29 November 2007 @ 10:48 pm
Warning: Randomness ahead - Updates, Meme, Request!~  

First of all I have a request and I hope you are willing to help me
I need the following songs and JPOPSUKI is no help ;o; ... or I´m just to stupid to find what I´m searching for (^^;)

  • Kinki Kids: HAKKA Candy (I think I already have this one, but can´t find it anymore XD)

  • Kinki Kids: Namida, Hito Hira

  • Southern All Stars: Tsunami

  • MIYU - Beautiful Mind

  • Kumi Koda - Koi no Tsubomi

Yes, yes, these are all jdrama songs as well (^^;)
Or if you don´t have the songs, do you by any chance know a good site where I can download esp. jdrama songs? (not OST, but the op/ed songs?!)

I´ve finally updated the rest of my journal. Besides some smaller things, I´ve finally updated my Resources List.
And I´ve created a "how-to-credit-properly"-guide

Last but not least, I got tagged by [ profile] apsharha:

8 things meme~ )

I tag: whoever wants to do it

And now I´m off to watch Yukan Club / Hero (and run away from the dangerous Kimura pheromones! XD)
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22 November 2007 @ 02:25 pm
[Update]: JOURNAL INDEX, Taglist explanation, sidebar, blah~  
That was exhausting!

Sorry that I wasn´t around much lately, but I was really busy with teh WORMS (update on that will follow later) and with what I´m going to post now.

I´ve updated my old JOURNAL INDEX, although it´s a shame ... it was so much work and all .... but it was just a pain in the ass to update it .... and I just didn´t like it anymore ^^; ....
.... that´s why I´ve created a NEW JOURNAL INDEX !!!
This was really a lot of work, but it was also a lot of fun ^_____^
Please tell me what you think of it.
If you have time and feel like it please browse through it a bit and tell me if this is useful or not or if you find any mistakes (or have any suggestions! ^^)

I´ve also deleted ALL of my tags and created brand new tags (that´s why some links might not work right now, I try to fix it all soon!). I hope it´s clearly arranged with this now.
I´ve even written a TAGLIST EXPLANATION!

Furthermore I´ve changed my sidebar a little bit.

I think that´s all. Next is the credits / resources entry and some other small things ^^; .... and then I´m finally through with updating my lj (at least I hope so! XDDDD)

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09 November 2007 @ 10:18 pm
Updates, news, memes!  

Gosh this weather is really §$%§$%"§ ..... storm, snow, rain, cold (T___T)
Oh well, but that´s not the reason for my entry.
I´ve made a new User Info! Finally (^_____^)
I still have my old one here , because I loved it and it was a lot of work back then XD

I don´t think that I will update the JOURNAL INDEX anymore. It´s just so damn detailed that it´s too much work to keep it updated (^^;) .... but I won´t delete it either, cuz this was REALLY a lot of work XD
I´m currently working on a cute/useful taglist index, but that´s the only thing that is not ready yet ^^;

I´ve also made a new layout for my Japanese journal [ profile] densha_onna, although I´m not writing much there lately (^^;)
But I always wanted an unique layout there and here it is. Hope you like it XD
And while I was at it, I´ve also made a NEW USER INFO for [ profile] densha_onna as well (^-^;) .......

I´ve also updated my CURRENTLY WATCHING/READING entry. I´ve neglected it toally and never updated properly. Now I´ve made it a sticky post and I hope that this will make me update more often XD
Oh and I´ve changed small things about my layout here, perhaps you´ve noticed some things, but I still love this one very much, so I won´t change it any time soon ^-^; .....

When I´ve finished the taglist index, I´ll prolly play around a bit with theme layers, although it sounds quite difficult?! .... Oh well XD

I have 2 random questions, perhaps s.b. can help? XD (don´t worry it´s not that important)

  • Do you know where I can find a good audio crop program? I wanna crop some mp3s so that I can use them as ringtones, but I don´t have a program. I don´t want anything BIG!!! The smaller, the better. Perhaps s.o. can direct me to a good one? ^^ (You know a program that allows me to cut out short parts of a mp3 XD)

  • And do you know where I can find .ico graphics? ^^; Or is there a way that PS will help me here in any way? XD

That´s all for now.
Man, I´m tired. ..... One shouldn´t start with layouting XDDD ..... you can´t stop!!!!! *headdesk*

Short Meme )
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03 June 2007 @ 01:32 am
New Layout!~ ^-^  
Uwoooah~ ................

I can´t believe I wasted a whole day to make a new layout XDDDDD ..... and .. I LOVED my old layout! Really!!!!
But I´m a graphic whore .... when I start something I can´t stop until I´ve finished it XDDDD
I just played around with the tags a bit .... then the sidebar of my old layout was not wide enough and I started editing my stylesheet. XDDD
Then I discovered that there were a LOOOOOT of new options I haven´t tried out yet (well no wonder ... I had my old layout for ... over a year I think ^^;;; ...)

I´m still not quite satisfied with this one!!!
DON´T ASK how my first banner for this layout looked like XDDD I wanted to put in everything and everyone XDDDD ... it was so crowded ... and ugly XD .... that´s why I now only have Aya (Tiger) and Jun (Dragon) on it XDD
And YESH I´m totally nuts!!! What do you think? XDDD .. But that´s the outcome of one whole day playing around with s2 XDDDD
Oh, it´s flexible squares again, if anyone wondered about it (^^;)
I think it´s great that there are more options now ^^b

...... I have SO much to write ... but I´m too tired (T-T) .....
wanna read the rest of the japanese version of marmalade boy 1 now!

Well anyway, if you find any mistakes (I´m not sure if the Japanese in my layout is 100% right?!), please let me know.
There still are some things I have to fix, but don´t know how to (^^;) .....

Good .... night (T-T) ...
If I didn´t answer on any comments or entries today .... you know why now XDDD sorry! Will do so tomorrow at the latest!
*crawls away*
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09 May 2006 @ 09:57 pm
New Layout~♥  
Hi \^-^;;
it´s been a while o___o; ....
Well as you can see I´ve got a new layout now ^^; FMA ! Yes, I wanted to make a FMA layout (right [ profile] anime_junkie18 ? XD) So after DAYS of work and tinkering I´ve finally managed to finish it ^_____^;;

Usually I don´t have problems with layouts, but this was my first time ..... o_o ... XD .. *coughs* .. using s2 style !!!! WAAAAH I hate it x______X;; ... s1 is sooooooooooo much easier to handle !! -_-;
Nevertheless I wanted to try s2 once (especially because you can customize your tag view, too ^^) and if something isn´t working, I work so hard on it till it´s finally good enough ^^;; .... Ah moo~ baka dayo nee >_>;; Tsukareta !!!! =___=;

Read IT !! *whip* XD )
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15 April 2006 @ 08:40 pm
Updates ^-^;  
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Hidiho~ ^-^

I had some time today so I´ve updated some stuff
I would like to know if you think it´s good the way it is now, if you see any mistakes or if you have any suggestions / requests or whatever XD~
Well it was a lot of work

tEh updates~ )

Nh~ that´s all~
Want some tea ?
*runs away* ~~~~~~>