01 August 2010 @ 06:05 pm
My new laptop! <3  
Okay, hello, hello!~

Finally I have some time to show you my new shiny (well, not really! XD) laptop!!!
As you all know I had to wait for it like what seemed to be forever! It was supposed to arrive on July 14th at the latest and in the end it came on the 26th (at a time when I was so busy that I didn't really get to touch it until the 29th!!!!!!) *sigh*

Anyways, waiting is finally over and here we go!!~

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As you can see they're pretty much equally thick! :)

As for performance (the main reason why I needed and wanted a new laptop) the Lenovo is awesome so far!!!
4GB Ram and the new i5 CPU are really fast!!!
So far programs all run smoothly and a few times faster than before!! The difference is REALLY huge!! I hope it'll stay like that for a while. That's why I spent so much money to get one of the newest processors out there that won't be outdated too soon!

And what's good about the new laptop? )

Meanwhile I'm still trying to fight the heat.
I have the feeling that it's getting hotter every day! No kidding!
There were a few days last week when it was cloudy and windy, so it was a bit nicer to be outside, but now we're back to sunny weather (x__X)
In order to stay cool, I drink a looooooooooooooooooooot. Mainly water, but I always also drink other things and I love to try out new things such as

New Starbucks: Orange Chocolate (have yet to try!)
Sunkist!! (HOMG! Didn't know they have this in Japan as well! ^^)
Yuzu juice! Sooooo yummie!!!! It's from Kochi! I wonder why I didn't try this when I was in Kochi last year!! I wanna drink it again (*_*)v

I'm also fighting the heat and monster mosquitoes on Poupee!!! My Poupee week:

I really like that yukata! I'm still thinking about buying one for real, but I'm too stupid to get dressed up by myself ;o; ......

More dress-ups of this week!~ )

I can't believe that I'll already have summer vacation next week around this time!!
Time sure runs fast, especially if you have so many problems to solve every day (O_O'') ...
Anyways, I'm really looking forward to it!!!
I can't believe that Nagoya is even hotter than here! I read something about 36°C!!! I can't even imagine it to be hotter than now!! (x__X) ...
Last preperations still need to be done, though.
I'm still not sure what to take with me on Mt. Fuji. (clothes!) Any suggestions?
I don't really wanna spend a lot of money and get stuff I never wear again.

Alright, that's it!
Thanks a lot for reading! (^-^)/~
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22 July 2010 @ 09:28 pm
[Japan]: Still sick (reasons?) - still no laptop (reasons? XD) - and stuff!~  

Thanks to everybody for the "Get well soon"-wishes here. It seemed to help, after a week I'm slowly getting better.
My nose is still running and I still keep killing millions of innocent tissues, but it's somewhat getting better.
I still have a slight fever. I just took my temperature and was shocked to see that it's still slightly over 37°C!! (o__o'') ..... AGAIN!! Actually it was gone for 1 or 2 days and now it's back (o_o'') ...
My nose or my whole breathing system still don't work normally, I'm coughing every now and then and that after SEVEN days (with!!! medicine).
That's a little bit strange. Maybe I should go to a doctor after all. Especially because I want to climb Mt. Fuji in just a few days and in my current condition this is not an option!!!!!

Laptop Ranting again (yeah, I still don't have it ...) .. you can skip this if you want to x___X ... )

People suggested I should eat healthier, but honestly, I think I eat quite healthy already.
Of course there's always a lot of room for improvement!

I don't smoke or drink.
I eat cereals (without sugar) with fresh fruit (mostly banana, kiwi and whatever else is in season) + milk/yoghurt or soy milk for breakfast.
Lunch is usually bread (unfortunately no German whole-grain bread :( ... but I try to get dark bread, e.g. genmaicha bread) with cheese or ham, and raw vegetables (cucumber, carrot, tomato), sometimes also with olives (so expensive in Japan!)
And dinner is often packed lunch I bought in the supermarket (which I think is still healthier than the conbini store food!!!) or - if I have a day off like today - rice with natto/vegetables or spagetthi or something like that (I usually don't REALLY cook).

That was today's dinner. Spaghetti Carbonara with a half-boiled egg on top (*___*)v Yummie!!!!

Sport Advice please and ThE WoRlD cUp! )

In other news I FINALLY updated my SALES ENTRY!

Quite a huge update this time!! Make sure to check it out! Don't tell me later you missed something!!
And I hate the character limit here on LJ!!! At least paid accounts shouldn't have that!!!!

In a few days there's a reunion of high school graduates. I graduated from high school 10 years ago. Some of the people I haven't seen ever since then.
I'd love to go, but of course I CAN'T!! I'm in Japan, so there's no way! Some of my friends are going, though. I already told them that they need to tell me every little detail! XD

Last but not least: My Poupée month(s): June and July

June Bride Event:

Traditional in kimono :)

~ Dress-Up TiMe, Baby! ~ )

And that's it for now!!!
A lot of whining again. I wish I could update about more interesting and happier things!
I don't like how things go lately. I hope it'll get better again from now on!!
Also, sorry that I'm sooooo late with answering comments, e-mails etc.!!! I tried to catch up a bit today, but couldn't completely finish and since my fever seems to come back I'm not sure what'll happen in the next few days.
Wish me luck (>_>'') .....

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14 July 2010 @ 11:46 am
No laptop for me? What now?!  

Yes, I am still alive. I've just been busy with many things and there was not really anything to write about.
Why I write now has a good reason. I need your advice again.
Just like with my camera I have a huge problem with my laptop.

I ordered it over 2 weeks ago. It was scheduled to ship on the 13th. Nothing happened.
I called Lenovo today and (although I didn't understand everything) it seems that it will at least take 1-2 more weeks. (-_-) This causes a lot of trouble because I might already be gone for summer vacation by then!
They do have a policy that if the product is over 14 days too late, you can cancel your order and get all your money back.
I consider doing that. I told the lady on the phone, that I have to think about it and will let them know tomorrow or so.

Why am I always so unlucky?
My old laptop is not really usable anymore! So many things I can't do anymore already.
I have to restart it several times a day. I was counting the minutes until I get a new laptop and now THIS!!!!! *sigh*

There are not really many alternatives, though.

I could go back to the Macbook I was considering a while ago.
They promise to send it out within 2-3 working days.
Drawback: it's much more expensive (over 180.000yen vs. the 140.000yen I paid for the Lenovo) and it's another OS and we already discussed that a while ago.

Another alternative I was considering before ordering was HP's Elitebook 8540w.
This is more expensive as well (same as the Macbook!!) and only comes with a 32-bit Windows 7 OS edition.
No idea how long this would take to get to me. Couldn't find any info on the page...

I'm so angry and tired/stressed right now because this laptop issue has been bothering me for so long and when I thought it was finally solved this had to happen.
There are still so many other things going on right now I have to take care about, I really need a break!!!

So, what would you do? :(

Doesn't really give Lenovo a good reputation when they can't do as promised at all!!!
I guess when there's a problem with my laptop, sending it in to get it repaired will take half a year as well.
You know, usually there's a reason why people order a laptop. And the reason is not that they want to use it in HALF A YEAR, but NOW!!! -__-

JESUS! Why always me? :/

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25 June 2010 @ 05:41 pm
[Japan]: Unlucky days, rain and laptop terror  
What a day!!! What an unlucky day!!!
Well, I think it already started a few days ago, but today's (hopefully) the peak (-__-'') I'm sooo exhausted!
Actually this entry wasn't planned to be like it will be now as something happened today which made me change or rather add something to it.

I'm not sure where to start.
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I turned on my laptop, wanted to update Twitter, but it (= the laptop) was bitchy again. Wouldn't let me type and behaving strange, so I did a restart.
Then, I suddenly got (and for the first time ever!!) A BLUE SCREEN!!!!!!! It told me something about a hardware error (please contact your ... blah ... saying something about the memory) - honestly I was so shocked and close to a heart attack that I didn't bother reading it.
I plugged it out immediately, tried again, started in safe mode, it worked. I turned it off, started in normal mode, and LUCKILY it still worked!!!!
But that's it!!! All the problems HAVE BEEN hardware problems. That just confirms it and maybe I don't have much time left until my laptop dies on me for real!! *panic*
Back home I wouldn't worry that much, because my family members and friends have computers I could use as long as I'm laptop-less, but here in Japan??? No no no!! I would be soooooooooooooooooo doomed!!!

So JUST yesterday I decided to wait some more and relax a bit, and just observe the Japanese market for prices to drop, but NOW I don't think I still have that option!!!
Or rather I don't wanna risk a dying laptop and then being internetless, not even able to order a new laptop!!!!

So, here's the FINAL ROUND!!! I promise ;o; .....

It will be a match between some really different opponents! Actually they couldn't be more different!!!

Lenovo's/IBM' ThinkPad T510 vs. Macbook Pro 15''
EDIT: And the winner iiiiiiiissssssssssss~~~~~~ THINKPAD!!!!!

Thanks so much everybody!!!!
Will order it tomorrow. Have to get some money on my card first. Unfortunately it'll take 1-2 weeks (bc it's a custom order). Lets hope my old laptop will be okay until then!!

Will this be a tough decision? Will I have to rob a bank? Will you help me do so? XD )

I don't like rainy season very much, but I hate the summer heat and humidity even more.
One good thing about the rainy season or June in general are the hydrangeas!!! They're sooo beautiful and colorful :D

These are some photos I took a few days ago when it wasn't raining ^-^

more photos <3 )

Thanks so much for reading.
And thanks so so soooooooooooo much for your advice in the previous entries!! You can't imagine how helpful it has been, really!!!!
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23 June 2010 @ 10:56 am
New Notebook (#3) - last minute decision?!  
Yes, it's annoying.
Yes, I still didn't buy a new notebook.
Yes, I'm extremely tired and exhausted because I don't get enough sleep as I have so many things to do right now.

This will be really quick, though.
I just wanna hear your opinion a last time (<- hopefully). As I'm so sleepy I'm not sure that I can still think clearly and as there is a time limit until tomorrow I have to decide quickly.

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Here's the 2 ThinkPads I'm considering:

custom order (some choices to make!)
With the choices I made, it'll cost 91.350yen (and without the campaign it would cost 170.000yen - which doesn't matter because this model is available at many other shops for around 117.000yen (but with not so good hardware!!!!! only 2GB RAM, smaller HDD etc.)

custom order
I only chose things I really, really need. Of course a faster CPU and a bigger HDD would be nice, but to keep the price low, I didn't choose it.
It would be 128.730yen (without the campaign it would be 230.000yen!!!!), but you can also get this model via other shops for around 112.000yen(!!!), but less RAM (only 2GB), but bigger HDD!!!
So in this case it might be worse wating?!?!?!?

The latter is much more expensive but has quite good reviews (the only negative thing I heard about it is that the airer is working non-stop, it's quiet, but never stops ... which sucks, but ... you can't have it all, right?)
The other one is much cheaper, but the display is not as good and the display is important to me. The airer is much more quiet, though!

Also, Lenovo only seems to offer 1 year of warranty whereas Asus for example offers a 2-year INTERNATIONAL WARRANTY!!!

So, what shall it be???

Side note:
Toshiba's dynabook and Fujitsu's Lifebook seem to be most popular in Japan. The stores were full of models of those 2 makers!!! 3rd would be NEC, I think.
I tried out some Toshiba dynabooks and I liked most of them, but they all only have glossy displays, so nonono!!! (x_X)
If it's about ikemen, then I'd choose Yamapi and thus Toshiba, I guess XD

Okay, that's it. Somebody please hit me on the head!!!
Lately my old laptop's performance has gotten better again. Maybe it's trying to tell me that it's not yet time for a new notebook?? XD .... (o_o'') ....

... *sigh*

P.S.: I'm sorry. As I'm currently so busy, I'll catch up with any comments and stuff later! ;o;
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20 June 2010 @ 06:46 pm
New Notebook: Need your help/advice again (-_-'')  
Hello again

So after all your great comments to my last entry I gave up on Acer.
I'm also not really fond of Sony anymore, but I don't exclude it yet.

Another HUGE problem is that I don't like glare-type (= with mirror-effect) displays at all!!!! I HATE THEM!!!
Okay, I have to admit I never used one, but I don't want to!!!
I guess that it would be rather annoying to always have something reflect in your display (especially when you want to watch movies), and that it's almost impossible to use it outside, especially in bright sunshine (not that I do that very often, but still).
Now, 99% of all notebooks sold in Japan have only those glare-type displays!!! WHYYYY????!!!
Even on the European market they're quite common now, but most business models still have non-glare type displays!!!

Just for fun I browsed some German websites using filters with my criteria and what happened?!
Quite a FEW awesome notebooks popped up that I'd buy immediately!!! Most of them cheaper, but definitely not more expensive than the ones here in Japan!!!
One of them is a Fujitsu Lifebook: Fujitsu Lifebook A530 (it has everything I want, plus a NON-glare type display and it's quite cheap, too!!)
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Talking about design, this would be my dream notebook: NEC La Vie S

Problem(s): Glare-type display, way too expensive (over 1000$) and NEC doesn't exist as notebook brand in Germany (so if I ever go back and that laptop's broken, I'm REALLY DOOMED!)

This one is extremely cute , too, and my number 2 if we're talking about design: Fujitsu LH Series

I can't buy it, though. The hardware is not what I'm looking for (processor too weak) and the display is too small (14'').

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So, what are my options right now?
Order either the HP or Fujitsu Lifebook in Germany, wait until August and risk not having warranty at all! Positive about it would be I'd have a German OS and a German keyboard :)
Or alternatively order one in Japan, no warranty issues as I'll stay here for at least 9 more months, OS language can be switched, and keyboard might not really be an issue.
Then, the question is whether to get a non-glare type display (the only option here is the Lenovo Thinkpad with the uber-ugly design ;o; ...) or get one with a glare-type design and maybe buy one of those protective films for the display that apparently improve the mirror-effect a bit (experience with that?). For this option I'm considering this Fujitsu: FMV-BIBLO NF (<- I think that's actually a Lifebook, but the model names are completely different in Japan?!?)
Germany or Japan? Fujitsu, HP or Fujitsu, Lenovo?? AAHH!! )

As for the glare-type displays. Of course there's the option to buy protective films, but I don't know how well they work. Looks quite good here. Anybody experience with that?? But they CAN get quite expensive!! (20$+)

I'm completely at a loss here!!! I have no clue what to do

I use my notebook every single day, I work my notebooks hard, so I really need a good one that I'll be satisfied with!
I mainly use it for office works such as internet, e-mails, photoshopping, studying, managing photos etc., but also to listen to music (via earphones) and watching movies (just .avi-files no DVDs or Blu-Ray disks so far!).
Right now I use it as desktop replacement, so I don't need a strong battery and it doesn't need to be that light.
I'm used to the 15'' display I have and I think something in that size would be nice again. Now that I'm not using it as mobile notebook anymore, a little bit bigger display might be possible as well.


I'm sorry to bother you yet again (-__-'')
Please, let's get done with it, so I can move on, ya? *sigh*

P.S.: Why does looking for new electronic applications suck out all my strength always and makes me feel like crap?
P.P.S.: Finally started planning my trip in summer, nothing set yet, but on my list are Nagoya, Gifu, Inuyama and Ise so far (not sure if I can go to all those places, so, and am not yet finished planning, halfway through at best!)
P.P.P.S.: Germany AND Japan both lost their last games. Maybe I should stop watching their games, maybe then they can win again (I didn't watch their first game!! XD)

Thanks so much!
Much love friends!
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18 June 2010 @ 05:30 pm
[Japan]: Armies of insects killed my notebook! ;o;  
Hello! Gudn' Taaaa~ch!

It's finally raining, rainy season has officially started and although I hate rain this time I'm actually GLAD that it's finally raining.
Here's why:

That's not sand or anything, but millions of tiny, yuckie insects!!!!!!! I'm not even sure I know exactly what they were, maybe baby mosquitoes, maybe flies .... (>_>)
But what you see on that photo is actually harmless!!! That's only the leftovers the next morning!! They already cleaned most of it up!!
The night before in our school, they were everywhere!! Inside, too, so we had to spray (I hate insect spray as I also get affected by it easily, headache etc. ...), but we really had no other choice!!
They plastered all our windows and what was worse: the entrance door!!!!!! It was like in a horror movie, I kid you not!!!
Some female students waited outside (at night!!!) because they were too disgusted to come in! One of our male teachers went outside with the spray and sprayed the door from the outside for a few minutes.
After a while we had thousands of insect corpses lying around on the floor inside and IN OUR SHOES etc. .... it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo disgusting!!! (;o;) ....

... I can't say it often enough: I hate summer in Japan!!! *sigh*

More disgusting facts! )

And we're not done yet!!!
I decided to buy a new notebook after all as I just can't figure out how to fix my old one (that is - if it can be fixed at all anyways).
A friend of mine who knows quite a lot about computers in general suggested to look for the following things:
brand: Acer, HP, Fujitsu or Sony
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or i5/i7
Memory: 4GB

Read more... )
VAIO Eシリーズ VPCEB18FJ for 100.000yen (~1000$ / 900€) (in ugly blue or black for 98.000yen)

more details here )

Anyone owns one of those brands and can tell me if they could recommend it or not (and why/why not??). I think that would help me.
My current Toshiba laptop is my first laptop ever, so I have no experience with any other brand :/


I finally have a credit card again!!!!!! <3333 )

Funny, dorky and yet smexy faces of Toma! That's how we love him (*___*)v

The Seaside Motel - Official Photobook! <3 )

Still so many things to do!!
I also wanna watch Germany's next game tonight (Japanese time)!! (*___*)
Yay! Japan's team actually won!! ^-^

That's it.
Read you again soon!
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