30 September 2007 @ 01:50 pm
[Random]: Toma, Icon Thieves etc.  
Hey ho~

I´m sorry that I don´t update often lately. I´m also sorry that I don´t comment much on your entries lately ;____; There´s still so much to do for me, but I´ll be back to my normal pace very soon, so please ... don´t kill me?!? (T___T)

Furthermore I´m still trying to catch up with the dramas of the last season like First Kiss, Sushi Oji, Yamada Taro and of course Hanakimi.
I´ll watch Hanakimi when I´ve finished the rest and NOT BEFORE THAT, so please stop writing down spoilers in my journal ;o; ....
Of course I´ve also watched dramas while I was in Japan. I watched episode 11 of Hanakimi for example and for some reason I understood almost everything, sooo cool ;___; ... and I loved that episode.
I also watched the first 10 minutes of ep12 in Japan, but then stopped, because I still haven´t watched ep9 and 10. So when I´ve finished all the other dramas I´ll watch Hanakimi 9-12 ;____; ... *sigh*
So concerning the uploads of Hanakimi ep9-12. I´ll upload it as soon as I´ve watched it. Right now I´m busy with uploading other stuff anyway, sorry!!!! I´m only human, too (.___.)>

But something else: in one of my previous entries I wrote that I was in Akihabara and prolly found a drama location of "Akihabara@Deep" by chance, it was really NOT PLANNED AT ALL. Now I´ve confirmed it: It was REALLY a drama location. I STOOD AT THE EXACTLY SAME PLACE THAN TOMA DID!!!!!!!! *faints multiple times* ... KYAAAH ;___; .... <~ *happy fangirl* *more than happy fangirl* THAT´S SO COOL!!! (*____*) .... and it was really not planned (;o;) ..... lucky!!!!!!!~
What exactly it was, you´ll see in my entry about "drama locations" :P .. (am I mean? XDDDD)

More blabbering and Toma hotness in there XD )

Okay else:
Something that really pisses me off: Icon thieves. Yah, it´s nothing new, but now they even steal stuff where I stated that it is NOT ALLOWED to take.

I´m talking about [ profile] haniko44. I will add him/her directly to the blacklist. Usually I always give a warning and people can add the credit or delete the icon, but this time I´m really pissed off.
What I mean is the follwoing:

Is what I stated here. You really must be blind to NOT see it, right?

And that´s what [ profile] haniko44 has done:

You should have a look at her/his user pics here. Perhaps she/he has stolen your work as well!!!!!

I´ve also discovered [ profile] genlethu here and [ profile] xelisendax here stealing my icons. I will talk to them and if they don´t credit, they will also be added to the blacklist. Usually I don´t offend people like that, but this time I´m really pissed, sorry. (T___T)
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