07 May 2007 @ 03:29 pm
[Random]: Nodame Cantabile + Death Note Movie Blabbering  

just some short and random things before I forget them again XD

Is it just my imagination or are there Tenimyu boys everywhere lately? (T___T)

That´s so strange I haven´t watched any Tenimyu for a long time now ... perhaps it´s telling me to keep watching XDDD I´ve only seen half of the musicals that are "out".
But I just don´t care very much right now (^^;)

<~ First of all Matsuda in Death Note. He was Inui (and the Inui I liked most btw.) XD I ALWAYS think he´ll start to sing and dance suddenly XDDDDDD But I think he´s pretty much fitting for the role as Matsuda :3

<~ Wasn´t he in the Tenimuys as well? Forgive me for my stupid brain, I just can´t remember properly! It´s really been a long time since I last watched Tenimyu XD
Wasn´t he Ryoma?? (the 3rd? XD) Anyway ... he has a FUNNY role in Nodame! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Can´t stop laughing when I see him! :P

ZOMG!!! Chiaki speaks German!!!!!! KYAAAH!!!!! XDDD )

Err .... that´s all (^^;) ..... *wants to make tons of icons*
*runs away quickly*
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