10 February 2010 @ 04:50 am
[Japan]: Ningen Shikaku photobook, VDay, cellphone and more!♬  
It's very rare that I post on a working day, but I just HAVE to! (*___*)v
(although I will have to hurry up like hell later on in order to not be too late for work (^-^')> ....)

Monday was a busy day, but at least I was able to update my gaijincard (you have to do that after renewing/updating your visa). Now my gaijincard will expire (2012) before my visa (2013)!!! XD I never thought that would happen XD
I also went to the hospital after being sick for 3,5 weeks now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They couldn't really help me - I just got the usual ewwwy powder medicine. Well, I had to go to the hospital for a different reason anyway, so it was okay.
AND I managed to go to Softbank and ask them about my contract (all ALONE) and I understood everything. I was waiting for one of my coworkers to go with me in case I need a translator, but they kept saying they had no time, so I figured I should go before my contract really expires XD

Should I get this phone or not???!!!! )

In other news: I got the "Ningen Shikaku" photobook today!!! (*_________________*)v
KYAH!! It's full of Toma-kun! <3 There hasn't been any Toma photobooks yet, probably because he has yet to have his debut. Of course he was in the Hanakimi photobook, but that was not really TOMA ONLY, this time IT IS!!!! (almost!)
It's only 1800yen and I got it even cheaper because I could use my Amazon points XDDDD

Some hot and cute photos here! )

VD is coming!!! <333 )

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That's all!
Gotta get ready for work now.

BYEBU!~ ☆⌒ヽ(*'、^*)chu
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06 February 2010 @ 01:28 pm
[Random]: LJ is following me XD + MeroMeroLove!  
*just pops in for a sec* ... (((((¬_¬)

HOMFG! *lol* XD As if my tweets were interesting XD
But it seems they added quite a lot people today XD

Campaign @ MeroMeroPark!
For those of you who are playing MeroMero, I hope you read about the campaign! Send a Valenine letter to one of your friends, receive one back and you'll get a cute cupcake!
Everything is already Valentine's Day themed over there and really cute (*__*)v

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Brrrb. That's all for now. Just came back from work some time ago, am still sick and need to get ready for a farewell party now. Am super tired, but I wanna has good foodZ .... oh, while typing that I just noticed I need to take my camera with me this time. GAH!

Yes, I has the ability to write shorter entries as well XD
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30 January 2010 @ 02:39 pm
[Online Game]: MeroMero Park ☆彡  

So after Poupéegirl it seems I've found another addicting fucking time-consuming Japanese "online game".


It's probably a modern version of a PC "Tamagochi"! Not as addicting as Poupéegirl (yet!), but really very cute and thus maybe interesting for some of you.
There are even some similarities to Poupéegirl as you will see later on.
I registered (free!) yesterday and decided to write a short "review".
And yes I really don't have any time and trying out new addicting online games doesn't really help!!!

The website is completely in Japanese (there seems to be a Taiwanese version as well, though), but still quite easy to navigate.
I'll try to explain the most important points here, but if you still need help, there's also a community especially for this game here on LJ: [ profile] meropar

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If you decide to join, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!
I'll send you an invitation e-mail!!! As I just started I don't know the benifits yet, but if it's like Poupéegirl then we'll both profit by it (*_______*)v EDIT: There are not benifits it seems ... well other than that we're automatically added as friends which is nice as well. If you want to join Poupéegirl, then please also let me know. You'll get a dress-up item as present and 30 ribbons as present (= money at Poupéegirl).
Also, I have no friends there yet, so if you already are a member feel free to add me (^-^)v (Although I do NOT intend to use it on a daily basis, study study studyyyyyyyyy arrrrgh!!!)

And now I have to hit myself for yet digging up another (too cute) time-consuming website.
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