19 December 2010 @ 10:47 pm
[Travel]: Which Airline should I take?  
Hello everybody.

I'm sorry that I don't really post much interesting stuff lately. There ARE things I want to post about, but I never really have enough time. Anyways 10 more days until winter vacation, yay! (^-^)

I just write because I need your help again with a decision.

I might fly back to Germany in summer for 2 weeks just like back in 2009. Back then I almost got a heart attack when I saw the flight prices because for some strange reason flying from Japan back to Europe was twice as expensive than the other way round.
This time I was prepared for that and also started looking for flights way in advance! (last time I booked in June for early August, this time I wanted to book in December for August next year!)

Well, I found a REALLY cheap flight, even cheaper than any flight I ever got from Europe to Japan, but of course there's a problem and that's the reason why I'm actually posting.

First of all that's pretty much what you can get right now based on my destination and starting airport and the date I can fly:

It's in €, but even if you don't know how much that actually is you still can see the huge difference, right? (I checked the flights in yen as well and it's pretty much the same, so no worries)

Judging from the price I definitely should go for the China Eastern flight, right?
Read more... )

I know that only I MYSELF can answer that question in the end, but I was hoping for some input from your side and maybe some of you have experiences with those Chinese airlines and can help me with my decision?

Read more... )

Sorry for yet another boring entry, but hey, that's life, right?!
Stay tuned for hopefully more interesting stuff next time.

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24 April 2010 @ 03:36 pm
[Japan Travel]: Hiroshima Day 2 (part 1 °-°'')  
After finally posting the grand camera comparison entry I have enough time to continue posting my actual travel entries.

We're still in Hiroshima. This will already be the last day. Well, officially I stayed one more day in Hiroshima, but spent the whole day on Miyajima, so that doesn't really count, I guess?
But don't worry, this is not the last Hiroshima entry as I had to split it into 2 parts (and you should get used to it, that'll happen with most other days as well ... took way too many photos this time! Spring is evil I tell ya!!!) (°-°'') .....
Without further ado, let's start :D

Hiroshima Day 2 (part 1 -.-'') (April 2nd, 2010):

Read more... )

Next stop was already Hiroshima Castle (*__*)v

You know, it's really difficult to pick preview pics when there are so many different flower pics to choose from XD ... )

Okay, let's finish this! )

Up next: I went all the way up to the Peace Pagoda and stopped by at various temples and shrines on my way.
Please look forward to "Hiroshima Day 2 - part 2" (^-^''') ..... tbc

Thanks for reading.
Comments are love (○゜ε^○)v ♪
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18 March 2010 @ 07:20 am
[Japan Travel]: Osaka - Day 1 (*final day)  

This will already be the last travel entry of my winter vacation.
After leaving Nara, I went to Osaka for my last day for some shopping <3

Osaka - Day 1 (January 8th, 2010):

I went fandom shopping, but before that .... )

Read more... )

Finally: Fandom Shopping (*_*) )

And that was my winter vacation 2009/10 . I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did (although - as you know now - it wasn't the "luckiest" vacation I ever had).
In the end I still enjoyed it and managed to get some nice photos out of if (^-^)/❤

I think I want to update my "japan travel" tags. By now I have soooo many entries, that it needs further management. I'm not yet sure how exactly I wanna organize my travel entries. I'm open for any suggestions.
I might order it by city (Osaka, Kyoto etc. -> *japan: travel: Kyoto), by prefecture (*japan: travel: Okayama Pref.) or by area: Kyuushuu, Kansai (*japan: travel: Kyuushuu).
Furthermore it might make sense to also do something like: *japan: travel: shrines / *japan: travel: castles / *japan: travel: onsen etc.
What do you think?
Thanks for your suggestions and ideas (^-^)/
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13 March 2010 @ 01:53 pm
[Japan Travel]: Nara - Day 3  

Because of my camera obsession I neglected my travel entries. Sorry about that (^-^)>
Here's already my last day in Nara. In the evening I left for Osaka, where I spent the next day shopping and then I had to go back home for work. Vacation was over ;o;
But one thing after another, ne?

Nara - Day 3 (January 7th, 2010):

Horyuji Temple )

Although I didn't love the crappy weather, I DO love the colors in this picture (*__*)v

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Byebye Nara! ❤ )

Hope you enjoyed the entry although there were not so many photos this time.

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05 March 2010 @ 06:00 am
[Japan Travel]: Hikone and Nagahama  

this time is mainly a "castle entry". On my 3rd day I took a break from Nara and decided to go to Hikone and Nagahama for a day trip.
This was quite an unlucky day, though. You'll soon see why.

Hikone and Nagahama (January 6th, 2010):

Welcome to Hikone City <3 )

After getting a map in both, English and Japanese, at the tourist information center, I already was on my way to the castle.
Just don't lose any time, hurry up - that's what was on my mind (^-^')>
Speaking of tourist information centers: I had a lot of interesting conversations with the people there in many cities this time. While other foreign tourists were standing in line for the only "tiny" "foreign tourist" counter, I went to the "normal" one, speaking in Japanese with the people.
Sometimes we ended up having a conversation about GOD knows what!!! That's another reason why I love travelling alone :) So many random encounters (^-^)>
I always get to hear that my Japanese sounds so "kirei" - they're talking about my pronunciation, but then I always try to tell them that I'm German and that the German and Japanese pronunciation are MUCH closer than the English and Japanese ones and that's why some English native speakers have a harder time learning proper Japanese pronunciation. It's not that I'm a genius or anything. I'm just lucky enough to have a mother tongue with a similar phonic system XD

Anyways ... let's continue:
The small mascot (on the right) in the picture above is, of course, the macot of Hikone. I became a fan of it IMMEDIATELY! It's so cute!! <3
It's called "Hikonyan", the Samurai Cat! XD

Aaaand the Castle! )

Read more... )

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this entry (^-^)>
Next will be my last day in Nara. Then, I left for Osaka.
Please stay tuned for more.

☆⌒(*^-゜)ノ~♪see you again♪~ヾ(゜-^*)⌒☆
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28 February 2010 @ 08:49 am
[Japan Travel]: Nara - Day 2  
And here's already my second day in Nara.

Nara - Day 2 (January 5th, 2010):

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Finally I reached my actual destination of that day: Heijō Palace (平城宮, Heijō-kyū)
It's really awesome, but it took forever to WALK from one thing to the other, so my time management went byebye ;o; ...... anyway, you'll soon understand why I was unlucky this time ..

Hurry up! You don't have enough time! )

Wanna see many tame , crazy and hungry deer??? Click!!! But you were WARNED! XD )

And that was my second day in Nara. Again way too short as I couldn't do everything I had planned. The next day was already reserved for a day trip to Hikone and Nagahama, both castle cities (where I had quite some unlucky events awaiting me yet again *sigh*).
The next post will be mainly about castles. Hope you're looking forward to it.
Thanks for reading and comments.

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27 February 2010 @ 03:31 pm
[Japan Travel]: Nara - Day 1  
Finally Nara!!
Although I spent the first half of the day in Kobe, I still had enough time to explore part of Nara park.
As this is only half a day (even less than that considering that after 5pm everything is closed) there are only a few photos this time.
I hope you enjoy this entry nevertheless. ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

Nara - Day 1 (January 4th, 2010):

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If you come from the Kintetsu St., then Koufukuji (興福寺) is usually your first stop (I passed by there at least 5 other times after that on other days XDDDDDD).
That first day there were a LOT of FOREIGN tourists!!! I think I've never seen so many foreign TOURISTS anywhere else! Maybe I'll get a real shock when I go to Kyoto in SPRING this year XD
I went into Tōkondo (East Golden Hall) (東金堂) which you can see on the left on this photo. The entrance fee was quite high, but the inside was full of statues and artefacts, so it was very interesting. I also bought a book with illustrations of the statues and explanations (well, actually 2 books, one in Japanese and one in English ^^; .....) - because it was interesting, but you weren't allowed to take photos of the inside.
In general, I had the feeling that Nara was kind of touristy and thus expensive (entrance fees etc.)

Be aware of the deer! XD )

No Shikaotoko?? :/ )

Wow, that was ... kind of short (^-^')> I could have posted photos of day 2 as well, but I kind of want to keep the days separate, hope you understand.
Hope you're looking forward to a longer Nara entry with more photos.

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21 February 2010 @ 01:31 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kobe - Day 3  
Hello again

My Kobe trip ends here. On the 3rd day I left for Nara, but until noon I still spent some more time in Kobe, so enjoy! (^-^)/

Kobe - Day 3 (January 4th, 2010):

Churches, Western style buildings in a Japanese garden?? - and China Town <3 )

Read more... )

German stuff here and there, but no German bread for me!! ;o; ... )

And that's it. After that I already sat in the train to Nara. Quite a short train ride. Quite a lot of people so I had to stand (x___x)/
A really short entry this time as it was only half a day. I hope you're looking forward to Nara (*__*)v

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18 February 2010 @ 03:04 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kobe - Day 2  
Now, here's finally Day 2 of my Kobe trip (^-^)
It was a very busy day. I went to a lot of different places which involved a LOT OF train rides. I wasn't very lucky later on - it was quite horrible ... but the day ended with a Happy End nevertheless ... I guess ;P

Wada Shrine and the white snake! )

Byebye, Wada Shrine, there's still a lot more to see, so I had to hurry up XD

Did you know that there is a castle in Kobe? )

No cheese for me? Frozen body? But still a Happy End??? Huh??!!!! And what's the deal with the rainbow? )

Thanks for reading.
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14 February 2010 @ 12:35 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kobe - Day 1 (part 2)  
Hello and

As promised here's part 2 of my first day in Kobe.

Kobe - Day 1 - part 2 (January 2nd, 2010):

So .... did I find the German House or what??!! And what about the Kobe beef?????????!! )

Kobe Tower - a symbol of Kobe.

.... but ... yet again .... ARGH!! )

Hope you enjoyed it♪
Kobe day 2 will follow soon (*__*)v (with a lot of shrine and temple visits (Ikuta!!!! shrine), a lot of walking and awesome night shots)

See you again ですぅぅ!☆彡ヾ(=・ω・=)o♪
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12 February 2010 @ 01:33 pm
[Japan Travel]: Kobe - Day 1 (part 1)  
after the last few random entries, let's continue with photos of my winter vacation (*_*)
After Fukuoka I went to Kobe. It was my first time in Kobe and I enjoyed it really a lot. I also didn't know that Nara, Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe are THAT close to each other. It's really convenient and MAYBE I wanna live there one day (but then again, Kyushu (Nagasaki etc.) would be nice as well) [/random blabbering]
Kobe has SOME similarities with Nagasaki (and some of you might remember that I REALLY fell in love with Nagasaki). It also has a port that was opened for foreign ships during the Meiji era, so even nowadays there are some foreign styled buildings, Catholic churches etc. :)
That day was kind of eventful, so I have to split it into 2 entries again (over 100 photos in one entry would be too much, right? XD )
Here we go:

Kobe - Day 1 - part 1 (January 2nd, 2010):

Walk with me along the Flower Road ^-^ )

 And that's one of the best things I came across!!!!! A Starbucks in an old Western・style building!!!!! WOOT!!! Unfortunately they were still closed when I passed by ;o;
More info here (thanks to [ profile] pikapikaman )

Huh? Wait! I thought you were travelling through JAPAN not Europe??!! o__O )

Read more... )

Okay, I have to stop here. (-_-) I hope you enjoyed it also there was not much "Japan" in this post, I guess (^-^')>
Stay tuned for part 2 (which hopefully will be up in a few days) in order to answer questions like:
Did I ever find the "German House"? Did I eat Kobe beef? Was it expensive? Was it good? Did I bring some for you guys?
Was there an earthquake? Did I freeze at night or did I get some nice night shots of Kobe port?

Thanks for reading!

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04 February 2010 @ 12:16 pm
[Japan Travel]: Hofu  
Important things first:

I went to the immigration office again and

I HAS A 3 YEAR VISA NOW!!!!!!!! HOMG!!!!!

After all that happened last year, I never ever thought I would be able to get a 3 year work visa, but I DID!!! And I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy right now (*___*) .....
Actually ... now I have to rethink about my future, I guess. I didn't have any real plans yet, but I was like: Uhm ... so maybe I finish my next year and then go back home, but maybe I wanna stay longer, dunno ..... BUT THAT'S SUCH A GREAT CHANCE HOMG!!!
*calms down*

Anyway, I went there with one of the new teachers (who also needed to go to the immigration office for visa stuff), so I decided to do some sightseeing with him.
We went to Hofu City (防府市). It was not my first time there, but my first time that I actually did something else than shopping XD

Welcome to Hofu! <3 )

New cellphone??!! ↴ ↴ ↴ )

Read more... )

A side note, I bought body OIL today and hope that it will help against my superdry skin (yah, Japanese winter dries you up) (ノ_-;)

An important note: As some of you know my laptop has been acting up a lot lately!
I really don't know what to do with it anymore! I don't even know anymore if it's hard- or software problems or both.
My laptop is 5 years old, I spilled water on it a while ago (October 2009), but everything seemed to be okay.
Last formatting was performed in April last year.
To describe some of the problems:
  • Keyboard: When I try to type something, the keyboard often can't keep up, skips letters, switches to CAPSLOCK without me doing anything etc. It's not always like that, most of the time it happens after the laptop has been running for a while. Because of that it was a REAL HASSLE to type this entry!!!! AAARRRGH!!! (-___-')

  • USB: That just happened yesterday, though. As soon as I move my laptop a little bit the two things connected via USB have to be "reconnected". Especially the external harddrive seems to get "kicked out" often now. Maybe the cable is broken? But then again .. hmm ...

  • WEIRD: after that typing problem has been going on for a while the computer starts acting up even more up to the point where I can't copy things anymore (it will just highlight everything etc.) - which is usually the point when I restart it. After restarting everything it's okay for a while.

  • WHAT TO DO: So I've been using programs like AntiVir, Spybot Search&Destroy, CCleaner etc., but they all can't find any problems, so that doesn't really help. I just have no idea what else I still could do. Should I just format and see what happens? And if it's still not working, buy a new laptop (without a German ä,ü,ö,ß - keyboard?) .... byebye moneyZ??!!!! ..... Any experts here that can help me maybe?? ARGH!!!

Okay, but all in all it was a good day and I wanna be happy for a while, has been very busy lately anyway, so I think I need that moment of happiness ..... *ignores that bitch of a laptop*

Thanks for reading, thanks for wishing me luck for today - obviously it really helped!

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31 January 2010 @ 05:10 am
[Japan Travel]: Fukuoka Day 1 + 2  
Hallou~ (;・∀・)/~

This might be one of the shortest "travel entries" I've ever made and it's even TWO days!!! (^-^')>
I left Beppu on the 31st (December) in the morning to go to Fukuoka where I met with one of my Japanese coworkers. She invited me to come over and celebrate "omisoka" (Japanese New Year's Eve) with her and her family as she thought it's too sad and lonely if I'm all by myself.
In Japan, the 31st is a very calm day that you're supposed to spend with your family (more like our Western Christmas).

We met at Hakata Station (please remember that you have to look for "Hakata Station" when going to Fukuoka by Shinkansen etc.) - there is no "Fukuoka" or "Shin-Fukuoka" station XDDDD
We decided to walk around in Fukuoka a little bit, go shopping etc.

Fukuoka - Day 1+2 (December 31st, 2009 + January 1st, 2010):

A lot of yummie food this time (*_*)v )

Read more... )

Toma-kuuuu~uun!!!! *lol* XD )

After that they brought me to Hakata Station and I left for Kobe where I arrived at night.
Thus, next will be Kobe already. Hope you're looking forward to it (*_*)

(´∀`*)ノシ バイバイ☆⌒ヽ(*'、^*)chu
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21 January 2010 @ 11:39 am
[Japan Travel]: Beppu Day 2  

Thank you all so much for the nice comments to my first day in Beppu. I'm glad you seem to enjoy my travel reports and photos.
Here's now finally day 2 in Beppu which was already my last day (in Beppu!) :(

Beppu - Day 2 (December 30th, 2009):

I should call that day "animal day" as I visited an aquarium and then a monkey park. The second half of the day was quite unpleasant, though.

Umitamago - the ocean egg aquarium XD )

There are monkeys ..... EVERYWHERE!!!! O__O'' )

I love this photo. I took it in order to show everybody that the monkeys were indeed not kept in a cage or anything, but were able to move freely.
Since before World War II, the monkeys have raided nearby famrs and damaged the crops. To prevent this, the late Mr. Ueda, former mayor of Oita City, succeeded in gathering the monkeys at the base of Mt. Takasaki by scattering bait and blowing a conch (a kind of shell horn) in 1952.
The monkeys are Japanese Macaque Macaca Fuscata monkeys by the way.

And now the reasonS why the second half of my day was NOT so great -__- .... )

And that's it. I really enjoyed Beppu although there were some unpleasant things as well.
I definitely wanna go again and try the sand and mud onsen and maybe the safari there and if the weather allows finally have a great view from that high mountain GAH!

Bye~chuu (´∀`*)ノシ ❤
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17 January 2010 @ 11:16 am
[Japan Travel]: Beppu - Day 1 (part 2)  
Hi again!

Thanks so much for your nice comments to my last entry. It makes me really happy that you seem to enjoy my travel entries and that keeps me going although I don't really have the time to do so (x__X)
Anyway, here's part 2 of my first day - in a seperate entry like I already said because this is all about my visit at the sex museum in Beppu.
I think the photos are not too bad, but if you're easily offended by things like that, you might wanna skip this entry ;)

So, here we go again :)

Let's start with a rather harmless photo. This is what's awaiting you in front of the entrance.
When I went there (close to closing time 4:30pm, there were not many people in there which made it easier for me, but it still felt a little bit awkward, especially when I was standing beside a young couple (prolly younger than me) and the girl was petting a huge wooden penis ... GAAAH!!! *headdesk* XDDDD)

Wait, what are the seven dwarfs doing with snow white there? o__O; .... )

Btw. not a SINGLE manga- or anime-themed sex related exhibition there!! I was surprised! And a little bit disappointed XDDDD
And also no "yaoi-ish" stuff XDDDD *sigh*

Anyway, when I got out of the museum it was already getting dark and so no more photos of that day.

I hope you enjoyed this entry although it was a quite awkward one.
Please look forward to my 2nd day in Beppu (which is not R-18, I swear!! XD)

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15 January 2010 @ 05:42 am
[Japan Travel]: Beppu Day 1 (part 1)  

as I spent my day yesterday with sorting photos and then just doing RANDOM stuff (no studying, no travel planning, NOTHING!!) like playing trials of various otome and yaoi games (*_*) (<- report will follow), I gotta get back to work today.
Starting with this first entry about my winter vacation. After that I'll have to get information for my spring trip as quite a bunch of my friends are coming over to Japan at the same time, so planning ahead is important. Although I don't feel like already planning, but this time it's necessary (^-^)>
Studying Japanese? What's that? (x__X) ... Well, one thing at a time, I guess. I'll eventually get back to studying.

Enough of my blabbering, let's start with reports and TONS of photos of my winter vacation (^-^)

This entry about my first day will be splitted into 2 for a very special reason. At the end of the day I also visited a sex museum and as some of you might be offended by the erotic photos taken there, I'll handle that in a seperate entry.
So don't worry, this entry is sex-free! XDDDD

Beppu - Day 1 (December 29th, 2009):

Welcome to the hells of Beppu! )

Wait, we're not finished yet! XD )

There's blood everywhere (O^O) )

I hope you enjoyed this first entry of photos (after a long pause, haven't travelled since April/June last year).
More to come soon.

Thanks for reading.
Bye-bu ヾ(=・ω・=)o☆バイバイ☆ヾ(=・ω・=)o
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10 January 2010 @ 03:56 pm
[Japan Travel]: I'm back from WinterWonderLand❤  
I'm back!!!

Thanks for all your nice wishes and comments to my last entry (*____*)v
I hope you all had a good start into 2010? (^-^)

I came back on Friday night, went to bed, got up, had to go to work and today I unpacked my stuff, sorted my 23426234234 photos and stuff.
I feel dizzy, but at least I managed to get rid of the chaos here XD
Saturday at work was horribly busy again, but I'm not gonna talk about work today.

It's almost midnight and I should go to bed soon, but before that I'm gonna post a brief update :)

My winter vacation was great - all over all, BUT I was quite unlucky this time. Weather, new year holidays, JR accidents and other things came into my way, so it was quite stressful, but I love love love LOVE travelling in Japan, so I love my vacations ^-^
Too bad I only have 3 weeks per year, but that makes them all the more special <3
And friends of mine are coming to visit for spring vacation and wanna check details with me soonish, so I have to prepare and plan for that like ... this week (x___X)>
That will be busy, but I'm happy nevertheless :)
I just won't have time to stick around much at LJ etc. - I already sorted my photos, and I'll start posting about my first day with tons of photos ASAP, I promise!

For now, just a short review and conclusion of my winter vacation:
Beppu Fukuoka Kobe Nara Hikone Nagahama Kyoto Osaka

Went to hell. (Hells of Beppu)
I really liked Beppu and wanna go there again, because I didn't have enough time for everything.

more shiny photos XD )

Went to many many many shrines and temples again. Even went 3 times to Hatsumode this year XD
The weather was crazy, I had everything from sunshine to heavy snow - but it always was freezing cold.

Souvenirs! Bought too much! WAAHHH!!! )

Anyway, I hope you're all doing fine!!
Sorry that I'm not around much lately.
More photos are coming soon. Stay tuned.

Good night! (つ∀-)オヤスミ
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28 December 2009 @ 02:50 pm
[Japan Travel]: Winter Vacation 2009/10 (away notice)  

I just came back from work. It's almost midnight and I have to get up in about 4-5 hours again (x__X)
So just to let you know, I'll be away for a few days.
YAY FINALLY VACATION TIME!!!! (^___________________________^)

Now I only hope that the weather will be nice. Lately it has been raining way too much!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! See you soon in the year of the tiger again (^-^)/
And for my German speaking friends: GUTEN RUTSCH INS NEUE JAHR!! <333333

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20 August 2009 @ 06:11 am
Big .... uh, no, wait: Back in Japan!~  
Hello everybody,

I'm finally(?) back in Japan. Well, actually I came back Saturday night, but didn't feel like posting anything and what's more is that I just didn't have any time as you can imagine.
My way back was not really nice and relaxing at all, though.
Usually it takes about 3 hours to get from my home to the airport and we always leave way ahead of time in case something happens.
Well ... "something" happened. There were traffic jams EVERYWHERE!!!!!! We were in at least 8 different traffic jams and I kid you NOT!!!!!!
After 5 hours have passed and the check-in time for my flight was already over and we were still not even CLOSE to the airport I had a little nervous breakdown and had a hard time not to cry *sigh*
IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!! I was sure I would miss my flight!!!!!


After 6 long hours (aka twice the time it should have taken!) we finally arrived at the airport! That was 20 minutes prior to take-off!!!! I was running into the terminal hall, looking for somebody who might be able to help me.
I found a woman that was still at the Korean Air check-in place and ran over to her. I tried to tell her what happened although I was out of breath running so much and my body was shaking as well (x___X) ....
She said she's not sure if it's still okay for me to go on board, so she called the cockpit or somewhere else x____X ......

In the end it was okay, but I had to run all the way and they also told me that I might not get my luggage right away in Japan, because they cannot guarantee that my luggage will make it to the plane on time.
Running when you need to go to the toilet (because you've been in a car for over 6 hours) isn't really funny at all!!! (x____x)

WARNING: ~ 80 photos ahead! XD )

Read more... )

Flowers, cows, awesome panoramas, yummie food ^-^ )


At first I didn't feel like going back home and I thought I would miss Japan.
Well, I already went through that anyway. End of 2007 I spent 3 weeks in Japan for the first time, came back home to Germany and missed Japan so much that I decided to go back ASAP.
This time it was completely different, though!

Once I arrived in Germany it felt great. While sitting in the car on my way home, seeing the landscape around me and all, I thought: Wow, was Germany THAT beautiful??
It might sound stupid but for me I suddenly saw things I didn't before and the colors looked brighter as well. I started to cherish and appreciate things I didn't before!
And I didn't miss Japan AT ALL!!!
That's probably because I knew I was going back soon again anyway.
I know it will be completely different once I return home forever. I know it!

Then, I saw on the news that there were some typhoons, earthquakes and whatnot in Japan and I was like: I don't wanna go back!
They also mentioned that people don't have water and elictricity in some parts anymore and I was like: WHAT??? AGAAAAIN???? -____-; ......
I didn't feel like going back at all.

Germany was great.
Read more... )

Okay, this entry has been long enough.
I'm sorry about it, hope you enjoyed the entry nevertheless.
Now I have to hurry to work (ignore all the mistakes, I don't have time to re-read and correct my entry)

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Current Location: back in Japan
26 July 2009 @ 07:43 am
[Japan Travel]: Tokuyama and Iwakuni  
Hello again,

before I start posting photos from Thursday (which was the only day in ages when it was NOT raining!), I wanna talk about the "rain" and everything it causes here lately once again.
First of all, the water is still not back in my apartment. It has been FOUR DAYS now without water! FOUR DAYS!!!!
I found on a Japanese news site that they plan on giving everybody their water back at the latest on Tuesday next week. That means 2 more days without water.
rain rant .... )

Thursday was a SUNNY day -> Tokuyama )

Because there's nothing much to see in Tokuyama and it was such a nice day, I decided to go to Iwakuni which is like 3 hours away by local train from where I live, but you have to pass Tokuyama anyway, so I almost was half way there then ;)

Iwakuni (岩国) is a city located in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
It's especially famous for "Kintaikyou" (錦帯橋) (the bridge you can see in the photo above). There's also a castle and some other interesting things :)
It's a popular sightseeing spot for people who're in Hiroshima, because it's close and thus worth a day trip :)
The bridge is famous because of its shape and because it's wooden.

More photos of the bridge, the Kikko park, the white snakes and Iwakuni castle~ )

As it was really hot outside and my head started to hurt (a long time ago already), I decided to take a break and eat something cold.
イチゴかき氷 (shaved ice with strawberry syrup and condensed milk) => SUPER YUMMIE!!! (*_*)v

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