made sushi and onigiri again. (yes both in one day XD because I had too much fillings and stuff ^^; ...)
I was nervous because of the sushi - the last time it was during a cooking course with a professional cook ^^ ... and this time I was all alone o_________o ....

If you want to check out my first tries, here you go:
my first onigiri
my first sushi

Are you hungry ? I AM ! )
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13 June 2006 @ 06:17 pm
My first onigiri + instant miso soup XD  
So as promised. Here are some pictures of my miso instant soup (not very spectacular).

Futhermore I´ve finally managed to make some onigiri \^____^/
So here you go.

instant miso soup )

onigiri )

Some questions:
• Do you eat your onigiri rather cold or warm ?
• What´s your fav onigiri ?
• Suggestions for 'EASY to make' fillings (easy and cheap !) ??
• Hints: How to make a triangle form ? I´m too stupid for it ;__;
Sushi: I don´t have a recipe so: How much rice vinegar do I have to add per gram rice ? o__O
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