15 December 2007 @ 02:19 pm
[Liveblogging]: Horikita Maki in Europe (Switzerland, Germany, France)  
Good afternoon ^-^/

Thanks to the lovely [ profile] calpis37 , I discovered a REALLY nice Horikita Maki (堀北真希) special!
If you´re interested and can use torrent, then you can download it here @ D-Addicts!

The reason I wanted to watch this was obviously because Maki-chan was REALLY in Europe!!! ... and even in GERMANY!!! I just wanted to see it with my own eyes (*-*)v
And it was just that cute and interesting that I started liveblogging it ... well, more or less - people who know me, might have figured out that I´m not the type for liveblogging XD ...
I´m usually way too lazy for it, but anyway here we go (*__*)

Note: This might be interesting for ALL Maki fans but especially for everyone living in Switzerland (Basel), Germany (Freiburg) and France (Colmar // Strasbourg)
Maki-chan tries to speak German / French several times and it´s VERY cute!! ^-^;

That´s her route: Basel (Switzerland) --> Freiburg (Germany) --> Strasbourg (France) = ~200km by bycicle (T___T) HOMG!!!~

Leaving Switzerland and entering Germany!~ )

WAAAH!!! Deutsch .. Ah .. German ... those boys speak German!! HOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

Her adventures in Germany ;P )

Finally in France ^___^

And her adventures in France! ^^ )

YAY!!! It was really a cute special!
And it was so similar to my journey to Japan in many ways XD .... she was spazzing because of a lot of things we consider here as normal ... I was the same in Japan XD
She took a lot of photos ... she went to a French Castle and was fascinated (just like us in Japan) etc. ^^ .... it was REALLY interesting ^-^V
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