25 September 2009 @ 01:45 pm
[Recommendation]: Poupéegirl and Japanese studies related  

This week was luckily a week with only 4 working days for me, meaning that I had days off yesterday and today (which is actually quite funny, because this week was "Silver Week", so most people had their days off from Saturday to Wednesday while my days off were Thursday and Friday).
Anyway .... as I don't know what to write about at all this time, I decided to post a rather random entry with recommendations .... I'm not even sure if it's something I recommend, though.
Maybe I should just say I'm introducing stuff to you and you can decide what to do with it or think about it, deal? XD [/baka]

First I want to introduce "Poupéegirl (プーぺガール)":

Introduction to the Poupéeworld (I wonder what would happen if there was something like that for Pinky Street OMG!!!) (;^ω^) )
If you decide to join now, please let me know before you do so, because if you do it via me I'll get a little something for each user XDDDD Not that I care much, though ;P

Other than that I spent my 2 days off (yesterday and today) with mainly studying Japanese (as always).
I rarely write about how I study here, because I think it's not really interesting at all.
I'm gonna share a little bit of what I'm currently doing today, though. I hope it's not too boring :)

I've already studied so much and used many different methods, focussing on different aspects of the Japanese language, so I'm not gonna list up all that, but focus on what I'm currently doing.

What I've always been doing is "sentences". Some of you might have heard of that method. Again, I don't wanna go into details.
In short: It's a method where you read sentences in Japanese and that way you'll finally be able to read and understand real Japanese. Before I started doing sentences I learned all Jouyou kanji, though (= writing + on-yomi). With the sentences I learned compounds, vocab and kun-yomi in context. You can find sentences EVERYWHERE! You can use textbooks, dramas, video games, Japanese novels etc. Just make sure it's natural (aka real) Japanese written/said/made by Japanese native speakers.

Lately I've been switching to a "Japanese only" mode which means I don't use any English/German/language1 translation anymore for the sentences.
I just pick up the words I want to learn and look their definition up in J-J dictionaries:

Read more... )

I cooked again tonight. Most of it were leftovers from the last time I cooked.
I think it was too much! First of all the roasted potatoes + bacon + onions would have been enough, I guess, but I wanted to have fresh vegetables in there as well.
I love carrots and broccoli :3 .... I think I should have cooked both of them longer, they were still so hard, but I was impatient and hungry and so .... ε=(。・д・。)フー
It was good and tasty nevertheless. Not as good as last time's dinner, though.
I suck at cooking. I really do! So I shouldn't cook without a recipe when I can't even cook properly with one (^^')> ...... oh well~

If anybody knows a site in English (or German) with easy and healthy cooking recipes, please share them with us here! (*__*)v
Everything including broccoli, carrots, potatoes and vegetables in general is appreciated (*_*)
[ profile] nighstar, [ profile] maikeru_desu and a little bit [ profile] amvn as well: You can all feel guilty as it's because of you guys that I feel like cooking lately (and I don't have time, Jesus!!) So please take responsibility and provide me with some good recipes and stuff!! Will ya? (*・人・*) オ・ネ・ガ・イ♪

What??? Alien invasion? AGAIN???!!!! (゜ロ゜;)エェッ!? )

GAH!!! Busy, busy!!!~
See you again desuぅぅ~ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ
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