10 February 2017 @ 08:16 pm
[JDrama]: Chihayafuru Live Action Part I + II  

So, I got around to watch the “Chihayafuru” live action.

There are two movies:
"Kami no ku" (上の句, upper phrase) and "Shimo no ku" (下の句, lower phrase) (*of course referring to the karuta poems)

As you know, I loved the anime and also the manga.
But like previously mentioned it’s a series where “sound” is very important, so I prefer the animated version.
I love the poems / songs so much. ^_^

Naniwa-zu ni - Sakuya kono haana - Fuyu-gomori - Ima o haru-be to - Sakuya kono hana... )

If you've already watched the movies, let me know what you think about them!
Looking forward to reading your comments.

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30 April 2010 @ 02:04 pm
[Japan]: The sexy Toma manual rant with limited plushies and fairy tale movies! XD  

I have the feeling it's been a while since I posted a non-photo, non-travel related entry? *scratches head*
Well, there you go, but I warn you, because it's been a while this entry is loaded with random stuff like WOAH!!

Where to start?
A rant? Yeah, let's get that one done first, so we have some time later for more interesting stuff XD
Lately, I wonder what I've been doing. I'm sure some of you remember my rants about "not having enough time to study" / "wanting to have time for other things than study and work" / "getting off the internet some more" / "experiencing Japan some more instead" etc.
Well, I guess this is just a sequel to it. (〃´o`)=3
Gero geeeero!!!!!~ XD )

Let's move on to more amusing things, ok? :D

Like ... the AnAn issue with Toma ON and IN it?!↴

But Toma is not the only interesting thing in this issue, wanna know more about the sex manual ??!!!!! Read on! )

Let's get back to my internet obsession and thus to Poupéegirl.
It's gotten more and more evil lately. The newest event is probably one of the BEST and cutest EVER!!!! THE ZOO AND AQUARIUM EVENT!!
I'm a sucker for cute animals as you probably know!!

Read more... )

........ and even more Poupée stuff )

P.S.: If you're reading about Poupée here for the first time and want to try it out, let me know. Signing up and playing is free of charge and if you sign up via me we both get benefits (*_*)v [/advertisement]

And for those, not interested in Poupée at all, I'm sorry to bore you!!
Maybe the next one is more to your liking???

Yesterday night I FINALLY watched "パコと魔法の絵本" - or "Paco and the Magical Picture Book". It was awesome! I was really surprised!
I think this is actually a movie I keep so that I can watch it again some other time.
I loved the colors of that movie!! I loved the actors and crazy characters. It's like a modern fairy tale, but actually I don't want to tell you ANYTHING about the movie!
You have to experience it by yourself! That movie lives from its colors, atmosphere, soundtrack and crazy characters. I'm afraid that my words wouldn't come up to the awesomeness of this movie.

Instead, I'll throw some screencaps at you and I hope that they'll lure you <3
Once upon a time in a hospital ....

Let the magic begin (*_*)v )

That's all folks.
Congrats if you actually managed to read and browse through all the pics until here. Great job! Now go and watch the movie, go to Poupée and get the Limiteds or get a Japanese bf/gf to test if the above is true or not! XD
Can't believe it'll be already May tomorrow (o__o') ... gotta go and wash my dishes and then my hair.

(´∀`*)ノシ バイバイ❤
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28 January 2007 @ 04:44 pm
[Review + Conclusion]: 電車男 / Train Man (Movie, 2005)  
Hi everyone,

so I finally watched the Densha Otoko movie.
First of all of what I heard it was like that:
1) the book - 2) then the movie - 3) then the series
And let me say this right now: The series is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better ! Why ? Well, I´ll explain right now :)

First of all the main characters:

So who´s our clumsy otaku here ?

Do you recognize him ? Yes it´s Yamada Takayuki! He´s pretty handsome. You prolly know him from various other dramas like Water Boys, H2 - Kimi to Itahibi, Taiyou no Uta (and have I mentioned that he was in Lunch Queen ?! .. YES everyone is in Lunch Queen ... don´t believe me ? HAH!!! XDDD)
So .... he wasn´t very convincing as Densha Otoko !!!! He´s just too goodlooking and he wasn´t able to be as clumsy as the drama Densha Otoko ! Even his stutter was pretty poor ! I was really disappointed :/

Read more + NO SPOILERS if you know the drama )

So, that´s what the movie was about !!!
It was of course waaay too short, but I´m glad that it was that short, cuz I didn´t like the actors ... well I DO like them .. but not in THESE roles !!! Go drama, go !!!! The drama is way better !!! ^___^

As you might know the story is at least a little bit true .. there was a thread like that where they chatted and stuff, but more about that in my next entry about Densha Otoko (cuz I have some pics and stuff for you and putting them in here would just be too crowded !)

Erm~ yes that´s all for now ^-^
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