06 February 2010 @ 01:28 pm
[Random]: LJ is following me XD + MeroMeroLove!  
*just pops in for a sec* ... (((((¬_¬)

HOMFG! *lol* XD As if my tweets were interesting XD
But it seems they added quite a lot people today XD

Campaign @ MeroMeroPark!
For those of you who are playing MeroMero, I hope you read about the campaign! Send a Valenine letter to one of your friends, receive one back and you'll get a cute cupcake!
Everything is already Valentine's Day themed over there and really cute (*__*)v

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Brrrb. That's all for now. Just came back from work some time ago, am still sick and need to get ready for a farewell party now. Am super tired, but I wanna has good foodZ .... oh, while typing that I just noticed I need to take my camera with me this time. GAH!

Yes, I has the ability to write shorter entries as well XD
[music]: Tameoka Sonomi - movin’on
[mood]: sick