21 March 2011 @ 03:07 pm
[Stage Play]: Mishima Double (feat. Ikuta Toma)  

As some of you already know I went to Osaka last week to watch the Mishima Double stage plays.
What does "Mishima Double" mean? Well, "double" just refers to the fact that there were two stage plays and "Mishima" is refering to Yukio Mishima who wrote those stage plays.
Yukio Mishima wrote a lot of stage plays, books etc., was homosexual and performed Harakiri (suicide) in 1970. Please refer to the link I provided to read more about his life and work.

The two stage plays I went to see were "Madame de Sade" and "My friend Hitler".
I'll write about them in greater detail in a minute.
First, let me tell you that those were my first stage plays in Japan ever! The reason why I wanted to see them was obviously Ikuta Toma! I've only seen Toma live once so far when he came for a stage greeting for his movie "Seaside Motel" last year in Osaka - and that was only for a few minutes! This time I got to see him for almost 3 hours in each play (that's almost 6 hours of Toma = me happy fangirl!)

Read more... )

In front of the entrance was this huge poster and everybody stopped to take photos here! ^-^

Stage Play #1: Madame de Sade (Thursday, March 17th) )

Stage Play #2: My friend Hilter (Friday, March 18th) )

The actual main role goes to Röhm, but more stage time had Hitler (aka Toma) in the end, so this was definitely the better play for me!
And not only that!!! Toma even spoke a little bit of German!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost died!!!!! So awesome!! Of course the pronunciation was off and all, but YAHOOOOOO!!! (^____^)v
There was a lot of German stuff coming over the loudspeakers every now and then and I thought it was funny that I was probably the only person in there who'd understand what's going on ;P
(btw. Toma if you need a German teacher, just come and ask me, okay?^^; ...)

Actually I was surprised that there was no squealing during the show, because HELL THERE WAS SOME BL GOING ON THERE!!!!!

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That's all. I hope you enjoyed my report!
I hope I can see Toma in a musical next!
Thanks for reading!
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18 February 2011 @ 07:53 pm
[Random]: Hanamizuki, Ikuta Toma, Doctor's Diary  

HOMG!! Another entry yet again??
Yeah ... I guess I feel kind of guilty for not posting much in the last few months .....
It's just a short and random entry, though.

Hanamizuki novel )

I finally watched the DVD of Arashi's tour 2010/11 (Kokuritsu concert). And it's sooooo great!!!!!
I really wish I could have gone somehow :( .....

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Doctor's Diary is over????!!!! After season 3 it seems they're finished! NOOOOO!!!????
Probably only people in German speaking countries might know about this series, but let me fangirl a bit (which I rarely do lately, huh?!)
When I went back for a short vacation to Germany in 2009 one of my friends recommended this series to me. We watched the first two episodes together and I really came to like it.
Back in Japan I continued watching it and became a HUGE fan!!!
This week the last episode was aired ;____; (no spoilers!) )

Random fandom moment!!! I wouldn't even say he's my type, but for some reason he really got me :D
And FINALLY (after too many Johnnys ) it's somebody who's NOT younger than me?! [insert grandmother laughter here ]

I'm not sure if I already mentioned this before or not, but Ikuta Toma has 2 butais (stage plays) right now. And of course I'm going to watch both, live! As I was lazy and busy I didn't care to get tickets until it was almost too late, so yet again I have seats in almost the last row. Seems to be my destiny *sigh* Both stage plays were written by Yukio Mishima which is why they're called "Mishima Double".

The two stage plays are ... )

Okay, a really random entry, but at least I managed to update on a few random things
Read you soon again!~
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30 September 2010 @ 10:50 pm
[Ikuta Toma]: Movie - Hanamizuki (ハナミズキ)  

I finally went to watch "Hanamizuki" (ハナミズキ) today!
With that, I managed to watch all 3 Ikuta Toma movies that came out this year. The other two are Ningen Shikaku and Seaside Motel. For the latter movie I also saw Toma live as he came for a stage greeting.

Although I bought the Hanamizuki photobook a while ago, I didn't have a look at it yet, because I didn't want to know anything about the story - and that was the RIGHT decision!!!!
I didn't have any expectations. Well, that's not entirely true. I thought it'll be a nice and plain love story .. with Toma as bonus.
But ... BOOOM!!! That was probably the best Ikuta Toma movie I've seen so far!!! The best love story I've seen in a long time.
And I usually don't cry in the cinema (last time I cried was when I saw the Hana Yori Dango final movie in the cinema - wedding + final scene).
This movie made me cry (or try hard to hold back my tears) SEVERAL TIMES!!!!

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I'm still in a V(○⌒∇⌒○) ルンルンmood!
I NEED TO BUY THE DVD ONCE IT'S OUT!!!!! Toma's really getting better and better!! Can't wait to see "Genji no Monogatari" (*____*)b

As for understanding the movie: Actually I understood 98% and that although they mainly spoke in Hokkaido-ben だべ!
Of course it was not as complicated as Ningen Shikaku, probably Genji Monogatari will be really difficult (x__X)v

I wanna watch the movie again NOW!!!!! Although it was REALLY long (over 2 hours!)....

I also bought the Beck pamphlet. Might be the next movie I wanna watch :D I really loved the anime back then!~
And the cast looks promising, too! (*_*)b

My fast food yummie dinner XD )

Okay, it's already really late. I'm FINALLY having a look at the Hanamizuki photobook now. I was too afraid of spoilers until now.
More entries are to come by the end of this week.
Thanks for reading!~ ♪ルンルン♪o(^0^o)♪~(o^0^)o ~♪♪~o(^0^o)~♪(o^0^)o~♪ランラン♪ (runrun~mood)
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12 September 2010 @ 08:18 pm
Japanese studies with Toma and JOKER! XD  
Good evening!~ (or whatever time it is where you live ^-^; ..)

Here's just a quick (but not short) update!

As mentioned in my previous (travel) entry, I'm really busy lately.
Work has been horrible and busy, but it's also because I'm totally back into study mode!

That's right! I'm finally taking the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)!
I'm pretty sure that most of you know about it anyways.
The level I want to take is N2 (formerly known as 2kyuu). As some of you know I already passed a 2kyuu mock test with 76% last year in September.

So, why am I not trying N1 then??
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I also bought these two little treasures recently:

Toma rabuuuu ahead!~❤ )

Last but not least, some sad news: I didn't get any Arashi tickets through the fanclub (I'm not a member but one of my coworkers is and she balloted for both of us).
I REALLY wanna go to an Arashi concert at least once, though! I've been in Japan for almost 3 years now and never been to ANY concert (not only Arashi, but in general!!!)
I checked how much the tickets cost in online auctions just to find out that they're about 63.000-100.000yen (~630-1000$). If you get tickets through the fanclub directly it's only about 5000yen (50$)!!!!!
THIS is CRAZY!!!!! Only the ones for Sapporo Dome are cheaper (45.000yen), but all of the cities where the concerts will take place are far away and either way I'd have to pay another 10.000-45.000yen just to get to the concert hall!! We're talking about 1000$ just for ONE short concert!!! That's just too crazy ;o; .... Not sure yet, what I'll do.
Maybe I'll go to the concert hall closest to where I live and wait in front of the dome before the concert and just hope that somebody will sell their tickets then ...
Any other ideas? Guess not. I know there are so many fans out there who have exactly the same problem (x___X)

Funny and random facts - corner:
The other day I watched an episode of JOKER (my favorite drama this season btw. - wanna post more about dramas soon, hope I'll find some time!!) and it took me about 10 minutes to notice that I didn't have subtitles turned on yet XDDD

Well, that's all for today.
I'm going to fill out my JLPT application now and then I wanna get some more studying done before going to bed!
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18 June 2010 @ 05:30 pm
[Japan]: Armies of insects killed my notebook! ;o;  
Hello! Gudn' Taaaa~ch!

It's finally raining, rainy season has officially started and although I hate rain this time I'm actually GLAD that it's finally raining.
Here's why:

That's not sand or anything, but millions of tiny, yuckie insects!!!!!!! I'm not even sure I know exactly what they were, maybe baby mosquitoes, maybe flies .... (>_>)
But what you see on that photo is actually harmless!!! That's only the leftovers the next morning!! They already cleaned most of it up!!
The night before in our school, they were everywhere!! Inside, too, so we had to spray (I hate insect spray as I also get affected by it easily, headache etc. ...), but we really had no other choice!!
They plastered all our windows and what was worse: the entrance door!!!!!! It was like in a horror movie, I kid you not!!!
Some female students waited outside (at night!!!) because they were too disgusted to come in! One of our male teachers went outside with the spray and sprayed the door from the outside for a few minutes.
After a while we had thousands of insect corpses lying around on the floor inside and IN OUR SHOES etc. .... it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo disgusting!!! (;o;) ....

... I can't say it often enough: I hate summer in Japan!!! *sigh*

More disgusting facts! )

And we're not done yet!!!
I decided to buy a new notebook after all as I just can't figure out how to fix my old one (that is - if it can be fixed at all anyways).
A friend of mine who knows quite a lot about computers in general suggested to look for the following things:
brand: Acer, HP, Fujitsu or Sony
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or i5/i7
Memory: 4GB

Read more... )
VAIO Eシリーズ VPCEB18FJ for 100.000yen (~1000$ / 900€) (in ugly blue or black for 98.000yen)

more details here )

Anyone owns one of those brands and can tell me if they could recommend it or not (and why/why not??). I think that would help me.
My current Toshiba laptop is my first laptop ever, so I have no experience with any other brand :/


I finally have a credit card again!!!!!! <3333 )

Funny, dorky and yet smexy faces of Toma! That's how we love him (*___*)v

The Seaside Motel - Official Photobook! <3 )

Still so many things to do!!
I also wanna watch Germany's next game tonight (Japanese time)!! (*___*)
Yay! Japan's team actually won!! ^-^

That's it.
Read you again soon!
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16 May 2010 @ 11:42 am
[Ikuta Toma]: "The Seaside Motel" - movie premiere + stage greeting  

Finally I have time to post about last Thursday's events as promised (with photos and all!). Thanks for waiting (^-^)/

So, thanks to the awesome [ profile] careline18 who brought my attention to this event, I signed up with an online ticket service, took part in a lottery and won!!! 
Read more... )

And then the waiting began. I used the time to have a look at the pamphlet we got at the entrance.

Argh! 8 more minutes! 7! 6! 5! ...... 4:30 .... 4:25 ... GROAR!!!!! )

Three people appeared on stage and the whole cinema was clapping and squeeing. (they came from the left side of the stage btw.!)
Upon seeing Toma I got tears into my eyes and because of the misunderstanding before I tought for a moment that the second dude with long hair is Yamada Takayuki as he has also long hair in the movie and because I like him, too, I thought I'm going to die right now!!
But then the female host introduced them and it turned out to be the director of the movie XD
Both, the director and Aso Kumiko (the female main actress) wore gray/black stuff, so only Toma stood out like WOAH with his bright pinkish jacket! (*_____*)

They all introduced themselves and said hello and thanks and blah! The director, too, talked a lot about the movie, but to be honest, I didn't really listen, because I was LITERALLY staring at Toma the whole time! I didn't dare to take my eyes off him.
I suddenly heard the director say something about sex scenes and Toma (in the same sentence) and that's when he got my full attention XDDDDD
Like I wrote before they (Aso and Toma) were both pretty embarrassed by the bed scene although it was an "individual bed scene" - at first I ddn't know what that meant.
So I thought that maybe in the movie, they'll never do anything together, but only alone in their beds (masturbation?! XD) - but upon watching the movie I understood ... more about that later :D
Btw. I found a Japanese report that mentioned they said the bed scenes were embarrassing on stage in Osaka. If you want to, you can read it here. You can also see Aso-san's outfit there!

Aso-san said that it was "hazukashii" (embarrassing), but that Toma was more like "Alright, I do it!"
Then, Toma suddenly said: "Woah! Wait a minute!" and tried to explain the situation XDDD .... turns out like he thought he has no choice but to do it anyways and then just said: "Ok, let's get done with this!"
Toma then demonstrated in full body language mode how the cameraman crawled above him while lying in bed and making funny sounds XD It was awesome and the whole cinema laughed.

They were also shortly mentioning "Ningen Shikaku" - like Toma being so busy lately and he just finished the roadshow for Ningen Shikaku and is already on tour with his new movie now.
Then, they mentioned that there'd be an inside joke about that (Ningen Shikaku) in this movie as well (how awesome is that??!!)

They were joking around some more until the female host said that it's time for the movie now.
I stared at the clock from time to time and couldn't believe that they stayed for already 20 minutes!!!!!!! I thought they would just briefly say something (like max. 10 min.) and then leave right away. That made me soooooo~ happy!!!!

About the movie's story and some other interesting facts! )

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it as fellow Toma-fan although it was rather long.
For all non-Toma fans (do they even exist? XD) on my f-list, I apologize that my LJ was so Toma-centered the last few days.
I'll post photos of my trip to Osaka and Iga-Ueno (castle and ninja school!!) soonish!

☆⌒(*^-゜)ノ~♪see you again♪~ヾ(゜-^*)⌒☆
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13 May 2010 @ 11:40 pm
[Japan]: I MET IKUTA TOMA!!!!  
It really HAPPENED!!!!!!!

Okay, I'm in my hotel now and as you know I usually NEVER update my LJ while on vacation or trips, but I just HAVE TO right NOW!!!! (although this computer + keyboard kills my last nerves!!)

I wanna try to write down stuff as long as it's still fresh in my mind, although I'm very tired (got up before 5am and now it's almost midnight!!!) It was a long day.
I'm not telling you about my trip, that has time until I'm back home.

So without any further ado:

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See you soon!!! (^-^)/
P.S.: I hope I'll dream of Toma tonight!!!
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07 May 2010 @ 02:46 pm
. . . . . . . . .

I'm sure you think what's going on with that stupid biatch today?! I'm sorry, all I can say: what a crazy day!!! I hope you can forgive me for spamming your f-list like crazy today, but ....

Well, a few days ago (thanks to the fabulous [ profile] careline18 ) I found out that Ikuta Toma will come to a greet and meet kind of thing before his new movie will be shown The Seaside Motel (シーサイドモーテル ) in Osaka.
There was a lottery in order to get tickets for it and I thought ... at least I should try, right?? Tokyo is impossible, but Osaka I can afford somehow .... I applied and then ... forgot about it.
So many other things are going on right now, e.g. the JLPT thingie, got rejected by a bank so now I don't have a (Japanese) credit card and things at work as well ...

When I was about to wash my hair right now I got an e-mail telling me that I WON A FUCKING TICKET!!!!!!!!!


(I'm a little bit worried about the 予定 because to me that sounds that it is PLANNED but not 100% sure???!!! AAAHH!! I would die if I go there, spend so much money and then Toma's not coming! ;o; ... because I'm not interested in Aso Kumiko at all! I don't even know her!)

I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways, Thursday, May 13th, I will head to Osaka and watch Toma's new movie but before that will see him IN PERSON (probably) during the greeting!!!! *fails*

I've never met any Johnnys boy yet - mainly because I live so far away from Osaka/Tokyo.
It will cost me ~240$ (round trip) to go to Osaka!!! That's crazy!! Just to watch a movie??? The ticket itself is only 2000yen btw. (~20$). Going to Tokyo would be twice as much btw.
Ahem. I need your help, so please read on and see if you can help me x__X *serves green tea and cookies and lures you with photos of Toma* )

EDIT: I have a bad feeling about that. I just checked how to get the tickets. You have to use a machine in the convenient store and use your credit card. As you know, I don't have a Japanese credit card right now. When I registered on the pia site they accepted my German credit card, but I'm pretty sure the convenient store machines WON'T!!! And I won't be able to get my hands on a new one in time -___-; .... (and there's no other option to pay either!)
EDIT2: I only can get the ticket in convenient stores, via mail is not possible in the case of my ticket. I'm not sure if there's any other way than paying with credit card (FamilyMart explanation with pics / Sankusu)
EDIT3: My seat is in the very last corner, probably 200km away from the screen and Toma!!! ... (;o;)

Okay, I promise that was the last entry for today! XD ~~~~~~~>
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30 April 2010 @ 02:04 pm
[Japan]: The sexy Toma manual rant with limited plushies and fairy tale movies! XD  

I have the feeling it's been a while since I posted a non-photo, non-travel related entry? *scratches head*
Well, there you go, but I warn you, because it's been a while this entry is loaded with random stuff like WOAH!!

Where to start?
A rant? Yeah, let's get that one done first, so we have some time later for more interesting stuff XD
Lately, I wonder what I've been doing. I'm sure some of you remember my rants about "not having enough time to study" / "wanting to have time for other things than study and work" / "getting off the internet some more" / "experiencing Japan some more instead" etc.
Well, I guess this is just a sequel to it. (〃´o`)=3
Gero geeeero!!!!!~ XD )

Let's move on to more amusing things, ok? :D

Like ... the AnAn issue with Toma ON and IN it?!↴

But Toma is not the only interesting thing in this issue, wanna know more about the sex manual ??!!!!! Read on! )

Let's get back to my internet obsession and thus to Poupéegirl.
It's gotten more and more evil lately. The newest event is probably one of the BEST and cutest EVER!!!! THE ZOO AND AQUARIUM EVENT!!
I'm a sucker for cute animals as you probably know!!

Read more... )

........ and even more Poupée stuff )

P.S.: If you're reading about Poupée here for the first time and want to try it out, let me know. Signing up and playing is free of charge and if you sign up via me we both get benefits (*_*)v [/advertisement]

And for those, not interested in Poupée at all, I'm sorry to bore you!!
Maybe the next one is more to your liking???

Yesterday night I FINALLY watched "パコと魔法の絵本" - or "Paco and the Magical Picture Book". It was awesome! I was really surprised!
I think this is actually a movie I keep so that I can watch it again some other time.
I loved the colors of that movie!! I loved the actors and crazy characters. It's like a modern fairy tale, but actually I don't want to tell you ANYTHING about the movie!
You have to experience it by yourself! That movie lives from its colors, atmosphere, soundtrack and crazy characters. I'm afraid that my words wouldn't come up to the awesomeness of this movie.

Instead, I'll throw some screencaps at you and I hope that they'll lure you <3
Once upon a time in a hospital ....

Let the magic begin (*_*)v )

That's all folks.
Congrats if you actually managed to read and browse through all the pics until here. Great job! Now go and watch the movie, go to Poupée and get the Limiteds or get a Japanese bf/gf to test if the above is true or not! XD
Can't believe it'll be already May tomorrow (o__o') ... gotta go and wash my dishes and then my hair.

(´∀`*)ノシ バイバイ❤
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11 March 2010 @ 06:09 am
[Japan]: Ningen Shikaku, DSLR obsession HELP and snow?!?!  

it's been a while since my last post. Actually there's a reason for it, bascially only ONE, but I'll explain that later. Indecisive me might also need YOUR help!
But first things first. I'm sorry that it took me so long and I should have posted this RIGHT AFTER I came out of the cinema *hits herself*

Yepp, I FINALLY went to watch "Ningen Shikaku (人間失格)" starring Ikuta Toma (生田斗真)
My No.1 Japanese actor and Johnny (*_*)v

Of course I couldn't resist and bought the movie pamphlet as well (and as you can see I also already grabbed the "Liar Game" one, too XDDD).

So, how was the movie?
Read more... )

Enough about movies, but what kept me from posting? Actually I'm super tired right now, I feel like a zombie and it's my fault! I'm completely OBSESSED and I really hope by posting that, I can get rid of my obsession and finally DECIDE!!!
I'm talking about SLR. As I already mentioned in one of my previous entries I was thinking about getting a SLR. Why? I think it's time. I've been in Japan for 2 years now, only using a normal compact digicam. Although you always praise my photos, they could be so much better, sharper, more colorful etc. Especially when you have awesome motives such as castles, shrines, temples or CHERRY BLOSSOMS, right? I hope that's the right thing to do.
Well, the problem is not whether to get one or not, but WHICH ONE!!! After reading tons of tests, reviews, forums and watched thousands of youtube videos about the latest first-time user DSLR I was able to narrow it down to these 4

Please, please help me decide!!! x__X )

Side note: Pentax color variations (small selection out of the 100!):

Snow, and I mean a lot of snow!! And that in JAPAN and in MARCH!!! Where's spring???!! Where are the cherry blossoms?! ;o; ... XD )

☆~~ヾ・ェ・)o尸~ マタネ~
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10 February 2010 @ 04:50 am
[Japan]: Ningen Shikaku photobook, VDay, cellphone and more!♬  
It's very rare that I post on a working day, but I just HAVE to! (*___*)v
(although I will have to hurry up like hell later on in order to not be too late for work (^-^')> ....)

Monday was a busy day, but at least I was able to update my gaijincard (you have to do that after renewing/updating your visa). Now my gaijincard will expire (2012) before my visa (2013)!!! XD I never thought that would happen XD
I also went to the hospital after being sick for 3,5 weeks now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They couldn't really help me - I just got the usual ewwwy powder medicine. Well, I had to go to the hospital for a different reason anyway, so it was okay.
AND I managed to go to Softbank and ask them about my contract (all ALONE) and I understood everything. I was waiting for one of my coworkers to go with me in case I need a translator, but they kept saying they had no time, so I figured I should go before my contract really expires XD

Should I get this phone or not???!!!! )

In other news: I got the "Ningen Shikaku" photobook today!!! (*_________________*)v
KYAH!! It's full of Toma-kun! <3 There hasn't been any Toma photobooks yet, probably because he has yet to have his debut. Of course he was in the Hanakimi photobook, but that was not really TOMA ONLY, this time IT IS!!!! (almost!)
It's only 1800yen and I got it even cheaper because I could use my Amazon points XDDDD

Some hot and cute photos here! )

VD is coming!!! <333 )

Read more... )

That's all!
Gotta get ready for work now.

BYEBU!~ ☆⌒ヽ(*'、^*)chu
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04 July 2008 @ 04:19 pm
[Liveblogging]: Maou - Episode 01  
Good evening,

I rushed home from work like crazy XD ... my female Japanese coworkers were smiling because they knew WHY! XD
I only missed the first 2 minutes I think.
And here we go (excuse the randomness that's actually my first liveblogging ever (I think?! XD) ...)

OMMMGGG!! Toma is so sexy and manly! I have no words! This role fits him perfectly! KYAH!!

UWAH!!! Halfnaked Ohno! ... Oii~ is that fashion now? XDDD Showing hot boys halfnaked at the beginnig of a new drama? XDDDD (see yesterday's entry) .... I wanna see halfnaked Toma .. but then again, I can't watch the rest of the drama, because I'll faint XDDD

And I didn't know Ohno can have such an evil gaze!! Scary O____O''
WAAH ... Ohno really seems to hate Toma ;__________; He is sooo scary ... they'd make a great yaoi couple! XDDD Ahem~
... Everything already looks so interesting, exciting and HOT!!! Maybe this will be my fav drama this year! XDDD
.... or maybe I'm just blinded by Toma's hotness XD .....

Wow, the opening is great!!! And long!!! Seeing Toma and hearing an Arashi song, that's soo fitting. For me Toma and Arashi belong kind of together anyway (MAIN etc.)
By the way some people said they can't really imagine Ohno and Toma being in the same drama .... ever seen West Side Story? ^^; ....

HOMG HOMG!!! NINOOOOOOOOOOOO is in there, too!!!! *spazzes* (just saw it in the preview before the commercial)

I love Toma's hairstyle in this drama. WAH Is Toma smoking in there? O_O ... Well fits his role I guess ...

I tried to only fangirl and not write so much about the story, but if you want to avoid spoilers,then go away! Then again it's only the 1st episode ... there are no real spoilers anyway ^^; ... )


I really have to download the eps with subs as soon as possible (*_______-)V


Please ignore any typos this time! ;P
And sorry for the crappy caps, I had to use my camera and take photos of the tv again XD
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26 February 2008 @ 10:32 pm
[Icons]: 165 x jdrama: Akiba@Deep, Attention Pls, Bambino etc.  
Woah!~ Holy cow!! (o___O'')

It's really been a while since I last shared something! Well as some of you know, I'm really busy and in only a few days I'll be back in Japan ... so I guess this is kind of a ... farewell gift from me to you?! XDDD
Ahem~ ... as I had not much time (again) I only did some coloring. I had tons of fun making these icons, especially the Akihabara@Deep ones (guess too much Toma stuff, but who cares? *drools*) (^-^')

Hope you like them!~


Icons in this post: [165]

[54] x Akihabara@Deep
[05] x Attention Please SP
[11] x Bambino
[12] x Engine
[05] x Gal Circle
[13] x Honey & Clover
[30] x Orange Days (*possible spoilers)
[35] x Yamada Taro

Otakus, flights, noodles, fast cars, strange cowboys, food addicts, musicians, poor and rich guys ... I has it allZ! XD~ )
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09 January 2008 @ 02:51 pm
[Icons]: 182 x jdrama, anime, stock  

so this is probably the most random icon entry I´ve ever made
Reason: As you know I´m currently pretty busy. Most of these icons were lying around FOREVER and I just can´t find the time to finish this batch. That´s why I´ve decided to just upload this ..... incomplete icon batch - I hope you like it nevertheless.
And that´s also why there are so many random icons (^^'')

And please remember to CREDIT if you snag something! I have my username included in the files, so there´s NO reason for not knowing where it came from!
And if I ever catch those stupid people that are just randomly uploading other people´s icons in a zip-file, I´ll kill them for sure!! (T__T)



Icons in this post: [182]

[08] x 1 Litre of Tears
[32] x Hana Yori Dango (1+2)
[20] x Hanakimi (*spoilers for ep12!)
[17] x Liar Game
[53] x Hungry Heart Wild Striker
[04] x Captain Tsubasa
[06] x Fullmetal Alchemist (BBI)
[12] x Peach Girl
[11] x Prince of Tennis
[08] x Please save my earth
[05] x Super GALS
[06] x Stock

Cats need some love, too! )
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27 December 2007 @ 04:56 pm
[Screencaps]: Hanakimi Episode 02  
Hey ho~
Like promised here are screencaps of episode 02 of Hanakimi (^-^)/


Samples + DOWNLOAD )
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14 December 2007 @ 06:00 pm
[Screencaps]: Hanakimi - Episode 01  

Although there are probably more than enough caps of this show around already, I decided to make screencaps of the whole series (episodes 1-12), just because I love this series so much °(^-^)°
... and I thought I could as well share the caps with you ...
... So enjoy!!~

Samples + DOWNLOAD )
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12 November 2007 @ 02:54 pm
[Moodtheme]: Hanakimi - 2 versions!♪  
Hehe~ Hi there!

Like promised MONTHS ago, I´ve finally finished my Hanakimi moodtheme (^^;) ...
Because it took so long, I made 2 different versions. Please choose the one you like best

Ore wa homo janaiii~! )
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07 November 2007 @ 01:48 am
Toma´s first leading role in a drama: Honey & Clover!!!  
Hey there!

Just a short note before I go to bed. Actually I´m the last one to notice it and you prolly already heard/read about it, but I´m just so happy about it, that I have to make an entry NOW!!! (*___*)

Toma will be in a new drama in January: Honey & Clover!
Yes, that´s right, some of you might already know the manga / anime. Well I do and I loved it. Although my fav character is Morita *points at icon* and Toma´s NOT Morita ;__; ... I´m totally looking forward to it!!!!!!
HOMG!!!!! .... how am I supposed to sleep now? ^^;

Haha, it´s aired at the same day, same time and same channel as Hanakimi!!!! I´m sure we´ll love it and Toma will get even more fans ^____^V


Can´t wait for January now! ^-^

I actually didn´t like Takemoto (Toma´s role there) very much in the anime ... I´m really curious if Toma can change this fact ^___________________________^; ..... in the movie Arashi´s Sho had Toma´s role btw. ^^ ... haven´t watched the movie yet though XD

*crawls to her bed now*
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19 October 2007 @ 05:36 pm
[Photos]: What I bought in Japan!11!~  

because some people were getting on my nerves asking when the next "fandom" related picspam will come, I thought it´s time to share photos of the stuff I´ve bought in Japan (^^;) ......
and yes I still had money when I came back from Japan XD ... and no this didn´t all fit in my luggage, I had to send 2 packages home and a 3rd one because my luggage was too heavy ^^; ...........

So here we go!~


Are you sure you want to see it? XD )

HOMG! I´m not sure I wanna see this! T_T )

And it´s getting worse and worse! XD )

Okay, we´re almost through! ;P )

And the last cut, I promise! ^^ )

Okay ... there´s still more tiny things, but I think that´s enough and you get the main idea, right? ^^;;; ........ *runs away now*

^-^/ ~~~~~~~~~~~--------------***------->
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07 October 2007 @ 11:52 am
Happy Birthday, Toma-chama~!♪☆  
Hey ho~

Today´s Toma-chama´s 23rd birthday so:

I wish you all the best and hopefully you´ll be able to debut soon, honey! <33333
... ahem~ ^-^;;; ... Because it´s his birthday today, I thought I could do a little picspam, share some Toma related videos and share some Toma icons ^^; .... so ... HERE WE GOHOOOO~

Credit: Please note that none of these pictures was scanned by me this time. I found them via Google, at [ profile] boys_paper or various internet sites, but the credit of those is on the pictures itself anyway, so if you want to check out those sites, just type in the address you see on the pics ^-^/


You know, there are over 70 pics under these cuts .... XDDDD )

Okay, we´re almost through. Are you still alive?? )


Pretty cute. Young KAT-TUN, NEWS and 3Tops singing and dancing and doing funny things XDDD; It´s from 2003.
Title: 4Tops + Jrs. - Comical Medley
Size: 159 MB
Length: 7:45min.
Format: .avi
Subtitles: No
Credits: johnnyjr @ CB

Download: Divshare: [1] [2] // Mediafire: [1] [2]

4 more files to download!~ )


I originally planned to make much more Toma icons before I make a Toma icon entry, but this is a special occasion, is it not? So sorry that there are only 15 at the moment :/


Toma rabu rabu!~ )
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