19 November 2016 @ 08:17 pm
[Life]: Back from Japan (yet) again!~  
Hey! ^__^

I'm back from Japan.
Not sure if you even knew I'm going, but just like last year I had a business trip to Japan and just stayed a bit longer to have my vacation there afterwards.
This time I stayed there for 24 days, so about 3,5 weeks!

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I also got lucky again to see Mt. Fuji while taking the Shinkansen.
As you know, I rarely get lucky with Mt. Fuji. Whenever I travel near Mt. Fuji or to places where you're supposed to see it, I rarely do. I think my success rate with Mt. Fuji is like 5% or so. T_T ...
But for some strange reason I almost ALWAYS get to see it from within the Shinkansen at least. XD ....

Yamanashi, Gunma and Nagano Prefectures this time! ^^ )

I simply love Shima Onsen! )

My time was filled with fun stuff because almost EVERYTHING you can do in Japan is enjoyable for me.
I've mentioned it several times, but here in Germany it's just not the same. It's hard to find things that are fun .... and then those are far away or difficult to obtain etc.
Returning from Japan made me think what the heck I'm still doing here in Germany.

Give me some time to get over my jet lag and think about things, ok?
But some of my friends in Japan already are convinced that I'm coming back soon. XD ....
We'll see.

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28 April 2014 @ 11:05 pm
[Japan Life]: What A Busy Life!!  
Hey there!

I haven't been able to update in a while.
Jeez, I've been so insanely busy! Not in a bad way, but still!
Sooooooooooo many things happened. It will take ages to update, so today's just a very short review.

I can't even remember the last time I was home where I really spent the whole day in my apartment without going anywhere.

Some time in February I went to the Sapporo Yuki Matsuri. Then I was busy with selling things here on LJ. In March I went to enjoy plum blossoms and was still busy with selling stuff, planning my next few vacations etc.
And since then things got really crazy!

Spring Vacation 2014:

I had 9 days off around the end of March / early April and some of you might remember that I said I didn't plan anything and that I had no idea where to go.
The first day of my vacation was rainy anyways, so I decided to stay at home. I ended up meeting [ profile] asahifirsa who happened to be in Japan and nearby at that time.
I came back in the evening, decided to go somewhere after all. Finished booking hotels, packed, crawled to bed and after only 3 or so hours of sleep I was off to Shizuoka.

more photos under the cut )

And once GW is over there are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo many things to do!
I procrastinated everything until after GW!! I need to restart my sales entries here on LJ and continue selling stuff, I need to prepare to move, I need to work on my blog, reply to e-mails and requests and and and .... phew!!!

Sorry for the very short update.

Hope everyone is doing well!
How was your spring vacation?
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24 August 2013 @ 11:34 pm
Dream vacation with minor obstacles  
Hey there!
How was (or is) your summer vacation?

I came back from mine less than a week ago and it was AWESOME!!
There were a lot of ups and downs, but compared to the majority of my previous HORROR trips, this one was actually quite good!

The downside(s) of my vacation. )

Apart from that I had a REALLY great vacation and here's why:

I finally got to see the beautiful turquoise color of the ocean in Okinawa! Something I wanted to see and experience so badly!
I went swimming in the crystal clear water (even at the beach where they shot the final of Hana Yori Dango - the second movie)!!!
I went snorkeling a few times, even saw a giant sea turtle (which is rather rare where we were snorkeling - at least that's what others told me). So lucky! ^^

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I already mentioned that it was raining most of the time, so I decided to go diving because underwater the weather doesn't matter!
It was my first time ever and it was not planned at all! I spent a lot of extra money (I think this was my most expensive vacation ever), but it was totally worth it!

I'm the one on the very right in this photo, in the foreground!

I took a beginners' course and apart from me there was another young Japanese man (roughly 10 years younger than me) who had ZERO experience (as in: he has never even snorkeled before).
The air tank (or whatever it is called) was REALLY heavy, but as soon as you're in the water it doesn't matter anymore.
I was told that my breathing technique was already excellent (it's pretty much the same as for snorkeling), we just had to test if my ears can handle the depth of the ocean.
I can't remember exactly, but I think if your ears can survive 5m, you'll be fine.
My ears hurt, but I managed to "open" them again and again, so I was ready to go for the "real thing".

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I already miss Okinawa.
The people there (especially on the small islands) are all so laid-back and the mix of things I know from back home (cows, goats, horses) with the beautiful ocean views is just beyond imagination!
I think I became a fan of snorkeling and diving as well.
I know that I will be back in Okinawa at some point. Can't wait to go again!
I won't forget the time where I rode my bicycle on one of the small islands with the greatest view of the ocean and fresh green all around me, accompanied by beautiful butterflies flying right next to me! ^____^
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03 December 2012 @ 12:10 am
[Japan]: November 2012 - Autumn colors and family  
Hi everybody!

Hope you're all fine?
It surely has gotten cold recently - even here in Kansai.

I'm sorry that I haven't been around much, but as I told you in one of my previous entries it's the busiest time for me right now - until the middle of January.
It's mainly all good things, but I'm still insanely busy because of them!

My family came to Japan for (only) one week.
It was the second time for my brother (as some of you might remember).
I was busy creating a good travel plan for them. My brother mainly wanted to see Kyoto and Osaka as he didn't see anything of Kansai last time he came.

I could only spend 4 full days with them because of work. I even took one day off to have 4 consecutive days, but I also did day trips on my working days where I had to leave them in the early afternoon. Extremely busy and exhausting I tell you!
I was the first one to get up in the morning to make them breakfast, then guided them around, then had lunch with them, then rushed to work, worked for 8h, came back home to make sure they had everything they needed, made a list with train and bus times for the next day for the time I wouldn't be around so that they knew how they could come back to my apartment .... and was thus the last to go to bed. PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It was dangerous to pass Togetsukyo (the famous bridge) as there were so many people and cars ..... once across the bridge you could observe people taking boat tours, though! ^^

moar photos!~ )

All in all I hope they enjoyed Japan and the autumn leaves!

My printer stopped working and I was about to buy a new one, but my brother managed to fix it.
I miss having people around me who can do things I can't and can help me out when needed! ;____; .....


There's still some cleaning up, laundry and stuff to do now that they're gone, but I decided to take a break this weekend!
Before they came I was in a rush to finish booking all the flights for Okinawa ... and the hotels .... and I barely finished. It was 2am by that time and I had to get up at 4:30am to catch an early train to Kyoto and meet my family.

In 3 weeks I'm already off to Okinawa and right after that is a wedding of a former co-worker.

On top of that I also need to renew my ARC (alien registration card) - or rather get the new residence card ... and renew my visa ASAP!!!!!!!

I really hope I can relax in February for a bit. This year has been crazy!!!!

And how are you all doing?

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14 May 2012 @ 07:47 pm
[Japan Travel]: Spring Trips 2012 - Sneak Preview  

Did anybody miss me? Sorry I've been busy planning my Golden Week trip and then I was off for Hokkaido and Tohoku for 9 days.
I'm traveling so much recently, it's really crazy! I never thought it would turn out like that!
After moving to Kansai in March I've been to so many places in just 2 months!
Lots of day trips and 2 bigger journeys (5 days, then 9 days). I've been to places nearby such as Kobe, Himeji, Mt. Yoshino, Sasayama etc., but also traveled further away to Shizuoka, Chiba or Kanagawa.
In my most recent trip I went all the way up to Tohoku and even Hokkaido!!! All by train!!!

Japan has 47 prefectures (did you know that yet?) and I've been to ................. guess how many?


I've been to 41 of them!!!! That means I have only 6 more to go.
Those 6 are: Okinawa, Saga (Kyushu), Fukui and Niigata (Chubu), Gunma and Ibaraki (Kanto) .... that's it! I'm quite positive that I will knock down most of them this year and accomplish my new goal of visiting ALL prefectures in Japan!
I haven't updated my castle index in over a year, but I think I'm somewhere between 60 and 70 castles by now. My goal is to visit 100 castles. This one is gonna be a bit more difficult, but I won't give up!
I really need to update my list(s), huh?

Traveling so much keeps me busy, but is also a lot of fun!
All I do in my free time recently is sorting the photos of my last trip, trying to post about them, but then being interrupted by planning my next trip already! It's crazy!!!!
And right now I have my next 3-days trip in my head already (if the weather is gonna play along)!!!
I wanna use the time before my most hated, hot, humid season hits!

In summer I will have 2 whole weeks off!!! Paradise!!! Usually I never had more than a week off before, remember?

This weekend was the first time in a long time that I stayed home again and it was really necessary!
I can't keep up with posting about my trips anymore, but I rather travel NOW and post LATER, right?!!!!

Here's a short sneak preview of the trips I made:

One of my personal highlights was Tashirojima, Cat Island!
I always wanted to go! However, it was hit really hard by the tsunami last year and it was hard to find any information about the current situation of the island.
I could find out that the people and cats are still alive, but nothing beyond that.

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Of course I also bought too many souvenirs again! ^-^;; ... More Maneki Neko for my collection!

Sakura donuts are so delicious! )

So check out my TRAVEL BLOG for more photos, infos and souvenirs!

Apart from that I can't really post about much. There's not much going on apart from my traveling.
I intend to write a detailed post about my new job soon, though.
I wanted to join a Taiko group as you all know, but with the travel craze that's going on I just didn't have the time yet.

Time's running, but for the first time I feel I'm making full use of it.
There's so much more I want to do, but there's just not enough time - so THAT hasn't changed, unfortunately.
I am a little bit worried about the future. The plan of going back home next year is still valid, but my brain is filled with traveling at the moment, so I'm worried what's gonna happen then ....

I seriously need to work on my travel blog more, too, but right now traveling is more important. I can always work on the blog when I can't travel so much anymore (for whatever reason).

I hope you're all doing fine?!
Thanks for still reading - although I'm so bad at updating recently.
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13 January 2012 @ 09:29 pm
[Japan Travel + Life]: I'm back from a long, awesome trip!  
Hello everybody!

How have you been??
First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!!
I hope the year of the dragon will be an awesome one!

I came back from my 11 days winter vacation trip on Sunday and have been busy ever since then which is why I couldn't post earlier.

I guess it's time for a brief update, huh?
Ok, here we go. I have a new job and due to that I'll have to move in 6 weeks!
That is not much time! I'm so busy getting things done, getting packed, sending things, trying to figure out what I have to do etc.
Although it's gonna be my 5th(!! omg!) year in Japan, it's my first time MOVING in Japan!!

If anybody has any experience with moving in Japan, I'd really appreciate some advice.
Currently I'm trying to figure out what the best option to send my stuff is. Kuroneko looks promising.
I also need to get rid of quite a lot of stuff at Hard Off and House Off or whatever they're called.

Shifting money to another bank account that will work outside of my current prefecture.
Doing some last-minute traveling within my prefecture (you know the "oh, I live here I can always go, so I never went there yet" thingie, right? -___-;; ...)

As you can imagine all that leaves me even busier than I usually already am!

I will update you with more details some other time.
I think it's enough if I say that I'll move to Kansai in 6 weeks.

Because I'm so busy, I won't have time to post much in the next few weeks or months. I might even be without internet for a month or two once March comes!

That's why I wanted to give you at least a short review of my awesome winter vacation now!
I hope you'll enjoy it!~

Aoshima in Miyazaki.

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(sorry I can't post things twice all the time ...)

Thanks for staying with me!~
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24 October 2011 @ 11:39 pm
[Life=Blog]: I think I've had enough?!  
Uhm .... yes, I'm still alive. Sort of.

I am aware of the fact that I TOTALLY neglect LJ lately, but I'm just far too busy for an actual life! *sigh*

Good news: My website is almost set and good to go. And it "only" took 4 months ... YAY! Go me!
The layout finally works in all new browser versions.
It doesn't work that well in Internet Explorer 7 and older.

That's why I want to ask you guys one more time:

[Poll #1789287]

I won't be uploading my photos to my webhost, but an image host instead. I'm thinking about going with Flickr and getting a premium account (which I will definitely need - just look at all the photos I've already posted here!).
Do you think that is a good idea? Any other / better options you know of? Please share! :)

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Here is a quick "newsticker" as to what has happened in the past (few) months:

Amanohashidate )

There are also a few interesting temples and shrines on the way and on top of the observing platform.

Kobe and Awaji-shima )

Himeji and The Last Samurai )

Alright, that's all for now.
I'm going back to get the server move done and then I'll be busy with travel planning, travelling, winter vacation travel planning etc.
I'm really trying hard here, but I stop promising things I cannot keep. The blog is almost done. All that's left is filling it with content after the server move is done.
Let's hope that you guys won't have to wait so much longer anymore.

P.S.: Thanks so much to all of the awesome people out there who took part in the last poll!

P.P.S.: Is even anybody still out there or did you all run away by now? XD I'd run away, so I can understand. I've been absent for so long anyways.

Until hopefully very soon! CU~chuu
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22 August 2011 @ 10:54 pm
[Japan Travel]: Wakayama  
Hello again!

See? I'm really trying hard to keep the entries coming
Nothing to be proud of as it's almost September and I still haven't finished even half of my spring vacation travel entries (^-^') ....

As this is my newest trip and I still remember it clearly, I thought I'd post about it first.
As some of you know I went sightseeing before my flight as I had to go to Osaka anyways. My flight was at midnight and so I had almost one whole day to spend.
Also, because I've been to almost everywhere in Kansai, I decided to try Wakayama this time. It's only a short train ride from Osaka: 1.5h by local train (and around 1200yen). There's also a limited express which takes you there in an hour, but it costs twice as much!

Wakayama (Wakayama/Kansai) (July 28th 2011):

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Kishi Station where you can meet the only cat station master in the world! )

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That's it. Hope you enjoyed my very short day in Wakayama.
Next up: I'm going to continue with my spring vacation trip.
Actually I want to take some random short trips from now on as my time in Japan is soon over and I wanna get as much done as possible, but it's been raining every single day since I came back to Japan. No good travel weather ... *sigh*

Thanks for reading.
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19 August 2011 @ 11:27 pm
[Japan]: I'm back, it's hot, jetlags are evil!~  

Thanks a lot for all your comments to my last entry.
I really enjoyed my time in Germany. I wonder why some of you thought that I would leave Japan for good already. That would have been quite sudden, no?! XD
I'm still a bit jetlagged and am already back at work where everything is just as usual.

Being back in Germany was great.
Japan and Germany are really two different worlds and I wish I could keep the good points of both countries.
For example, I want to be able to beam to work in Japan and then back home to Germany to enjoy the landscape there and meet with friends.
Too bad it's not possible.

It's really difficult to describe what was on my mind lately. And as I'm still jetlagged I'm not sure if I even should try to explain.
I'm still convinced that I will leave Japan in the near future, probably sometime next year.
It's absolutely not an easy decision, but I always said (and mentioned several times here as well) that I don't intend to stay in Japan for the rest of my life.
I didn't regret coming here at all. There are still many things to discover and so many places I want to travel to, but I just feel it's time to leave for now.
This doesn't mean that I give up on Japan completely. It's possible that I miss it so much after a few years that I try to come back XD ... but right now I want a change.

It's kind of ... I've grown a bit tired of Japan and I want to leave with good memories as long as it's still possible. If I stay too long I might get really annoyed and my memories of Japan might end up not being good ones.

One reason why I haven't move onwards so far is that I was (and still am..) too scared of the next step: finding a new job.
Read more... )

Germany, I'll miss you. Baby cats, how are you doing?! )

When it was finally morning, I opened the window and saw those beautiful mountains.
However, the Japanese man next to me who wasn't very considerate earlier told me to shut the window again as he wanted to sleep. *shakes head*
After almost 24h in cars and planes I finally arrived in Osaka ... the problem was that I was quite stupid (because I was just too tired) and so it took me 6h to get back to my apartment (using trains and taxies and having to transfer trains several times with almost 45kg of luggage ...).
You have no idea how exhausted I was when I finally arrived in my apartment!
And I had to work the next day .....

Luckily I could sleep well and long and so I was fit for work then.

So, here I am back in Japan.
It's so hot and humid it literally hits you in the face when you leave the plane. I surely didn't miss that!!
My Japan clock is ticking and I have so many things that still need to be done or that I want to do!!!
There are also a lot of things I need to catch up with.
People who are waiting for replies and stuff, please be patient!
So many things to do.

Thanks for reading and staying with me!~
Everybody, how was your summer vacation and what did you do?
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08 August 2011 @ 01:12 pm
[Germany]: Home, sweet home??!!  
Hello everybody!!

I hope you're all fine? Enjoying your summer vacation?
For those who don't read my Twitter I thought I throw in a short update (though I have to admit that I didn't update my Twitter often since I arrived back home ).
Anyways, so I'm back home in Germany for more than a week now.
Only 1 more week to go and I already go back to Japan.

From Japan to Germany!~ )

Read more... )

I think I'm in love! )

Apart from what you see in the photos, I've been shopping, meeting friends, family, eating yummie food etc.
It's strange to be back home.
The first time in a shopping mall was weird. Surrounded by people who don't stare at you at all and don't give a shit!!! Oh, how much I missed that!!!!
I was really suprised at how nice German people are! For some reason my memory was different.
Second impression: lots of foreigners (not tourists!) everywhere, speaking a language I don't understand, so I don't really feel like I'm back home. Do I make any sense?! XD
There are many things I missed (especially the food!! I think I already gained a few kg because there's just so much I wanna eat!!!! XD).
On the other hand, there are also things that are super annoying.
It might be hard once I go back for good, especially jobwise. I also have the feeling that I will lose my Japanese skills if I'm not careful

Enough of my blabbering. I don't have much time anyways.
I'm gonna get a rental car later today! I haven't driven in FOUR YEARS!!!!!! Wish me luck (x__X) ....
Actually I wanna refresh my traffic rules knowlede a little before I drive for real, so if you guys in Germany have any good websites for German traffic rules for me, then go ahead!! ^-^;

A more detailed report will follow once I'm back in Japan.

Thanks for reading!~
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25 July 2011 @ 12:34 am
[Japan Life]: BBQ at the sea=<3  

I was busy getting ready for Germany. Today was my last day off before my flight.
The next few days I'll be busy at work and with other things that still need to be done, so this is very likely my last entry before I go back to Germany.
I'm getting a little bit excited.
However, the weather seems to be horrible back home at the moment. 12°C??!! That's over 20°C less than here in Japan!! (x__X'') ... better pack some winter stuff as well, huh? (o_o') ....

It will be a long flight. First time I'm going with Emirates!
I'll spend almost one whole day in Osaka (or maybe Kyoto) because my flight will be at midnight!
I've pretty much seen everything in and around those cities, including Nara, Kobe, Akashi, Uji, Iga Ueno etc.
Amanohashidate is yet on my list, but there's not enough time again!!
I might just go shopping in Osaka, but I'm more in the mood for sightseeing as I won't have any real summer vacation, including travelling, this year in Japan!
Any suggestions? Any events or festivals during the week? I couldn't find anything that is held during the week (and not on the weekend), but if you have any suggestions, also for sightseeing that doesn't include any of the things mentioned above and the major attractions in Osaka and Kyoto, let me know!

Let's BBQ!~ )

Read more... )

So random, but funny!! XD )

Gotta go to bed now. The next few days will be busy and then I'm already off to winter wonderland(?!) Germany! ...
I'm curious how much things have changed in the past few 2-3,5 years!
I wonder if I'll be able to properly speak German without getting it mixed up with any English or Japanese (probably not!).
I wonder if everything will be familiar or quite strange now that I've been away for such a long time.
I can't wait to eat certain food that is not available and that I've been craving for FOREVER!!! (*___*)

Probably see you on the other side of the world (more or less XD) next time!
This time I'll take my laptop with me, so it'll be easier to update (even with photos) - if I have time.

Thanks for reading and being patient lately!~
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16 July 2011 @ 08:20 pm
[Japan Travel]: Bitchu-Takahashi + Kojima  
Has it really been OVER 1 (O.N.E.!) month since my last travel entry???

I'm really sorry about that, but most of you know why!
I'm still working on my new blog project and it's finally going into a good direction and I'm slowly getting there (still lots of work involved from now on, though!)
Also, in less than 2 weeks (HOMG!) I'm off to Germany!
Anyways, doing all that coding, changing/improving my LJ design seems like a piece of cake now (but I'm too lazy and still quite content with the layout anways XD)...

Enough of my blabbering let's get started, there's a lot to show and explain, so get ready!~

Bitchu Takahashi (Okayama) (April 3rd 2011):

From Okayama to Takahashi: Raikyuji Temple and Hina Matsuri Exhibition )

And everything is so colorful!

Bitchu Matsuyama Castle: the highest castle above sea level in Japan! )

As you can see, the main tower isn't really big at all.

Read more... )

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Next up: Tsuyama (and then back to Okayama because I suck! )
I don't know when I'll be able to write the next travel post. I'm pretty sure that I won't have time before I leave for Germany where I'll stay for 2 weeks, so you might have to wait another month, but after that I'll be properly back, I swear! ;o; .....

I couldn't even finish this entry in one day! That's how busy I am.
Thanks for reading and being patient!
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08 July 2011 @ 02:57 pm
[Japan Life / Blog Project]: Webhosting, Tanabata, Rainy season  

Yes, I'm still alive. I'm soooo sorry that I haven't been around for such a long time. 3 weeks?? Crazy.
First of all I want to thank everybody who took part in the polls and helped me with my blog project.
After that I went into "crazy zombie mode" and have done NOTHING but working on my new project - and still am!

This all turned out to take much longer than expected. My website is up, but far from being publish-ready.
I learned a lot about PHP coding and refreshed my CSS knowledge in the past few weeks. I had a lot of moments where I was about to go crazy as things just didn't work out at all (and that's still going on!)
So exhausting.
Several times I was about to give up.

The biggest issues I had were with my webhosting service anyways, so I'm looking into alternatives now and will change services soon. I hope it will go smoothly.
If you have any webhosting services you can personally recommend, then please do so!
Right now I'm looking into "immotion Hosting" and "WebHosting Hub" as they seem to get the best reviews.
I'm using "iPage" right now and wouldn't recommend it! I chose them because they had good reviews and were high in rankings, but it seems that lately they got worse and worse and a lot of other people are complaining, too. Not just me!

I don't like my life right now.
..... )

Here are some photos I took of hydrangeas. The symbol of rainy season, I guess:

Read more... )

Photo Source: Soraomiagete510

Yesterday, July 7th, was Tanabata (read more about it here), also known as the star festival.
It's not a national holiday and it's not such a big deal. Not all children seem to really care about it - at least from my experience.
At least it's the start of summer festivals now!

Okay, that's it, I guess.
I wanted to wait with travel entries until my new blog is up, but as this takes muuuuch longer than expected, I just keep them coming here for now, although this means double work for me in the end.
Livejournal is just sooooooooooooooooooooo much easier to use!! I almost forgot about how simple things can be!!!! Paradise!!~

Thanks for reading and supporting me!
I'm trying to be a good girl now!
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11 June 2011 @ 09:52 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kurashiki (Okayama)  

It's finally time for another travel entry!! Yay!~
So, after visiting Kagawa Prefecture on Shikoku for only 2 days, I was back on the main island (Honshu) in Okayama.
Because I've already been to the main attractions in Okayama city years ago, I went for some other sites this time.
First destination was: Kurashiki

Kurashiki is especially well-known for its various museums, but is also worth a visit because of the canal area and all the nice and old buildings around it!!
Welcome to the Venice of Japan?!

Kurashiki (Okayama) (April 2nd 2011):

Read more... )

ZOOOOM! And sooo adorable, too!! I've rarely seen such a cute monkey!! (^-^)b

Off to Canal City! XD )

Somehow you just can't get enough of this awesome atmosphere!

Swan eggs, insects in hospitals and cherry blossom trees in side streets!! )

Next up is: Bitchu Takashashi (with Matsuyama Castle) and Kojima

As this is related to today's travel entry, let me have a short poll because I'm just curious: Chinese Zodiac

[Poll #1751263]

That's all for today.
Thanks so much for reading!

P.S.: If anybody ever wondered, it took me over 2.5h to write this entry!!!!!! (x___X)
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03 June 2011 @ 01:03 am
[Japan Travel]: Takamatsu and Yashima  

Finally another travel entry. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.

Takamatsu and Yashima (April 1st 2011):

Let's start with Takamatsu Castle!~ )

Next: Ritsurin Garden!~ )

Bamboo forest!!!! :3333
And you also could walk inside some of those houses as they're all small museums. It's the year of the rabbit and it's truly the cutest year out there, ne?! ^-^

Off to Yashima! )

Next up: Kurashiki
Stay tuned and thanks for being patient readers!
See you next time!~
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26 May 2011 @ 12:41 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kotohira  

I'm really sorry that my updates aren't as regular anymore as they used to be. I'm trying to update once a week, but it's tough!
I want to thank everybody who took part in the poll of my last entry. I was really surprised to see that most of you are perfectly fine with the amount of photos I post or even requested MORE (o___O'') ... are you guys crazy??!! *ggg*
Anyways, thanks a lot. Your feedback was really highly appreciated and thus welcome to another entry full of photos!

We're still in my first day of spring vacation. After leaving Marugame, I went to Kotohira which is only a short train ride away from it (~20min. for 350yen).
So now let's check out whether it's worth to visit Kotohira!

Kotohira (March 31st 2011):

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Stairs, stairs and even more stairs!!! )

While we're at it, let's even take more steps to the inner shrine! Muhahaha!~ )

And that has been part 2 of my first day of spring vacation. As you can see I was already doing quite a lot of stuff (Marugame + Kotohira) in only one day. Expect more to come soon.
Next up is: Takamatsu (Kagawa)

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Stay tuned for more (even if it might take some time until I post again .. )
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13 May 2011 @ 09:59 pm
[Japan Travel]: Marugame  
Hello everybody!

I hope you're all doing fine. As mentioned before I'm trying to cut down my online time which is ONE reason why I haven't posted often lately.
I'm changing some things in my life, but it takes time and keeps me busy (and thus away from the internet and esp. LJ). I'll post more about it some other time. A lot of stuff and thinking needs to be done.
Don't worry, once I've figured some of these things out, I'll try to post more regularly again. Hope you understand.

Although my spring vacation was just a bit more than 1 month ago, I barely can remember it now. I hope I can do a proper report nevertheless looking and my crappy notes that I took back then.
Hopefully the photos also will help my memory.

This time I didn't travel any huge distance at all and mainly stayed in the Chugoku area (the most famous prefecture there is probably Hiroshima, but I didn't visit there - this time). However, I started in Shikoku, one of the 4 main islands of Japan.
I've been to every prefecture there, apart from one: Kagawa! And so, I decided to visit it this time for good.
I started in Marugame (mainly because of the caslte, of course). It's supposed to be surrounded by lots of cherry blossoms trees which look awesome in spring (read: early April) - but this year ... everything is/was different!

Enough of my talking, here we go!~

Marugame (March 31st 2011):

Marugame Castle )

Nakazu-Bansho-En (Japanese Garden) )

Couldn't stop taking photos of that red bridge ;)

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Leaving Marugame to go to my second big destination of the day: Kotohira!
Quite hungry at that point, but eating had to wait!

Part 2 of my first day will come up soon in a separate entry. It's just too many photos to squeeze them all into one entry, I guess.

[Poll #1740971]
Thanks for reading and staying with me although I don't post so often lately.
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21 April 2011 @ 10:25 pm
[Japan Photos]: Goodbye Cherry blossoms!~  
Hello again!

I have to admit that lately I'm extremely unmotivated when it comes to LJ. I'm really sorry!
Don't worry, I won't stop posting, but maybe the gaps between entries might become bigger. I really have no idea at the moment.

Anyways, instead of starting with my travel photos, I wanna post some photos from last week. When I finally was kind of fit again (after getting sick ) I took my camera and tried to get at least a FEW cherry blossom shots this year.
Unfortunately the full bloom was over already and the petals kept falling/snowing down like WOAH!
It's part of my life this year that I missed the full bloom, so I wanna post these photos. I hope you enjoy them!

5, 3, 1, blizzard! )

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Let's say goodbye!~ )

So, goodbye cherry blossoms! It was an extremely short time for me this year! Hope to see you (again) next year!!
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17 April 2011 @ 06:09 pm
[Japan Travel]: No cherry blossoms in the desert!  
Hello everybody!

Sorry for not posting at all! As you all know I was away for spring vacation.
Twitter readers already know, but let me just tell you that I already got sick during my vacation and then came back home with almost 40°C of fever.
I had to go to work the next morning and that wasn't such a good idea. In the end I had to go to an emergency hospital where I got antibiotics and was told that I have a severe tonsilitis with yellow and fat swollen tonsils.
For the first time in OVER 3 years (!!!) I couldn't go to work. I lost 3 whole days! I say "lost" because I don't get paid if I don't show up at work although it's a proper full-time job. I don't have any paid sick leave which is why I usually go to work no matter how sick I am, but this time it was just too much ;___; I had to give up in the end.

Also, just as I feared, I missed the cherry blossoms. Like most of you might remember I was complaining about them being so late this year and was thinking about rearranging my trip, but didn't do it in the end. I was just hoping that I'd be lucky nevertheless, but I wasn't.
I was literally running away from the cherry blossoms! As soon as they started blooming in one place I moved on to the next one where they weren't out at all yet. That was what I was afraid of, but couldn't be changed at that point anymore (also considering that I didn't have the engery due to becoming sick).
When I finally came back home the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, but I was sick in bed as you already know.

Once I was fit enough again, they were already gone.

Flyjin who are slowly coming back to Japan now were all able to enjoy cherry blossoms and I who was here the whole time, wasn't. Fair world, isn't it?

Anyways I'm fit again and so here we go!
I'll post just a short preview of my photos today. By now they're all sorted out. It was around 5000 photos (unsorted) and around 500 had dirt on it (sand on the image sensor), so I had to use Photoshop and edit each photo individually which also took many many days *sigh*
On a positive note, this was by far the cheapest vacation I ever had! I only used the Shinkansen once and I also didn't buy too many souvenirs.
After visiting Kagawa (Shikoku) I only stayed in Chuugoku, so not much travel expenses in general.

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And then off to Egypt or what?! )

My footprints in the sand.

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Thanks for reading!
Sorry for the long absence! Hope you understand.
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10 March 2011 @ 04:13 pm
[Japan Travel]: Matsumoto + Suwa (last day!)  

This is already the last day if my awesome winter vacation.
No need to worry, though, spring vacation's coming up in a few weeks!! (^___^)b
This last day features another highlight: Matsumoto Castle (I wanted to visit it forever, but somehow never managed to do so until now!)
Here we go!~

Matsumoto and Suwa (January 7th 2011):

Matsumoto Castle at night and during daytime!~ )

Museum time!~ )

Awww, the grandmother of my camera!! ^-^

Takashima Castle )

And that's it. That was my busy, but awesome winter vacation!
Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did when travelling (^___^)b
Coming up next: -nothing yet- (BUT spring vacation is around the corner, yay!!~ )

P.S.: For some time now my LJ Scrapbook sucks since the last LJ update! All my travel photos are uploaded to my LJ Scrapbook and they load so slow since a few days. I'm truly sorry and I hope LJ will notice and fix it soon *annoyed*
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