22 November 2007 @ 05:39 pm
TeH worms counterattack! (T__T) + Meme  

first of all thanks to all of you for your comments and your concerns!
A lot of people kept asking the same questions, that´s why I want to make another "worm entry" to clarify things ^^

1) Where do those monsters come from? How do they get into your food? Where do you live anyway?

Those worms are actually the larvas of food moths. They are pretty common and it can happen to ANYONE! That´s why I want to warn you, it can happen to you as well. I will also be super-cautious from now on!
Usually you buy the eggs or even the larvas with your food. They are especially in cereals, noodles and rice (esp. bio products)!
So the first important thing is that you have a look at what you buy! If you find small wholes (grub traces) or if you see small webs inside of the food: DON´T BUY IT!!! The food is contaminated.
But usually you buy food with eggs in it, so you don´t see anything. That´s why it´s important to seal all of your food up properly. And I mean EVERYTHING! Don´t let anything lie around.
They can eat through plastic and carton, that´s not a problem. They can even crawl in some tupperware containers without any effort!
Another good tip is to put everything you buy in the freezer at first. If you leave it there for at least 24hours, the eggs or larvas will die for sure.

So how did the larvas enter my kitchen?

I prolly bought them with my bio cereals. From there they ate through the plastic wrapping and found their way to other food.
You see: It can happen to everyone. WHO does seal up all the food they have anyway???
But I will do so from now on.

I do live in Germany. It´s FUCKING cold here right now, so it has nothing to do with season or heat or whatever. It has also nothing to do with hygiene!!!
Those moths are something natural and thus are in food.

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Cut for haiku meme! XD )

That´s all for now ^-^/~
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18 November 2007 @ 12:57 am
Just EEEWWWWW!!!!  

I don´t even want to talk about it, because I feel like I have to puke soon ;o; .... it´s sooooooooooooooooo disgusting.
........... perhaps you´re better off not reading it?!?

cut for disgusting content )


I´m tired and I think I try to go to sleep now. I have to go to work tomorrow (although it´s Sunday) and then I hope it´s Monday soon so that I can go and see a doctor -_-;
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30 September 2007 @ 01:50 pm
[Random]: Toma, Icon Thieves etc.  
Hey ho~

I´m sorry that I don´t update often lately. I´m also sorry that I don´t comment much on your entries lately ;____; There´s still so much to do for me, but I´ll be back to my normal pace very soon, so please ... don´t kill me?!? (T___T)

Furthermore I´m still trying to catch up with the dramas of the last season like First Kiss, Sushi Oji, Yamada Taro and of course Hanakimi.
I´ll watch Hanakimi when I´ve finished the rest and NOT BEFORE THAT, so please stop writing down spoilers in my journal ;o; ....
Of course I´ve also watched dramas while I was in Japan. I watched episode 11 of Hanakimi for example and for some reason I understood almost everything, sooo cool ;___; ... and I loved that episode.
I also watched the first 10 minutes of ep12 in Japan, but then stopped, because I still haven´t watched ep9 and 10. So when I´ve finished all the other dramas I´ll watch Hanakimi 9-12 ;____; ... *sigh*
So concerning the uploads of Hanakimi ep9-12. I´ll upload it as soon as I´ve watched it. Right now I´m busy with uploading other stuff anyway, sorry!!!! I´m only human, too (.___.)>

But something else: in one of my previous entries I wrote that I was in Akihabara and prolly found a drama location of "Akihabara@Deep" by chance, it was really NOT PLANNED AT ALL. Now I´ve confirmed it: It was REALLY a drama location. I STOOD AT THE EXACTLY SAME PLACE THAN TOMA DID!!!!!!!! *faints multiple times* ... KYAAAH ;___; .... <~ *happy fangirl* *more than happy fangirl* THAT´S SO COOL!!! (*____*) .... and it was really not planned (;o;) ..... lucky!!!!!!!~
What exactly it was, you´ll see in my entry about "drama locations" :P .. (am I mean? XDDDD)

More blabbering and Toma hotness in there XD )

Okay else:
Something that really pisses me off: Icon thieves. Yah, it´s nothing new, but now they even steal stuff where I stated that it is NOT ALLOWED to take.

I´m talking about [ profile] haniko44. I will add him/her directly to the blacklist. Usually I always give a warning and people can add the credit or delete the icon, but this time I´m really pissed off.
What I mean is the follwoing:

Is what I stated here. You really must be blind to NOT see it, right?

And that´s what [ profile] haniko44 has done:

You should have a look at her/his user pics here. Perhaps she/he has stolen your work as well!!!!!

I´ve also discovered [ profile] genlethu here and [ profile] xelisendax here stealing my icons. I will talk to them and if they don´t credit, they will also be added to the blacklist. Usually I don´t offend people like that, but this time I´m really pissed, sorry. (T___T)
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12 May 2007 @ 08:06 pm
Random, random RANDOM!!!! >:)  
Good evening! *bows* XD

Dragonball - the magic begins:

So if anyone is still interested in that crappy Dragonball Live Action movie, I talked about in my last entry and if you´re a member of [ profile] jdramas, you can download it HERE!

For those who aren´t a member, I still want to copy and paste the comment [ profile] sabacat wrote about this movie:

"First-off... this movie is BAD! It's so bad that before you know it,you've sat there and watched the whole thing, and actually had a goodtime continously thinking about how bad it is! I read a comment wheresomeone said it's like a train wreck you can't look away from, and thatdescribes it perfectly! Goku's grandfather looks like a crack-addictedHarry Potter fifty years after Hogwarts, and Master Roshi is prettydead-on(gotta love the perv in the turtle shell)! Anyway, it's dubbedin 70's unsynced kung-fu style, and for some reason(probablyunauthorized copywrite reasons) all the names are changed...even theDragon Balls are called "Dragon Pearls"...scary!). Still it's good fora super-cheesy bit of fun!"

*loooooooooooooool* XDDDDDDDDDDD

Death Note Movie2:

I´ve finally watched the 2nd movie as well some days ago.

First of all: I´M STUPID STUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPID stupid baka bakaa baaaaaaaaakaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
I told you that I didn´t like the actor of Raito Yagami, right? And that I didn´t know WHY I hate him, just THAT I don´t like him.
NOW I KNOW WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course I wouldn´t hate him without knowing him from somewhere else .... HE WAS SHUYA IN BATTLE ROYALE (I + II) .....
He was okay in part 1, but I REALLY hated him in part 2!!!!!!! Okay I hated part 2 in general XD ... AAAAHHH why didn´t I notice that earlier?
So it´s Fujiwara Tatsuya!
Considering the roles he had so far ... especially BR and Death Note .... he´s pretty scary! XDDDDD
(T-T) ... I feel stupid! XDDD


spoilers cut )

To my European flist:

Is anyone watching the Eurovision Song Contest tonight?
I usually don´t watch it unless I know that there´s s.o./ good! ... Like last year: Lordi! XDDDDD
As far as I know there is nothing special this year! Are there good acts from your country? Because the German guy is BORING!!!!

edit: ETA: ZOMG! Have you seen that gay Spanish boygroup? XD (sorry! XD)
But Finland´s song was okay, the best one so far! I can´t watch it all, but I wanna hear France and Germany later ^^
AAAH that Swedish guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
United Kingdom: Have they watched too much Attention Please? XD
Ukraine: WTF? .. and why do they count in GERMAN??? XD
(yes watched the short versions of the songs at the end right now XD)
Turkey like usual .... BTW. you know what? IM SURE THAT TURKEY GETS THE HIGHEST SCORE FROM GERMANY LIKE EVERY YEAR! ... (T-T) .. *lol* XD
edit2: HAH I knew it! 12 points from Germany to Turkey, but NO points from Turkey for Germany ... GRRRR ('__') ..... XD

2 Random Naruto pics:
* yes it´s interesting what you find in old folders after you´ve had an computer crash XD

Believe it!!!!!!  )

God, I´m being too random lately (T___T) ....
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20 January 2007 @ 05:28 pm
[Information]: Honey & Clover LIVE ACTION + random blabbering~  

just some notes!

There´s a LIVE ACTION movie of Honey & Clover !!!!! *kyaa* did you know that ??? That´s soooo cool !!! Am absolutely downloading it !
For all [ profile] jdramas members, you can find download links for it here! Thanks to [ profile] pinkujisatsu for uploading it !

Hana Yori Dango:
Hana Yori Dango 2 Episode 3 is up at D-Addicts and I´m currently uploading it on Megaupload, so just be patient a little bit longer!
Other than that I´m still working on HYD lovebars (drama only + drama/anime mixtures XD) - they will hopefully be up soon, too ! ^^

And finally about Bokura ga ita (the anime):

spoilers if you haven´t watched episode 6 yet )

Oh and another random thing: I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO love Joshua Jackson in "Liebe lieber italienisch" (English title: shadows in the sun) ... he was sooooooooo damn yummie there !!! *wants to eat him* XDDDDD

I still haven´t found a good kanji learning program that has everything I want :/ .... it´s getting on my nerves because right now I´m stuck ... can´t move forward properly ... I want to learn new Kanji soon, damn it !!!
I´ve learned 1500 vocabularies + 200 kanji .... I know probably more, but I only know THESE numbers, cuz I drilled myself with a program (and that were 1500 vocs + 200 kanji XDDD) .... there are really a lot of kanji I haven´t learned yet, but I recognize them in a context and know how to read them then :) .... where I REALLY have problems = names written in kanji *sigh* .... but that´s nothing beginners or intermediate learners should know ?! ...
I think I still suck very much at grammar .... if I try to translate JP->GE/EN I get what it´s all about, but I wouldn´t be able to translate it word for word ....
I´m currently searching for good textbooks to go with ... (I only have the German version of "Japanese for busy people I + II" = "Japanisch im Sauseschritt") .... I need better books ... they´re also very boring ... too business-orientated!
I can borrow a LOT of books from my university (even Japanese-English textbooks) .. so~ anyone any suggestions ?! (^^;) ....

I think that´s all for now!
Sorry for being so random today
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05 November 2006 @ 04:57 pm
Blabbering: Currently Watching etc.  
I´ve played around a bit with my user info and changed it.
But I don´t know if it´s a mess with other browsers, so if you have a little bit of time, it would be nice if you could have a look at it and tell me if it messes up your browser or not :)

I´m currently watching Naruto.
NO, not the creepy German version, but the Japanese original version ^_____^ and I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this series !
At first I always heard "Gon" when hearing Naruto, but now I´m fine (because they have the same seiyuu). I love this voice ♥
Only the "dattebayo" is sometimes getting on my nerves (^^;) but it´s better than the German 'translation' for it = "Echt jetzt!" - THIS is really annoying ! (x__x;)
I´m now up to episode 57 ^___^ Ero-Sennin is 'training' *coughs* Naruto and I can laugh so much, it´s sooo funny right now (although it´s nothing new: old perverted guys seem to be the best trainers ! *points at Dragonball* one is a KAME-Sennin and one a FROG-Sennin *laugh*)
Well, the only thing Naruto seems to be training right now is his sexy no jutsu !! XDDDD
Oh and I wanna be able to summon tadpoles, too !! Must be great ! XDDD (and yes I´ve already seen the episode where Ero-Sennin throws Naruto down a cliff and what happens then ^^; ...)
I TOTALLY loved the 2nd opening song (Haruka Kanata sung by Asian-Kung Fu Gerneration) - I think I´m becoming a fan of them ^^; (cuz I also liked "Rewrite" the last FMA opening a lot)
Ah and before I forget it: I LOVE LEE !!! I think I really will become a huge fan of him !!!!!!!! I was SOOO pissed during his fight against Gaara (people who have already seen it, know WHY !) :/ .... LEE GANBAREEE !!! (^____^)b *fangirl-squee*

Yakitate Japan:
Ok, other than that I´m still watching Yakitate Japan.
It´s soooooooooooooooo stupid !!! I love it, but it´s silly and strange, funny and stuuupiiiid !!!!! XDDDDD

some screencaps // funny scenes !~ )

I´m also watching Fullmetal Panic and Tsubasa Chronicles, but I started both series over 1 year ago !
Fullmetal Panic IS good, but not my genre I guess ... and for some reason I just don´t like Tsubasa Chronicles!!! That´s strange cuz Shaoran was once one of my favourite characters in the Clamp world o__O; .....

The jdrama I´m watching right now is: Sapuri
I guess this is interesting for [ profile] hesaki & [ profile] mahochan1, so I´m telling you a BIT about it.
It´s pretty similar to Pride in my opinion. Well, it´s not about hockey, but about a advertising agency. But there are a lot of relationship problems and stuff like that at their workplace.
Also this drama has KAME in it ! (^^,)
I was not a big fan of him, when I saw him @ Nobuta wo produce, but his role in Sapuri is great ^___^
There are other actors you might already know in it, too ^^

@[ profile] hesaki:
Der Trainier aus Pride spielt hier auch mit - eine VÖLLIG andere Rolle und dennoch total passend. Das Drama gefällt dir (wie gesagt) sicher ^^;

Sapuri screencaptures )

Dragonball GT:
Well I already have written that I´m pretty satisfied with the German version, BUT they´re going to leave OUT 13 episodes !!!! (x____x;) I hate stuff like this. Oh well luckily I already have seen all the episodes a 100 times ^^
Also: I´ve been searching through youtube for German Dragonball stuff and found something REALLY horrible!!!!! (x____x;) .... you really have to be ashamend that this is a German song/video (x____x;) (btw. this was also the opening song of Dragonball back then)
If you dare, check it out:

Oh and for [ profile] anime_junkie18: You wanted to hear the German voice of Trunks, right ?
If you have time and feel like it, just go here:
(OMG! I love this episode !!!! I love his voice !!! It´s Future Trunks who has come back from the future and tells Goku everything even that he is the son of Bulma and Vegeta ! ^__^)

Ok, that´s all for now ^___^
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