14 February 2007 @ 06:20 pm
~ Valentinstag ~  

Yes I´m doing it, too ! (*evilgrin* @ [ profile] bf_nightingale)

Well Valentine´s Day is not a big deal here in Germany ... at least that is what I think ^^;
Usually the men give flowers or chocolates (Pralinen in German) to their women ^^ ... that´s more or less it :)
I don´t know how it is in other countries ... besides Japan of course ! XDDDD .... I would like to get selfmade chocolate once ... but as a girl I prolly wouldn´t get any selfmade chocolate ?! XDDDDDD (or I would have to wait until it´s "white day" nee ? XDDD)

(German: Ähm .. ja das ist aus Kickers, konnte auf die Schnelle nix anderes finden XDDD)
[mood]: hungry