01 March 2012 @ 07:36 am
[Away Notice]: No internet for a while  
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21 September 2007 @ 07:49 pm
Back from Japan~  
Hey there!!!

I´m finally back from Japan.
Those 3 weeks flew by too quickly. Well that was expected, but I had SUCH a great time there!
I think it was worth saving money and not travelling anywhere else because of that the last 7 years!!! ^-^;

I´m still tired and exhausted, but very happy right now. On the other hand I miss Japan already, especially the food.
There´s so much I wanna tell you and write down, but I think everything will take a while. There are over 3500 photos *coughs* (There are still missing the ones of [ profile] hesaki and the Japanese friend of mine at whom´s home I stayed. Well, obviously I´m not going to post all of them, but the best ones of course!!!)
I´m still sorting the photos out, so it will take a while. Please be patient, nee?

I´ve bought my ass off XDDDDD
I´ve bought tons of Toma stuff, Johnny´s stuff, Doujinshis (especially Dragonball, Capt. Tsubasa (Minami Ozaki stuff KYAAAH!!!!), Naruto, FMA, HxH, Death Note and YuYuHakusho. I´ve also bought tons of Pinky St. dolls and magazines (Potato, Wink up and the likes), the Hanakimi drama book (KYAH SOOOOO MANY GREAT TOMA PICS!!! *___*), Arashi photobook and the photobook of the movie Boku wa imotou ni koi wo suru ^____^;
Photos of Johnnys and drama actors, posters, character cards, handystraps....
And stuff like tea, and furikake etc.

Well, you´ll see everything sooner or later (^^;)

Harajuku is EEEEVIL!!! E:V:I:L I tell ya!!!!! Watashi no saifu, kawaii sou ;__; .. XDDDDD Ikebukuro is evil as well XDDDDD
And Purikura is fun, but .... yeah XDDDDDD

I love Osaka very much, but Kyoto as well.
For Tokyo I think I love Harajuku, Ikebukuro, Shibuya and Ueno the most <3333
For food .. I don´t know I think I love EVERYTHING!!! And yes I ate EVERYTHING, I even like natto XDDDDDD Yaaah, yaah~

So before questions appear like: where did you go, what did you eat etc. pp. I will write that sooner or later. I just have to think about how to organize everything. I can´t make an entry with EVERYTHING, y'know XD

We went to some drama locations like the Ebisu Garden Place of Hana Yori Dango, the goodbye bridge of Pride or the Tattoria of Bambino (yes, yes, photos will follow ^_~).
We saw the making of a movie, the making of a drama and I alone saw ... hmm ... guess it was a documentation or so at Tokyo Tower with an actor even I knew, but at that moment I didn´t know exactly from where. So I made some photos secretly although it was forbidden XD
After that I checked and found out that he was in Densha Otoko ^___^ KYAH! <3 (no, not Atsushi Itou XDDDD)
Yes, those photos will follow as well.
Looks like I´ll be pretty busy the next few days or weeks. But I also want to read everything I bought and check it out and watch dramas (GEH I have to catch up (T___T) ....)

And DO NOT MENTION Kimura Takuya the next few days please, he was like EVERYWHERE because of the HERO movie and NO I DID NOT WATCH THE MOVIE!!! XDDDDDDD
<~ *Kimura phobie right now* XDDDDDD

I´m sorry for not commenting or writing any entries, but I didn´t want to waste any time while I was in Japan. I hope you understand (^^'')
I´ll try to catch up with everything within the next few days, please be patient.

So for now some random photos! ^-^;

Tokyo Tower. I´ve made TONS of photos of it. Day and night. (^^;;)

In Akihabara - needless to say prolly. Also needless to say that I really loved Akiba? ^-^; ..... and no, no Toma anywhere ;__; .... XDDDDD *sigh*
But I think I´ve found a drama location of Akihabara@Deep, but I still have to check it (~_~)>

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Was there anything interesting or shocking or whatever going on while I was away?

And many MANY thanks to all of you who commented on the last entry and wished me a good journey!!!! ^___^
I love you all <33

Guess that´s it for now.
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29 August 2007 @ 03:06 pm
[Hiatus]: 3 weeks away~  
Hey there!

It´s finally time.
Tomorrow I´m going to Japan.
So there will be a HIATUS for that time. I´m sorry (well ... actually I´m NOT XD *coughs*)

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21 July 2007 @ 01:52 am
[Notice]: Mediafire again!~*sigh*  
After some people kept telling me that this and that MF link isn´t working anymore, I checked almost all of my download links and recognized that Mediafire deleted a WHOLE bunch of my stuff AGAIN! (-___-'')
This really begins to piss me off! Especially because I don´t get why some files are kept while others are deleted. Even parts of the SAME file!!! Some of them get deleted, some not. Where´s the sense in that???? 

Oh well. I just wanted to let you know, that I´m going to re-upload the stuff that isn´t working anymore.
The Megaupload links work still fine, so EVERYTHING is still available, but for those people who can´t use MU this might be a pain.

Especially the Hana Yori Dango II episodes. I just REUPLOADED all the MF links 1 month ago and it was SO much work and they´re almost ALL deleted again.
So there would be no meaning in reuploading it AGAIN, just to see it deleted in 1 month, no?

I´m going to reupload it on Divshare. So far I didn´t have any problems with Divshare. Downloading and uploading isn´t troublesome at all!

I´m also NOT going to use servers like Sendspace or YouSendIt for large files, because they won´t last long - it would be just the same as the MF links that get deleted after 1 month.

I hope everyone understands (T___T)
And I don´t know when I have time to re-upload everything, because I´m still busy with re-uploading the HanaDan anime which was .. OH SURPRISE also deleted by TEH GREAT MF (T___T) .... and then I´m still busy with uploading Hanakimi every week, so I really don´t know when I´ll have time to.  Gomen!!! (;__;) 

*hands cookies to everyone who wants to kill MF now* XDDDD ,,,,,((((;゜□゜)_◇~~


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10 May 2007 @ 10:13 pm
System Crash  
My laptop stopped working yesterday.
And that when I don´t have any time!

Well we couldn´t fix it, so I had to delete everything and format it.
It was a load of work, but now it´s working again (T_____________________T)

Of course I´ve lost a lot of stuff.
But I could save most of my graphics and stuff (x__X;)

I had to re-download my fonts and am still missing some.
I now have the German version of Photoshop which sucks pretty much. But if I can´t bear it anymore I have an old version (PS v.7) in English (.___.)>
AAAAND I forgot to save my winamp skins!!! AAAH!! (;__;)
Can anyone recommend sites where to find winamp skins of animes or jdramas or whatever? AAAH I want my old stuff back (T__T)

Oh well ...

And some of my e-mail accounts aren´t working anymore *beats up Outlook* So if I haven´t answered on some comments or so, it´s just because I didn´t get any notification!

Guess that´s it!

At least I managed to reinstall the most important things! よかった!ε-(ーдー)ハァ

The reason for this "crash"? Not sure, but I think it was because I installed a codec pack for audio and video (T__T) ....

*very tired now* (=____=)
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30 April 2007 @ 02:10 pm
[Information]: No Hiatus, but .. + [Review + Conclusion] Kizarasu and Gal Circle  
Hey there!

I´m really sorry that I don´t update that often lately. Same goes for commenting. SORRY!
I don´t have much time right now and I won´t have much time for the next months as well.
I though about it, but I don´t want to go on hiatus. I´ll try to upload stuff from time to time, it just won´t be THAT often like before, at least for the next months.
Also I can´t comment so often like some of you might already have noticed :/ I apologize in advance, but there is nothing I can do.
I try to read everything and I try to comment as often as possible!!!! I just wanted to let you know that ! *sigh* (T_________T)

Okay enough of my whining! On to the hopefully more interesting part :P

1.) Go here and download it @ [ profile] bittersweet_bun´s journal, because it´s hilarious and great and *squee* ZOMG!! soooooooooooo many cute boys in one place! XD I wish I were there at Tokyo Tower to welcome the new year!! AAAHH!!!!!! (T-T) Even Tokio was there. I LOVE Nagase Tomoya, I LOVE HIM!!!!!! He´s soooo damn hot! I really have to watch Tiger and Dragon ;__; ...

2.) Death Note:
Because a lot of people kept getting on my nerves saying I should read Death Note, because it´s sooo great, I did so. Finally.
It´s more or less the only thing I´m into right now, because there´s no time for more :/
Right now I´m at volume 9! (out of 12 vol.)
And what should I say? All those people weren´t lying!! It´s really a GREAT and interesting series!!!! ... and E.X.C.I.T.I.N.G.!!! (*________________*)
I love L and I hate and love Raito at the same time (T___T) ... aww .....
but ... of course I didn´t like what happened in vol.7 .... so I don´t like the story from there onwards soooo much, but still .. I can´t stop reading, because I wanna know what happens next and especially how it´ll end.
When I have more time again, I´ll also watch the anime AND the movies ^-^.... although I don´t like the actor they chose for Raito (.____.) ... but L looks quite nice ♥ and YAAAY Erika Toda !!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

3.) Gal Circe - Review and Conclusion:

Information, Review, Conclusion, Screencaps ... )

4.) Kisarazu Cat´s Eye - Review and Conclusion:

Information, Review, Conclusion, Screencaps, blabbering, ... )

5.) Short Request:

I really love the ending songs of both of this series:
Arashi - A day in our life
Fujiki Naohito - Hey friends!

So if anyone on my flist has one or both of these and would like to share them, I would REALLY be happy!!!! (^-^;)> .... ♥♥

That´s all!
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17 April 2007 @ 05:10 pm
No comments = not wanted ??!!!  
Hey everybody !

First of all I´m curious: How´s the weather where you are right now ?
It´s soooooo damn hot right now in Germany and that´s REALLY rare for APRIL!!! (Last year we still had snow that time of the year!)

Okay no I´ve got a little problem here (I´ve seen that I´m not the only one btw.) and I thought I might ask you what you think about it.
It´s about people not commenting when they download stuff from me.
Usually I´m no comment whore, not at ALL. But the thing is: If no one is commenting MEH thinks: "Oh, okay, so nobody wants this :/" and I stop uploading the stuff.
One example: the Prince of Tennis screencaps - I´ve stopped uploading them, because almost no one commentend and then I thought no one is interested anyway, so why should I bother and waste my time with it ??? ... shortly after that people began to request PoT screencaps .... a la "why did you stop ?? I always downloaded your stuff and I want more !!!"
D'UH!!!! How should I now ?? Huh ?? If no one is commenting how should I know ?

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So ... what to do ?

As you might know there are some people that just friends-lock their media / download entries.
I don´t want to do that ! I never thought about that. Also I don´t think that people comment more then XDDD

Another option is that you just don´t post the download links and tell the people if they want it, they should leave their e-mail address and have the link sent to them by mail.
.... But I don´t like that either! ... Furthermore it would be a lot of work right ???

So what do you think about that ? Any suggestions ?

I´m not a fortune teller, so I just don´t know what people like and what I should continue to work on and what might be wasted time.

P.S.: Thanks to ALL the people that have taken part in the poll!!! I´d never imagine that so many people would answer these questions !!!

*lol* As I thought 62% wanted to see more Hana Yori Dango icons ! XD
So here are the winners:
and the Oscar goes to... )

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22 March 2007 @ 09:05 am
[Information] Mediafire  
Just a short notice, because I JUST RIGHT NOW recognized this.

All, ALL of the files I´ve ever uploaded on mediafire were ERASED !!!! ALL !!!!!
Plus my account there was deleted as well ... which means all of the HYD II episodes can´t be downloaded via Mediafire anymore.
(Did s.o. else have this problem as well ?)

*sigh* I don´t know if I will create a new MF account and re-upload ALL of the files (because 11 episodes a ~6 parts will take like forever and who says they won´t be erased again shortly after that ?)

That´s all (-____-;) .....

edit: Okay it seems there´s "only" a temporary problem with Mediafire in general. I´ve seen that links of other people won´t work properly as well (°-O)>
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31 January 2007 @ 08:20 pm
Because someone really, REALLY reaaaaaally stupid is obviously hotlinking some of my files, a LOT of my graphics will be down soon.

Say THANK you to that stupid yerk ! THANKS A LOOOOT for being so stupid !!!! Really thanks !!!!!
I have no choice but to delete all the files, because I don´t know WHICH ones are being hotlinked :/ .... but I´ve just checked my account and recognized that it was going up for 5% in 10 minutes !!!!!!!!!!! I have accounts with A LOT more pictures and never even came CLOSE to bandwidth limit .....

SO THANK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE !!! And I´m sure a lot of other people are happy about that, too !!!!

03 December 2006 @ 05:33 pm
[Introduction]: My Japanese journal !!~ ( ^-^)_且~~~  
Yes, I´ve finally decided to start a Japanese livejournal:

[ profile] densha_onna

さあ おいで! ヽ(゜▽゜ )-C<(/;◇;)/...... )

............. That´s all
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31 October 2006 @ 04:10 pm
[Announcement]: Graphics on hiatus !~  
Yeah an announcement to my all the people that have me on their flist (^-^;)

... hehe~ (Oi, why am I laughing ? That´s not funny at all XD) *cough*
As I´ve already told you at my last icon post, I´ve got final exams at my university till the end of october and also other work to do.
Therefore time-consuming graphics like icons or lovebars will be on hiatus until then.
I will still upload screencaptures and bases (that I´ve already made) and stuff like that though~

And if I have a LITTLE time I WILL make some new icons, I promise ^^ so there will prolly be some BEFORE the end of October XD~

Just wanting to let you know that. Hope you understand :/

じゃあ またね
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