25 February 2011 @ 09:13 pm
[Japan / Camera / Health]: Creaking knees need more practice! :(  

Just a quick update as I don't have much time.
It seems like winter is over here in Japan! Yesterday as well as today was REALLY nice weather with sunshine and warm temperatures (around 12-16°C!!!!). Spring's around the corner it seems.
Even a "couch potato" like me couldn't sit still anymore and I went out for a walk yesterday - as I don't have a dog, I took my camera for a walk! XD
(I'm especially enjoying this as I just heard that it snowed again back home and they have still minus degrees! Hihi XD)

photos + )

Believe it or not the first cherry blossoms are slowly starting to bloom, though it's plum blossom season at the moment!

more photos ++ )

And here a picture of my immediate neighborhood! Both photos are edited, I liked both, so I couldn't decide which one to post - in the end I posted both XD

I'm not in a good mood right now. There are many reasons.
Too many things happening - most of them are not THAT big of a deal, but all together is just too much right now.
Too many things that need to be done, need to be considered - it's giving me headaches :/
Trying to sign up for upcoming community center courses, but the only ones I'm interested in AND can go to timewise are all booked out already (although application time started YESTERDAY!), so now I'm on the waiting list.
Just was informed that I'll be all alone back home, because they decided not to be at home when I finally come back to Germany .... although they knew all along WHEN I would come home. My father doesn't care at all. He doesn't know much about my life here anyways. I wonder how you guys out there living in Japan handle that. How often do you actually talk to members of your family or friends back home? Well, I could go more into depth, so that you understand the whole thing better, but I don't wanna do it in a public entry, to be honest.
However, it eats me up quite a bit atm.
Then, I also need to plan spring vacation like RIGHT NOW! Many other things need to be done as well. Need to keep looking for job opportunities, need to restart my Japanese studies, need to improve my photography skills, need to do some kind of sport now that it's finally warm enough, need to turn into superwoman it seems :( :(

And worst of it all: My knees!!!
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Alright, that's all for now.
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06 February 2011 @ 07:47 pm
[Japan]: Random photography website will sell perfume?!  

I think it's been quite a while since I last posted a somewhat "personal" or not "travel" related entry. I'm sick of writing it and you are probably sick of reading it, but I've been quite busy.
Busy, why busy?! Actually I've got generelly less to do than before, so why the hell am I so busy? Good question, that's what *I* want to know as well! (o_o') ....
There's not really anything new I could tell you about.
JLPT N2 test results are supposed to be released in about a week or so. I'm getting a bit nervous, although I'm pretty sure I failed. The truth is that I haven't studied any Japanese ever since the test in December!
Well, December is the busiest month at work plus I had to plan my winter trip, then I went off to my winter trip and January was just generally busy. There you go!
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I also want to improve my nonexistent photography skills!
First of all I need to get some proper equipment. I only have 2 lenses and my DSLR so far! I wanna buy a proper tripod next, but there's also filters and other stuff I probably should buy.
Any recommendations?!

I need your opinion today about two things! Don't worry about being rude or anything, please post away what you think about it, k?

1) I'm thinking about creating a website. Of course I don't really have the time to do it, but like I mentioned before when doing stuff like the "castle list" and such, I always get angry at the character limit that LJ forces on us :( Not amused!
If I had my own website I wouldn't have to worry about things like that. On the other hand, my activities online mainly are BLOGGING .... so I'm not sure if a website would make any sense.
And if I really would create a website, then where? Any good hoster?
Any ideas, suggestions etc.?!?

2) Now, please be really harsh on my because this might be a really stupid and arrogant idea, but even before my winter vacation and especially during my winter vacation I was thinking about .... selling some of my best photos?!
I mean, not like a professional, maybe just here on LJ or another platform and of course ... they'd be really cheap! blah, blaaah~ )

Random moments:

Found in my local supermarket => was curious => bought it => tried it => liked it!
Inside: crunchy whatever / outside: strawberry flavored chocolate = love!

more random photos )

I guess that's all for today. Nothing too interesting but I really hope you'll help me out with 1) and 2) somehow *puppy eyes*

Thanks a lot!

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23 April 2010 @ 10:27 am
[Camera]: The GRAND comparison and rant entry XD  

Finally it's time for the entry that some of you have been waiting for (me, too XD). The ultimate CCE (camera comparison entry XD) <~ sorry it's the medicine, I swear!
As you know I took 2 cameras with me while travelling this time. My old compact camera (a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5) and my new DSLR camera (a Pentax K-x).
Today, I want to compare several photos and rant about my new camera some more.

As I took both cameras with me, I naturally took photos with both cameras of most scenes which gave me a great chance to compare the possibilities and disadvantages of both cameras.
Well, compare as far as my knowledge about photography allows me, of course. I'm still a noob :/

Anyway, here we go (this entry is also a preview of upcoming travel photos XD .... maybe I should have posted this comparison later after finishing my travel posts, now I'm spoiling you, but I guess that's alright XD)

The photos on the left are the ones taken with my old compact camera, they are a little bit higher than the DSLR photos.
Also, you should click on the photos to see them in full size. It's easier to compare them in full size.
I didn't do anything to the pictures, no modification at all.
With both cameras I used the "full-automatic mode" ONLY (very few exceptions).

As you can see the colors are quite different. The DSLR photos seem to be darker.
Also, the DSLR photo is clearly sharper.

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Here you can clearly see that the DSLR gives richer / more natural colors and more details in normal daylight (good weather conditions).

There's still more! XD )
Btw. if you know of any good online photo tutorials (esp. for DSLRs), please let me know! I already read through a bunch of them (mostly in German), but what I need now, after reading about the basics would be a website that maybe explains things like "oh, so you want this effect? then that's what you have to do" or "so in this light situation your settings should be like that".
Can anyone help?

Thanks for reading!
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30 March 2010 @ 04:49 pm
[Camera / Japan / Vacation]: Sakura have black dots and bursting tires!! (x_X)  

Thank you all so much for your comments to my last few entries although some of you might think: Stop complaining so much biatch!
I know I might have overreacted, BUT the thing is that that's not the only "bad" or "unlucky" thing that has happened lately. It's just piling up somehow *sigh*
Like for example yesterday when I was wondering what to do with my camera on my way to work my bicycle tire suddenly bursted!!!!
Yeah, AGAIN!!!!!!

News about my camera and stuff ... )

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In other news, I spent my time after work again with camera issues, packing stuff and printing out maps and the likes.
I realized that my smaller suitcase is TOO SMALL yet again.
This is so troublesome! I have one really really REALLY HUGE suitcase - like the biggest format that's allowed on planes and then a small hand luggage thingie.
The hand luggage thingie is too small unless it's summer vacation and the HUGE ONE is just TOO HUGE, but I always end hp taking THE MONSTER ONE with me :/
I should buy a middle-sized suitcase, but they're so expensive here in Japan and I have sooo many middle-sized suitcases(?) back home in Germany that it seems to be stupid to buy one now. Besides, I won't be able to take that one home with me unless I send it.


This was supposed to be a somewhat positive entry, just in case you didn't notice *fails*

Have to crawl to bed now. Have to get up early for my last day of work tomorrow.
Am not yet sure if I should get up early on my first day of vacation or not as it will be raining the whole day anyways .......
Most of my vacation seems to be rainy. I feel so sorry for my friends who came from Germany just for sakura and stuff :/
But let's just hope the best! Weather forecasts are not always accurate (the ones on yahoo not at all anyways) XD

Good night!!! お(ノ ̄0 ̄)ノや(o ̄・ ̄)oす(。_ _)。みzzz..
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28 March 2010 @ 12:23 pm
[Camera]: Okay, and what now? -_-  
*sigh* .....

I so don't feel like posting, but I'll do it anyways. I promised you guys.

So ... here's stuff about my shiny new ... (or so I thought) ... about my sucky, shitty, crappy camera.
To make it short and clear: I regret buying that camera and all the accessories SO SO MUCH!!! Byebye almost 800$ ... byebye ;o; .......

But I should stay calm. Today was horrible enough already and if I continue like that my spring vacation will suck, too (x_x)
*calms down*

So, let's start with photos of my new camera:

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Now, are the photos better than with a normal (much cheaper) compact camera?
Judge for yourself: (left: compact camera / right: dslr camera)

Read more... )

So .... what do you think so far?
And do you wonder why I wrote "shitty" camera in the beginning?? Well ... then read on!!!!

That's why:

............................. )

*sigh* Sorry for whining like a baby, but I'm just so pissed.
Just too much trouble with that camera that doesn't seem to be worth it anyways .......

spent the whole day with the crappy camera, still so many things to do after dinner.
3 more days at work.

( ´Д`)ノ~バイバイ
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27 March 2010 @ 02:31 pm
[Japan]: ❀ Sakura time ✿  

Here are some photos that I took yesterday.
Actually it was SNOWING yesterday!!!! Sunshine, sakura and snow - 3 "S" that you probably almost never see together at the same time. So weird!!
But that just shows how crappy the weather lately is *sigh*

Anyway, yesterday (in order to calm down and not think about my new camera too much) I played around with Photoshop.
I used to be a PS whore and I guess I still am. I enjoyed it too much yesterday. Usually I just don't have enough time for this. Since I stopped making graphics, I guess I forgot about many techniques and stuff :/

I'm posting thumbnails of most of the photos, so you can compare them better to each other. Just click on the photos to see a larger version :)

sakura love ahead )

I can't decide which version I like better. What about you?

1) This is the original photo.
2) Just made the photo a bit brighter and added some red to it.
3) Did quite a bit more to the photo (that was a bit more complicated) to get vivid colors (this is my favorite out of the 4)
4) Played around with color balance in order to get vivid pink cherry blossoms :)

Read more... )

That's it. I really enjoyed playing around with PS again. I wish I had more time to do it more often. Lately I feel like making a new batch of icons as well (*___*)> .......
I hope you enjoyed the photos at least a bit?!

In other news, I FINALLY got my Pentax DSLR camera today!!! YAY!!! (○゜ε^○)v ♪
But that was when I came back from work today, I'm too tired to really write much about it.
Just a short note: The pink is darker/stronger than I thought. Not too bad, but still I'm a LITTLE bit disappointed. Anyway, I already took some photos inside my room and am so far not really impressed. But that's probably because I have yet to learn how to use a DSLR properly. It's so much more complicated than my beloved point and shoot compact camera (;o;) ... (I still have to read the 300+ pages manual anyway ...) ... I hope it was worth the money and I'll be able to get some awesome photos out of it. I better learn FAST how to use it. Only a few more days until spring vacation (A゜∇゜)
I'll try to post a few sample photos (and also photos of my new cam of course) soonish (^-^)>

For now I'm just super exhausted. Something happened at work today and blah ... might rant about that another time.

Now, I guess it's time for some "Dragonzakura", candy (from coworkers, students etc. XDDD) and RELAXING!!!!!!!!!! The latter, I really need.
I felt a strong inner uneasiness today and now my body reacts (x__X)/

I'm half asleep while typing, so excuse my random ranting and stuff.

シェェェェェェェェェェェェェェェェェェェェェェーーーーーーーーヽ( ̄▽ ̄*丿ユー
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