18 February 2011 @ 07:53 pm
[Random]: Hanamizuki, Ikuta Toma, Doctor's Diary  

HOMG!! Another entry yet again??
Yeah ... I guess I feel kind of guilty for not posting much in the last few months .....
It's just a short and random entry, though.

Hanamizuki novel )

I finally watched the DVD of Arashi's tour 2010/11 (Kokuritsu concert). And it's sooooo great!!!!!
I really wish I could have gone somehow :( .....

Read more... )

Doctor's Diary is over????!!!! After season 3 it seems they're finished! NOOOOO!!!????
Probably only people in German speaking countries might know about this series, but let me fangirl a bit (which I rarely do lately, huh?!)
When I went back for a short vacation to Germany in 2009 one of my friends recommended this series to me. We watched the first two episodes together and I really came to like it.
Back in Japan I continued watching it and became a HUGE fan!!!
This week the last episode was aired ;____; (no spoilers!) )

Random fandom moment!!! I wouldn't even say he's my type, but for some reason he really got me :D
And FINALLY (after too many Johnnys ) it's somebody who's NOT younger than me?! [insert grandmother laughter here ]

I'm not sure if I already mentioned this before or not, but Ikuta Toma has 2 butais (stage plays) right now. And of course I'm going to watch both, live! As I was lazy and busy I didn't care to get tickets until it was almost too late, so yet again I have seats in almost the last row. Seems to be my destiny *sigh* Both stage plays were written by Yukio Mishima which is why they're called "Mishima Double".

The two stage plays are ... )

Okay, a really random entry, but at least I managed to update on a few random things
Read you soon again!~
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07 November 2007 @ 01:48 am
Toma´s first leading role in a drama: Honey & Clover!!!  
Hey there!

Just a short note before I go to bed. Actually I´m the last one to notice it and you prolly already heard/read about it, but I´m just so happy about it, that I have to make an entry NOW!!! (*___*)

Toma will be in a new drama in January: Honey & Clover!
Yes, that´s right, some of you might already know the manga / anime. Well I do and I loved it. Although my fav character is Morita *points at icon* and Toma´s NOT Morita ;__; ... I´m totally looking forward to it!!!!!!
HOMG!!!!! .... how am I supposed to sleep now? ^^;

Haha, it´s aired at the same day, same time and same channel as Hanakimi!!!! I´m sure we´ll love it and Toma will get even more fans ^____^V


Can´t wait for January now! ^-^

I actually didn´t like Takemoto (Toma´s role there) very much in the anime ... I´m really curious if Toma can change this fact ^___________________________^; ..... in the movie Arashi´s Sho had Toma´s role btw. ^^ ... haven´t watched the movie yet though XD

*crawls to her bed now*
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08 August 2007 @ 10:58 am
[News]: About Toma + NEWS! (._.) *sigh*  

So, you´ve probably already heard about it, I just discovered @ [ profile] mahochan1´s:

Ryo Nishikido is leaving NEWS at the end of the year and will be replaced by TOMA!!!!!

Okay, so these are only rumors so far, but somehow I really fear it´s true!
This would be horrible!!! ;___;
I´m not really a NEWS fan, but if I am than mostly because of Ryo! ... And Toma .... WTF only a REPLACEMENT?????? HELLOOOO?? He deserves MORE, no????
I´m happy for Toma+Pi but NOT THIS WAY PLEASE!!!!


What do you think??? ;__;

GRR JOHNNY!!! (>_>) ....
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