21 March 2011 @ 03:07 pm
[Stage Play]: Mishima Double (feat. Ikuta Toma)  

As some of you already know I went to Osaka last week to watch the Mishima Double stage plays.
What does "Mishima Double" mean? Well, "double" just refers to the fact that there were two stage plays and "Mishima" is refering to Yukio Mishima who wrote those stage plays.
Yukio Mishima wrote a lot of stage plays, books etc., was homosexual and performed Harakiri (suicide) in 1970. Please refer to the link I provided to read more about his life and work.

The two stage plays I went to see were "Madame de Sade" and "My friend Hitler".
I'll write about them in greater detail in a minute.
First, let me tell you that those were my first stage plays in Japan ever! The reason why I wanted to see them was obviously Ikuta Toma! I've only seen Toma live once so far when he came for a stage greeting for his movie "Seaside Motel" last year in Osaka - and that was only for a few minutes! This time I got to see him for almost 3 hours in each play (that's almost 6 hours of Toma = me happy fangirl!)

Read more... )

In front of the entrance was this huge poster and everybody stopped to take photos here! ^-^

Stage Play #1: Madame de Sade (Thursday, March 17th) )

Stage Play #2: My friend Hilter (Friday, March 18th) )

The actual main role goes to Röhm, but more stage time had Hitler (aka Toma) in the end, so this was definitely the better play for me!
And not only that!!! Toma even spoke a little bit of German!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost died!!!!! So awesome!! Of course the pronunciation was off and all, but YAHOOOOOO!!! (^____^)v
There was a lot of German stuff coming over the loudspeakers every now and then and I thought it was funny that I was probably the only person in there who'd understand what's going on ;P
(btw. Toma if you need a German teacher, just come and ask me, okay?^^; ...)

Actually I was surprised that there was no squealing during the show, because HELL THERE WAS SOME BL GOING ON THERE!!!!!

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That's all. I hope you enjoyed my report!
I hope I can see Toma in a musical next!
Thanks for reading!
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12 September 2010 @ 08:18 pm
Japanese studies with Toma and JOKER! XD  
Good evening!~ (or whatever time it is where you live ^-^; ..)

Here's just a quick (but not short) update!

As mentioned in my previous (travel) entry, I'm really busy lately.
Work has been horrible and busy, but it's also because I'm totally back into study mode!

That's right! I'm finally taking the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)!
I'm pretty sure that most of you know about it anyways.
The level I want to take is N2 (formerly known as 2kyuu). As some of you know I already passed a 2kyuu mock test with 76% last year in September.

So, why am I not trying N1 then??
Read more... )

I also bought these two little treasures recently:

Toma rabuuuu ahead!~❤ )

Last but not least, some sad news: I didn't get any Arashi tickets through the fanclub (I'm not a member but one of my coworkers is and she balloted for both of us).
I REALLY wanna go to an Arashi concert at least once, though! I've been in Japan for almost 3 years now and never been to ANY concert (not only Arashi, but in general!!!)
I checked how much the tickets cost in online auctions just to find out that they're about 63.000-100.000yen (~630-1000$). If you get tickets through the fanclub directly it's only about 5000yen (50$)!!!!!
THIS is CRAZY!!!!! Only the ones for Sapporo Dome are cheaper (45.000yen), but all of the cities where the concerts will take place are far away and either way I'd have to pay another 10.000-45.000yen just to get to the concert hall!! We're talking about 1000$ just for ONE short concert!!! That's just too crazy ;o; .... Not sure yet, what I'll do.
Maybe I'll go to the concert hall closest to where I live and wait in front of the dome before the concert and just hope that somebody will sell their tickets then ...
Any other ideas? Guess not. I know there are so many fans out there who have exactly the same problem (x___X)

Funny and random facts - corner:
The other day I watched an episode of JOKER (my favorite drama this season btw. - wanna post more about dramas soon, hope I'll find some time!!) and it took me about 10 minutes to notice that I didn't have subtitles turned on yet XDDD

Well, that's all for today.
I'm going to fill out my JLPT application now and then I wanna get some more studying done before going to bed!
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18 June 2010 @ 05:30 pm
[Japan]: Armies of insects killed my notebook! ;o;  
Hello! Gudn' Taaaa~ch!

It's finally raining, rainy season has officially started and although I hate rain this time I'm actually GLAD that it's finally raining.
Here's why:

That's not sand or anything, but millions of tiny, yuckie insects!!!!!!! I'm not even sure I know exactly what they were, maybe baby mosquitoes, maybe flies .... (>_>)
But what you see on that photo is actually harmless!!! That's only the leftovers the next morning!! They already cleaned most of it up!!
The night before in our school, they were everywhere!! Inside, too, so we had to spray (I hate insect spray as I also get affected by it easily, headache etc. ...), but we really had no other choice!!
They plastered all our windows and what was worse: the entrance door!!!!!! It was like in a horror movie, I kid you not!!!
Some female students waited outside (at night!!!) because they were too disgusted to come in! One of our male teachers went outside with the spray and sprayed the door from the outside for a few minutes.
After a while we had thousands of insect corpses lying around on the floor inside and IN OUR SHOES etc. .... it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo disgusting!!! (;o;) ....

... I can't say it often enough: I hate summer in Japan!!! *sigh*

More disgusting facts! )

And we're not done yet!!!
I decided to buy a new notebook after all as I just can't figure out how to fix my old one (that is - if it can be fixed at all anyways).
A friend of mine who knows quite a lot about computers in general suggested to look for the following things:
brand: Acer, HP, Fujitsu or Sony
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or i5/i7
Memory: 4GB

Read more... )
VAIO Eシリーズ VPCEB18FJ for 100.000yen (~1000$ / 900€) (in ugly blue or black for 98.000yen)

more details here )

Anyone owns one of those brands and can tell me if they could recommend it or not (and why/why not??). I think that would help me.
My current Toshiba laptop is my first laptop ever, so I have no experience with any other brand :/


I finally have a credit card again!!!!!! <3333 )

Funny, dorky and yet smexy faces of Toma! That's how we love him (*___*)v

The Seaside Motel - Official Photobook! <3 )

Still so many things to do!!
I also wanna watch Germany's next game tonight (Japanese time)!! (*___*)
Yay! Japan's team actually won!! ^-^

That's it.
Read you again soon!
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30 April 2010 @ 02:04 pm
[Japan]: The sexy Toma manual rant with limited plushies and fairy tale movies! XD  

I have the feeling it's been a while since I posted a non-photo, non-travel related entry? *scratches head*
Well, there you go, but I warn you, because it's been a while this entry is loaded with random stuff like WOAH!!

Where to start?
A rant? Yeah, let's get that one done first, so we have some time later for more interesting stuff XD
Lately, I wonder what I've been doing. I'm sure some of you remember my rants about "not having enough time to study" / "wanting to have time for other things than study and work" / "getting off the internet some more" / "experiencing Japan some more instead" etc.
Well, I guess this is just a sequel to it. (〃´o`)=3
Gero geeeero!!!!!~ XD )

Let's move on to more amusing things, ok? :D

Like ... the AnAn issue with Toma ON and IN it?!↴

But Toma is not the only interesting thing in this issue, wanna know more about the sex manual ??!!!!! Read on! )

Let's get back to my internet obsession and thus to Poupéegirl.
It's gotten more and more evil lately. The newest event is probably one of the BEST and cutest EVER!!!! THE ZOO AND AQUARIUM EVENT!!
I'm a sucker for cute animals as you probably know!!

Read more... )

........ and even more Poupée stuff )

P.S.: If you're reading about Poupée here for the first time and want to try it out, let me know. Signing up and playing is free of charge and if you sign up via me we both get benefits (*_*)v [/advertisement]

And for those, not interested in Poupée at all, I'm sorry to bore you!!
Maybe the next one is more to your liking???

Yesterday night I FINALLY watched "パコと魔法の絵本" - or "Paco and the Magical Picture Book". It was awesome! I was really surprised!
I think this is actually a movie I keep so that I can watch it again some other time.
I loved the colors of that movie!! I loved the actors and crazy characters. It's like a modern fairy tale, but actually I don't want to tell you ANYTHING about the movie!
You have to experience it by yourself! That movie lives from its colors, atmosphere, soundtrack and crazy characters. I'm afraid that my words wouldn't come up to the awesomeness of this movie.

Instead, I'll throw some screencaps at you and I hope that they'll lure you <3
Once upon a time in a hospital ....

Let the magic begin (*_*)v )

That's all folks.
Congrats if you actually managed to read and browse through all the pics until here. Great job! Now go and watch the movie, go to Poupée and get the Limiteds or get a Japanese bf/gf to test if the above is true or not! XD
Can't believe it'll be already May tomorrow (o__o') ... gotta go and wash my dishes and then my hair.

(´∀`*)ノシ バイバイ❤
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11 March 2010 @ 06:09 am
[Japan]: Ningen Shikaku, DSLR obsession HELP and snow?!?!  

it's been a while since my last post. Actually there's a reason for it, bascially only ONE, but I'll explain that later. Indecisive me might also need YOUR help!
But first things first. I'm sorry that it took me so long and I should have posted this RIGHT AFTER I came out of the cinema *hits herself*

Yepp, I FINALLY went to watch "Ningen Shikaku (人間失格)" starring Ikuta Toma (生田斗真)
My No.1 Japanese actor and Johnny (*_*)v

Of course I couldn't resist and bought the movie pamphlet as well (and as you can see I also already grabbed the "Liar Game" one, too XDDD).

So, how was the movie?
Read more... )

Enough about movies, but what kept me from posting? Actually I'm super tired right now, I feel like a zombie and it's my fault! I'm completely OBSESSED and I really hope by posting that, I can get rid of my obsession and finally DECIDE!!!
I'm talking about SLR. As I already mentioned in one of my previous entries I was thinking about getting a SLR. Why? I think it's time. I've been in Japan for 2 years now, only using a normal compact digicam. Although you always praise my photos, they could be so much better, sharper, more colorful etc. Especially when you have awesome motives such as castles, shrines, temples or CHERRY BLOSSOMS, right? I hope that's the right thing to do.
Well, the problem is not whether to get one or not, but WHICH ONE!!! After reading tons of tests, reviews, forums and watched thousands of youtube videos about the latest first-time user DSLR I was able to narrow it down to these 4

Please, please help me decide!!! x__X )

Side note: Pentax color variations (small selection out of the 100!):

Snow, and I mean a lot of snow!! And that in JAPAN and in MARCH!!! Where's spring???!! Where are the cherry blossoms?! ;o; ... XD )

☆~~ヾ・ェ・)o尸~ マタネ~
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10 February 2010 @ 04:50 am
[Japan]: Ningen Shikaku photobook, VDay, cellphone and more!♬  
It's very rare that I post on a working day, but I just HAVE to! (*___*)v
(although I will have to hurry up like hell later on in order to not be too late for work (^-^')> ....)

Monday was a busy day, but at least I was able to update my gaijincard (you have to do that after renewing/updating your visa). Now my gaijincard will expire (2012) before my visa (2013)!!! XD I never thought that would happen XD
I also went to the hospital after being sick for 3,5 weeks now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They couldn't really help me - I just got the usual ewwwy powder medicine. Well, I had to go to the hospital for a different reason anyway, so it was okay.
AND I managed to go to Softbank and ask them about my contract (all ALONE) and I understood everything. I was waiting for one of my coworkers to go with me in case I need a translator, but they kept saying they had no time, so I figured I should go before my contract really expires XD

Should I get this phone or not???!!!! )

In other news: I got the "Ningen Shikaku" photobook today!!! (*_________________*)v
KYAH!! It's full of Toma-kun! <3 There hasn't been any Toma photobooks yet, probably because he has yet to have his debut. Of course he was in the Hanakimi photobook, but that was not really TOMA ONLY, this time IT IS!!!! (almost!)
It's only 1800yen and I got it even cheaper because I could use my Amazon points XDDDD

Some hot and cute photos here! )

VD is coming!!! <333 )

Read more... )

That's all!
Gotta get ready for work now.

BYEBU!~ ☆⌒ヽ(*'、^*)chu
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07 October 2007 @ 11:52 am
Happy Birthday, Toma-chama~!♪☆  
Hey ho~

Today´s Toma-chama´s 23rd birthday so:

I wish you all the best and hopefully you´ll be able to debut soon, honey! <33333
... ahem~ ^-^;;; ... Because it´s his birthday today, I thought I could do a little picspam, share some Toma related videos and share some Toma icons ^^; .... so ... HERE WE GOHOOOO~

Credit: Please note that none of these pictures was scanned by me this time. I found them via Google, at [ profile] boys_paper or various internet sites, but the credit of those is on the pictures itself anyway, so if you want to check out those sites, just type in the address you see on the pics ^-^/


You know, there are over 70 pics under these cuts .... XDDDD )

Okay, we´re almost through. Are you still alive?? )


Pretty cute. Young KAT-TUN, NEWS and 3Tops singing and dancing and doing funny things XDDD; It´s from 2003.
Title: 4Tops + Jrs. - Comical Medley
Size: 159 MB
Length: 7:45min.
Format: .avi
Subtitles: No
Credits: johnnyjr @ CB

Download: Divshare: [1] [2] // Mediafire: [1] [2]

4 more files to download!~ )


I originally planned to make much more Toma icons before I make a Toma icon entry, but this is a special occasion, is it not? So sorry that there are only 15 at the moment :/


Toma rabu rabu!~ )
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30 September 2007 @ 01:50 pm
[Random]: Toma, Icon Thieves etc.  
Hey ho~

I´m sorry that I don´t update often lately. I´m also sorry that I don´t comment much on your entries lately ;____; There´s still so much to do for me, but I´ll be back to my normal pace very soon, so please ... don´t kill me?!? (T___T)

Furthermore I´m still trying to catch up with the dramas of the last season like First Kiss, Sushi Oji, Yamada Taro and of course Hanakimi.
I´ll watch Hanakimi when I´ve finished the rest and NOT BEFORE THAT, so please stop writing down spoilers in my journal ;o; ....
Of course I´ve also watched dramas while I was in Japan. I watched episode 11 of Hanakimi for example and for some reason I understood almost everything, sooo cool ;___; ... and I loved that episode.
I also watched the first 10 minutes of ep12 in Japan, but then stopped, because I still haven´t watched ep9 and 10. So when I´ve finished all the other dramas I´ll watch Hanakimi 9-12 ;____; ... *sigh*
So concerning the uploads of Hanakimi ep9-12. I´ll upload it as soon as I´ve watched it. Right now I´m busy with uploading other stuff anyway, sorry!!!! I´m only human, too (.___.)>

But something else: in one of my previous entries I wrote that I was in Akihabara and prolly found a drama location of "Akihabara@Deep" by chance, it was really NOT PLANNED AT ALL. Now I´ve confirmed it: It was REALLY a drama location. I STOOD AT THE EXACTLY SAME PLACE THAN TOMA DID!!!!!!!! *faints multiple times* ... KYAAAH ;___; .... <~ *happy fangirl* *more than happy fangirl* THAT´S SO COOL!!! (*____*) .... and it was really not planned (;o;) ..... lucky!!!!!!!~
What exactly it was, you´ll see in my entry about "drama locations" :P .. (am I mean? XDDDD)

More blabbering and Toma hotness in there XD )

Okay else:
Something that really pisses me off: Icon thieves. Yah, it´s nothing new, but now they even steal stuff where I stated that it is NOT ALLOWED to take.

I´m talking about [ profile] haniko44. I will add him/her directly to the blacklist. Usually I always give a warning and people can add the credit or delete the icon, but this time I´m really pissed off.
What I mean is the follwoing:

Is what I stated here. You really must be blind to NOT see it, right?

And that´s what [ profile] haniko44 has done:

You should have a look at her/his user pics here. Perhaps she/he has stolen your work as well!!!!!

I´ve also discovered [ profile] genlethu here and [ profile] xelisendax here stealing my icons. I will talk to them and if they don´t credit, they will also be added to the blacklist. Usually I don´t offend people like that, but this time I´m really pissed, sorry. (T___T)
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25 September 2007 @ 01:20 pm
[Sharing]: Various photos of Johnnys and Non-Johnnys (or: What I´ve bought part 1)  
Hey there

While I´m still waiting for the rest of the Japan photos and can´t make entries about my journey right now, I thought I could begin with the stuff I bought over there XDDDDDD
In this first part (hohoho XDDDD ... T___T ....) I´ll post the photos I´ve bought mostly in Harajuku. Yes PHOTOS, tons of photos! (*____*) .... Mostly of Toma of course, but of other guys as well. A lot of Hana Yori Dango as well btw.

So let´s get this started, nee? (*___*)
Enjoy! (and drool!!! XD)

Click on the pics to see the larger version!!

(*These are the only photos I bought in TEH Johnny´s shop in Harajuku btw.
More about the shop and how to get there etc. will follow in one of my next entries)

Arashi )

Hanakimi )

Hana Yori Dango )

Kamenashi Kazuya )

(*Oh GAWD, he´s so smexy and cute!!!! Yappari watashi no #2 ^-^v)

MatsuJun )

Okada Junichi )

(I think I don´t have to tell you that Toma is my one and only #1 and my fandom and love is growing and growing *__* ...)

Toma love!~ )


Others )
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14 August 2007 @ 05:18 pm
[Caps + Blabbering]: Making of: Cat in the Red Boots!~☆ミ  
Ups, I did it again XD
Or like that XDDDDD Haw, haw~

Thanks to [ profile] pinkujisatsu I finally can watch Toma´s stage play "Cat in the red boots! *o*
I hope I´ll find some time to watch it SOOOOOHOOOOOOON! <~ *is already drooling in anticipation* XD
If I like it, I think I HAVE TO BUY THE DVD!!! (*_____*) <~ *fangirl mode activated*
Err~ ... well for now I only skipped through some scenes of the MAKING OF and ..... and ..... from the first second onwards I was like this: *____________*
I didn´t even watch the whole thing (cuz not time), but I fainted at least a 100 times XDDDDD and OF COURSE I couldn´t resist and had to take some caps (*_*)b ..... which I´m now sharing XDDDDD
Can´t wait to watch everything soon (*__*) <~ *repeating herself mode*

Anyway here we go~


You know you want it! XD )

That´s it. Nothing special, but toally droolworthy, no? (*___*)

P.S.: Episode 7 of Hanakimi is on its way~ ^-^
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05 August 2007 @ 04:09 pm
[Pic Spamming]: Ikuta Toma #2  
Okay, I think that was enough fangirling for a while! XD
Err ... did I really say such a thing?

Well some people requested MORE of Toma and I myself want MORE of Toma, so why not share MORE Toma love?
So here is the second random picture spam! XDDDD Credit is given with the picture or at the end. If I´ve forgotten YOU, please let me know!!

Isn´t that the most gorgeous pic EVER???? (*____*)
If you already fainted by looking at this picture, you should go away now, because you might not survive TEH rest! XD

Warning, warning, danger, DANGER!!! XD )

Are you still alive? XDDDD
Okay here are another 2 Toma clips:
Gomen yo, aishu (Toma singing and dancing *_*)
Toma @ tv show as Nakatsu with Hanakimi crew ^-^

If you liked what you see, you should go here @ [ profile] akirashocksubs and download Shounen Club 2003.11.02.!
Toma is of course in it and a looooot of other JE boys (*___*) I´m still downloading it and haven´t watched it myself yet ;P

Oh and because people were requesting it, I´ve packed all of the Toma pics I have posted here (in larger size), so if you want to download, here you go:
Note: 147 pics, 35MB (perhaps 1 or 2 pics are double, but who cares? XD)
Divshare // Mediafire // Megaupload

My resources for all those pics were (and you will find tons of stuff there):
[ profile] ikuta_toma, [ profile] toma_daily, [ profile] boys_paper, [ profile] tomapi_rabu, [ profile] yamapink, Ikuta Toma Forum and Google

Oh and I have some questions for all Toma fans.
1) Does Toma smoke? (I know this question is asked a lot lately, but I´ve only seen answers for the NEWS and KAT-TUN members so far T__T)
2) I´ve read he had a surgery where his mole under the nose was removed. But somehow it seems to me that else is also different. I just can´t figure out what it is. Did he do ANYTHING to his nose by any chance? XDDDD Because he REALLY looks MUCH MUCH MUCH more handsome now than some years ago XDDDD
3) Sorry for being so stupid and not knowing anything *feels ashamed* (T__T)
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03 August 2007 @ 05:21 pm
[Pic Spamming]: Ikuta Toma  
Yayayaya, I´m really crazy about him right now and I wasn´t crazy about anyone like that in a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time, so just let good ol' chochaja have some fun, neeee??? (*___*)

So let´s start with Toma´s profile which most of you already know I guess XD

  • Name: 生田斗真
  • Name (romaji): Ikuta Toma
  • Profession: Actor and singer
  • Birthdate: 1984-Oct-07
  • Birthplace: Noboribetsu, Hokkaido, Japan
  • Height: 173cm
  • Weight: 58kg
  • Star sign: Libra
  • Blood type: A
  • Talent agency: Johnny's Entertainment

(Source: DramaWiki)

Some random facts that made me laugh:

  • He and Shun Oguri had to kiss 12 times for the drama, Hanazakari No Kimitachi E. Oguri said that Toma's lips were very soft and it was actually the first time he encountered such lips.
  • He and Oguri were the ones who came up with the nickname Horikittie for Maki Horikita.

  • Here´s quite an interesting article about Toma. It´s really sad, but I don´t know what´s true and what not.
    I think it´s great that he was in a band with some Arashi members when he was younger ZOMG!! (^_____^)
    And after watching and reading quite a lot of stuff about him and Yamapi I really, really think it´s a shame that those 2 haven´t debuted together ;_____; .... I like Yamapi, but I´m not really his fan, but I think Toma + Pi = love!
    Anyone knows more about sexual molesting in Johnny Jr.???? (T_____T) ..... not that I´m against guy + guy but I´m definitely against sexual molesting *pukes* *sigh*

    Enough of my blabbering, let the pic spam began!!!! XDDDDDD

    (*Note: I´ve found these pics on various sites via Google such as Ikutatoma.exteen or [ profile] boys_paper <3 For more scans and pics have a look @ THIS! <33)

    WARNING: Really, really, really image intense and packed with Toma love (and Yamapi XD)

    Ready, STEADY ...... F.A.I.N.T.! )

    Okay ... are you still alive??? How many times did you squee/faint? XDDDD
    Oh if you know any good Toma sites with various stuff, 'specially pics, don´t hesitate to give it good ol' chochaja, nee? XD
    I wonder if Toma likes "older" woman ;____; ... he´s really barely in the acceptable range of age for me XDDD 1 year younger and I would give him a "baby" stamp XDDDD *runs* ... ARH who cares???? (*_____*) If he´s hot, he´s hot, no matter how young he is or how old I am XD

    Okay, I think that was enough fangirling for a while! XD
    [mood]: horny XD
    [music]: none (T_T)
    03 August 2007 @ 01:03 am
    [Blabbering + Picture Spamming]: Hanakimi Ep.4+5, HYD II-1, etc.!~  
    *sigh* I really spend too much time on Hanakimi, but I can´t resist!!! (*_____________________*)
    So after I´ve skipped the reviews for episode 3 and 4 and have already forgotten what I wanted to write, this will be a multi-fandom full with too many pics spamming your f-list long bla entry! XDDDD *lol*

    Err~ YAY!!! I finished watching episode 5 and it was (*____*) ... so yummie!!!!! <33
    I don´t know where to start! XDDDD Hmmmm.

    Okay I guess with episode 4, because this was my fav so far and THAT´S the reason why I yet again love Nakatsu and with him now Toma and please forgive me for hating you and calling you an ugly and not suited Nakatsu at the beginning! ;__; I was blind and stupid!!! *sob*

    Anyway here we go!!!! (P.S.: All caps made by me this time)

    Warning: Very, intense, absolutely image heavy and contains a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of Toma!!! XDDDD

    花ざかりの君たちへ Episode 04

    This episode should be named: Nakatsu enters TEH ROOM!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD KYAH!!!!!♥
    I was already squeeing like crazy at that time XD (For those who don´t know: of course I´ve read the manga! - I ALWAYS loved Nakatsu the most .... REALLY LOVED HIM ... that´s why I was disappointed when I saw Toma the first time ;___; ... I thought I could never love a Nakatsu like him, but ooohh this episode proofed me wrong! XDDDD ♥

    more (Toma) pics and stuff about epi4 )

    How did you like ep4????? ^-^

    花ざかりの君たちへ Episode 05

    YES! Let´s begin with Toma/Nakatsu again! Of course ♥
    He´s soooooo cute!!! (*q*) repeating myself XDDD

    Sore ha hontouni ikemen paradaisu desu yo!!!!~ )

    How did you like ep5???
    I´m really looking forward to ep6, BECAUSE!!! ZOMG THE DORM HEADS WILL WEAR THEIR SPECIAL UNIFORM!! ;____;
    I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved it in the manga and I was sure they won´t have it in the drama, but they will and ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG!!!
    But if they wear them, that means bad must have happened ;_____; .... aaaaah!!!!!!
    And ... the ... the .... the last pic of the preview!!!! ... Mizuki grabbing Nakatsu´s shirt!!! *faints* I WANNA SEE IT RIGHT NOW!!!! *snort*

    Okay. I re-watched Hana Yori Dango II - Epi01, well the parts with Toma in it.
    Back then I totally ignored him, because I HATED Junpei! I already knew who he was, that he´s an asshole and all. I hated him in the anime and even more in the manga, so of course I ignored him (and with that Toma, I´m sorry ;___; XD)
    That´s why I HAD to have a look at him NOW!!!
    AND YAY!!!!! (*___*) It was worth it ♥

    花より男子 II - Episode 01

    Nerd! XD Toma with glasses. OMG! ..... He really looked ... like a nerd XDDDDD

    Toma, Toma, Toma and Toma! XD )

    OOOOOOKAY!!! You´re almost through it all XD
    No pics from now on!!!
    Just want to write that down here and now because I don´t know when I have time to do another drama related blabbering entry XD

    I´ve finished Ikebukuro West Gate Park.
    It wasn´t bad. It was rather interesting and I agree especially Yosuke did a GREAT job as the king!
    Still I was a BIT disappointed, cuz a lot of people told me this drama was SUPER GREAT and I don´t think it was. It was good, but not GREAT! At least not for me.
    I usually like dramas that are not so mainstream and this was definitely one, but .... I think I prefer like Tiger & Dragon (which had some of the actors of IWGP btw.)
    I heard some people were not content with the end? Doushite???? I think it was okay :3 What kind of end were you wishing for?

    I´ve started to watch First Kiss. Inoue Mao´s new drama!
    It´s not as good as the other dramas that are airing right now .... at least that´s my opinion, but it´s still interesting, especially for Inoue and Yuuta fans ♥
    AND Inoue has really another role in that one!!! Totally different from HYD!!! It´s good to see that! She´s a good actress :3 And she´s really beautiful in that one. Wears more makeup and nice clothes which she couldn´t in HYD ^-^;
    Well, I´ve only watched 2 eps, still waiting for more subs, so I can´t really judge it by now, nee?

    Then I´ve also started to watch Yamada Taro Monogatari and ... WOW! This one is hilarious! It´s funny, crack, cute and nice! :)
    I totally enjoy watching it! And like most of you might know: it has 2 Arashi members!
    I´ve never had much to do with Nino and Sho so far. I have seen Sho in dramas before, but totally ignored him XDDDD
    But this roles are really TOTALLY fitting for both of them if you ask me!!!!!! (*____*)
    Although it starts to get on my nerves with that girl and her daydreams all the time ... if they do that too often it´s not funny anymore.
    But ep2: Nino as a maid ZOMG!!! (*____*) ♥
    Can´t wait to watch more! <3

    AND then I´ve also started to watch ProDai because EVERYONE told me it´s soo good.
    Hm. I´ve watched 3 eps now and I think it´s nice, but not soooo great.
    But perhaps I´ll change my mind after I´ve watched the whole thing?
    I don´t know XD

    And of course I intend to watch Akihabara@Deep soon ... because of Toma of course XD
    No, I really wanted to watch this one soon and after I´ve recognized that Toma´s in it ... well ♥♥♥♥

    Err~ ... that´s all. Please ignore all the typos!
    My fingers hurt from writing too much!
    *runs away*
    [mood]: enthralled