07 February 2010 @ 02:45 am
[Stealing]: LJ Design  


I wake up to see that there are still people out stealing my stuff! I haven't had to deal with it in a long time.
Back when I still made graphics, esp. icons, people stole stuff from me like WOAH!!!

Right now I came across a LJ user (apparently a very young girl) that completely stole my LJ design!!!
Please see for yourself: [ profile] snooby_23

She's also using a lot of the small graphics I always use. At least she's not hotlinking ....

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I asked her to change the design ASAP! She didn't even ask me for permission!!! I've never heard of her.
Seriously what is wrong with people lately???
If she's not going to change it, I'll report her to some communities dealing with that kind of stuff.

You know - a loooooo~ong time ago! I worked soooo hard on this LJ desing in order to create my own very unique style.
If people try to copy it or steal the whole coding where was the sense in that?
EDIT: Apparently she gave me credit as "inspired by" - but how can you copy s.b.'s LJ design almost 100% and then say it's just "inspired" by s.b. else?
And especially without asking me first! GAH!

I guess that's REALLY difficult to understand, hmmm ....

Sorry for all the random posts lately, usually not my style as you know (^-^)>

EDIT: [ profile] snooby_23 reacted quite fast. She apologized a hundred times and already changed her layout. I wish other people were like that as well. Admitting their mistake, apologizing and then learn from their mistakes.
THANKS for understanding and I hope you'll be able to create your very own cute layout one day <3 Good luck (^-^)v
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